Coach Nick: Why Russell Westbrook and the Rockets Have Some Major Problems – BBALLBREAKDOWN

Coach Nick's video ties in perfectly with's latest NBA Futures in regards to Westbrook & the Rockets...


Russell Westbrook + Paul George – OKC Thunder = Thunder plummet to 150-1 in their chances to win the NBA title in 2019-20.

All the odds makers are having a ball (no pun intended) with preparing futures for Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets.

BOL has the following futures set at:

  • Rockets from 10-1 to 8-1
  • Thunder from 50-1 to 150-1
  • Westbrook MVP 25-1
  • Westbrook Points per game 22.5
  • Westbrook Rebounds per game 8
  • Westbrook Assists per game 8.5

Not  bad predictions for Russ as the 22.5, 8, 8.5 is very realistic. The Rockets also moved up to 8-1 (up from 10-1) to when the NBA Championship while the OKC Thunder are not looking so good, naturally. Chris Paul’s acquisition has not really impacted the numbers at all. OKC sitting at 150-1 (WAY down from 50-1) following the recent spurt of activity.

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This may surprise you…

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