Even though their tools and equipment touch nearly every surgical patient in the world, how much do you really know about the people, processes, and products used in the Sterile Processing industry? Beyond Clean offers a creative look into the inner workings of a healthcare industry surrounded by challenges, disrupted by change, and committed to getting it right -- every instrument, every time. The team at Beyond Clean will bring on some of the biggest names in surgical instrument reprocessing and provide commentary on the biggest issues facing Sterile Processing professionals, facilities, administrators, manufacturers, and vendors. Join us every week as we explore the hidden world of one of the most important aspect of safe surgical care.

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If you have been leading your team, you’re comfortable speaking in front of a group, and you have information to share that will help reshape the industry in small or large ways, then it may be time to take the next step into the world of public speaking and showcase your knowledge in a larger

We can control what we say and how we say it but, as it turns out, our audience will pay more attention to the “how” than the “what”. This is the second episode in a series on communication and public speaking. Join Lindsay Brown for this #growthspurt focused on the important role of non-verbal communication.

When someone asks if storage is an issue for your Sterile Processing department, what is your first response…to roll your eyes perhaps? But what if looking up…is the ticket? Let’s face it, the need for space in Sterile Processing is an issue for many healthcare facilities and the implications of not having enough storage to

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in to learn about what a “triple-threat” Sterile Processing leader looks like and how to develop these important skills for your future: “Some of the best front-line technicians I’ve ever known excelled because they knew how important relationships were to doing their jobs well. Some of the best

On this week’s episode, Bob dives into the topic of finding answers (right or wrong) through social media groups. What are the critical things to consider when crowdsourcing information that you need to do your job? Tune in for more clinical education and training around #SterileProcessingSocialMedia. Have a question for Bob? Email him at: Bob@beyondclean.net

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for encouragement about knocking your next accreditation survey out of the park: “Every Sterile Processing department has a story. As a Sterile Processing leader it’s up to you to teach this story to your technicians (both new and old). What are your particular department challenges and how

As the backbone of most Sterile Processing workflows around the globe, steam sterilization is a massively important topic. And yet there are still pervasive misunderstandings across the industry regarding how and why our autoclaves should be tested, and just as importantly, when it is necessary to validate their performance. In addition to proper loading and

Laughter is the best medicine and brings with it a host of business benefits that can benefit your staff and your department. Join Lindsay for today’s #GrowthSpurt to learn about simple ways you can ease the stress that comes with performing critical, life-saving tasks in Sterile Processing. Have a question or comment for Linds? Email

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for insights on how to safely increase the speed of your Sterile Processing team: “If you are able to connect pictures with individual instruments in your tracking system, this can be a huge boost to speedy identification of items during the assembly stage. In addition to pictures,

Few materials in the world have come to define a Sterile Processing professional more than stainless steel. We are literally surrounded by it – our sinks are composed of it, our washers are encased by it, our assembly tables are covered with it, and yes – 99% of the tools of our trade are manufactured

How has technology impacted our potential to know and follow device manufacturer instructions for use in Sterile Processing? How far have we come and what does the future hold for the technology vs. IFUs challenges within our industry? On this week’s edition of Beyond Clean, we speak with Andy Petrovich about how technology is being

The words ‘biofilm’ and ‘disinfection’ are commonly used in Sterile Processing departments, but did you know these terms are also applicable when talking about your hospital’s HVAC system? In the healthcare setting, we often take for granted the air around us. We cannot see it, but we know it’s there and it has the ability

How did two guys who had never met, living on opposite sides of the country create a podcast what would take the Sterile Processing industry by storm in the summer of 2017? It had a lot to do with timing, a little to do with Linkedin, a good dose of bravery, and a whole lot

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for ideas about keeping quality as the central focus of your Sterile Processing team: “As with many other things, your vision for quality should start at the front door. Don’t hire any technician before you find out where their values lie in terms of a quality work

In the healthcare setting, air matters. Humidity control is challenging, risky, and has big implications on patient safety and air quality is at the forefront of discussion as we seek more and more research on the aerosolization of viruses. On this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Jim Johnston and

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