Clippers Beat is released every Monday, 52 weeks of the year - no exceptions. Nikki Kay provides some of the most insightful analysis on all things Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA. And no other podcast covering the Clipps on the web delivers some of the most well-known and respected personalities both in and outside the NBA as Clippers Beat does. Available wherever you get your podcasts and

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00:00 Welcome Andrew Greif! 01:20 Vegas takeaways 10:00 Last two roster spots? 13:00 Rotation tinkering 15:00 PG + Kawhi fit You can follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewGreif and read his work at !

00:00 Welcome Bobby Marks! 01:00 The K.D.omino 05:00 The A.D.eadline 10:30 Clippers Front Office Priorities 13:00 Kawhi?

00:00 Welcome Fred! 10:00 Kawhi doing things 14:00 Pita Pit 20:00 Best NBA Food Cities 24:00 Young Clips Follow @FredKatz, read his work at

00:00 Welcome Farbod! 00:35 Season in review 07:00 What can the young core work on this summer 10:00 the future of P Bev 12:35 Clippers yearbook superlatives You can follow Farbod @Farbod_E and read his work @ClipsNationSBN

00:00 Welcom Aaron Larsuel 02:00 Game 1 breakdown 15:00 What adjustments can Clippers make? 25:00 A look around the Western Conference Playoffs

00:00 Welcome Keith Smith 02:00 Two nights left!!! 08:00 Predicting 1-8 in the West 16:00 A crack at GSW? 20:00 Quick trip East Follow Keith on Twitter @KeithSmithNBA

00:00 Welcome Ben Golliver! 01:00 Doc’s rebirth 17:30 Free agent frenzy 19:00 The Clippers blueprint 25:00 Best playoff matchup? You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenGolliver

1:10 Welcome Nick Gallo! 5:30 the Thunder season from the inside 13:20 the matchup 23:30 Take It or Leave It Follow Nick Gallo on Twitter @NickGallo22 or read his work at Send Twitter questions to @NikkiKayTV

Tim Cato of The Athletic joins Nikki Kay to discuss the Clippers’ fourth and final date with the Mavericks and the landscape of the Western Conference. 0:00 Welcome Tim Cato! 3:00 Clippers and Mavs meet again 13:30 Western Conference Forecast Tim Cato covers the Dallas Mavericks for The Athletic, you can follow him @Tim_Cato. Send

2:00 All Star Wins 4:25 Shai reps the Clips for Team World 7:30 Should the Clippers tank? 11:00 Looking ahead 12:20 Let’s get this bread Send Twitter questions to @NikkiKayTV

New look Clips hold their own in Boston! 00:35 Trade Deadline Madness 06:00 Big Win In Boston 11:30 Bats in Indiana 15:10 Looking ahead 17:50 Let’s get this bread Send Twitter questions to @NikkiKayTV

00:00 Welcome to the Clippers Beat 02:30 Clippers survive Sunday Scaries 10:40 The Tobias Harris All-Star Campaign 13:00 Upcoming schedule 14:30 Shai v. Trae 18:20 Meet Nikki Send Twitter questions to @NikkiKayTV!