Even though their tools and equipment touch nearly every surgical patient in the world, how much do you really know about the people, processes, and products used in the Sterile Processing industry? Beyond Clean offers a creative look into the inner workings of a healthcare industry surrounded by challenges, disrupted by change, and committed to getting it right -- every instrument, every time. The team at Beyond Clean will bring on some of the biggest names in surgical instrument reprocessing and provide commentary on the biggest issues facing Sterile Processing professionals, facilities, administrators, manufacturers, and vendors. Join us every week as we explore the hidden world of one of the most important aspect of safe surgical care.

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As healthcare professionals, we go to great lengths to make sure that our Operating Rooms are safe and that the sterility of medical devices is maintained to prevent harm to patients. What if, after all that effort, the culprit for spreading illness is actually your HVAC system? A potential breeding ground for biological growth, mold

On October 1, 2017 a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on Route 91 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 10 minutes later the deadliest mass shooting in US history had transpired within the blink of an eye. Little did this week’s podcast guest know that the training he pursued in the military and surgical

It stands a little over five feet tall, increases sterilization efficiencies and saves time and money. Yes, it could be your new best friend- it’s the SteriCUBE and on this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to Michele Mauzerall, CEO and Managing Partner at PMBS, LLC and Progressive Sterilization, LLC

This week on Fighting Dirty with Hank Balch:  Failing a Sterile Processing certification exam can be a punch in the gut. How do you recover? What do you do next? Hank gives you 3 things to consider as you bounce back and keep #FightingDirty. For more insight and tips on how to pass your exam,

How complicated can it really be to drop an instrument into a peel pack, seal it up, and move on? The answer: very complicated and precise if you want to do so in a safe, reproducible manner. On this Season 5 kickoff episode, our Beyond Clean team sat down with Charlie Webb, Founder and President

The topic of Sterile Processing salaries and compensation in the US always garners a lot of interest and buzz. One of the few publications that regularly addresses insights and trends on this topic is Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN). On this Season 1 re-release edition of Beyond Clean, we sat down with Kara Nadeau to discuss

If you had the opportunity to build a brand new Sterile Processing department, what would you do? How would you prioritize design considerations and what kinds of creative ideas would you employ to function within budget and space constraints? On this re-release from Season 1, we talked to Shawn Flynn and his team about their

What drives you as a Sterile Processing professional? Why do you wake up every morning, drive to a hospital, put on scrubs, and labor in areas of the hospital most people will never see, for patients who hardly know you exist? On this re-release from Season 1, we talked to Nestor Hernandez about finding your

Sterile Processing, yeah, there’s an App for that. On this Top 10 re-release episode from Season 1 of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talked to Adam Okada about the impact of mobile application technology on the Sterile Processing industry, education, and the future of professional networking. How can you leverage industry expertise right from your

Have you ever been asked to reprocess an implant device that had been removed from a patient? Chances are high that you have encountered this scenario at least once in your Sterile Processing career, but to date, there has been very little written or discussed on the topic. How can you ensure the device can

In an industry defined by our standards, recommendations, and guidelines, there are still many misunderstanding related to how these documents can and should impact compliant reprocessing of medical devices in our hospitals. On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talk to Chuck Hughes, the new Executive Advisor at Beyond Clean and retired

How much do you know about the history of ethylene oxide and the formative role it has played in modern medical device sterilization? For older generations of Sterile Processing professionals, images of large tanks and extended aeration times may come to mind. For younger generations of technicians, EtO technology may be little understood and likely

How much protein is left on your surgical instruments after “cleaning”? How much protein is too much? And how would you know? On this week’s edition of the Beyond Clean podcast we invite Dr. Thomas Vanzieleghem, Scientific Director & Biofilm expert with OneLIFE SA, to speak with us about protein detection technologies within the Sterile

How do you know your decontamination equipment (washers and ultrasonic cleaners) are really working as they should? What does “passing” and “failing” a daily quality test actually tell you about your current cleaning process? On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring back international decontamination expert Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, to discuss

Decontamination of loaner and consignment instrument trays is one of the most complex processes in a Sterile Processing department, and yet many facilities simply treat every vendor tray the same way — regardless of the manufacturer’s specific instructions for use. On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring on Bob Marrs, the

What if we told your hospital CEO they could save tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by INVESTING more resources into your Sterile Processing department? Would you believe there is a $50 billion opportunity in the United States alone to reduce costs AND increase quality related to surgical instrument reprocessing? On

How is the power of podcasting and social media impacting the next generation of surgeons? What impact do non-functional surgical instruments have on the surgeon-user? We kick off an epic Season 4 of the Beyond Clean podcast this week with Dr. Jason Bingham from the Behind the Knife podcast, and nerd out on everything from

Is chemical exposure hurting your Sterile Processing team? How would you know and what could you be doing to guard against it? For this episode of Beyond Clean, we invited David Hilliker to tackle one of the most important topics in our industry — employee safety and chemical monitoring. If you missed this classic episode

Do your flexible scope leak tests “make the grade” or are they failing in more ways than one? Back in Season 1 of the Beyond Clean podcast, we invited Sara Freiberg, Clinical Education Manager for Northfield Medical, to dive into the details of compliant scope reprocessing — covering everything from proper leak testing, to chemical

How do you excellently service Sterile Processing customers who are located outside of the hospital setting, across the street or even in other cities? Back in Season 1, we invited Don Williams, current Regional Director of Sterile Processing for Kaiser Permanente, to talk to us about the terrific work his team had been doing regarding

There are few acronyms as formative for the Sterile Processing industry in the US than AAMI. But how much do you really know about what AAMI is, how workgroups operate, and how we end up with standards such as ST91:2015 for Flexible And Semi-Rigid Endoscope Processing In Health Care Facilities? Back in Season 1, we

What does surgical instrument sterilization look like on the battlefield? In disaster zones? In the middle of an Amazonian rainforest? In the near future it could look very different and much smaller than traditional means and models of modern sterilization techniques. On our last episode of Season 3, we dropped the mic in front of

How does an innovation in the infection control industry make it from idea to market? What role does collaboration play in opening doors for Sterile Processing professionals to expand their networks both locally and around the world? On this week’s edition of the Beyond Clean Podcast, we tracked down Michael Diamond to chat about the

As the backbone of most Sterile Processing workflows around the globe, steam sterilization is a massively important topic. And yet there are still pervasive misunderstandings across the industry regarding how and why our autoclaves should be tested, and just as importantly, when it is necessary to validate their performance. In addition to proper loading and

Few materials in the world have come to define a Sterile Processing professional more than stainless steel. We are literally surrounded by it – our sinks are composed of it, our washers are encased by it, our assembly tables are covered with it, and yes – 99% of the tools of our trade are manufactured

Can you account for every implant screw and plating system within the four walls of your hospital? Can your Sterile Processing team efficiently and correctly validate, restock, and reorder consignment inventory? Or are you like the majority of facilities in the industry who are still struggling with tracking, billing, and inventorying these high dollar headaches?

How has technology impacted our potential to know and follow device manufacturer instructions for use in Sterile Processing? How far have we come and what does the future hold for the technology vs. IFUs challenges within our industry? On this week’s edition of Beyond Clean, we speak with Andy Petrovich about how technology is being

Are your ATP tests measuring what you think they are measuring? What is the real relationship between residual protein, dangerous bugs, and our mission to #FightDirty in our departments? This week, we tackle these questions and more with Dr. Christine Greene on the Beyond Clean podcast. Don’t miss this critical conversation and make sure to

There is one theme that shows up in nearly EVERY surgical instrument quality breakdown headline to come out in recent years. That reoccurring theme is a lack of point-of-use cleaning in the OR and the many implications this oversight has on a Sterile Processing team’s ability to #FightDirty with any success. For the first episode

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Keith Koby, Senior Vice President – North America at Nanosonics. Keith Koby joined Nanosonics in April 2012 bringing with him more than 25 years of sales experience and healthcare insight. Mr. Koby started his career as an engineer with GE Healthcare. After 16 years, Mr. Koby went