Dan Lothian: Stop covering Tom Brady & Alex Reimer controversy like a wildfire

On to the Philadelphia Eagles: New England Patriots fans and local media should move past the Tom Brady and Alex Reimer story


On to the Philadelphia Eagles: New England Patriots fans and local media should move past the Tom Brady and Alex Reimer story

This should be an amazing week for New England media covering the Patriots. There’s the historic journey that started with a losing season and an aging quarterback who continues to defy time.There’s the national obsession with hating the team and recycled claims of cheating. And there’s plenty to discuss  about the game itself and how the Patriots will match up against the Eagles. It won’t be a walk in the park.

Instead, what has dominated the local headlines and shockingly gone viral online and across national media has nothing to do with football. It is an offhand comment made by WEEI freshman host Alex Reimer about Tom Brady’s 5-year-old daughter. She was heard off-camera in the popular Tom vs. Time documentary series and was dismissed by Riemer as ” an annoying little pissant.”

While Brady initially fanned the flames by cutting his weekly interview with the station short, even he seemed surprised by the fallout. He later  stated publicly that he didn’t think Reimer should lose his job.

Several things have bothered me about the way this faux story has played out.

First, a lot more offensive remarks have been made by Reimer and other hosts on the morning show in the past. That’s what draws attention and ratings. Being edgy is no doubt encouraged by management. So why are we suddenly shocked? Why are we questioning Reimer’s experience and worthiness in this size radio market when the veterans next to him are playing the same “shock jock” game?

I was also amazed how quickly these tough guys, who never back down and who have elevated verbal sparring to new levels, coward to Brady and then threw Reimer under the bus. For days they continued to back up the bus and run over him again and again.

Oh, stop screaming for a second and hear me out! I know this is a child and different rules apply, but his “piss-ant” comment is tame compared to what he could have said.  In addition, broadly speaking, rules regarding the children of celebrities are less enforceable when the child is put in the public eye.  Brady chose to include his children in the series so that changes the game.

Reporters, anchors and commentators have taken a high and mighty posture which is very annoying. Where are these voices when Reimer and other hosts have offensive conversations about race, politics, sex and weekend antics?

While driving down the road the other morning I was talking with my son about some of the music he has been listening to. I expressed my disapproval of the lyrics and overall messages.  He paused briefly as I switched the dial back to WEEI then said, “but Dad those guys say a lot worse.”   I didn’t admit it then, but I’m coming around to agreeing with him now.

You might feel the urge to call him a pissant and since I’ve placed him in this commentary I won’t cut you off. But let’s end the obsession with a story(small dumpster fire) that is being covered like a destructive wildfire.

Turn up the volume on the big game not the noise around it. Let’s not be tempted by juicy side stories. Making it to the Super bowl and and all that is involved in trying to win for the 6th time is good enough for me.

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