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00:00 Welcome @MirjamSwanson! 03:40 Kawhi the fun… leader? 06:15 The Clips center rotation 08:30 Does this team need a trade? 15:10 Arthur Swanson, a double fan 18:15 Kawhi & PG met in Drake’s house 20:00 What would Pat Bev do?

00:00 Happy New Year and welcome Ben Golliver! 01:00 Clips Christmas 02:00 The Clippers Decade in Review 05:00 The era of Ballmer 12:00 New Year’s Resolutions (Intentions?)

Lifelong Clippers fan- Fred Katz- joins to talk the 16-6 Clippers in between their meetings with the Washington Wizards. 00:00 Clippers Trounce Trailblazers 00:30 Welcome Fred Katz! 09:00 MVPaul? 19:00 Fred the lifelong Clippers fan 25:00 The return of Melo 37:00 The Clippers City Edition Uniforms 39:00 Steven Adams – and Pedial Nudity You can

00:00 Welcome Thunder team reporter Nick Gallo! 01:30 The Thunder-Clippers ties 04:00 What can we expect from PG-13 18:00 A look around the West, Buy or Sell?

00:00 Welcome Ben Golliver! 02:00 How are the Clips lookin? 10:00 Giannis revenge game? 15:00 King of the league 18:00 Trailblazers troubles 23:00 Look around the West

00:00 WELCOME BACK 00:50 welcome @AaronLarsuel 04:30 Ruminating Lebron 11:15 Doc throws a log in the fire 16:00 House divided? 19:00 Lakers preseason takeaways 21:00 The matchup 25:30 Across the hallway 28:30 Clippers-Lakers Predictions You can follow Aaron @AaronLarsuel on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to The Official Lakers Podcast. Send all Twitter questions to

00:00 Welcome Andrew Greif! 01:20 Vegas takeaways 10:00 Last two roster spots? 13:00 Rotation tinkering 15:00 PG + Kawhi fit You can follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewGreif and read his work at !

00:00 Welcome Bobby Marks! 01:00 The K.D.omino 05:00 The A.D.eadline 10:30 Clippers Front Office Priorities 13:00 Kawhi?

00:00 Welcome Fred! 10:00 Kawhi doing things 14:00 Pita Pit 20:00 Best NBA Food Cities 24:00 Young Clips Follow @FredKatz, read his work at

00:00 Welcome Farbod! 00:35 Season in review 07:00 What can the young core work on this summer 10:00 the future of P Bev 12:35 Clippers yearbook superlatives You can follow Farbod @Farbod_E and read his work @ClipsNationSBN

00:00 Welcom Aaron Larsuel 02:00 Game 1 breakdown 15:00 What adjustments can Clippers make? 25:00 A look around the Western Conference Playoffs

00:00 Welcome Keith Smith 02:00 Two nights left!!! 08:00 Predicting 1-8 in the West 16:00 A crack at GSW? 20:00 Quick trip East Follow Keith on Twitter @KeithSmithNBA

00:00 Welcome Ben Golliver! 01:00 Doc’s rebirth 17:30 Free agent frenzy 19:00 The Clippers blueprint 25:00 Best playoff matchup? You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenGolliver