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Curb is back with an all-time ep. Can we remember anything from Cats? Exploring whether Taylor Swift documentary reaction fatigue can set in before anyone has actually seen the documentary.  

Florence Pugh, 24, is dating 44-year-old Zach Braff and some people are mad about it! After consuming some thoughts (and Bravo GIFs) on the matter, we decide to pen a letter to a BuzzFeed journalist. We also discuss Oscar nominations and betting odds. Plus, what’s the deal with Harry Styles’ new album?

At long last, 2019 is over and it’s time to see just how badly Pete failed his yearly goal of watching 365 movies. Also, the second annual BRUNCH Year In Review reveals the podcast’s favorite movies, songs, moments and shot-for-shot remakes of Norwegian revenge movies about killer snow plow drivers. A spoiler review of ‘Uncut

Debuting a new game and learning that Cats is apparently too horny.

Well, it’s here. The Patreon demanded it and now it’s reality — DJ has released his much-anticipated holiday song. The boys also discuss a YouTuber catching heat, review Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story,’ talk about the conclusion of “Silicon Valley” and discuss the controversy surrounding ‘Richard Jewell.’

Both Pete and DJ have new musical love interests. We figure out why baseball writers like Bruce Springsteen so much. The Father John Misty subreddit has fallen on bleak times. We review ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ and ‘Ad Astra.’

Brave Dave tore his ACL, Pete has strep throat and we’re all gonna die. After some corporate blowback, the BBoP are careful to please. The ads are good and everything else is bad.

Taking your calls on The Morning Buzz! A moment of silence for the late Paul Walker. Holy smokes, Lana del Rey really *is* having a moment! Plus, a review of ‘It: Chapter 2’ — a five-hour saga that we still don’t really understand.

So we didn’t see It, or Midsommar (Director’s Cut), but Randy saw the latter and we watched the controversial Dave Chappelle special. We also made a Taylor Swift playlist.

The world-famous Taylor tiers get podcast-first treatment for “Lover.” Answering some curious headlines. “Ready or Not” pops off.

NPR Brunch presents: An essay you never f—ing asked for. Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich is making people lose their mind, but is it THAT much better than every other chicken sandwich? It’s a bad week to be a gas station. Plus, reviews for ‘Good Boys’ and ‘Blinded By The Light.’

“Where y’all sitting?” is a smash hit. An old guy sang too many smash hits at karaoke and wound up in the hospital. While you idiots are asking whether a hot dog is a sandwich, we’re asking more important hot dog questions. “The Kitchen” is an astonishing failure. DJ sees a Fast and the Furious

We mock the worst meme in the history of the internet, discuss the new Haim single and where it came from, plus reviews of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ and ‘Crawl.’

A special surprise guest from “Stranger Things” joins the show to (not) talk about Season 3 and how everyone looks gross. DJ & Pete both agree the season was outstanding but they find reasons to complain anyway. Also, a review of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ (aka Spider-Man 3) and a “BRUNCH Explains the Movies” for

One of our most anticipated movies of the year (‘Yesterday’) didn’t quite hit the mark, so we have a therapy session to work it out. Also, we get mad at food reviews and struggle to read ads.

Movies are back and they’re back in a big way. We saw three movies this week — Godzilla, Rocketman and Ma — and we’ve got takes. We also rank our top five favorite Elton John songs and, in the spirit of Ma, DJ recounts a story about underage drinking.

Despite an absolutely terrible rollout, the live-action Aladdin was really fun, really enjoyable movie. Maybe the most fun movie since…*gasp*…. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again? The new Godzilla movie (starring our guy Randy) is getting blasted by critics but that could be a good thing for us.

The Bruins and Blues are meeting for the ultimate claim for “Gloria” and we’re still feuding with Laura Branigan’s ghost. We saw John Wick 3, which is the worst of the three but still a very enjoyable movie. “Barry” closed out an incredible season but is approaching a critical juncture for its main character.

The bad boys are getting bullied by people from St. Louis and an unusual twitter account, so a new song was made just for St. Louis. “Easy” is back and “Barry” is peaking.

Canada is melting down one YouTuber at a time, the new Vampire Weekend album is a Haimfest and one host is having upper-body issues.

A whacky stunt derails the episode before it starts, “Barry” is out of control, Facebook is adding a game-changing dating feature and the “Sonic” trailer promises one stupid movie.

Taylor Swift released new music and — surprise — it’s very jarring. We introduce some new segments, including fit checks and one for the ladies.

The Bad Boys realize people have only heard of music because of them. They would now like to introduce you to Maggie Rogers in 2019. DJ sees Pet Sematary and doesn’t like being scared.

Happy April Fool’s Week: We present some ideas to reinvigorate April Fool’s, such as a Prank Purge. We address our recent controversies with show sponsors, including a very dramatic email from [redacted]. ‘Barry’ returns to HBO and is it the best show on TV right now? It could be, depending what time you’re watching!

After one host is too scared to watch a horror movie at night, both bad boys successfully see “Us.” Also, what happened to v-necks? Did you know Alec Baldwin used to be stunning?

DJ gets swindled by a Dunkin worker. We’re out on music festivals for this year, for a variety of reasons. Long hair does not necessarily mean good hair. Also, a Patreon-exclusive review of ‘Juliet, Naked’…for real this time.

Pete went to France and DJ saw “Greta.” Which trip was crazier is up to you.