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Phoebe Bridgers breaks the internet, Pete’s twitter finally sucks and DJ has church intrigue. Plus, previewing Haim’s third album, reviewing “You Should Have Left” and planning a second “What’s Cookin’?”

Jeff checks in as the ordering of boy band members by height continues with *NSYNC. Plus, reminiscing about Dane Cook’s heyday, a review of Da 5 Bloods and a love letter to AMC theaters.

The bad boys reflect on an important couple of weeks. Black lives matter.

Nora Princiotti joins us as we attempt to figure out why everyone is trying to figure out The 1975.

The Bad Boys go long on “Not great, Bob!”

Murder Hornets are out, but a new murder insect is challenging the throne and we’re on board. DJ tries to buy a toy but ends up in a horrible debacle with FedEx. Also, should we cancel Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for being sexist?

Very good episode. We’re all-in on murder hornet vids. Kids are peeing their pants. Seinfeld’s new standup special is boomerific. We watched the Sonic movie 

The bad boys forget to hit record and watch Scream 4. *GREAT EPISODE*

The Bad Boys debut ‘This Week in Challenges,’ and put Instagram riddles under a microscope

We discuss quarantine, victimless crimes and shower furniture.

“As soon as we get done with The Hunt, we can Twitch.”

It’s the beginning of a weird time, but probably a creative one. 

Are all cows ladies? Does DJ’s Twitter suck? How do we feel about new HAIM? What is involved in a Martha’s Vineyard draft?  We answer all those questions and more on this week’s BRUNCH, sponsored (but not really) by Beach Road Weekend, July 24-26 on Martha’s Vineyard! #ad

In an important episode, the Bad Boys are joined by the cerebral author of “Hitchhiking with Larry David” to discuss Martha’s Vineyard, Bernie Sanders, his experience with super producer David Foster and being grateful for past relationships. Pete and DJ also look for a bounceback from Elizabeth Moss in “The Invisible Man.”

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