Callin' It is a Boston-based sports and entertainment podcast hosted by Alex Barth.

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The annual Callin’ It Super Bowl preview episode is here! Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz break down what they expect to see on the field next Sunday in Miami between the San Francisco 49er and Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, who would this Super Bowl win mean more to, Patrick Mahomes or Jimmy Garoppolo? Also discussed:

Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz on the Red Sox and Astros, a look around the NBA and NHL, and Jeopardy’s tournament of GOATs News broke earlier this week that implicated the Red Sox in an Astros like cheating scandal. How bad will the fallout be? And what does this mean for Alex Cora? The Bruins

Football playoff are in full swing! Callin’ It covers it all from college to the pros. Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz react to the surprise elimination of the Patriots and Saints. Who is now the favorite from each conference to get to the Super Bowl? Plus, a look at what may lie ahead for the

Yet another Patriots cheating scandal, the MLB sells its soul to Nike, and Netflix’s big investment For the 3rd time in 12 years, the Patriots find themselves in the middle of a major cheating scandal. Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz discuss ‘Spygate 2.0’, and how cheating in sports gets overblown. Plus, thoughts on the MLB’s

The NFL and NBA have new parity, plus is the MLB about to make a major mistake Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz discuss the New England Patriots latest loss, where they go from here, and if they can catch the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, is there a clear favorite in the NBA? What makes the league

The Celtics get off to a hot start, it’s a big weekend in college football, and an early look at MLB Free Agency. What is the key to the Celtics 5-1 start? A look at the improvements from Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum, and when we could see more Tacko Fall. Plus, Joe Burrow and

Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz go rapid-fire through the biggest stories of the weeks in “Takes From A Hat”. Topics include: -The World Series -NFL Trade Deadline -Early NBA thoughts -Kyrie Irving troubles in Brooklyn? -The Boston Bruins hot start -Is this the week the Patriots fall? -Thoughts on the Red Sox hiring Chaim Bloom

Hockey season is back, and we preview both the Bruins and NHL with CLNS Media’s Evan Marinofsky. Do the Bruins have it in them to make a run back to the Stanley Cup. Between Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, and Tukka Rask, is the Bruins team age a help or hinderance? Who are the sleeper teams

This week’s show includes a look at the big storylines in the NFL through three weeks, worst parking ticket stories, and which TV shows and movies the guys are most excited for this fall. Some fans in Buffalo are calling the Bills Sunday matchup with the Patriots the biggest game in the team’s history. Is

Summing up the first two weeks of the NFL season, an MLB reunion, and of course…aliens. Two weeks in, is the Patriots signing of Antonio Brown a net-positive or negative? How does their roster stack up against the rest of the AFC? While the Patriots are at the top of the league, the Dolphins sit

It’s our 2019 NFL season preview! -Super Bowl picks -MVP, Rookie of the year projections -Sleeper and stinker teams -Ranking Brady, Brees, and Rodgers Callin’ It is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow us on Twitter @CallinItPodcast

It may be August 23rd, but Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz are ready to call this Red Sox season over. Beyond that, they’re wondering if this year’s struggles will have an impact on the 2020 team. The guys also get into the heavy Celtics influence on Team USA, and give their thoughts on the new

With NFL teams opening their preseason schedules this weekend, the guys take a look at what to expect with many starters on the bench. Also, the Raiders disappointing start to Hard Knocks. While one of the hosts is let down by Hard Knocks, our other host says he’s waiting on Madden 20 to get fixed.

The guys react to the MLB trade deadline. The Astros stole the show, while the Boston Red Sox & New York Yankees seemed content to watch from the sideline. Also, an exploration as to why a team would give up anything for Drew Pomeranz. Plus, observations to the first week of training camp and LeBron

With NFL teams opening training camp across the country, the guys discuss the biggest headlines heading into the summer. From Hard Knocks to Tyreek Hill, what are the most interesting and important topics going on in football. Plus, the Red Sox big series this weekend and whether they should be buyers or sellers at the

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