The barber shop is one of the worlds last true sanctuaries for hot takes. Three guys with their collective finger on the pulse of the city of Boston, sit down and talk with various local celebrities, athletes, media and barber shop personalities out of Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. The only thing hotter than our shaves are our takes.

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In episode 30 of Coif the Record Gronk abruptly retired right before we press record. Live reactions to Gronk’s retirement, we check in on the Bob Kraft story, and the Celtics embarrassing play continues.

In this week’s episode, the Celtics seem to be turning a corner right after we pronounced them dead, Kyrie Irving allegedly resuscitated the team at 35,000 feet in the air. The Antonio Brown saga is finally over, as he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. We check in on the Bob Kraft story as we

In episode 28 of Coif the Record we react to the bombshell news of Robert Kraft being arrested for solicitation of prostitution. We do a lot of inappropriate speculation as to who the “bigger named involved” will be. Then we talk about the dumpster fire brewing that is the Boston Celtics. We close out the

In episode 27 of Coif the Record, football is over and right on cue the Celtics are making headlines. We talk about the current Celtic’s situation, Marcus Morris’ comments, are we panicking, where does the season end, whats the fix, and who deserves the most blame? I have some weed thoughts. We do a quick

In episode 26 of the Coif the Record we go live right after the Pats beat the Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII and the Pats are now 6 time Super Bowl Champions.

In episode 25 of Coif the Record, we have our Super Bowl preview show. Tom Brady is in his 9th Super Bowl in 17 years, so we think about some places we haven’t gone 9 times in 17 years. We introduce a new segment, “Matt or Max” where we see who said which dumb thing

In episode 24 of Coif the Record, we react to the Patriots waxing of the LA Chargers, we preview rams-saints and pats-chiefs for championship weekend, then we close out the show with our snake draft for our celebrity PC Crime pool.

In episode 23 of Coif the Record we wrap up a solid wild card weekend of action, preview the upcoming divisional round, talk Pats vs. Chargers, and we created a new 2019 version of the celebrity death pool.

In episode 22 of Coif the Record we have a special New Year’s Resolutions episode. We then look back at some of our preseason NFL takes and preview the upcoming NFL playoffs.

In a special Christmas Eve episode of Coif the Record we have a packed episode. In maybe our most contentious segment yet, we start with a healthy argument about the state of the patriots. Then we get into Lebron James’ recent comments on NFL owners vs NBA owners. We close the show with why Mark

In episode 20 of Coif the Record we talk about that disastrous finish to the Pats and Dolphins game. Was this the worst mistake ever by the greatest coach ever? Also, we talk Kevin Hart, Kyler Murray, Twitter time-traveling and why it’s stupid.

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