1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries is a fast-moving, highly compelling history podcast dealing with a wide range of stories that appeal to podcast listeners seeking entertainment and knowledge- stories that deal with everything from the paranormal to WWII battles to urban legends to unsolved mysteries. The episodes average 45 minutes to 1 hour in length, with titles including "The Voices of Treason" (Tokyo Rose & others), "Ghost Hunting History's Hotspots with Rob Demerast" (Interview with the star of TV's Ghost Hunters International), "Jack The Ripper- Britain's Greatest Unsolved Mystery", "Bonnie & Clyde-Born To Die", "Voodoo On the Bayou", and similar. 1001 Heroes enjoys a 4.5/5 ranking and is usually in the top 50 in Apple History Rankings US. We have enjoyed over 5 million listens in the past 4 years.

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On a sping day in 1986 two people walked into the Cokeville Elementary School in Cokeville Wyoming and held 154 children and adults hostage in a 50′ X 50′ room for 2 1/2 hours,  claiming that this was a revolution, and that they wanted a ransom payment of  $2 million dollars for every child in

The story of hoboes- the men who rode and still ride the rails, formerly in search of employment and today in search of adventure, despite the fact that trespassing on railroad property or trains in considered a crime. The hoboes have their own unique language and a strict code of conduct and today the town

The first of what will be a long running series at 1001 Heroes, this episode tells the story of heroes known and largely unknown from different periods in history and different walks of life. Today: William F. Cody- one of the world’s biggest celebrities by 1900, who brought the American West to a world audience; 

Did you ever wonder how some of our US Presidents would do if they were paired up in a boxing ring?  1001 heroes interviews Scott Rank, the host of History Unplugged Podcast and The Presidential Fight Club podcast, and we get some unique insight on the capabilities of some of our past presidents. The match-ups:

The story of the men and women who were convicted of treason for hosting radio shows for the enemy during wartime which undermined the efforts of their countrymen.  The personalities not all of which were convicted for treason, mentioned in this story: are: Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose, Pyongyang Sally, Hanoi Hannah, Lord Haw Haw, Baghdad,

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