What do a female comic and a professional wing girl have in common? The realistically raw and hilarious perspectives on what women ACTUALLY want in a man. Prepare to be offended and awed as Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney take you through the uncensored and often ridiculous mind of a woman to help you better understand, appreciate, and avoid getting punched by the next girl you come across. Wanna Ask The Girls A Question? Send your questions to [email protected] and check out our other dating tools and advice: www.winggirlmethod.com and Kristencarney.com/datinghelp

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We all know that the online world can be a dangerous one and that’s why we brought on Cyber Security Expert Nick Lamb to help YOU.  Nick will walk you through how to protect yourself from WOMEN online.  Online dating is flushed with tons of tricksters and con artists.  We want your online dating experience

It’s the new year and it’s time to talk about SEX! On this weeks episode we have the amazing Susan Bratton who is going to tell you how to be an amazing lover.  Even if you don’t have a lot of sexual experience, you can still rock her world in the bedroom. She gives tips,

This was one of our favorite episodes from 2019. I’m very excited for you to listen to this episode because we have attraction and tension expert Patrick James in studio with us. Patrick dives into the mistakes men making when trying to build sexual tension and gives us 5 great, word for word examples of

Is there a way to become more attractive even if you are not good looking? The simple answer is YES there is and that’s what our guest, Joe Ducard is going to explain how to do. On this show we also discuss: – how to improve your style – how to get women to approach

Ex Neil Strauss Coach Pablo Rosario joins us to give guidance on how to state your intent with women immediately without being too aggressive or creepy.  His direction on what to say to state intent is awesome! On this show we also dissect and discuss: 1. How to avoid being nice and instead be seen

My friend Mel joins us to share her personal experiences of dating men in 2019.  BTW Mel is by far one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met so please know that she is being extra nice on this show and other women would NOT be so nice. On this show we dissect and discuss:

Your first impression is the most important impression.  That’s why we have the founder of First Impression Jordan on our show to tell us how to make the best first impression IRL and online. He gives us the recipe for ultimate success when making a first impression. To find out more about first impressions go

Do you know how to escalate with women?  Well this week Adam Lyons is here to tell you step by step how to escalate with women.  He literally dives into the first step of saying hi all the way to talking dirty with her.   It’s a great episode. We also discuss: How to be super

Are you “NICE”??  And by nice, we don’t mean the male definition of NICE we mean the female definition of NICE.  The 2 are very different from one another.  On this weeks show we dive into what NICE means to women and how to avoid being NICE to women and end up in the friend

OMG this episode is jam packed with information that you can apply instantly to your dating lives with women.  Amy Chan joins us to discuss the science of attraction and how you can use this science to your own benefit.  We also discuss: 1. chemistry compasses and the psychology of why we choose the wrong

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee and father of the term bio hacking joins us to discuss how to hack your dating life.  Not only does Dave share the secrets to living a long, healthy fulfilling life. He also explains how anyone can take control of and adjust the outcome of their lives at any time.  AND

“Just get back out there” is what most of your friends and family say to you after your divorce or a big break.  But what exactly does that mean and where do you start?  You haven’t been single for a long time and it all seems to have changed on you.  That’s why we’ve brought

Online dating expert Damona Hoffman joins us to break down how to properly date online.  There are a ton of new apps and new spaces for dating online, which can be tough to navigate. Damona delivers awesome advice and guidance on how to be successful online with women. Guest: Damona Hoffman

Susan Campbell is back on The Ask Women Podcast talking to us about WOMEN and sex!!!!    Women think of sex very differently than men do and Susan helps break down the differences so that you can be a rock star in the bedroom. We also overanalyze and discuss: 1. What Women want from sex 2.

OMG this is the best best best episode because we cover sooooo many important topics including how to seduce a woman in the first interaction AND how to cure oneitis!!! This is something we haven’t really talked about before and I’m so excited to dive deep into the topic with Dating Expert Sebastian Harris. Enjoy!

Aaron Marino from the super popular Youtube channel Alpha M joins us to talk about your OUTSIDE and how to improve it.  Fitness, grooming, skin care, hair, style…. all things that say a lot about you before you even open your mouth.  Alpha M guides you on how to make your outside look awesome so

Chemistry??  What the hell is it and why do so many women want it and NEED it? Dr. Laura Berman joins us to explain the science behind chemistry.  How it’s created, why it’s so important to women and how you can easily create chemistry with women by doing just a few simple things. Guest: Dr.

We typically talk about a woman’s emotions on our show but this week we’re going to dive into MEN and their emotions.  Are men even allowed to have emotions around women and if they do, how can they express them without getting a BETA or wimp label. Guest: Dominick Quartuccio host of Man Amongst Men,

WHY do you want to date women??  Have you thought about that? I mean, really thought about WHY?  Well on this weeks episode we dive into all the WHY’s you should be considering and thinking about prior to dating.  The more you know and own your WHY, the easier dating and relationships become. Guest: Lou

Loved this episode.  Any time we get to dive into how to reprogram the way you think about feel about yourself, I get giddy.  I know we talk about this a lot but it’s because it’s so essential for attracting women and bringing quality women into your life.  Our guest Josh Hudson thought he had

Do women like men who are dominant?  Well you are about to find out on this weeks episode because BDSM coach Suzie Wheeler is on with us dissecting how women feel and respond to dominance in 2019.  She teaches guys how to get into a woman’s sexual psyche and truly fulfill fantasies. Women will LOVE

This episode is jam packed with amazing information all about how to be a MAN!!  Modern masculinity, how to be vulnerable without being a wimp, how to express emotions, pursing happiness and so much more. Guest: Dr. John Schinnerer GuideToSelf.com TheEvolvedCaveman.com

Trauma!!!  Everyone has some sort of past trauma in their life that is affecting their present life.  Some are big, some are small but they all have an impact on how we see things, do things and act. On this weeks episode we have Trauma expert Tori on our show to discuss how to figure

This episode is a little different from our typical episode because have a unique and interesting guest.  Palmist Cynthia is on our show talking to us about what your hands tell a woman and what her hands can tell you. Guest: Palmist Cynthia

What does “being attractive” mean to women?  Because I will tell you, after 15 years as a Wing Girl and over 5000 interviews with beautiful, amazing women of all ages and races, I know that “being attractive” to women is defined very different than it is for men. On this episode my amazing Wing Girl

Line up 10 women in front of me and ask them to tell you what they find attractive and I guarantee all of them will say a guy that can make me laugh.  BUT what exactly does that mean and how can you avoid becoming her jester instead of her witty, sexy lover??? On this

Long title but that’s because it’s all true.  On this episode I have Social Scientist and data analyst Chris Vaccaro on the show to discuss tools and tacts for eliminating insecurities, fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back with women AND life. This episode was one of my favorites so far because as you