Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback is a podcast released every week with Pro Wrestling Superstar, author, and owner of Feed Me More Nutrition, Ryback, alongside his sidekick, Asian Joe, and longtime friend and former professional wrestler, JD, owner of Iron Attitude and whom also happens to be the former gear maker of many pro wrestling stars along with the custom wrestling weight belts of Ryback. They explore life challenges, controversial subjects, wrestling nonsense, nutrition, motivation, and anything that they feel is relevant. Interviews with people from all walks of life from health and fitness to professional wrestling. Feed Me More

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CWTBGR is fully loaded this week as Vince Russo is on the show, and there will be a lot of AEW and WWE talk. Vince is respected by all of the top talent in the industry from when he was involved in creative, and he is passionate about pro wrestling and entertainment, which no other

“The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries joins Ryback for a nearly 2-hour conversation that wrestling fans don’t want to miss. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, hearing Austin’s views on life and food is very inspiring. Ryback himself has now adopted a more vegetarian lifestyle stemming from this conversation. You can learn

Dr. Stephanie Cohen of Hybrid Performance Method, and also the world record holder of 22 different weight lifting feats, joins Ryback. A great conversation on health and fitness, along with overtraining. Stephanie has achieved a lot in life early on and is a testament to hard work and a positive mental attitude. Raj Giri joins

Independent pro wrestling star Mike Orlando joins the podcast this week to have a discussion with Ryback about the life of an independent wrestler, but also how to overcome injuries and setbacks. For every wrestler who makes it big, there are thousands who don’t and Mike is coming back from a couple of major injuries

Glenn Glibertti aka Disco Inferno swings by the studio this week to talk with Ryback. Glenn is no stranger to podcasting being a part of the Keepin It 100 Podcast and LTB&D Podcast with Vince Russo. There’s lots of wrestling talk on this episode, and Glenn always has a great viewpoint on pro wrestling then

This week things heated up when Johnny Scoville and his son Johnny Jr of the Chase the Heat Youtube Channel came down from Reno, NV to join Ryback. Scoville has made quite a name for himself online for being able to handle insane amounts of heat and it’s something that any Chili Head will love.

We have a really fun show this week with Youtube sensation Cassady Campbell stopping by the show. We discuss social media engagement and some of the stuff Cassady has experienced on YouTube, as well as the motivation behind his shows and characters. With nearly one million Youtube Subscribers in two years’ time, Cassady is winning

Hey, hey, hey! This week’s Co-Host of Something to Wrestle and multiple other top rated pro wrestling podcasts is Conrad Thompson who joins Ryback. This is a must listen episode for any pro wrestling fan. Raj Giri joins the show with this week’s Wrestling Report by Wrestling Inc, and Ryback gives his thought of the

IFBB Figure Pro and owner of 3Pro-Fit, Karlen Crouch, joins Ryback in studio for a fun conversation on health and fitness and discussion on the Neubie-a neurological device for faster healing and higher performance. Karlen breaks this cool new device down that is making its way into more rehab clinics and she explains how she

The White Rhino Stan Efferding is known as the world’s strongest IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and founder of the Vertical Diet. Ryback and Stan have a great discussion on what the Vertical Diet is and what it’s all about. Raj Giri joins Ryback later in the show with this week’s Wrestling Report by Wrestling Inc with

This week, Ryback is joined by fellow Las Vegas resident and multiple time NPC fitness champion, Michelle Davis. Michelle made the trip to join in the studio; this is a fun and informative conversation-diet talk, social media, and Michelle claiming Ryback was constantly looking at her boobs! Lots of goodies in this episode, and Raj

This week on CWTBGR, Andrew Lock, a brilliant physiotherapist, joins Ryback for a great discussion on health and rehab overcoming injuries. Andrew initially helped Ryback several years ago with his back and shoulder before his beginning stem cell procedures and is now helping Ryback strengthen weakened areas to get back to his all-time best. Andrew

Alicia Atout joins the show this week to have a conversation with Ryback that gives you more insight into why Alicia is just so likable and why she is smashing it in the interview world following her heart. Social media talk and dealing with trolls is discussed along with much more that will give you

Dr. Beau Hightower is the Hansel of Chiropractors in 2019 and has become a huge YouTuber with his chiropractic videos. Everyone from UFC Superstars to Pro Wrestlers and Actors go to Dr. Hightower when in pain. Having worked on Ryback months ago, the two reunited for a fun conversation. Raj Giri from Wrestling Inc. is

Gary Wilson, the author of Your Brain on Porn, joins Ryback this week for a very important conversation on porn and what exactly it does to a lot of people’s brains. Quite possibly our generation’s version of cigarettes, where we just don’t quite know what we’re getting ourselves into. If you’re a man or woman

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