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Both Pete and DJ have new musical love interests. We figure out why baseball writers like Bruce Springsteen so much. The Father John Misty subreddit has fallen on bleak times. We review ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ and ‘Ad Astra.’

Brave Dave tore his ACL, Pete has strep throat and we’re all gonna die. After some corporate blowback, the BBoP are careful to please. The ads are good and everything else is bad.

Taking your calls on The Morning Buzz! A moment of silence for the late Paul Walker. Holy smokes, Lana del Rey really *is* having a moment! Plus, a review of ‘It: Chapter 2’ — a five-hour saga that we still don’t really understand.

So we didn’t see It, or Midsommar (Director’s Cut), but Randy saw the latter and we watched the controversial Dave Chappelle special. We also made a Taylor Swift playlist.

The world-famous Taylor tiers get podcast-first treatment for “Lover.” Answering some curious headlines. “Ready or Not” pops off.

NPR Brunch presents: An essay you never f—ing asked for. Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich is making people lose their mind, but is it THAT much better than every other chicken sandwich? It’s a bad week to be a gas station. Plus, reviews for ‘Good Boys’ and ‘Blinded By The Light.’

“Where y’all sitting?” is a smash hit. An old guy sang too many smash hits at karaoke and wound up in the hospital. While you idiots are asking whether a hot dog is a sandwich, we’re asking more important hot dog questions. “The Kitchen” is an astonishing failure. DJ sees a Fast and the Furious

We mock the worst meme in the history of the internet, discuss the new Haim single and where it came from, plus reviews of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ and ‘Crawl.’

A special surprise guest from “Stranger Things” joins the show to (not) talk about Season 3 and how everyone looks gross. DJ & Pete both agree the season was outstanding but they find reasons to complain anyway. Also, a review of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ (aka Spider-Man 3) and a “BRUNCH Explains the Movies” for

One of our most anticipated movies of the year (‘Yesterday’) didn’t quite hit the mark, so we have a therapy session to work it out. Also, we get mad at food reviews and struggle to read ads.

Movies are back and they’re back in a big way. We saw three movies this week — Godzilla, Rocketman and Ma — and we’ve got takes. We also rank our top five favorite Elton John songs and, in the spirit of Ma, DJ recounts a story about underage drinking.

Despite an absolutely terrible rollout, the live-action Aladdin was really fun, really enjoyable movie. Maybe the most fun movie since…*gasp*…. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again? The new Godzilla movie (starring our guy Randy) is getting blasted by critics but that could be a good thing for us.

The Bruins and Blues are meeting for the ultimate claim for “Gloria” and we’re still feuding with Laura Branigan’s ghost. We saw John Wick 3, which is the worst of the three but still a very enjoyable movie. “Barry” closed out an incredible season but is approaching a critical juncture for its main character.

The bad boys are getting bullied by people from St. Louis and an unusual twitter account, so a new song was made just for St. Louis. “Easy” is back and “Barry” is peaking.

Canada is melting down one YouTuber at a time, the new Vampire Weekend album is a Haimfest and one host is having upper-body issues.

A whacky stunt derails the episode before it starts, “Barry” is out of control, Facebook is adding a game-changing dating feature and the “Sonic” trailer promises one stupid movie.

Taylor Swift released new music and — surprise — it’s very jarring. We introduce some new segments, including fit checks and one for the ladies.

The Bad Boys realize people have only heard of music because of them. They would now like to introduce you to Maggie Rogers in 2019. DJ sees Pet Sematary and doesn’t like being scared.

Happy April Fool’s Week: We present some ideas to reinvigorate April Fool’s, such as a Prank Purge. We address our recent controversies with show sponsors, including a very dramatic email from [redacted]. ‘Barry’ returns to HBO and is it the best show on TV right now? It could be, depending what time you’re watching!

After one host is too scared to watch a horror movie at night, both bad boys successfully see “Us.” Also, what happened to v-necks? Did you know Alec Baldwin used to be stunning?

DJ gets swindled by a Dunkin worker. We’re out on music festivals for this year, for a variety of reasons. Long hair does not necessarily mean good hair. Also, a Patreon-exclusive review of ‘Juliet, Naked’…for real this time.

Pete went to France and DJ saw “Greta.” Which trip was crazier is up to you.

Did you hear the news about Chelsea Handler? DJ has a personal crisis (one zit that isn’t really a zit) and is weighing the pros and cons of going skiing for the first time in years. Also, not to brag but the podcast predicts that the Celtics will blow out the Warriors and Gordon Hayward

The bad boys recap an eventful Oscars. Should everyone just close Twitter once an award show is almost done? DJ explains the horrifying short films he saw while doing Oscars prep.

Our 2019 Oscars pre-show is here…We make picks and predictions in each of the major categories, plus come up with an innovative new term for things that weren’t nominated but deserved to be. In an unexpected twist, ‘Happy Death Day 2 U’ pivots the franchise from horror to science fair/buddy heist. Thanks we hate it!

We saw ‘Cold Pursuit’ (the Liam Neeson dark comedy that isn’t really a dark comedy until it suddenly becomes a dark comedy about an hour into the movie) and my goodness…what a movie! We were so enthralled by it that we also watched its Norwegian inspiration, ‘In Order of Disappearance’…starring Stellan Skarsgård! Also: DJ recaps

The Super Bowl is in the rearview and The Bad Boys (who don’t smoke) have quit smoking once and for all. Also, a discussion about how good ‘Crashing’ S3 has been.

Since our “blast from the past” episode was so well-received, we decided to double-down. And just as we predicted (before it happened), the Oscar nominations have arrived. Also, we discuss the second season of “Friends From College” and wonder why the hell that show gets so much criticism.   WAGER ON THE SUPER BOWL WITH

The Bad Boys travel back in time to record an episode prior to its release. Also, have you heard about this James Corden guy?   WAGER ON THE SUPER BOWL WITH A 50% CASH BACK

It was a perilous journey but we survived Gillette’s savage attack on men, so we’ll still be able to time-honored traditions like targeted harassment & children fighting each other…LIKE MEN. Also, we review ‘Vice’ — a polarizing movie that paints the Bush administration in the worst way possible — and ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’

In a movie-heavy episode, the OBBs lament the Golden Globes and review Escape Room, Mary Poppins Returns and The Favourite.

Pete has a preposterous New Year’s Resolution that he will most definitely not accomplish. DJ has a take on New Year’s Eve and the phrase “amateur hour.” We hand out some prestigious awards to close out 2018…including Bootleg Actor of the Year, Most Handsome Man of the Year, Best Performance by a Mamma Mia Actor in

“Welcome to Marwen” bombed at the box office, but was it really that bad? Pete thinks so. DJ doesn’t, and he feels qualified to diagnose bad movies after seeing “Holmes and Watson.” Also, people are furious at Instagram.

We’re not getting invited to Christmas parties. (In fact, we are getting UN-INVITED.) We saw ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ and can’t figure out whether it’s supposed to be 2D or 3D. We fight about which of us liked it better. — Stop being a goddamn poor and start investing with Robinhood. Get free stock at brunch.robinhood.com.

This is officially an anti-nap podcast. Does ABBA exist in the world of Mamma Mia? Pete is stealing meat from DJ. We begin a campaign to take back the American flag and get Santa to change his traditional Christmas outfit. — Get free bacon and $20 off your first ButcherBox at www.butcherbox.com/brunch

We recap The Christmas Chronicles, a Netflix holiday movie that is positively batshit insane. (Needless to say, we loved it.) We also review Creed II: Here We Creed Again! DJ has a “get off my lawn” moment and proposes a bold new idea to prevent movie theater distractions. — Get a subscription to The Athletic

A Thanksgiving episode takes a surprise twist into a pretty common Brunch topic. Also, why are people so worried about stomach aches? The new Grinch had a diverse cast, so why did they make all the people white? Also, the movie stinks.

DJ’s eating and working out a lot and he can’t tell if his clothes don’t fit because the lifting’s working or if he’s just gaining weight. The boys review some Robert-heavy episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Bohemian Rhapsody: You wanna miss it! Jeff Israel joins the show to help us go after the Queen biopic that taught us nothing about Queen. Ayo? [sadface] Ayo. — Support our podcast by supporting our friends at The Athletic. Get a subscription for less than $3 per month: www.theathletic.com/brunch

After seeing three movies in theaters, the bad boys talk about Mamma Mia 2 again. Why aren’t movie ratings confident in showing their work? Are young men not as rude in public anymore?

The Gumby Von Flatulence boys got absolutely roasted by Pitchfork. We’ve got our first look at the ‘Happy Death Day’ sequel and we saw the new ‘Halloween.’ We review that plus ‘Bad Times At The El Royale.’ — Start investing with Robinhood! Get free stock at www.brunch.robinhood.com Join our Patreon to get merch sales &

Recorded from the Austin City Limits festival, the bad boys are joined by Houndmouth to discuss angry fans, festival hacks and play a killer game of “Houndmouth of Smash Mouth.” We also watched Back to the Future for the first time.

Oh, did you hear pumpkin spice is back? BASIC!!!! We review ‘Venom’ and ‘My Big Fat Other Venom Movie’ (‘Upgrade’). The “Insecure” finale is discussed, specifically how it exposes “mental health advocates.” Who dies first: Father John Misty or Paul McCartney? DJ gives a bonus ‘Jerry McGuire’ review. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

We caught an early screening of ‘A Star Is Born’ and only one of us came away impressed. ‘Venom’ is getting sabotaged by Lady Gaga stans and Tom Hardy has become an audio meme. We discuss the early days of “binge watching” and DJ slices his finger open thanks to broken glass on his phone.

In DJ’s bravest performance yet, the BBBBBBbs argue over coleslaw and discuss a terrible Brittany Snow movie.

We revisit simple math and find that we’re not so good at it. Give us your homework nerds. We also review ‘A Simple Favor’ (starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively) then ‘Mandy’ (starring Nicolas Cage). One gets a resounding thumbs up from us, the other one…not so much. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

The boys have questions about traffic and breakfast sandwiches. ‘White Boy Rick’ is a somewhat baffling movie that failed to live up to expectations. Is spin bad for you? Plus, a very important “Insecure” character returns to our lives but brings a dirty-ass penis. — Get a trial month of HIMS for $5 at www.ForHIMS.com (Promo

The boys have questions about traffic and breakfast sandwiches. ‘White Boy Rick’ is a somewhat baffling movie that failed to live up to expectations. Is spin bad for you? Plus, a very important “Insecure” character returns to our lives but brings a dirty-ass penis. — Get a trial month of HIMS for $5 at www.ForHIMS.com (Promo code

Though a staunch anti-drug podcast, we discuss weed habits and whether one day we might try marijuana cigarettes. Deadspin’s war against Barstool is burning our butts. ‘Searching’ is reviewed and we discuss possible casting options for Batman & Superman. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

We saw Peppermint and it was very entertaining. Also, do you need to be expecting in order to have a gender reveal party?

It’s Tuesday and racists are burning their shoes. DJ can’t wait for winter because he wants everyone to be miserable with him. David John is going to the gym again, allegedly. Better Call Saul brought a jarring episode. We’re ready to become the Book Boys of Podcasting. — Play DraftKings with us using promo code ‘BRUNCH’

We saw that dumbass puppet movie ‘The HappyTime Murders’ and it wasn’t THAT bad. More importantly, we have some new social movements that we are starting — “The Social Justice Puppet Peaceful Protesters” and “Rock Bottom Hot.” Also, RIP to John McCain, who is dead. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

DJ learns a deep, dark secret about Reddit. Pete learns who voiced a well-known television character. Both remember Anton Yelchin.

Mercury is no longer in retrograde, which is not what DJ thinks it means. Kevin Spacey’s new movie had an atrocious opening weekend and Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. We saw Crazy Rich Asians, a good movie not without flaws. The Nun is going to kill someone. — Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @ListenToBrunch Support

We recap the rest of our trip to Atlanta, including our adventures (and misadventures) on the final day. We invent a new term and theme song for beer tasting. ‘Better Call Saul’ is back and possibly better than ever? Let us rank potato products. — Subscribe/review: www.listentobrunch.com/subscribe Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @ListenToBrunch Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

The bad boys spend a weekend in Atlanta with Randy and come up with a Multiplicity/Jack Frost sequel. — Subscribe/review: www.listentobrunch.com/subscribe Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @ListenToBrunch Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

This episode is recorded from the parking lot of a movie theater. We saw ‘The Meg’…Finally, a shark movie in which no people are eaten by sharks. Also, is Dr. Pepper gay? — Get a trial month of HIMS for $5 at www.forhims.com/brunch Skip the post office and get your 4-week trial of Stamps.com using ‘BRUNCH’

You may not have asked for a gritty interpretation of the Winnie the Pooh franchise, but you’ve got it in ‘Cristopher Robin’ — a movie that BRUNCH is somewhat split on. We’ve got yet another unexpected MoviePass update. Is Zac Efron’s brother hotter than Zac Efron? Let’s discuss. — Get a four-week trial of Stamps.com

MoviePass is dead (to us) and we’re officially an AMC Stubs A-List podcast now. We may or may not be pissing ourselves in movie theaters. Is it correct to say Miles Teller is “too ugly to be Batman?” Meryl Streep: Overrated, or really overrated? Christine Baranski is our new high kickin’ overlord. — Support the

The Bad Boys absolutely love Mission Impossible 2. DJ is won over by Jamie Dornan’s performance before learning that Jamie Dornan was not in the film.

PLOT TWIST: Plastic straws are good! Diarrhea Planet is breaking up and Pete is very upset. We discuss some ideas to fix Shark Week and debate when summer is actually over. — Get a 4-week trial from Stamps.com using promo code ‘BRUNCH’

It’s finally here! ‘Mamma Mia 2’ (starring Lily James and Amanda Seinfeld) has arrived in theaters, and MY GOODNESS IT’S INCREDIBLE! We review & discuss the delightful sequel, plus hit on some new music and Jimmy Garoppolo going on a date with a porn star. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch Get a trial month

At long last we got to feast our eyes on ‘Skyscraper,’ which is a fire movie with just a little less fire than ‘Baywatch.’ DJ also saw ‘Sorry To Bother You’ and came away a little disappointed. Father John Misty saved a woman’s life. The trailer for season three of Insecure has a very notable

Zac Efron made a dreadful choice and a years-old Jason Bateman movie has QUITE the twist.

The prequel to ‘The Purge’ has NO CLUE WHAT IT’S DOING. Jeff Lowe joins to discuss all things Purge/Blumhouse/MoviePass.

Pete follows through on his promise and comes back from Aruba as (still) a blonde. The boys see ‘Sicario 2’ and have differing opinions of it, though neither is wildly impressed. At the request of listeners, the topic of “big dick energy” is regretfully discussed. Five Guys treats its customers like absolute animals. — Get

Creed week/month/szn continues with a deep dive into what the name of a movie is.

DJ has the opposite of seasonal depression, as he now gets sad in the summer. This has rubbed off on Pete, who has normal seasonal depression and now is depressed for the winter, spring and potentially summer. We also saw the new Jurassic World movie!

Ray Barone is a sex addict and Debra just won’t sex him up. What’s the deal there? Is Ray happy with his life? Could ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ have survived a mid-life crisis from Ray? These are not questions we were planning on addressing, but we did anyway. Also, is it fine to go to an

Some wedding & chicken fingers talk precedes our review of ‘Tag,’ a very fun movie that goes off the rails and to some very uncomfortable places. (Non spoiler review starts at 20:15, spoilers come at 46:25.) Also, we discuss Kyrie Irving’s new song, which is hot hot heat. — WE HAVE NEW SECRET MERCH Support

We say what’s wrong with toxic masculinity, which we accidentally confused with sexism, then realized what toxic masculinity is, then said what’s wrong with toxic masculinity.

Father John Misty’s new song for ‘Hotel Artemis’ annoys Pete, and DJ gives a dramatic re-enactment of his role in the movie. We discuss ‘Ocean’s 8’ and how it compares to the rest of the Ocean’s movies. A 30th birthday blowout ended with serious consequences for Pete. — Get a trial month of HIMS for

DJ discovers he has a very unfortunate birthday twin and is also enamored with George Clooney. We are not good at money management! We wanted to pretend we saw ‘Ocean’s 8’ but forgetfully abandoned the bit about a minute into it. Pete admits he’s intimidated of Rihanna’s sexuality while Deej basks in the limelight of

Stop washing your jeans, and get them tailored while you’re at it. Do people wear clothes straight out of the dirty laundry? We watched My Big Fat Spanish Bachelorette Work Trip (aka ‘Ibiza’ on Netflix) and had very differing opinions on it. — Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/listentobrunch

We’ve taken the show outside. It was distracting. All in all, probably just an OK episode.

The new CHVRCHES album is… very good! New Zealand comedian/pop musician/podcast host Paul Williams joins the show to discuss his many talents and the end of the Celtics season.

Lamorne Morris quickly becomes the third Bad Boy of Podcasting, discussing the NBA, New Girl, the NFL’s ridiculous new anthem policy and Kyle Chandler’s sweatiness. He also calls dear friend Chris Witaske a real “piece of shit.”

We saw Book Club and it checked a lot of our boxes. Presidential portraits are too sexual. PLUS the shocking conclusion to our picnic game.

DJ hates Nick Wright because he’s ugly, but is DJ ugly on the inside? We play a car game with an ending you won’t see coming. Tony X. joins to talk NBA & NHL playoffs. We check in on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and wonder whether it’s doomed. Plus, our Top 5 Queen songs. — Support the

All the bad boys want is a New Zealand basketball guest but they can’t find one 🙁

Chris Gethard has some really good projects out right now. The comedian and author joined the Bad Boys to discuss being high on television and Brad Stevens being amazing. Also, Movie Pass is circling the drain and the new John Mayer song is REALLY good.

We check in on Pete’s mustache, celebrity robberies and the behavior of Charles Barkley. Also, why does DJ legitimately watch First Take?

One of us goes to see HAIM and gets triggered, while the other stays home and also gets triggered. DJ buys new pants. Pete assembles furniture and buys a candy bar. But, not to bury the lede, we’re both growing mustaches. Also, what the hell is Houndmouth up to? — Fix your dumb bald head.

People are pissed because a comedian made fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and we aren’t taking that seriously. How much do snakes cost? Which foods are OK to be eaten in an all-you-can-eat capacity? We also spiced up Mason Ramsey’s first single.

It’s Mason time everyone Do you all remember the Yodel Boy from Wal-Mart? Well in case you didn’t know his name is Mason Ramsey and he now has his own debut single. The song is called Famous and Pete is a big fan of it. If you follow Pete on twitter, he mentioned how catchy

It’s Monday and people are pissed Happy Monday everyone! Well not really a happy Monday for most people because everyone is pissed at Shania Twain for a comment that she made. She stated that she would have voted for Trump because she likes how honest and upfront he is. Twitter took to the internet and

It’s a brand new SZN It’s Friday and the boys are not a fan of the phrase ‘Darty’ as in, Day Party. This is not to be confused with how the guys like the phrase SZN as in Season, they just don’t like the word Darty. And honestly who can blame them? It’s not clever

It’s Monday and people were pissed Typically people usually get pissed on Monday, but this issue comes from Friday. This is about the latest problem people have with Taylor Swift and people are not happy with her. Taylor Swift did a cover of the famous song ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire and she made

It’s the rivalry is on! When it comes to the original Bad Boys of podcasting, you can now call them the mad boys of podcasting. The rivalry between Lights, Camera, Podcast and Brunch is a lot like the Red Sox and Yankees. In this case the Brunch would be like the Sox. These two podcasts

It’s Monday and the guys are pissed Well DJ and Pete are pissed because of what Light, Camera, Podcast said something terrible. This starts some serious issues that they have and they are totally in the right. If you want to know why they are mad at them, then you need to listen to the

Jersey Shore is back! You read that right fans. The fabled show is back. After a long time without anything, the cast returns. DJ and Pete are beyond that the show is back and they will watch it all day long. Many other people are probably just as excited that it’s back. Someone on the

Happy Easter! Easter was yesterday, and DJ and Pete were all on board. Except for the fact that the Easter Bunny isn’t real and this is upsetting. But before that, the guys go over how they do their podcast. DJ has trouble getting the words out and Pete is very confused. DJ uses the phrase

Ready Player One DJ issues a sort of apology about the last episode where DJ insults Pete’s choice of Jukebox song, and people took to social media to complain to DJ and say he was too mean. So DJ kind of apologizes about it. Well it gets better because they played the song Pete suggested

It’s Monday It’s Monday and DJ and Pete are pissed. Why are they so upset? Well, a guy edited himself into a scene in the movie ‘Love, Actually’, to propose to his girlfriend. The guys don’t like it one day. Can you blame them? Not really, because that’s a pretty bad proposal. But, the bright

Welcome Back! DJ and Pete took the week off because Pete was traveling in New York but came back for today’s episode. What a hero. He deserves a cape. DJ and Pete discuss how important coffee is, because let’s be honest it’s the best thing ever. Pete has been in Curt Schilling’s house. Fun times.

A special episode Today, the DJ and Pete have an entire episode all about Josh Gad. Now the guys don’t necessarily like him, but they also don’t dislike him. DJ has seen him in 11 different things. Do you know about March Madness? Well this is March Gadness! Pete recently saw Love and Other Things.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! DJ and Pete want to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day! But the real issue, is that people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too early. If you look around in any major city, odds are you are seeing a lot of people wearing green. Well this angers DJ and Pete because

The world is ending President Trump was invited to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Well that could go really good or horribly bad. DJ compares it how the house in Get Out, how it’s made to have good intentions but no one comes out. DJ and Pete talk about how these two

It’s Monday folks! Happy Monday everyone! DJ and Pete react to the Oscars last night, and DJ starts your least favorite day off by giving a hot take on why Lady Bird didn’t win Best Picture, and it’s not why most people think. Get Out did win and the guys were very excited about it.

Oscar picks with special guest Randy Havens After all the reviews, and all the time spent in theaters, DJ and Pete give their beliefs on what movies they think will win what awards. Is there anything worse than when someone gives too long a speech or if they don’t have a speech ready? Probably not.

Oscar season for Lady Bird DJ and Pete review Lady Bird in today’s episode, a movie about a coming of age that people can relate to. The movie is nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Soairse Ronan, Best Supporting Actress for Laurie Metcalf, and Best Original Screenplay. DJ says the movie panders,

A review episode Today’s episode is another review of an Oscar nominated movie, Phantom Thread. DJ and Pete discuss what the movie felt like to them and how it made them feel. DJ opens up about his life goal which the movie made him realize. See if you can guess what it is. DJ thinks

It’s Oscar season! It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. The season that everyone loves so much; Oscar season! For those who don’t know, DJ and Pete review movies during Oscar season and today’s episode is about ‘The Post’. Did the guys enjoy it? Or did they hate it? Well, you’ll have to

Happy Monday everyone! OK, not everyone likes Mondays. We get it. DJ and Pete aren’t really big fans of Mondays anyway, but maybe this podcast will make your Monday better than usual. DJ reads a story about a woman who experienced a true tragedy while riding public transportation involving a muffin. The bad boys of

Everyone deserves to relax After a long week, it’s appropriate to relax right? Well DJ and Pete like to relax by going to bars. It’s just a casual thing, they aren’t alcoholics (or are they?). Nothing wrong with letting lose and enjoying life right? Either way , the guys give their reasons for why everything

It’s movie review time! The guys set their sight on another movie, and this time they turn their attention to the second movie about the battle of Dunkirk, Darkest Hour. The guys but it through their infamous test to rate a movie and see if it’s any good. They like to say that Darkest Hour

Brunch Takes Buzzfeed Quizzes To be new and inevative, Brunch decides that they are going to start a new segment on their show which they call “Brunch Takes Buzzfeed quizzes”. In this segment, the guys from Brunch will, you guessed it, take Buzzfeed quizzes. This could go terribly right or terribly wrong, really no in

It’s Oscar Season! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s that time of year where we gather around and watch movies we didn’t watch win awards for things we don’t understand. Who is excited? Well the guys are! And they decided to show their excitement by reviewing the movie Dunkirk. Have you seen Dunkirk? Dunkirk

 The guys review Black Panther Black Panther is a Marvel superhero movie about the king of  Wakanda, which is hidden from the rest of the world in Africa and uses it’s advanced technology to hide and stay away from the rest of the world. The new king, T’Challa, faces challenges on how he is the

400 x 44:

The nightmare of this trilogy is finally over D.J. and Pete are big fans of the 50 Shades trilogy, kind of. But they are so glad that this one was awful. D.J. left his movie card in Minneapolis and they can’t believe that he paid money for this movie. Listen to Brunch on iTunes!! Everything

D.J. hates Apple phones D.J. notices how Apple is draining his phone battery from afar and he is not happy about it. He knows their secret tricks of making people buy the new phones. Same thing happens to his laptop and he refuses to buy a new one and give Apple the satisfaction. Travel mugs

  The guys aren’t with each other now Pete is in Tampa for the NHL-All Star games while J.D. is in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl. Who is having more fun, Pete in the warm weather and in the greatest city or J.D. stuck inside of a mall in freezing winds? Well this seems like

Good smelling things, what could be better? J.D thinks that French Vanilla is the best smelling thing in the whole world, mostly because he’s allergic to Hazelnut. It’s truly a sad life. Elementary School Nurses Is there anyone who did a worse job than Elementary school nurse? The guys seem to think not. They aren’t

Let’s clear the air D.J. has some sort of rash that makes him miss a show, and Pete is upset. This seems to bring up some issues that they have been having lately (don’t worry everything is fine). Also D.J. needs to learn the appropriate amount of NyQuill to take. And D.J. was texting Pete’s

Paddington is a must see movie. The episode today is a full hour of Paddington. And not just not that, but it’s a show about how the whole episode is about Paddington. You could say that again Pete, more Paddington talk! Lots of bear puns, didn’t really know what exactly to expect other than that.