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BOSTON LANDING, MA — Basketball Hall-of-Fame scribe Bob Ryan facilitates a fascinating conversation in the privacy of the Red Auerbach Center between two of Reds’s biggest admirers, Boston Celtics head coaches, Doc Rivers and Brad Stevens; co-hosts, along with Bob Ryan, of ABCD’s annual Hoop Dreams Tournament.

They wore Hometown Podcasts (and Apple Podcasts) purple, but the talk was all green. Heinsohn and Ryan unfiltered… on Bob Ryan’s Boston Audio and Video Podcast – Episode #50!

 Two guys who know (and remember) more about college basketball than the rest of us combined. Basketball Hall of Fame inductees Bob Ryan and NCAA Champion, former BC Coach, HOF 2014, Gary Williams. As Good as it Gets!

At some point over 30 years ago, Big East basketball was one of the most watched sports on television. That was due entirely to the efforts of one man — Dave Gavitt, the first-ever commissioner of the Big East Conference. “Dave was just incredible,” Gary Williams told Bob Ryan on Bob Ryan’s Podcast. “The respect

Whether the story on Arizona coach Sean Miller and prized freshman recruit Deandre Ayton is true, inaccurate – as reported by SI’s Michael McCann – or somewhere in between, there’s no mistaking that the NCAA has a tooth ache that they’ve neglected to address. Now that the FBI is involved, things are getting a little

Head to favorite sports bar near the TD Garden or elbow up to your favorite Fenway establishment and you’re more than likely to find a game of interest on. Whether the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots or Red Sox are playing, there is timeless interest from Boston fans for their pro teams. The college sports scene, at

HINGHAM — Jeff Goodman from ESPN seems to have landed right in the middle of two huge basketball stories at the same time – The Ball Family Circus and The FBI probe of NCAA Men’s Basketball – right on the eve of March Madness. Is there anyone better to discuss these stories with in long form

For legions of fans, the New England Patriots are synonymous with winning. They’ve built one of the greatest dynasties in professional sports history off the strength of a visionary owner, and the greatest coach and quarterback in NFL history. Look back before the dynasty – before the five Super Bowl wins – and you’ll find

Long ago or not too long ago, depending on whom you ask, the Boston sports media landscape was shaped, molded and skewered by two newspapers – The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. Both papers, but particularly The Globe, acted as the collective pulse for a city of people whose moods were often dictated by

Turn on your TV or flip on your smartphone and the chances of you finding your favorite sports writer or analyst on a program or podcast are quite high. That wasn’t always the case, in fact, that was out of the ordinary. Lesley Visser made the full-time switch from The Boston Globe – where she

A legendary broadcaster and the first and only woman enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Lesley Visser talked about her career in sports on Bob Ryan’s Podcast. Lesley and Bob discuss everything from their time together at the Boston Globe to the incredible luminaries Lesley has reported on and worked with. 8:26 Lesley’s

BOSTON – Show Creator and Executive Producer Bob Snyder teams up with Bob Ryan to tease Bob’s ‘Annual State of the Teams’ Boston Globe column, talk to an Aussie who happened to be in the area and wanted to shake Bob’s hand and most importantly, provide a headset for a few kids wanting Bob to address

HINGHAM – Dan opens up about his old school and sometimes controversial journalism, how the “Curse of the Bambino” became a legendary book, covering vintage Earl Weaver as a kid and his relationship with Red Auerbach.

Kirk Minihane and Bob Ryan are not shy. In so many ways they are similar, and in so many ways they are opposites. Together for dinner at Paul Wahlberg’s Alma Nove restaurant in Hingham, Bob and Kirk compare suspensions, opine on ESPN, debate the state of Boston sports teams and in Bob’s case, defend his

Bob Ryan is in his element with one of his favorite athletes he ever covered in 40 years of Celtics reporting. Dave Cowens won battles, fights, and titles; quit teams, drove Boston cabs out of boredom, fouled out of over 100 games, reinvented the jump hook, and also happened to win two championships and wind

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