Doris Burke: More Time for ‘Time Lord’ Robert Williams

Impressed by his athleticism & desire to improve, ESPN Insider Doris Burke believes that Robert "Timelord" Williams deserves more playing time.


Is it time for Time Lord? That’s a resounding YES if you ask ESPN Basketball Insider Doris Burke.

Burke was a guest of A Sherrod Blakely and Kwani Lunis on the A-List Podcast on CLNS Media and was asked if the Celtics big man Williams should get more than the 15 or so minutes a game he’s been playing.

“Certainly I would like to see him play more,” said Burke. “But I’m not the one pulling the trigger on the lineups,”

Burke – who was working the Celtics Pelicans game this past weekend for ABC said that every time she watches the Celtics, she simply can’t take her eyes off Williams.

“That young man, to me, is so captivating,” Burke told Blakely and Lunis. “One thing that always happens to me in the middle of the game is my eyes always drift towards somebody. For the Celtics, I always find myself watching this guy (Williams.)

Burke also praised Williams’ “level of athleticism, physicality,” and most importantly, the fact that “he’s supposed to be a man who wants to work and get better.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens acknowledged this in his March 3rd post-game interview, commending Williams’ progress in “learning how to take advantage of what he does best at both ends of the floor.”

Burke believes that giving Timelord more time on the court will provide him with more film of his mistakes, allowing him to better correct them. To put it simply, Burke thinks when it comes to Willaims, the sky is the limit, literally and figuratively.

“I find myself watching [him] sprint end to end, rotating defensively and sending shots back. I’m just dying for him to pull a turn around jump shot from 8 ft on the baseline.”

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