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This episode of the Causeway Street Podcast is powered by, your go-to site for online betting Head to Enter the promo code: CLNS50 For a 50% cash back bonus on your first deposit! We discuss rumors and reports that involve Kyrie Irving heading to the Brooklyn Nets come the end of the month

This episode of the Causeway Street Podcast is powered by, your go-to site for online betting Head to Enter the promo code: CLNS50 For a 50% cash back bonus on your first deposit! We discuss the #NBAFinals as this might be the #Warriors series to lose against the #Raptors. Plus, should the Celtics

This episode of the Causeway Street Podcast is powered by Head to Enter the promo code: CLNS50 For a 50% cash back bonus on your first deposit when you bet with; your go-to site for online betting We discuss the fallout from #TerryRozier throwing Brad Stevens under the bus this past week,

Who is to blame for the 2018-19 Celtics, Kyrie Irving or Brad Stevens? We discuss what went wrong during this up and down season that led to an early playoff exit and what to expect in the offseason. Should Danny Ainge move on from Irving or should he re-sign the All-Star? Tune in This episode

What kind of adjustments the Celtics have to make vs the Bucks to maintain home-court advantage in this series? We discuss Game 3 and 4 at the TD Garden, plus talk NBA headlines. Tune in This episode is sponsored by Head to Enter the promo code: CLNS50 For a 50% bonus on your

Celtics are set to battle Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks after their four-game sweep against the Pacers. We preview the best-of-7 series and make our predictions on this much anticipated matchup with our guest Zac Peloquin of as Milwaukee are the favorites to win and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Plus, we take

Which team in the NBA Playoffs can dethrone the Warriors this year? Also, we don’t all agree that the Celtics can reach the NBA Finals. We debate why in our NBA Playoff Preview show and talk about Magic Johnson’s abrupt departure from the Lakers and what it all means for LeBron James and the storied

Without Marcus Smart, can the Celtics go far? Some of us think they’ll struggle with the Pacers. We break it down. How far can Kyrie Irving take the Celtics and what did we make of Irving’s recent comments regarding the media? We discuss. This episode is sponsored by Head to Enter the promo

With home court advantage, the Celtics will take on the Pacers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. What’s it going to take for Boston to get to the second round? Also, we debate which player had a better career; Paul Pierce or Dwyane Wade? This episode is sponsored by Head to

In light of its recent win against the Celtics, can the Sixers beat Boston in a best-of-7 series despite their 1-3 regular season record against the Celtics? Also, should Celtics fans be concerned with Boston’s performances against the Nuggets and 76ers this late into the season? We discuss. This episode is sponsored by Head

As the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, can the Celtics still make a push for a deep playoff run? Will seeding ultimately decide their fate? Causeway Street’s Zach Peloquin joins us to help answer these questions. We also reflect back on the Celtics’ four-game west coast road trip and the flight that changed everything.

We dissect Kyrie Irving’s newest comments about his confidence in himself and the Celtics playoff push to the NBA Finals. Also, what can Brad Stevens do to help this team? WEEI’s Chris Villani checks in to Talk Irving, Stevens and the Celtics’ playoff run. This episode is sponsored by Head to Enter the

As we unveil our Top 10 NBA players of our Top 25 list, where we debate whether or not LeBron James deserves the No. 1 spot and where does Giannis Antetokunmpo belong? This episode is sponsored by Head to: Enter the promo code: CLNS50 for a 50% cash back on your deposit when

In light of Marcus Morris’ comments following the Celtics’ loss against the Clippers, we ask a handful of Celtics journalists, including Celtics Blog’s Chris Grenham, 985 The Sports Hub’s Christian Arcand and CLNS Media’s Mike Petraglia; how can Brad Stevens fix his team? What led to Morris’ outburst and how can the Celtics turn things

If the Celtics have to part ways with Jayson Tatum, should they move on from trying to acquire Anthony Davis this summer? Also, should Boston be worried about Kyrie Irving’s future with the Celtics in light of his recent comments? Subscribe to us on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP

We discuss why Kyrie Irving called LeBron James and what it says about him as a leader to his Celtics teammates. We also break down why Boston was able to bounce back against the Raptors and what went wrong throughout its three-game road trip. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP Subscribe and rate

The boys say goodbye to 2018 by reflecting on what needs to stay and what needs to carry into 2019 for the Celtics. Special guest Tim Tunis joins in this New Year’s edition of the Causeway Street Podcast. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP Subscribe and rate us on iTunes:

Led by Kyrie Irving, the Celtics’ eight-game winning streak has strengthened Boston just in time as they prepare to take on the Bucks and Sixers — two of the top four teams ahead of them in the Eastern Conference. We breakdown what changed the Celtics from a .500 team to winning eight of their last

SB Nation’s Chris Grenham joins to talk about Jaylen Brown’s frustration with his newfound role, Time Lord getting minutes and the Celtics winning streak made them the hottest team in the NBA. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP Subscribe to us on iTunes:

If Gordon Hayward becomes the Celtics’ Sixth Man this season, would his season be considered a disappointing one? The guys discuss Hayward’s newfound role and the team’s recent success in this brand new episode. Subscribe to us on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP

Do the Celtics need to make a trade in order to address their struggling start to the regular season? Joel Pavon returns and explains why it’s still too early to panic. Also, Anthony Davis reportedly included the Celtics on a short list of teams he’d be willing to be traded to. Would you trade for

Although Gordon Hayward is now coming off the bench, Brad Stevens still played him at the end of the fourth quarter while giving him 30-plus minutes. Did Hayward deserve that? We discuss. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP  

Jimmy Butler makes the Sixers a much better team and it can’t be understated, we break it down. Also, is it time for Brad Stevens to make a dramatic change to the starting lineup? Tune in to find out. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP This episode is powered by HIMS — A one-stop

  Kyrie Irving sounds off on Jamal Murray instead of the Celtics’ underlying issue that’s led to an 0-2 start to their five-game road trip. Also, trade rumors surrounding Terry Rozier, who reportedly isn’t happy with his playing time. Should Danny Ainge consider moving Irving’s backup? We discuss.

We congratulate the 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox, and Sean Dutra breaks down how Boston media’s constant doubt clouded how great the 2018 team was all season long.

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo talented enough to become the next LeBron James? We discuss, and what it would mean for his future with the Bucks. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP

Kyrie Irving turns in his first 30-plus point performance of the season, we discuss his approach and what it means for the Celtics. Also, can the Bucks remain in the top-tier of the Eastern Conference throughout the regular season? We preview tonight’s showdown between the Celtics and the Bucks. And we look ahead to the

Kevin Durant plays to team up with LeBron James and the Lakers in 2019. Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of, who broke the story gives us the inside scoop of what his sources are telling him. We also look ahead of the Celtics schedule — a back-to-back matchup against the Pistons before facing the Bucks

LeBron James and the Lakers embarked on a new era of basketball in Los Angeles over the weekend. James made his home debut at the Staples Center Saturday night, the beginning of what will be a fruitful future in L.A. He signed a four-year, $154 million contract over the summer, a commitment made between him

Clevis Murray of The Athletic joins our live Celtics Opening Night Broadcast from The Harp to warn fans NBA fans that the Raptors will be a legitimate threat to Boston and the Eastern Conference. Kawhi Leonard is also Murray’s favorite to win this year’s MVP award. After making an early-season statement in defeating Boston Friday

We preview the Celtics along with the rest of the NBA in our annual season preview show with our old friend Zac Peloquin. We’ll also talk about Terry Rozier’s future and Jimmy Butler’s situation in Minnesota. Tune in to this edition of the Causeway Street Podcast, powered by One-in-100. To score a pair of Celtics,

Dan Greenberg of Barstool Sports joins in to discuss Anthony Davis reportedly wanting out of New Orleans and Celtics preseason as Brad Stevens was “unimpressed” with his team’s performance. We also talk about Gordon Hayward and how much slack he’ll get once the regular season tips off. Tune in to this episode powered by Calm

Celtics preseason is underway and Kyrie Irving is saying all the right things. Do Celtics fans have a right to feel optimistic about the 2018-19 campaign and does that mean Irving is a lock to remain in Boston long-term? We discuss how Brad Stevens will manage egos when it comes to those coming off the

Kyle Draper from NBC Sports Boston talks about the Celtics chances of winning an NBA title, Kyrie Irving’s future and previews the upcoming NBA season in his Causeway Street Podcast debut. Plus, we discuss Jimmy Butler wanting out of Minnesota, how that may affect the Celtics next summer and ESPN’s NBA Rank List. Causeway Street’s

We breakdown Jabari Bird’s domestic violence case. Also, is Terry Rozier in Danny Ainge’s future plans? Should Celtics fans be concerned about Kyrie Irving’s health before he’s offered a max contract next summer? Plus, we discuss Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 NBA Players list, where six Celtics players were named. Tune in to this edition of

As training camp is less than three weeks away, we discuss old NBA faces in new places during our segment called “Bang or Bust.” How will players like Kawhi Leonard, DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas adjust to their new teams this season? Plus, we talk about Ray Allen’s induction in the Hall-of-Fame and

On this edition of the Causeway Street Podcast, we discuss how Brad Stevens is going to manage his players’ minutes and rotations now that Marcus Smart has re-signed and the band i back together to make a run to the NBA Finals. While it looks like Carmelo Anthony is heading to Houston, do the Rockets

What’s Kyrie Irving’s future look like beyond this upcoming season? We discuss, plus why the Celtics don’t have to rush to make an offer to restricted free agent Marcus Smart and our predictions on where Carmelo Anthony will end up. Joel Pavón makes his return, as we talk the FIFA World Cup and more, tune

CLNS Media’s Mike Petraglia explains why superstars don’t want to team up with LeBron James, which teams are interested in Marcus Smart and why Celtics rookie Robert Williams can’t stop partying. All that and more in Part 2 of our LeBron to Lakers double-episode. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP and subscribe to us

  With DeMarcus Cousins heading to Golden State, will there be a fight between the Lakers and Celtics for Anthony Davis? Sports Hub 98.5’s Christian Arcand chimes in on LeBron James heading to the Lakers and what it means for the NBA. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP and subscribe to us on

  With the Celtics projected as the Eastern Conference favorites for now and the future, should the Sixers consider giving up Ben Simmons to acquire Kawhi Leonard & LeBron James? We also make our NBA Free Agent predictions. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP and subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher.

  The Celtics can put together a deal for Kawhi Leonard that doesn’t include Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown or any other members of the starting lineup and still top any other offer. With the Spurs unwilling to trade with any team in the Western Conference, is a deal to Boston inevitable? Also, should the Celtics

With Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio and Danny Ainge reportedly making a trade offer for the disgruntled superstar back in Feburary, should the Celtics get in on the Kawhi sweepstakes in the upcoming weeks? Plus what’s Kyrie Irving’s future look like in Boston? Sean Dutra makes his in studio return, as we discuss

Facing the Bucks in the first round of the playoffs, the Celtics have a chance to avoid a potential matchup against either the Raptors or Cavaliers, if they were to make it to the second round. We breakdown this Celtics/Bucks series along with the rest of the Eastern and Western Conference matchups. Causeway Street writer

We discuss the devastating blow for the Celtics playoff run without Kyrie Irving in the lineup, as he will be out four to five months following a second surgery on his left knee. What does this mean for the Celtics and Irving’s career going forward? How far can Brad Stevens take his team in the

As the regular season draws to a close, the playoffs are around the corner and with so many injuries we discuss who’s the most important player(s) for the Kyrie Irving-less Celtics come the first-round? Plus we look ahead on the schedule, talk Eastern Conference standings and more. Tune in to this episode of the Causeway

On part two of our Top-25 NBA players debate, we reveal No. 10-1 on this special edition of the Causeway Street Podcast. Who’s in our Top-10? Do you agree or disagree? Tune in, as we also talk league headlines, enjoy. Follow us on Twitter:@CausewayStreet, @Joe_Sway, @SeanDutra, @Joel_CSP

We’re counting down our second annual Top-25 NBA Players list on this special edition of the Causeway Street Podcast. We reveal our individual lists from No. 25 through 11.

  On this edition of the Causeway Street Podcast, we discuss the Celtics woes as they are now in second place behind the Toronto Raptors and answer the question; “Is Marcus Smart the sole reason for the Celtics struggles?” We’ll also take a trip around the NBA with the latest headlines. Follow us on Twitter: @CausewayStreet,

On this episode of the Causeway Street Podcast, we discuss the great start of Jayson Tatum’s NBA career and debate if the Celtics were to trade the 19-year-old rookie for the likes Anthony Davis, would it be a mistake? Plus, we talk about the possible return of Gordon Hayward at some point this season after

The Celtics make it 12 wins in a row without Kyrie Irving and on this episode of the Causeway Street Podcast, we discuss who’s the MVP during this run? Plus we chat with WEEI’s Lou Merloni about our conversation with Anna Horford (Al Horford’s sister) and why he so angry that she refuses to join