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In this exclusive interview, @Boneman9000 sits down with Jonah Edwards (@DaddyJonah), Head Coach for Magic Gaming (@MagicGaming) to discuss the team’s recent struggles, and the line-up change which lead to a huge victory over Kings Guard Gaming. Also, find out how Coach Jonah performed in Boneman’s Gulag Trivia Challenge!

The 2KZN Center Stage previews upcoming games in the NBA2K League.  – Previews of Week 6, Nights 1 & 2 – Interview with BiggWest, GM/Head Coach of Hornets Venom GT – Previews of Week 6, Nights 3 & 4 – Match Game: “The Pro8 Dribble Glitch is (blank)”

The 2KZN Round-Table is hosted by Dave and includes Coach Vilvens, TheeJoeVegas and 2K Fan Jim. On this episode, we discuss: – the first ever player endorsement in the NBA2K League – Results from Week 4 in the NBA2K League – What are we most looking forward to in Week 5  

The 2KZN Round Table discuss the following: – NBA2K League Tip-Off Tourney – FIBA Esports Open – Recap of Week 6 in the NBA2K League – NBA2K League Players Tweeting During Games??!!

The 2KZN Round-Table discuss the NBA2K League’s decision to start Season 3 on May 5 with the first 6 weeks being played on-line, as opposed to in the League’s NYC Studios.  We also discuss the latest episodes of The Last Dance, and we reveal our Tweets of the Week!

The 2KZN Round-Table discuss the latest news from the NBA2K League as well as the most recent episodes of The Last Dance.

In this episode of the 2KZN Spotlight, we sit down with 3 year NBA2K League veteran, Yusuf Scarbz, to discuss his time with the Raptors Uprising; his feeling not being retained; was BP a distraction; and where “Calm you down boy!” came to be.

Dave, Jamie & Riley discuss the biggest “Contenders” and “Pretenders” from the most recent NBA2K League action.

The 2KZN Round Table get together to preview the Week 1 games for Season 3 of the NBA2K League; scrutinize discuss others predictions; which player/teams are we most looking forward to watching this season; and much more.

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