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Coach Nick is joined by Jared Weiss of The Athletic to discuss why Vlade Divac is being inducted into the hall of fame – as a way ahead of his time ball handling center. They also discuss Russell Westbrook’s off the court persona, and why 3 point percentage in the NBA isn’t rising.

In another entertaining and informative off season discussion on the NBA, Coach Nick and Jared Weiss go back and forth about what it takes to get into the Hall Of Fame, defend the value of Julius Randle, and argue about whether the Brooklyn Nets are ready to leapfrog over the Boston Celtics this year. Read

Don’t miss another triumphant return of Dave DuFour to the podcast, joining Coach Nick and Jared Weiss as they break down the twitter chicken feud between Popeye’s and Wendy’s (Chic-Fil-A won) as well as go around the league to discuss the Lakers center problem, the depth of the West, and more!

Dave DuFour jumps back into the pod to join Coach Nick and Jared Weiss to discuss a host of off season topics, including whether Derrick White and De’Aaron Fox are ready to make the leap into star level players, plus we discuss Jaren Jackson Jr’s ceiling and the egregious traveling that might never go punished.

David Griffin, current Pelicans GM and former Cavaliers GM, discussed the ups and downs being the GM for LeBron in Cleveland with Sports Illustrated, and Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic delve into the issues. Plus, they go over the marquee games of next season and who is the at the top of

SUPPORT OUR PRESENTING SPONSOR: The Garden Report is powered by Go to, use the promo code CLNS50 & receive 50% added back to your sports bankroll on your initial deposit with We appreciate your support in keep CLNS Media a free network.   It may be the off-season for the Boston Celtics and crickets

Another great LIVE show is in the books, as Coach Nick and The Athletic’s Jared Weiss discuss how the Nets will look with Kyrie Irving on the floor, as well as a deep dive across the NBA to discuss a ton of other teams and moves, especially a great viewer question: Who are the most

Coach Nick welcomes on Friend Of The Breakdown Marc Skelton, the head coach at Fannie Lou Hamer High School in the Bronx. Not only has Marc won two New York City titles, he wrote an extraordinary book “Pounding The Rock”, chronicling the 2016-17 season that overcame tremendous adversity both on and off the court to

When the blockbuster trade sending Russell Westbrook to the Rockets first went down, everyone raised an eyebrow. Now that we’ve processed what it means, Jared and I break down how we think it might work. Plus, who won the war of Free Agency Signings?

The aftershock of the LA Earthquake wasn’t felt in the ground – it was Kawhi’s decision to join the Clippers on the contingency they traded for Paul George. These things all fell into place in the middle of last night, and now it’s time to figure out how good this team will be.

Coach Nick sits down with Celtic legend and radio analyst Cedric Maxwell to discuss the Kyrie situation and how it affected the Celtics last season. Rod Boone, Hornets beat writer for the Athletic, then joins Coach Nick to discuss Kemba Walker’s game and how it potentially fits in with his new team.

It was an insane day of moves by over half the NBA, with surprises like Durant joining Kawhi in Brooklyn to Kemba Walker signing in Boston with all sorts of shockwaves and ripples in between. And after the dust settled the first day, we STILL don’t know where Kawhi Leonard is going.

Join Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic as they dissect the most of the picks in the first round as it was happening.

Coach Nick welcomes Friend Of The Breakdown Jeff Siegel of to break down the complexities of the trade the New Orleans Pelicans just agreed to with the Los Angeles Lakers. The timing of when the trade goes down is crucial if the Lakers are going to maximize cap space and still have time to sign

Coach Nick is joined by Friends of the Breakdown Noah Coslov and Adam Stanco in a free wheeling discussion of the NBA Finals, the ramifications of KD’s injury to Free Agency, where Kawhi might go, and how all the other dominos fall as we head into the NBA Draft.

Coach Nick brings in the big guns to discuss this trade from all sides – as Trevor Lane from the Lakers Nation podcast breaks it down from the Lakers perspective, Will Guillory of The Athletic gives us the Pelicans feelings, and Mike Vorkunov gives us insight into how the rest of the NBA will be

On the last Live Post Game Show of the season 😢, Coach Nick and Jared Weiss break down how Game 6 unfolded and whether the Warriors should’ve gone for all the marbles on their last shot attempt. Plus, what does this mean for the Raptors future? Will Kawhi Leonard stay? Can they repeat?

There were a ton of storylines from tonight’s game: KD’s return, KD’s injury, the lead the Warriors built, the deficit the Raptors almost erased, and lots more to go through as Coach Nick and Jared Weiss break it all down.

The Toronto Raptors did everything right in Game 3, as well as take advantage of a severely shorthanded Warriors team, and now have a commanding 2-1 lead and home court advantage. Jared Weiss of The Athletic joins Coach Nick to discuss the game and answer key questions from the audience during their live show immediately

Coach Nick visited with Eric Pincus and Josh Martin of the Hollywood Hoops podcast to discuss all things Lakers – why Magic had his epic meltdown, who actually runs the franchise, and can they make significant improvements for next year.

Friend of the Breakdown Nate Duncan, of the Dunc’d On Podcast, joins Coach Nick to lend his unique expertise to what happened in Game 2. Did the Warriors adjustment on defense guarding Kawhi have an affect? Was Nick Nurse smart to go to a gimmick defense down the stretch to defend Steph Curry? How will

Join Coach Nick on his live show as he welcomes Stefan from the wildly popular YouTube Channel Heat Check to discuss Paskal Siakam’s incredible game, a bit of a meltdown from the Warriors, and what this means for the rest of the series (it should be a long one).

Coach Nick welcomes beat writers from both teams to get in depth on what the Raptors should expect heading into their first Finals ever, as Doug Smith of the Toronto Star weighs in. Then Brady Klopfer from SBNation breaks down the Warriors chances, and illustrates some key points that might hurt them if DeMarcus Cousins

In another great Live post game show, Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic provide their immediate analysis of the pivotal Game 5 between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks. They go through all the adjustments made, strange ref’s calls, and key moments like not properly taking the foul with 23 seconds left that

Join Coach Nick and Jared Weiss as they give their immediate reaction to Game 3 as the Warriors have taken complete control of this series. Another near perfect first half for the Trail Blazers wasn’t enough to overcome the furious defense Golden State used to wear Portland down early in the 3rd. Plus, they muse

Coach Nick and Jared Weiss of The Athletic sat down immediately after the game to discuss their thoughts on the almost perfect 1st half of basketball Portland played, and the incredible ferocity the Warriors brought in the 3rd quarter to get back in the game – leading us to an incredibly exciting finish we won’t

Coach Nick and Jared Weiss off their instant analysis of the Nuggets Trail Blazers game, and answer a ton of listener’s questions via the live stream. They discuss the ramifications for the Nuggets, what the Portland Golden State series will look like and: Who’s Better: Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving?

Both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Portland Trail Blazers extended their series to 7 games – Philly with a decisive beat down of the listless Raptors and Portland used key contributions from Rodney Hood (Momma) and CJ McCollum, along with some DAME TIME to give us 2 game 7s on Mother’s Day.

Get Coach Nick’s immediate reaction to Game 3 between the 76ers and the Raptors. Alongside Jared Weiss, they answer live questions as well about everything going on in the playoffs.

Get Coach Nick’s immediate reaction to the big win by the Portland Trail Blazers over the Denver Nuggets in Game 2. Jared Weiss of The Athletic joins Coach Nick, as always, and they break down the adjustments and performances of the players and coaches. Plus, a mailbag as the live audience asks questions directly and

Jared Weiss, writer at The Athletic, and Coach Nick discuss their immediate reactions to the big Spurs win to set up an epic Game 7 in Denver. They also take questions from Periscope that run the gamut across all the playoff series.

The Portland Trail Blazers fell behind by 15 points midway through the 4th quarter of Game 5 last night, and it seemed certain that they’d face a game 6 in Oklahoma City. But the crowd rallied around them, Mo Harkless and CJ McCollum began the slow march upward, and then Damian Lillard yet again ended

Coach Nick is joined as always by Jared Weiss of The Athletic to discuss how the Nets upset the Sixers in Game 1, plus the shocking end to the Magic Raptors game. They then turn to the West to go over OKC vs Portland, and Houston vs Utah.

Anthony Irwin of the Locked On Lakers podcast comes on the show to discuss the “podcast” Magic Johnson recorded live in front of a host of reporters in the bowels of Staples Center last night. Irwin dissects why he’s stepping down and what we can decipher from his impromptu ramblings.

 Coach Nick is joined as always by Jared Weiss of The Athletic to discuss what we do know about the matchups in the NBA Playoffs in both the East and West. It’ll be an interesting final couple of games as some teams aren’t motivated to win, others want to move up or maybe down,

In Game 1 of Michigan State’s NCAA Tournament run, head coach Tom Izzo lost control while yelling at freshman Aaron Henry, sparking a huge debate across the basketball world – fueled in part by Coach Nick’s tweet of the footage. Also, the NBA Playoff race at the bottom of each bracket is heating up and

The Athletic’s Jared Weiss is back in the saddle with his weekly appearance on the pod, and he and Coach Nick discuss the Denver Nuggets in detail. Is Jamal Murray the X-Factor? Does Mike Malone give them an edge during the playoffs? They also wander over to San Antonio to discuss what makes them so

A rare behind the scenes look at the preparation that goes into calling the premiere games of the week in the NBA, Coach Nick goes in depth with Mike Breen on what it’s like to be courtside at all the best games. Plus, they discuss interacting with some of his more eccentric partners like Bill

As the modern game has taken hold of the NBA, the traditional dominant shooting guard that started with Michael Jordan, then Kobe Bryant, and on to Dwyane Wade might never lead a team to a title again. Find out why.

Now that the NBA is back from All Star vacation, Coach Nick and The Athletic’s Jared Weiss break down the marquee game from last night, discussing what the future holds for two of the top teams in the East.

The top teams in the Eastern Conference, save for the Boston Celtics, all made trades to bolster their rosters. Coach Nick and Jared Weiss go through them to analyze who improved the most and what the seedings for the playoffs should look like 25 games from now.

Do NOT miss this episode as Jared Weiss of the Athletic and Coach Nick discuss all the trades that went down and what they mean for the respective teams.

There are few NBA writers with the breadth and depth of Sam Amick, and as a Friend Of The Breakdown sits down with his insider’s knowledge of the inner workings of the Lakers and Celtics as they jockey for position in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, as well as the Grizzlies intentions to move either Mike

Coach Nick is joined by New York Knicks beat writer for The Athletic Mike Vorkunov, who gives his perspective on the bombshell trade that just happened between the Knicks and the Dallas Mavericks. Jared Weiss also weighs in on how the trade works for Dallas as well, and the prospects for a Doncic Porzingis pick

Pelicans Beat Writer for The Athletic Will Guillory joins Coach Nick to give his insider’s analysis on why Anthony Davis suddenly wants out of New Orleans after 6 1/2 years. And as a bonus, Jared Weiss of The Athletic fills in more of the blanks about potential destinations that both fit Davis’s playing style and

Coach Nick has a pretty hot take on the LeBron James/Luke Walton situation in Los Angeles, plus him and Jared Weiss of The Athletic discuss the Warriors Celtics game and the All Star starters and potential reserves.  

Coach Nick welcomes Friend of the Breakdown Jovan Buha, Clippers beat writer for The Athletic, to discuss what has happened to the hot start of the Clippers. Jovan explains why Avery Bradley has become a four letter word on #NBATwitter, and what potential trades they might explore to upgrade the roster for a strong playoff

Welcoming Dave DuFour back, he and Coach Nick show you how to do a pod: They examine how DeMarcus Cousins looks on the floor for the Warriors, whether CP3 can come back and help the Rockets with Super Saiyan Harden, and we answer a ton of questions from the live Periscope Broadcast.

Coach Nick is joined as always by The Athletic’s Jared Weiss to discuss Kyrie’s comments that he called LeBron James to commiserate, are the Mavericks seriously thinking about trading Dennis Smith Jr, and should the Rockets cut down on their three point attempts?

The reporter that broke the news of Team President and Head Coach Tom Thibdeau’s firing from the Minnesota Timberwolves was none other than Jon Krawczynski, and he joins Coach Nick to discuss what it all means and the state of the franchise going forward. Then, Jared Weiss joins Coach Nick to go into more depth about

Paul George is having an MVP caliber year, and deserves to be in the discussion for the award. The Grizzlies had a physical altercation after a bad loss to Detroit, and Coach Nick and Jared discuss whether it’s even a good idea to have a meeting immediately after a game. Anthony Davis puts up monster

Coach Nick is joined by The Athletic’s Jared Weiss to discuss the newest defensive adjustments made against the Warriors, and whether the Trail Blazers are on solid footing in the West. Plus, Adam Silver’s memo urging players from refrain from recruiting each other publicly was a direct shot at LeBron James and his comments regarding

Coach Nick is joined by The Athletic’s Jared Weiss to discuss the Sixers issues down the stretch with a non shooter like Ben Simmons in the lineup. They also go in detail about the necessity to play Justise Winslow at point guard and how it has unlocked a lot of things for the Heat who

With Chris Paul’s hamstring injury, it places the Rockets in real peril of missing the playoffs. The league continues to draft traditional big men at the very top, does De’Andre Ayton deserve that spot? And Joel Embiid is one of the most dominant big men in the NBA, but there’s a big issue with his

 The Wizards and Celtics had an old fashioned overtime shootout, complete with strange coaching and player decisions, and a mano a mano between Kyrie Irving and John Wall. Also, what is going right and wrong with the Rockets?

With the firing of Fred Hoiberg and replacing him with Jim Boylen, John Paxson has ushered in a new era for the Chicago Bulls. They seem to have gotten the message, as the team is playing with lots more intensity and passion, but is it sustainable? Senior NBA Writer Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic brings

Best friend of the breakdown Jared Weiss joins Coach Nick in a weekly show to discuss his breaking news on the Markelle Fultz situation, from his wrist injury to the nerve damage that has caused his shot to get so funky. And Fred Hoiberg was fired early Monday morning, and the only surprising thing might

The Celtics have surprisingly struggled this year considering all the talent they have. Celtics beat reporter for The Athletic Jared Weiss joins Coach Nick to discuss the lineup changes Brad Stevens has played with, and whether Kyrie needs to be more of The Man in the offense to get them going in the right direction.

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic was one of the first to report on the rift between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, and what it means to the dynamic of the team. Will it hold them back from another title? Will it cause Durant to leave in free agency? Find out from one of the most

When Draymond blew up at Kevin Durant at the end of regulation versus the Clippers, it brought up a lot of issues that had been bubbling to the surface regarding KD’s free agency. Mark Medina of the Bay Area News Group joins Coach Nick to give us his insider’s analysis.

Coach Nick welcomes a very old Friend Of The Breakdown Kurt Helin of to discuss what the Rockets are doing with Carmelo Anthony, the Jimmy Butler trade to the Sixers and whether Markelle Fultz will be able to handle it.

Coach Nick welcomes back Friend Of The Breakdown Spencer Dinwiddie to discuss his game saving and game winning heroics on Halloween as he carried his Brooklyn Nets in crunch time over the Detroit Pistons. He also discusses how the new rules emphasis has affected his play, and the league in general. A must listen to

Joe Vardon has been on the Cleveland Cavaliers beat for years, and now covers them and National NBA News for The Athletic. In a candid conversation, Vardon details the events surrounding the slightly surprising termination of Tyronn Lue as head coach of the Cavs. After leading the team to 4 straight finals and one title,

Join Coach Nick and Dave DuFour as they go around the horn answering the best questions they got in their live post game show, ranging from Should Billy Donovan Be Fired, to whether Rondo and Ingram will start when they return from suspensions, and what’s wrong with the Boston Celtics offense?

Get into the mindset of one of the winningest players in the NBA – having won 2 NBA titles with the Rockets and one with the Spurs, Mario Elie has a unique perspective on the league having been a player and an assistant coach. Coach Nick discusses how the Rockets were the progenitors of volume

While the first game in Boston was sloppy, the Celtics proved they are the class of the East as they blew out an undermanned Sixers team. In the night cap, the Thunder gave the Warriors a run for their money behind Paul George’s hot second half, but Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were too much

Have you ever wondered how Steph Curry trained himself to be the all time best shooter the NBA has ever seen? Get a rare glimpse behind the curtain as Coach Nick discusses Curry’s training with his personal player development coach Brandon Payne. They discuss what Steph has added to his game this year, and the

When the video of Ted Alexandro’s comedy bit comparing his sexual prowess to the Celtics-era Shaq went viral, Coach Nick felt compelled to reach out to Ted to break down the process of writing this as well as a funny take on Steve Kerr’s coaching.

When Coach Nick was a young student manager for the Men’s Basketball Team at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, little did he know years later that he’d be able to interview his former boss. From being head coach of the Knicks, the GM of the Vancouver Grizzlies, and Vice President of the NBA itself,

Coach Nick and Dave DuFour are back together again for a new NBA Season! Find out their expert opinions on what the Lakers have in store for them in the West, and how LeBron James will integrate his game and also allow Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Lonzo Ball to flourish at the same time.

Once an unshakeable pairing, Jimmy Butler has decided he wants out of Minnesota now. As Darren predicted back in July. With more information, we discuss how Butler and Thibs went from a love affair to a messy divorce – and who gets custody of the kids.

After a long layoff, Dave DuFour is back on the show to discuss a variety of topics, based on questions from twitter and Periscope. We ran the gamut, across both conferences. Keen insight into the Western playoff race and which very good teams might end up being sorely disappointed at the end of the year,

  The WNBA Semifinals just saw TWO epic 5 game series take place, and it’s just a prelude to what will undoubtedly be a Finals for the ages. Now that the WNBA has embraced the pace and space and 3 point shooting of the modern game, it has unlocked a whole new level of excitement

Friend of the Breakdown Mo Dakhil joins Coach Nick to discuss in detail his experiences working for the Spurs during Manu’s golden years (2009-2011) and what his legacy means to the NBA.

Coach Nick just dropped a video comparing and contrasting Nuggets center Nikola Jokic to the Sixers Joel Embiid, and TJ McBride, editor and Nuggets beat writer for Mile High Sports, joins him to discuss. They also go in depth on the expectations of this team, and how, fully healthy, they could contend for home court

Did the Rockets improve by adding Melo but losing Trevor Ariza and luc Richard Mbah a Moute? That’s a lot of defense to make up, but perhaps Anthony’s role in the Rocket’s high powered offense, plus the support of PJ Tucker, CP3, and Clint Capela can get them over the hump and defeat the Warriors

Coach Nick sparked a bit of a debate by disagreeing with LeBron’s use of the F-bomb when giving a great speech to his son’s AAU team, and Dave DuFour gives the counter point. Plus, we break down Kevin Pelton’s Western Conference predictions, which leaves the Lakers out of the playoffs.

Does Kawhi tilt the balance of power from the Boston Celtics to the Toronto Raptors? Can the Sixers improve upon last year? Who is the best defender of this generation? Jared Weiss of The Athletic joins Coach Nick to solve these questions and more. You In?

Find out which rookies show promise for the  upcoming NBA season,as well as a good discussion on which action generates the best three point shots as Mo Dakhil (former video coordinator for the Spurs, Clippers, and Australian National Team) joins us.

Have the Raptors finally exercised their demons now that LeBron has gone to the West and they’ve added a top 5 player in the league when healthy? Find out when Coach Nick is joined by the Toronto Star’s Doug Jones – who’s been on the Raptors beat ever since their inception.

Darren Wolfson, of the Minneapolis local ABC Affiliate as well as ESPN Radio Twin Cities, joins Coach Nick to discuss why Jimmy Butler refused to sign a contract extension, and what this means for Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony Towns, and Tom Thibodeau’s career.

Michael Lee, NBA Senior Writer For Yahoo Sports, and Friend of the Breakdown, hops on the show to discuss why DeMarcus Cousins chose the Golden State Warriors, what the heck they’re trying to do in Los Angeles, and where Kawhi will end up and how it turned so sour between him and the Spurs.

The Lakers seemed primed to sign DeMarcus Cousins and pair him alongside LeBron James, but the Warriors went stealth mode and swooped in, signing him to a one year deal and giving them the ability to put 5 All Stars in their prime on the floor together (provided Cousins recovers from his achilles tear).

Join Coach Nick as he sits down with Paul Garcia of as he lays out the entire Kawhi Leonard saga, Dave DuFour reports from his car on the latest in LeBron’s decision 2.0, and Jeff Diependbrock lends his expert analysis on some real draft sleepers.

Did DeAndre Ayton deserve to go number one? Will Marvin Bagley live up to the hype? How has the NBA style of play trickled down to the high school level? The only question left is: You In?

Relive the 2018 NBA Draft 1st round as Coach Nick, Dave DuFour, and Adam Stanco offer unparalleled analysis and information with the kind of detail you won’t find anywhere else.

Duncan Smith of the Athletic Detroit and joins Coach Nick to discuss what happened to Stan Van Gundy and why they chose Dwane Casey. Dave DuFour breaks down his favorite picks of the NBA Draft, and Derek Bodner walks us through the crazy story of Bryan Colagelo’s demise in Philadelphia.

Safa Kamalian is an assistant coach for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the G-League, and discusses his experience working in the Rockets organization. HoopHype’s Alex Kennedy discusses where LeBron might go, and Dave DuFour gives us some insights into the Finals and the intriguing Free Agent storylines this summer.

Coach Nick got back to his roots with a solo live show where he offers his immediate reaction to the events that led to the Warriors beating the Cavaliers in Game 4, as well as answering a ton of questions posed in the Periscope comments.

The Cavaliers played their best first quarter of the series,  yet could not get any separation. And the game wore on, Kevin Durant got more and more vicious, carrying the Warriors as Steph Curry had his worst shooting game of his career, culminating in a contested 30 footer over LeBron that iced the game, and

Coach Nick broke down the key elements to this series – how they affected the first two games (Korver not playing enough, Curry fire from 3) and what to expect in tonight’s Game 3 matchup in Cleveland. Joining the show: Mike Zavagno of and the Cavalytics Podcast, Mark Medina – Warriors Beat Writer for Mercury

While it seemed like the Cavaliers were going to get blown out early as the Warriors hit over 65% of their shots, LeBron James and Kevin Love kept them close through 3 quarters until the inevitability of the Warriors dominance overtook them and it turned into a blow out. Coach Nick and Dave discuss adjustments

Mark Jones has been part of the A Team on ESPN and ABC, doing play by play alongside the legend Hubie Brown, and he joins Coach Nick today to discuss in depth what he thinks will happen in the Finals. We also discuss what will happen with the Sixers organization considering their GM Bryan Colangelo

Join Coach Nick as he lends his expert opinions to the discussion on the Cavs vs Warriors NBA Finals rematch IV. Mike Zavagno of Fear The Sword weighs in from the Cleveland side, while Eric Apricot of BBALLBREAKDOWN and discusses what the Warriors need to do. And to top it off, Dave DuFour comes

The Celtics again looked like world beaters in dispatching the Cleveland Cavaliers in Boston. What looked like a lost series now has the Green in the driver’s seat, only needing one win to get back to the NBA Finals for the first time in 9 years.

The Cavaliers took Game 4 and even the series at 2-2 versus the Boston Celtics. While that is certainly a positive thing for Cleveland, Boston played about as poorly as a team could play for certain stretches, causing all to stare at the screen with the “Who Farted?” expression on our faces.

The Warriors rode another 3rd quarter wave, including a Super Saiyan performance from Steph Curry, to a big win versus the Rockets. With a 2-1 lead and another game at home, Golden State is in good position to take this series.  Coach Nick and Dave also go through Game 3 of the Cavaliers Celtics series

The Rockets continued to mercilessly attack Steph Curry in isolation, and their role players went super nova from all over the floor. The Warriors need a couple of solutions defensively, and clean up their unforced turnovers. The Rockets can breathe a little bit, knowing they stood up and took a must win game heading into

While the Cavaliers came out strong behind some incredible scoring by LeBron, the Celtics slowly pulled away throughout the 2nd half. They now have a strangle hold on this series, and find out why Brad Stevens has got his guys executing exactly the way he wants them.

As part of our live post game coverage of each of the Conference Finals games, Coach Nick and Dave DuFour go in depth to explain how Kevin Durant exploded for 37 points to lead the Golden State Warriors over James Harden’s 41 points and the Houston Rockets. They also discuss Game 1 between the Cavaliers

The trend in the NBA, based on advanced analytics, is to shoot more 3s and shots in the paint, and avoid the midrange long 2’s like the plague. In a shocking development, the Golden State Warriors of all teams bucked that trend this year, getting tremendous results in the process. Ben Cohen of the Wall

Join Coach Nick as he welcomes Brady Klopfer (NBA Writer for BBALLBREAKDOWN and SBNation) to discuss the Sixers rousing Game 4 win. Mike Zavagno of and Cavalytics Podcast goes in depth on the Cavaliers and what they were doing with their Xs and Os to beat the Raptors. And Jared Weiss (Celtics writer for

Coach Nick welcomed on the show BBALLBREAKDOWN Senior Writer Bryan Toporek to discuss the Sixers issues in Game 1. Associate editor of Salt City Hoops Dan Clayton broke down how the Jazz brokedown in their opener. And Best Friend of the Breakdown Jared Weiss (The Athletic) joins us to discuss the Rockets and the Celtics.

On the show today, Yahoo NBA Senior Writer Michael Lee discusses what the Wizards have done to get back in their series, OKC Thunder Beat Writer Erik Horne discusses the Thunder series. And Dylan Hughes of joins us for an informative session on what the Pacers have been doing to combat the Cavaliers. BBall

Coach Nick welcomes on the show Dave DuFour to run down Sunday’s games: The surprise Bucks get back in the series, the Raptors getting a little tight in the collar, the Spurs hang on, and the Cavaliers avoid catastrophe. BBall Breakdown NBA Basketball Podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App.

Is there any hope for the Miami Heat? Can the Sixers make a run to the finals? Will OKC make it past the Jazz? BBall Breakdown NBA Basketball Podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. Twitter: @bballbreakdown

As part of his weekly SBNation Radio Show, Coach Nick welcomed on Eli Horowitz, an assistant coach at Cal Tech and WNBA Writer, to discuss how the Warriors have won 2 games against the Spurs, as well as the intriguing Rockets vs Timberwolves matchup. Tommy Tempesta comes on to discuss functional movement of NBA Players

Is AAU culture ruining basketball as we speak? Coach Nick welcomes JAG, a former AAU Coach from Los Angeles. He recounts his experiences with shoe companies and colleges infecting the system with money, cars, and other gifts. Currently, JAG is a musical artist, and his current album is “Dalton Ave.” The duo discuss the ins

The NBA Playoffs are finally here! After a wild race to the finish the teams are set and ready to go. Coach Nick welcomes on James Holas, AKA @SnottieDrippen, to go through all the matchups. Find out who we think will be an upset and which series we’re looking forward to most. Full details available

The NBA playoffs right around the corner! Coach Nick and the crew previews what should be a wild postseason. Coach Nick welcomes on the show today Ronnie Nunn (@NunnBetterRefs) – NBA referee for 19 years and Head Of Officials for 5 more, to discuss the growing animosity between the players and the referees. Plus, Pacers

NBA Playoff spots are up in there with just a few more days left in the regular season. Coach Nick welcomes on the show Jared Weiss (@JaredWeissNBA) to go over the Eastern Conference playoff race. It should be noted that the six through eighth spots are almost interchangeable at this point. Plus, Dave DuFour (@DaveDuFourNBA) to

As the NBA regular season dies down, the crew discusses who should win what award. It has been an interesting NBA season for sure.  Coach Nick breaks down the best rookie class since LeBron entered the league, discusses with Jeff Diepenbrock (@jeffd08) what it’s like to prepare for the NCAA Tournmanet from a video coordinator’s perspective

Don’t miss the latest from Coach Nick on tons of NBA analysis. YOU IN? The crew discusses how the league’s style is not only shifting to more 3 pointers, but the game is being refereed differently as well. David Gardner (@byDavidGardner) of Bleacher Report joins him to give keen insight into prospects who will get drafted

Are the Lakers going in the right direction? Who are the free agents they realistically have a chance at getting? Can the fans stay with them long enough to get back to winning time? The only question left is: You in? Coach Nick has Matt Bilinsky (@mattbilinsky) on the show to talk about the state of the

Coach Nick’s live SBNation Radio show, brought to you without interruptions. Sean Highkin (@highkin) broke down what’s going on with the surprise Trail Blazers. Also, Coach Nick believes Damian Lilliard should receive MVP votes. Plus, Adam Stanco (@NaismithLives) discussed the shocking upset of Virginia in the NCAA Tournament. UMBC is the first 16 seed to

Why has Tyronn Lue Stepped down temporarily as the Cavs Coach? What does this mean fro the title hopes in Cleveland? Did you see the biggest upset in March Madness history? The only question left is: You in? Tyronn Lue has lead to the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals appearances. However the NBA Champion coach has

Who is getting upset in the NCAA tournament? What is the real value of a basketball scholarship? What was it like playing in the NBA in the 90s? Coach Nick is joined by former NBA center Jim McIlvaine (@JimMcIlvaine) to discuss several topics around the NCAA basketball scene.  Also they talk about the Plus, the center position

Coach Nick has a slew of guests on this episode. Mike Zavagno (@MZavagno11) of Fear The Sword give his X’s and O’s insights into what is wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This may be the first time in years where Cleveland doesn’t have a clear path to the NBA Finals. Emio Tomeoni (@mrtomeoni) AKA The

Who are the MVP candidates behind James Harden? Can the Spurs be a factor when Kawhi comes back? Is there a battle being waged for the soul of basketball? Coach Nick is joined by Dave DuFour to discuss the MVP “race.” Although James Harden is running away with it, there has to be runner-ups.  Also it will

In episode 3 of Coach Nick’s new SB Nation Weekly Radio show, he welcomes Jeff Diepenbrock (@jeffd08) to discuss several NBA topics. Diepenbrock’s talks about what he’s seeing in the resurgent Lakers (Randle, Ingram). Jared Weiss (@JaredWeissNBA) of the Celtics Wire and CLNS Media gave his insider information on where Boston is heading. And Dave

How did the Cavaliers pull off this insanity? Can anyone compete with them in the East? What about all the other trades made today? The only question left is: You in? The Cavaliers got right back into relevancy with a stunning set of trades, completely revamping their roster for one last shot at a title

Why did Jason Kidd get fired? Has a cloud been lifted over the team? What has their new coach to lead to better results? The only question left is: You in? Coach Nick is joined by Matt Velazquez (@Matt_Velazquez), the Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The two go into depth on the

How will the Clippers look after the trade deadline passes? Can Kawhi be seen as a bad guy? And how can anybody beat the Warriors? Only question left is: You in? Coach Nick is reunited with friend Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) as the two discuss several topics. The LA Clippers are in no-mans land as they

How surprising was the Blake Griffin trade? Who got the better of the deal between the Pistons and Clippers? And who else is on the trade block? The only question left is: You in? Coach Nick is joined by James Holas (@SnottieDrippin) discuss the surprising trade that sent Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. Just

What does Boogies achilles injury mean for his career and free agency? How does OKC handle the season-ending injury of Andre Robertson? What trades will get done by the trade deadline? The only question left is: You in? Coach Nick is joined by Dave Dufour in this edition of the BBall Breakdown. The show kicks

What happens if you don’t make the opening night roster of an NBA team? How does four years of college prepare you for the NBA? What really happened when some Rockets stormed the Clippers locker room? The only question left is: you in? LA Clippers guard Ty Wallace joined Coach Nick on this edition of

Have you heard Jason Kidd just got fired? Do you want to know why? Who should replace him? The only question left is: You in? Ownership had grown weary of the lack of progress shown this season after expectations rose from last season. With the Bucks hovering around the 8th seed, and being so close

AUTO-PLAY -> Coach Nick and his guest Danny LeRoux had a ton of topics to discuss in this edition of The BBall Breakdown Podcast. The crew starts off at looking at who the winner of the Victor Oladipo / Paul George trade was.  Oladipo has shined this season with an expanded role in Indiana, improving


The struggling Cavaliers were taken down by Golden State for their eighth loss in ten games. What needs to change for the Cavs to right the ship? Following another lopsided loss, this time to Golden State, the aging Cavaliers seem lost and need answers. Cleveland has lost four games by double digits in their last