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Two guests who know the two newest Celtics best join Dome Theory to break down what they’ll bring to Boston. Former Vanderbilt forward Matt Moyer played alongside Aaron Nesmith and Darius Garland with the Commodores during the last two seasons. Justin Rowan covered Tristan Thompson’s entire career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both bring new dimensions

This week on Game of Inches @smute1214 and @meatstweets are all over the place, in a good way. We discuss the NFL Draft and the fraud Commish. Jump into Nicholas Cage as Joe Exotic to Mutes days in NFL Europe. 

Game of Inches predraft @smute1214 and @meatstweets discuss Everything about being quarantined and the fact that Meter risked his life, not for toilet paper but for, wait for it @RedVines. We also look at the TE and WR positions. The unedited version.

We reconvene after a long hiatus, for two reasons, we have time on our hands like everyone else. And @smute1214 finally made time for us after all the media he does these days.  In all honesty, there is a lot on the table, what the boys have been up to during the pandemic and we

Game of Inches episode @smute1214 and @meatstweets put a wrap on the College Football season. They dive into the future of Tom Brady and assess the retirement of @LukeKuechly  We wrap up this episode talking Movie and @AdamSandler Uncut Gems.

The boys took some time off but are starting 2020 on the right foot. @smute1214 and @meatstweets preview the championship game, we jump into the many coaching changes in college football and Mute tells us about the famous last cut as a New England Patriot.

This week @smute1214 and @meatstweets look at the Michigan saga and who are the top paid coaches in College Football, you won’t believe the buyout dollar on some of these coaches. And how will Alabama adjust without Tua?

Meter and Mute hand out their midseason awards. Why not?  Everyone is doing it.  There are some expected Muteies handed out and there are a few surprises. Check it out see if you agree with the boys. It’s all packed into the latest of Game of Inches!

This week on Game of Inches Meter, @meatstweets, and Mute, @smute1214, ponder whether College Football coaches are playing a game of “best sound bite?” One week we are talking about mascot fights and this week we talk about Donkey Kong! Plus we talk to former Cleveland Brown Paul Zukauskas, @zukie66,  and president of WePlayed. And

This week Jon Meterparel and Scott Mutryn discuss Jim Harbaugh, is he now on the hot seat? We wrap up week 3 in college football and even throw in some quality movie talk. Its all on week 4’s Game of Inches.

Meter and Mute had some technical difficulties connecting on this pod. They discuss week 3 in College Football and preview the most attractive game in week 4 ND v Georgia.  And is Mike Leach the craziest yet most entertaining coach out there, when it comes to speaking to the media?

Week 2 of college football had one of the best games of the year scheduled and Joe Burrow stepped his game up.  Also FSU and Michigan receive scares…Again. Check out Game of Inches and our third episode with Jon Meterparel,@meatstweets, the voice of Boston College Football and former Boston College QB and sideline reporter Scott

Episode 2 of Game of Inches podcast. This week Jon Meterparel and Scott Mutryn look back on week 1 in College Football. Jalen Hurts is on a mission. FSU slept on the Broncos. Hello Georgia State and Mack Brown you will not be asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars!

Game of Inches College Football podcast episode 1 Jon Meterparel and Former Boston College QB Scott Mutryn cover the football landscape Subscribe to Game of Inches College Football podcast today wherever you get podcasts and

5:20: Are AAU Coaches disrespected? 13:48: How will Patrick Ewing do in Georgetown? 17:00: What’s the Better Job? Georgetown or Maryland? 18:18 BOL 20:26: Did the NCAA make a mistake by taking power away from AAU coaches? 39:14: Is AAU better for evaluating players? 41:00: Victor Oladipo Stories

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