CLNS Raw Recap – 2/19/18

Welcome to the CLNS Raw Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of WWE Raw Live from Phoenix, Arizona!


Welcome to the CLNS Raw Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of WWE Raw, including a recap of all the matches and segments throughout the show. Join me as we discuss what these outcomes could mean for the future of the Red brand as we work towards the Elimination Chamber!

WWE Raw comes to you tonight from Phoenix, Arizona!

Match 1: Gauntlet Match

This match is between all 7 competitors in the men’s Elimination Chamber match. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Start off the match and Monday night with a bang. After a good back and forth battle, Seth Rollins rolls up Reigns for the 3! They honestly did this just so people think he won’t win Sunday, he will.

Enter John Cena. Cena grinds on Rollins for half an hour in what was a brutal match for Seth who has been wrestling for over an hour. They hit each other with everything they had until Rollins finally hit the Curb Stomp for the 3! In an incredible turn of events Seth has now beat Roman and Cena in the same night.

Here comes Elias and he is immediately on Seth. He dominates for about 15 minutes and puts away Seth as he just could not do anymore.

Finn Balor is next up as the match has now reached 1 hour and 15 minutes. Balor and Elias slow down the pace and Elias takes full control. Balor eventually comes back, hits the Coup de grace and gets the 3.

The Miz is next up but Axel and Dallas rush down the aisle to jump Finn. They stop just before the ring and The Miz enters from behind and mugs Balor. He has taken full control and is taking it too Balor’s shoulder. When Finn had finally taken control, the Miztoutrage distracted him and the Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the 3.

Now Comes Braun Stroman, the Monster among Men. The Miz tries to high tail it out of the ring and Braun runs him down and drags him back. Braun is clearly in control and even hit a dropkick, an unprecedented feat for a 300 pounder. Miz literally is begging for his life in the center of the ring. Braun gets hit with a Skull Crushing Finale and throws the Miz out of the ring at 2. He hits a running power slam and gets the 3. A near 2 hour match and one of the longest if not the longest in WWE history.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match he destroys Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and The Miz for the fans and that ends the longest single match/segment I will probably ever cover. Wow! That was very unexpected, not in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined the match would have gone like that, Bravo WWE.

Segment 1:  Asuka Promo

A bad promo by Asuka but to be honest Vince really shouldn’t be putting her in this position. She does not speak that much English and really can’t string a promo together, where is Paul Heyman when you need him! Nia Jax jumps her and hits her with the Samoan drop to end the segment.

Match 2: The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

Well this has to be the least exciting thing The Bar has done as a tag team. The fact that they are facing this joke of a tag team in a storyline is so sad, they deserve so much better. That’s not a shot at Titus worldwide either, it’s at the WWE, when you book a team like a joke for 6 months you can’t just magically say they’re good now, it doesn’t work. Titus worldwide wins with a rollup and there is no pop, people don’t care, such a poor match.

Winner: Titus Worldwide

Segment 2: Bray Wyatt/ Woken Matt Promo

He calls out Woken Matt Hardy, Matt interrupts and they go back and forth basically saying the same things about each other and what they need to do at the Elimination Chamber. Bray says Hardy will burn and Hardy says Bray shall be DELETED!!! Great promo and solid buildup for this match.

Main Event: Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley

One of the more disappointing matches they have had in the main event in a while, It wasn’t a bad match but when you come out for the main event you either have to steal the show or at least be very solid. The unfortunate part is I genuinely like all of these girls in the ring and feel like they can do a lot better. It seems like their timing was off, maybe the show was running behind and they had to rush.

Winner’s: Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley

Overall this was a really well done first two hours of raw and then a good but not great final hour. I think Vince needed to give the writing team an extra week to really prepare for their push toward WrestleMania. There are a few injuries that have really thrown them for a loop and they need to come up with something creative next week to get on track and in the new direction they are heading. Either way only time will tell as we lead into the Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

Match of the night: Gauntlet Match

Segment of the night: Bray Wyatt/ Woken Matt Promo

Join us again next Monday when WWE Raw is live in Anaheim, California!