Join Coach Nick, the brains behind some of the best video analysis of the NBA, as he welcomes guests from all facets of basketball for in depth discussions on everything from how your favorite team is running their offense, to the latest trade rumors, to cutting edge training techniques, and new fundamentals of basketball being developed daily. Twitter: @bballbreakdown Facebook: YouTube:

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Coach Nick is joined by Jared Weiss of The Athletic to discuss why Vlade Divac is being inducted into the hall of fame – as a way ahead of his time ball handling center. They also discuss Russell Westbrook’s off the court persona, and why 3 point percentage in the NBA isn’t rising.

In another entertaining and informative off season discussion on the NBA, Coach Nick and Jared Weiss go back and forth about what it takes to get into the Hall Of Fame, defend the value of Julius Randle, and argue about whether the Brooklyn Nets are ready to leapfrog over the Boston Celtics this year. Read

Don’t miss another triumphant return of Dave DuFour to the podcast, joining Coach Nick and Jared Weiss as they break down the twitter chicken feud between Popeye’s and Wendy’s (Chic-Fil-A won) as well as go around the league to discuss the Lakers center problem, the depth of the West, and more!

Dave DuFour jumps back into the pod to join Coach Nick and Jared Weiss to discuss a host of off season topics, including whether Derrick White and De’Aaron Fox are ready to make the leap into star level players, plus we discuss Jaren Jackson Jr’s ceiling and the egregious traveling that might never go punished.

David Griffin, current Pelicans GM and former Cavaliers GM, discussed the ups and downs being the GM for LeBron in Cleveland with Sports Illustrated, and Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic delve into the issues. Plus, they go over the marquee games of next season and who is the at the top of

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Another great LIVE show is in the books, as Coach Nick and The Athletic’s Jared Weiss discuss how the Nets will look with Kyrie Irving on the floor, as well as a deep dive across the NBA to discuss a ton of other teams and moves, especially a great viewer question: Who are the most

Coach Nick welcomes on Friend Of The Breakdown Marc Skelton, the head coach at Fannie Lou Hamer High School in the Bronx. Not only has Marc won two New York City titles, he wrote an extraordinary book “Pounding The Rock”, chronicling the 2016-17 season that overcame tremendous adversity both on and off the court to

When the blockbuster trade sending Russell Westbrook to the Rockets first went down, everyone raised an eyebrow. Now that we’ve processed what it means, Jared and I break down how we think it might work. Plus, who won the war of Free Agency Signings?

The aftershock of the LA Earthquake wasn’t felt in the ground – it was Kawhi’s decision to join the Clippers on the contingency they traded for Paul George. These things all fell into place in the middle of last night, and now it’s time to figure out how good this team will be.

Coach Nick sits down with Celtic legend and radio analyst Cedric Maxwell to discuss the Kyrie situation and how it affected the Celtics last season. Rod Boone, Hornets beat writer for the Athletic, then joins Coach Nick to discuss Kemba Walker’s game and how it potentially fits in with his new team.

It was an insane day of moves by over half the NBA, with surprises like Durant joining Kawhi in Brooklyn to Kemba Walker signing in Boston with all sorts of shockwaves and ripples in between. And after the dust settled the first day, we STILL don’t know where Kawhi Leonard is going.

Join Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic as they dissect the most of the picks in the first round as it was happening.

Coach Nick welcomes Friend Of The Breakdown Jeff Siegel of to break down the complexities of the trade the New Orleans Pelicans just agreed to with the Los Angeles Lakers. The timing of when the trade goes down is crucial if the Lakers are going to maximize cap space and still have time to sign

Coach Nick is joined by Friends of the Breakdown Noah Coslov and Adam Stanco in a free wheeling discussion of the NBA Finals, the ramifications of KD’s injury to Free Agency, where Kawhi might go, and how all the other dominos fall as we head into the NBA Draft.

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