Coronavirus: America Will Never Be the Same; What’s to Come?


As Americans continue to hunker down amongst the Coronavirus pandemic, their life in and around them is being upended forever as we know it.  And let it be known that America and the rest of the global population are still very much ‘in the beginning’ of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Infection rates are rising, more measures are being taken, and more and more are beginning to suffer in a variety of different ways.  The worldwide Coronavirus shutdown will last indefinitely.  With such extreme measures being taken to combat this invisible enemy, new societal, cultural and economic norms will be forged.  Will the cure truly be worse than the disease?

One such massive hint has been provided by an online gambling platform. has betting odds available that the United States Presidential election will not be held this November 3rd (+550.)  The United States has forever been the beacon of freedom in the history of Western Civilization.  If that’s on the table, what else is there to come?


Predicted by many economists, the US Federal Reserve has been printing astronomical levels of currency since the turn of the century, particularly since the recession of 2008.

Massive amounts of quantitative easing programs (aka, money printing and distributing) has driven the price of gold (the standard of money until 1971) from $385 an ounce in 2001 to over $1,700 an ounce today.

And that’s before the next wave of multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages goes into effect.  But what are some of the colossal factors that are really going to make Americans hurt?

For one, there looks to be an extended shortage of supplies.  Empty stores for basic goods such as food are now becoming a norm.  Concern over supply-chain shortages date as far back as 2011.  Therefore, demand for these goods will only increase, if they haven’t already.  Couple this with the latest that workers at grocery store chains are planning a strike until they are given a massive influx in wages, and the results could be utterly disastrous.

4Social distress

The Coronavirus fallout remains a stark contrast to the aftermath of September 11th, when Americans turned to those very friends and strangers to cope following what was the most mortifying collective event Americans bore witness to.

As a nation now unintentionally devolves into a nation of germaphobes, there will be a greater distrust of friends, neighbors and strangers.  Frequent intimate relationships with other individuals, even those more noted to us, will almost assuredly be a thing of the past.  Be it a basic gesture like a handshake or sexual relations.  What this will do for morale can’t be measured.

The impacts from the economic depression and quarantines will also wear away at numerous families that will tragically result in divorces, murders, and suicides for many people.  Many relationships and one’s mental wellbeing will fall victim to the indirect impact of the Coronavirus.

What will come of industries that rely on large venues such as movie theaters and stadiums, which aren’t exactly going to be filled to capacity once the crisis supposedly subsides? What will come of workers or potential employees who have been infected, or have been infected by other viral and bacterial strains — what happens to their job status?

3An official end to the unipolar moment

The American unipolar moment has now reached its official conclusion.  Following its victory over the Soviet Union in the Cold War in 1991, the American experiment dominated geopolitics not seen in a way since the Roman Empire.

However, this unipolar moment, which had been on life support anyways following China’s historic rise, is now at a complete and unequivocal end.  Great power politics is back on the table in a new multipolar world.

2National security issues abroad and at home

Long overdue defense spending cuts will now be a necessity as Americans and their leaders will be forced to reallocate funds for a greater social security net and other preparedness means for another potential pandemic.

But with a weakened, distracted, and now vulnerable nation at home, America’s enemies abroad now become more emboldened.

1Expansion of the security state

The Coronavirus is already bringing a massive expansion of the surveillance state.  In fact, medical officials within the Trump Administration and in Washington think tanks have already acknowledged that COVID-19 will return again in winter months to come, and that to be combat it — a massive surveillance apparatus is a necessity.

However, with the likelihood of civil unrest breaking out due to the economic depression and voluntary quarantines, a demand for the United States military to quell riots may be required.  How far the measures will go and how long it will last is anyone’s guess.