Eduardo Rodriguez Is In the Best Shape of His Life According To Alex Cora

Manager Alex Cora mentioned the fact that everybody generally comes into Spring Training in great shape, but specifically points to E-Rod.


Eduardo Rodriguez has never been somebody that we’ve really viewed as someone with an “athletic build”.

But yesterday manager Alex Cora made note that while everybody usually enters Spring Training in some solid shape, Eduardo Rodriguez has really stepped up his game this year in regards to his health.

And if you needed some proof to see that E-Rod is looking relatively slim compared to the guy that we’ve become accustomed to over the years, check out these pictures and video captured by’s Christopher Smith.

He’s looking jacked. He’s looking slim. I can’t say for certain that this was his New Year’s Resolution, but if it was, I’m saying that he’s on track to accomplish his goal.

A healthy E-Rod is going to be key for a Red Sox attempt at a repeat year in 2019. While he’s battled injury a handful of times during his tenure with the Red Sox, he’s proven to be a solid arm at the back end of the rotation.

One aspect of this year’s team that will be a major advantage as we head into the season is the depth in the starting rotation. With the re-signing of Nathan Eovaldi–who steamrolled through the postseason like a plow through soft, powdery snow–the ball club’s depth from top to bottom through their starting five can go up against anybody’s in major league baseball.

Having someone like Rodriguez anchor your rotation shows other organizations that it’ll be tough to point at any specific day and say, “this should be an easy win”. Whether it’s himself or Eovaldi at the five spot, that is a wagon of a starting rotation, which I’m sure I will hone in on as we get deeper into the spring.

Rodriguez appeared in 27 games last season and pitched himself to a 3.82 ERA, which is the lowest of his career, coupled with a 1.265 WHIP.

A healthy E-Rod tells me he’s motivated to come back as an enhanced version of himself. And if he improves on his numbers from last season, look for E-Rod to be a key component to a big 2019 season.