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Everything in the AFC is coming up Patriots, one football fan is furious with Aaron Rodgers, and hockey is heading to Seattle. The Patriots played their most complete game of the year in a win over the Vikings, plus the Chargers, Steelers, and Chiefs that had results favoring New England too. The NFL blows it

We’ve got plenty of Bruins talk this week, plus the Celtics struggles and reminiscing about one of the most legendary TV shows of all time. We lead off the show with some much overdue Bruins talk, including touching on the goalie controversy and if Tuukka Rask can pull a David Price in 2018. We also

More NBA and NFL Drama, Oprah, Flavortown, and Fortnite. It’s a Callin’ It Episode for everybody! The guys discuss the recent Jimmy Butler trade to the Philadelphia 76ers and how it changes the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Taking stock of the Patriots entering the bye. Somehow a conversation about Oprah turns into who is

It’s been a while, so the guys wheel around Boston Sports. Of course, final thoughts on the Red Sox and looking ahead to their offseason moves. The Patriots seem to have righted the ship, are they now the favorite in the AFC? And who should be more cause for concern, the Celtics or Bruins? 0:21:

It’s four sport time in Boston, and the Callin’ It guys have you covered! Who should the Red Sox be hoping to draw in the World Series? Why one early season Celtics loss shouldn’t worry anybody. What’s the last thing the 2018 Patriots have to prove? And what if either of our hosts won the

Jake Asman from SB Nation Radio joins the show to talk MLB Playoffs, the NFL, and Jimmy Butler. The Red Sox are moving on, but are the Astros the same challenge as the Yankees? The guys go around the NFL ahead of week 6. Plus, Jimmy Butler is keeping things interesting in the days leading

The Red Sox have backed themselves into a corner, the Patriots are working their way out of one, and UFC fighters are out of the ring all together. 0:25: Can the Red Sox win one in New York? 13:09: Can the Patriots handle the Chiefs? 25:25: Fight Club: Marcus Smart, JR Smith, Conor McGregor, Khabib

Matt McCarthy from 98.5 The Sports Hub and their Hardcore Baseball Podcast joins the show. Is Chris Sale’s best role in the playoffs in the Red Sox bullpen? If so, who is the Sox game 1 starter? Plus, Matt talks football, and the Patriots must-win game on Sunday. Finally, a segment about alternate NHL jerseys

It’s a Sunday morning edition of Callin’ It! The Red Sox are setting up their rotation for the playoffs, the Patriots go nuclear to fix issues from last week’s loss, and Alex Lebowitz gives his first hand account on last week’s Merrimack Valley Explosions. 0:24: Red Sox playoff rotation & Yankees/A’s Wild Card race 16:41:

After Chris Sale’s brief return, are you more or less confident in him pitching in the playoffs. The guys react to that, plus the Patriots season opening win over the Texans. With the Jaguars up next, is Rob Gronkowski and Jalen Ramsey the matchup to watch in the AFC Championship rematch. Finally, the yearly Sports

The guys look ahead to the 2018 NFL Season, both in New England and around the NFL. Everything from preseason awards to speculation over Le’Veon Bell’s status. Plus, what we’re expecting from Always Sunny Season 13. 0:30: Patriots Season Preview 14:17: NFL Season Preview 35:48: Always Sunny/Best TV Shows This Fall Callin’ It is available

This week’s episode is all about concerns. Concerns with the Patriots receivers, the Red Sox shrinking divisional lead, and fall arriving too early. When will the Patriots pull the trigger on adding a new receiver, and who will it be? Will Chris Sale return in time to help the Red Sox hold onto their divisional

Chris Sale hits the DL for the second time this month, the NFL may be alienating its fans, and the guys weigh in on the big debate in Boston. Now that Chris Sale is heading back to the disabled list, is it time to look closer at his ‘injury’? How far could the Red Sox

Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz break down the Patriots opponents in the AFC East, the Red Sox playoff rotation, and Tiger Woods near win at the PGA Championship 0:22: AFC East Preview 17:12: Red Sox playoff rotation/what is up with Craig Kimbrel? 28:53: Tiger Woods Callin’ It is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS

It’s a split squad show this week. Alex Lebowitz is joined by Jake Asman of SB Nation Radio talking the Red Sox sweep. Is the division race over? Are the Red Sox really as good as they looked this weekend? Then Alex Barth chats with CLNS Patriots beat writer Evan Lazar ahead of Thursday’s preseason

Do the Red Sox have a World Series bullpen? What Patriots unit is showing major improvements from last year? Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz touch on the Red Sox bullpen struggles from last week, and what they can do at the deadline to alleviate those woes. Plus, a preview of this weekend’s big series with

The Patriots open training camp this week, and Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz share their players to watch. Plus, what will the Red Sox do at the deadline, and some Sunday morning drama from Tiger. 0:21: Patriots Training Camp Preview 24:05: What will the Red Sox do at the deadline? 35:13: Fantastic finish at The

Alex Barth sits down with Brian Scalabrine to discuss life as a player, coach, and media member, what the Celtics NEED to do to contend for the 2019 NBA Championship, and more. Plus, the NBA’s Eastern Conference gets a boost with the Raptors adding Kawhi Leonard. The guys discuss how that will impact the Celtics

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Dark Knight joins the show for a reality check on the Red Sox. What should the team do with David Price, and his inability to pitch against the Yankees. Plus, could a former Red Sox all-star be moved at the deadline? Then, we look back on one of the great sports

Jake Asman joins the show to recap the Red Sox-Yankees weekend series, LeBron’s third decision, and John Tavares leaving Long Island. 0:25: Red Sox-Yankees series recap 15:15: LeBron signs with the Lakers 25:35: John Tavares leaves the Islanders Callin’ It is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow us

Are the Bruins on the verge of adding a superstar? Did the Celtics get the steal of the NBA Draft? What is happening with Hanley Ramirez? Matt Kalman of CBS Boston joins the show to talk about the Bruins weekend pursuits of John Tavares and other NHL stars. Can they land a big name? And

The NBA knows no offseason, and the Red Sox have a new rival in the American League. With the draft approaching and trade rumors flying, Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz try to make sense of a wild weekend of NBA rumors, and where the Celtics fit in all the noise. Plus, what did we learn

Sean McAdam joins the show to discuss the Red Sox plans to turn things around after a dismal offensive weekend. Plus, rumors flying from the weekend, and a marketing failure for the ages. What do the Red Sox need to do to fix their sputtering offense? When will Mookie Betts be back to help? Sean

Coming off of the big weekend series between the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox, Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz look at the power struggle atop the American League. What did we learn about each team during the 2-2 series? And is it time for Red Sox fans to worry about Chris Sale? Plus, the

The Celtics dream of a season comes to an end in disappointing fashion, and the Red Sox part ways with a fan favorite. The Celtics couldn’t overcome a poor shooting performance Sunday night, falling to the Cavs in Game 7 of the ECF. What went wrong, who’s to blame, and what to the Celtics need

Just when all is going well for the Boston Celtics and Red Sox, Tom Brady & the Patriots steal the headlines as drama within the team continues. As the Celtics prepare for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, many of the team’s fans are calling for their best two players to be traded. Alex

Talking Sports Gambling With Joe Murray, and Red Sox-Yankees with Jake Asman. 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Joe Murray joins the show to discuss the supreme court decision to allow state sanctioned sports gambling. How will it change the way we watch sports, and what are the potential downsides? Then, Jake Asman from SportsOnTheGo1 in New

After putting together one of the more improbable seasons in recent memory, the Boston Bruins fell flat in their second round series with the Tampa Bay Lightning. What went wrong, and what do they need to work on this offseason? And while the Bruins flopped, the Celtics continue to defy expectations, and sit on the

Celtics-Sixers series preview, is the Bruins toughest test behind them, and grading the Patriots draft. Jared Weiss from The Athletic joins the show to preview the Boston Celtics series with the Philadelphia 76ers, and shares why Jaylen Brown’s injury may be a bigger deal than people think. Plus, is Tuukka Rask doing enough to give

How will Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski’s indecision affect the Patriots Draft plans? Phil Perry on the current state of affairs in Foxboro. Plus, which team is in more trouble after multiple playoff loses, the Celtics or Bruins? And is it too early to ask if the Red Sox peaked too early? 0:23: NBC Sports

It’s time for Patriots fans to pick a side, Brady or Belichick. Then, on a lighter note, we take a look at the April dominance from the Bruins, Celtics, & Red Sox. Tyler Sullivan of 247Sports joins the show to try and give context to all of the drama flying around the New England Patriots.

Jimmy Murphy joins Callin’ It to make a prediction on how the Boston Bruins will do in their first round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Plus thoughts on the Red Sox, Rob Gronkowski, Connor McGregor, The Masters and more.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Matt McCarthy joins the show to talk baseball, Boston coaches, and a tradition unlike any other. Was the Red Sox 3-1 start a sign of good things to come, or just the result of playing a week Tampa Bay Rays team? Plus, is this the year Xander Bogaerts turns it all

A preview of the 2018 Red Sox with Boston Sports Journal’s Sean McAdam, plus thoughts on March Madness and Odell Beckham’s feud in New York. What is left for the Red Sox to do between now and Opening Day? How will their rotation look with three key arms inactive to start the season? Sean McAdam

Bill Belichick had a busy weekend, March Madness wowed us like never before, and the Cavs & Celtics are in the spotlight once again. Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz are joined by Jim Murray of 98.5 The Sports Hub to break down the New England Patriots trades and signings over the weekend. Plus, is UMBC’s

The brackets are out, golf in interesting again, and the NFL crazy season has begun. Aaron Torres of The Athletic joins the show to help with March Madness picks, the guys discus Tiger Woods near win over the weekend, and are the Browns finally heading in the right direction? 0:24: NCAA Tournament w/ Aaron Torres

A big weekend for Boston sports with the Bruins & Celtics, who impressed at the NFL Combine, and which sport has the best fans? Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz recap a weekend that saw the Bruins defeat their biggest rival in OT, and the Celtics go down to the wire with one of the NBA’s

The Boston Bruins were among the biggest players on the NHL’s Trade Deadline, Celtics fans continue to argue over the backup point guard, and is the Red Sox rotation as set as everyone thinks it is? Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz discuss the Bruins acquisition of forward Rick Nash, and if Don Sweeney is done

Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal discusses the record slow MLB Offseason, the guys project what the Red Sox biggest needs are entering spring training, and find the boldest claims on Twitter. Why has the MLB seen such a lack of activity this offseason? Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz ask the Wall Street Journal’s

Still recovering from the Patriots Super Bowl loss, the Boston Celtics get blown out on an important night, & which host hates everything on Twitter? Mike ‘Sarge’ Riley from 98.5 The Sports Hub joins the show as the guys continue to search for answers in the Patriots Super Bowl loss. Sarge also recaps an up

What happened in Super Bowl 52? Where do the Patriots go from here? And why there is still hope for Boston in the Bruins and Celtics. Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz break down Super Bowl 52, and try to rationalize why Bill Belichick benched Malcolm Butler. Could the Patriots still have won without Butler? What

 Super Bowl 52 preview with Abdul Dremali. We check in with Alex Lebowitz, live at radio row in Minnesota. What players should you keep an eye on Sunday? Which matchups will decide the game? Plus, reactions to Alex Reimer’s comments about Tom Brady’s daughter on WEEI. And what is it like to go to

Adam Jones from 98.5 joins the show to talk about the New England Patriots win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, sending them to their second straight Super Bowl. Can we still use the term ‘insane’ to describe these Patriots comebacks? Did Doug Marrone stray too far from what got him to the AFC Championship? Later, the

Previewing the AFC & NFC Championship Games, & another edition of ‘Band or Firework’. 0:33: Patriots-Jaguars preview with CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley 13:32: Wild ending on NFL Divisional Weekend 27:35: Boston Calling band or firework? Callin’ It is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow us on Twitter @CallinItPodcast

The New England Patriots & Tennessee Titans will meet up in AFC Divisional round. The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills & Carolina Panthers all choke away their seasons in the NFL Playoffs, & Bruce Cassidy turns the Boston Bruins around. 0:33: Patriots-Titans Preview 13:51: NFL Wild Card Weekend dominated by poor coaching 32:51: Is Bruce

We look ahead to the first weekend of the NFL Playoffs, and which coaches didn’t make it past Black Monday. Plus, was this year’s Rose Bowl the best ever? And why is there so much commotion around Isaiah Thomas’ return to Boston? 0:30: NFL Playoff Preview and coaching carousel 18:43: Georgia & Alabama’s College Football

An early eye towards the NFL playoffs, the Boston Bruins & Celtics schedules in 2018, and what the Red Sox next move is. 0:30: Why the New England Patriots needed a second half surge to beat the Buffalo Bills 16:00: Who has an easier 2018 ahead of them, the Bruins or Celtics? 31:22: The Red

New England Patriots last second win in Pittsburgh, & what does it mean for the NFL Playoff Picture going forwards. Plus, a look back at sports in 2017 0:30: Patriots vs. Steelers reactions 18:26: NFL Playoff Picture 29:45: 2017 Year In Review Callin’ It is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Mobile App.

Looking At the Boston Red Sox Winter Plans W/ Sean McAdam, & The Kids Have Taken Over At The Boston Garden 0:32: Sean McAdam of the Boston Sports Journal talks Giancarlo Stanton & the MLB Winter Meetings 13:38: Stanton to New York reactions 26:01: Who’s young talent is better, the Celtics or Bruins? 32:50: Reviewing

Mike Petraglia recaps the New England Patriots win over the Buffalo Bills & Rob Gronkowski’s situation. Plus, a rewind of a wild weekend from Tiger Woods to Alabama Football. 0:30: Patriots-Bills review with Mike Petraglia of CLNS Media 13:00: Will Gronk be suspended? 30:50: Boston Celtics & Boston Bruins winning streaks, plus a full weekend recap

The New England Patriots make it 7 straight, Boston Bruins & Celtics drop off, and SEC Football is in a frenzy. 0:28: Recapping the Patriots win with Mike Dussault of Pats Propaganda 11:23: Do the Celtics need bench help, & who is the Bruins starting goalie? 22:13: Tennessee hires (?) Greg Schiano as their next