The Couch Guy Sports Podcast is a weekly sports podcast focusing on current events and Sports. Join Nick, Jared and special guests as they tackle the interesting news of the week and the latest sports stories from the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. No fIlter, all the time!

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Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali hit episode 133 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast with some HOT Astros news. The Astros… Slimy, dirty, scummy cheaters. And well, the Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, apparently played a pretty big role in it. They’ve been caught stealing signs which is fine. Whatever. But the way they were

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali hit another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast for episode 132. The boys are ROLLING and they get into the J.D. Martinez situation. Obviously you want this guy on your team and frankly, it’s cool that he decided to stay put and opt-in. But now what does that mean

Nick Quaglia’s got Connor Strayer on the show this week and the boys get into a little Patriots talk and even dive into that Astros front office BS. First of all. One of the main topics around the Patriots roster is that they clearly need receiver depth. So it looks like they go out and

Nick Quaglia, Jared Scali, and Connor Strayer drop episode 129 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast with some BIG NBA news. It’s the NBA vs China. Daryl Morey sent out a tweet that China did not like so now their business together is in potential danger. And with that, LeBron James came out and went

The boys are BACK for episode 128 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali jumped back into the week which basically laid out to be just Patriots. Well, kind of. We slid immediately into the Red Sox offseason even though it wasn’t on the list of things to talk about. JD

Nick Quaglia is back with Jared Scali this week after a battle with salmonella poisoning the week before… Brutal. The guys are getting gassed up for hockey season and they brought in special guest Evan Marinofsky to preview the Bruins season. They dropped game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final last year. Is that going

Jared Scali is without Nick Quaglia this week so once again they bring on their number one bench warmer, Connor Strayer. Jared and Connor get into the Patriots in the post-Antonio Brown era. What a trainwreck that guy ended up being with the team. So where do they go from here? Do they need another

No Jared this week so it’s Nick Quaglia with Couch Guy Sports blogger Connor Strayer. The boys are joined by Patriots Beat Reporter Evan Lazar of CLNS Media and they dove right into the Antonio Brown epidemic that RIPPED through Gillette Stadium. Now we have a whole list of allegations on our hands that involve

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali jump into episode 125 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast and it’s obvious what we’re going to talk about. Antonio Brown is the number one story in sports at the moment. We’re watching as allegations come out about Brown allegedly sexually assaulting his former trainer. Whether these allegations are true

We’re here with episode 123 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast with Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali. The guys are back and boy, it’s football season. The Patriots are getting ready to head into another season where we’re pretty sure they’re going to run through the league again. What’s the biggest strength to this team

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back with their 122nd episode of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. One, the New England Sports Survey came out for 2019 and there are some WILD answers. For example, Dwayne Allen apparently is… hated? How do you muster up ANY hate towards that guy? The Patriots season is coming

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali jumped back into another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast and this time they were joined by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Christian Arcand of the Adam Jones Show. With Arcand, the guys got into the big news… Tom Brady’s house is officially up for sale. With all of the

Nick Quaglia is back with Big Al of the Into the Triangle Podcast presented by Couch Guy Sports as they slide back into another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 119. The Red Sox have been up and down all season and it’s been… kind of awful to watch. Is this team even

Nick and Jared are back for episode 118 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. The MLB Trade Deadline is COMING. The Red Sox obviously have some issues on the roster that they need to address. But is this team worth investing in? Should the Sox buy big at the deadline? Tom Brady is on track

It’s Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali back again with episode 117 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. Just when you think July won’t be offering too many topics, they fall right into your lap. Should the NFL move to 18 games? The owners are pushing for this change, but there’s a catch if this were

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back with episode 116 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. The boys kick it off by talking about those juiced MLB balls. I mean, there’s no doubt that they’re juiced, right? The fact that the MLB owns Rawlings might have something to do with it too. But is that

Nick Quaglia is back this week with fill-in guest Connor Strayer and they go over the WILD start to NBA Free Agency now that the dust was mostly settled. The Celtics grabbed Kemba Walker, the Nets bring in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and Al Horford signs in Philly. How’s this affect the C’s and

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back for episode 114 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. After the Weekly Dump, they get into the massive news for Celtics fans. It sounds like they’ve got their Kyrie replacement, and it’s not nearly as bad as we might have been expecting. All-Star guard Kemba Walker sounds like

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back with episode 113 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast and this week, they brought on someone who we would call, an NBA expert. Joined by Jared Weiss of The Athletic, the guys ask him everything revolving around NBA free agency, Kyrie Irving, Al Horford’s unexpected decision to hit the

The Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 112 is here andddddd we’re sad. The first half of the podcast is Nick Quaglia and regular fill-in Connor Strayer going over everything except for the Bruins. David Ortiz is shot in the Dominican. Horrible, horrible news for basically everyone especially because the world loves Big Papi. We react

No Jared this week so it’s Nick and special guest host Al from the Couch Guy Sports Into the Triangle Podcast taking you through episode 111 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. After the Weekly Dump, the show starts off with Nick giving his solo thoughts on Craig Kimbrel’s signing with the Chicago Cubs. The boys

Nick and Jared are back with episode 110 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast with special guest Joe Murray of 98.5 The Sports Hub. The boys get into mostly the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Celtics/Kyrie Irving’s offseason as we head into the summer. Where will Irving land and is there a remote chance he

Nick and Jared are BACK for episode 109 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. And you know, because we’re a Boston podcast, we have ANOTHER Championship round that we need to talk about. The Boston Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals so we had to bring on Evan Marinofsky of CLNS Media to

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are BACK, baby, for episode 108 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. And we had plenty to go over. Honestly, I think my favorite thing about the NBA is the offseason drama. It might be better than the actual play that goes on from October through June. And with the

Nick and Jared are back along with Producer Pat on episode 107 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. The guys had some heat to dive into this week… And a lot of it revolves around the Celtics garbage season and the impending free agency of Kyrie Irving. Do we want Kyrie Irving back with the

Episode 106 was nothing but fire. No Jared this week so it was Nick joined by Alex Barth of CLNS Media for the entire show. We had plenty to hit on this week for Boston topics. One, the NFL Draft. A lot of people are saying that this year’s Patriots drafts was one of the

We are BACK BABY with episode number 105 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. It’s playoff season baby so you know what that means? It’s time to be skeptical about our teams while they battle for the championship. The Celtics are actually flipping this switch and one of us can’t believe it. They walked all

We had a LOADED Couch Guy Sports Podcast this week. One of our longest episodes but we had so much to hit on that we couldn’t leave out. And we tried to keep it short but Jared and Nick got into it a few times so… Here we go. Jared would have been rattled if

Nick and Jared are BACK with episode 103 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. We dove right into the Red Sox season because remember last week when the Sox sucked? Guess what, they still do. But is it actually time to start worrying about whether or not they can turn this around? And speaking of

The Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 102 is HERE. No Jared this week since he’s trying to better the youth by going to Kentucky and coaching at a volley tournament like a bum. So instead, Nick’s joined by the usual fill-in host, Connor Strayer. One of the best days of the year was last Thursday

Episode 101 is coming in HOT. Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back with episode 101 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast and this week, we hit on the biggest news out of the NFL season. Rob Gronkowski’s retirement. In our interview with Evan Lazar of CLNS Media, we talk about Gronk and what his

Nick and Jared are BACK for episode 100 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. One of the biggest stories that came out of the week was the Mike Trout contract. At 12-years and $430 million, Trout is now the king of American sports with the most lucrative deal that we’ve ever seen. But in regards

I know it’s a little late… But here’s the blog post for last week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast you animals. Nick and Jared were back with episode 99. Yeah, your math’s right, that means THIS WEEK’S is episode 100. The boys talk about Trey Flower’s and Trent Brown’s new massive deals with the Lions and

Another week of some good ol’ fashion sports topics on episode 98 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. And guess who’s on top of the list? That’s right, the Boston Celtics because NOBODY understands who this team is. Literally, you can’t guess who this team is and be accurate. There’s no formula. There’s no way

The Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 97 was a big one. No Jared this week because the loser had to go on his Honeymoon. So this week’s episode was Nick and Connor Strayer of Couch Guy Sports’, “The Rafters Podcast”. The Celtics are STRUGGLING. Even with their massive win over the Warriors, these guys have been

Well, I’m writing up the blog portion of the podcast now while Robert Kraft prostitution charges are flying from the trees, so you better believe that’s going to be a heavy topic on episode 97. But THIS week, we were joined by the man, Marc Bertrand of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand, and we got into a

What a turn of events this Patriots season turned out to be, huh? In the words of the President of the United States. All of the haters and all of the losers were doubting the New England Patriots. They said Tom Brady was done. They said he was too old. They said Gronk was a

The Couch Guys Sports Podcast Episode 94 was a little pre Super Bowl talk so you know who we had to bring in? Our guy, Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports. Jerry is one of the top guys in New England to talk Patriots football with so if we can get him, we need to bring

On this week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast we had our guys on from the NEW podcast by Couch Guy Sports, “The Rafters Podcast”. Connor, who’s been on the Couch Guy Sports Podcast a ton, and Riley are our new hosts of our Celtics only show where they will hit on the hottest Celtics news and

Nick and Jared back with another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 91. We got some Wild Card Weekend games to wrap up, Celtics drama, Kyrie Irving issues and Craig Kimbrel’s possibility of returning to the Red Sox. Wild Card Weekend was insane and the storylines just piled up. Cody Parkey bouncing balls

People from Boston know that name and know it well if you listen to Boston sports talk radio. We were joined this week by Adam Jones of 98.5 The Sports Hub. Some call him the vulture. NOBODY calls him Mr. Optimist and that’s why we love him. We talked to Jones about the Patriots heading

That’s right. We have a brand new name for the podcast so we gotta start getting used to it. Do I announce the show as the Loose Change Podcast? Yeah, I might but at the 19-minute mark, I make the big announcement. We know we’re a little late but we have our full reaction to

Yeah, I know this is a little late to be posting the blog for this episode of the show but whatever. You gonna sue me or are you gonna keep reading? No guest this week so it’s just Nick and Jared hammering away at some Patriots topics. At the time of recording, the Patriots had

Oh man, do we have some stuff to talk about this week. The Miami Miracle. Xander Bogaerts trade talks. Boston, what the hell is happening? Nick was joined by Mike “Sarge” Riley of 98.5 The Sports Hub and they uh, had something pretty tough to talk about… The Miami Miracle. Nick and Sarge jumped into that

Another week of the Patriots being the hot topic in New England. Josh McDaniels is STILL being rumored to be heading to Green Bay. How legit are these rumors? Rob Gronkowski is looking… weak. Will this be his last season? And the Patriots defense last week looked so good. But is that the real Patriots

Another week, another big guest. This week we grabbed Chris Gasper from the Boston Globe and 98.5 The Sports Hub and talked a ton of Patriots and Celtics. With Chris, we covered all of the bases. Is Josh McDaniels about to head out of New England and take one of these open coaching positions? Because

A little late this week because technology STINKS. But the Loose Change Podcast episode 84 has DROPPED with Jared Scali and Nick Quaglia produced by Patty Schofield. We had one hell of a show and had some big-time Boston sports topics to hit. What the hell is going on with the Celtics? At the time of

What a week we had once again. Nick and Jared are back for episode 83 of the Loose Change Podcast by Couch Guy Sports. And of course, they sit with Producer Pat who makes us sound like kings. Jimmy Butler is off to the 76ers. Full reaction and what it does to the East. Actually,

There are honestly very few debates in sports at this point that annoy us. One of them is this Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers debate career-wise. Are you trying to tell me that Aaron Rodgers is even in the same class as Tom Brady in the GOAT conversation? Buddy, it isn’t even a competition. Nick

2:35 Red Sox Parade/Intro 5:00 Weekly Dump 13:23 Red Sox World Series Champs! 45:26 Pats Packers Previewa

2:10 Weekly Dump 10:20 JD Interview from 103.3 Amp Radio 41:20 Celtics start v Sixers 45:15 Patriots fan dumps beer on Tyreek Hill We had JD on to talk everything Warriors basketball! JD Usually never gets the opportunity to talk sports on the radio, so we invited him on the podcast to talk everything Warriors

3:05 Ireland has better stalls (Nick story). 9:12 Weekly dump 17:25 McGregor – Khabib fight 29:45 David Price back next year? On this great episode Nick and Connor give their reactions to the McGregor-Khabib UFC Fight and the ensuing brawl afterwards. Then they talk about whether they think David Price will make it back onto

1:20 Weekly Dump 5:50 Josue Pavon joins the show 32:50 Kyrie and Celtics Preseason 37:45 Gronk confirms deal that never was, and Patriots woes 47:45 Is Tiger now back because he won? Subscribe to the Loose Change Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or listen from our website, 

2:06 Weekly Dump 8:10 Phil A Perry Joins the show! 37:15 Our thoughts on Josh Gordon 44:45 Ryan Fitzpatrick fools gold again? Subscribe to the Loose Change Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or listen from our website, 

1:32 Weekly dump 9:51 Dez Bryant wants to play for Pats 15:13 is Chris Sale CY Coung Winner? 23:47 Serena US Open meltdown Subscribe to the Loose Change Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or listen from our website, 

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali take on the hot topics of the week! 2:05 Weekly dump 8:30 Adam Weinstein Interview Thrive Fantasy CEO 24:05 Le’veon Bell holdout 35:40 Tom v Time Epilogue 45:05 Colin Kaepernick and new Nike ad Subscribe to the Loose Change Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or listen from our website, 

Episode 72 of the Loose Change Podcast is live! This week we were joined by CBS Sports Pete Blackburn, host of The Brunch podcast with DJ Bean. We talk everything with Pete from arm-wrestling Jared Carrabis to looking ahead to next years Bruins team. After the interview Nick and Jared talk Chris Sale going back

Jared and Nick are back with a big-time guest on this week. Big Jim Murray of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger and Mazz” joined with a wicked good interview. Nick and Jim got into the Tom Brady interview with Oprah and his hinting at retirement, David Price taking shots at the media again, the fake

This week we brought back one of our favorite guests who we haven’t had on in a wicked long time. It was so long ago that she legit had a different job the last time we talked. Kayce Smith of Barstool Sports hopped on and we kind of kicked off right where we left off with

We are 60 episodes in and still rolling. This week we brought on Jimmy Toscano of CLNS Media, one of the best Celtics guys in Boston, to talk about the Celtics, Cavs series. Are the Celtics going to slide through the ECF and actually make the NBA Finals? AND would they be able to win the finals if

Another week, another show. This week we brought on Adam Kaufman to do a little Celtics talk. WBZ Radio’s own morning drive host crushed it like we expected and we talk about this Celtics series, how Brad Steven’s is a genius and Marcus Smart. Plus a little more. After it’s Nick and Jared talking about

What a show, what a show. We talk to a guy that we haven’t had on since episode 25. Since back in the old days when we didn’t have a producer. Tom Giles of NBC Sports Boston. We were warriors on Wednesday and waited to start the show until after we saw the result of

Ohhhhhh it’s draft week. Producer Pat had to miss the show but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We just have to go back to the early days of the show and have Jared record. We were joined by NBC Sports Boston’s Phil A. Perry, an NFL expert, to talk some draft. He throws

We got some Boston playoff sports going on AND the Sox are the best team in baseball. We had plenty to talk about but this week Jared and I even brought on Couch Guy blogger, Connor Strayer to help talk Cs. This week’s show topics went a little like this: -Adam Schefter releases a column

We have the best set of playoffs that just kicked off and we about to get wild. So obviously we had to get a hockey guy on the show, and we grabbed Mike Grinnell of Barstool Sports. With Mike, we talked about everything that we’re expecting to see in the Bruins Stanley Cup run including round

The Loose Change Podcast Episode 54 is recording tonight! Our special guest this week is Steve Perrault from the Section 10 Podcast presented by Barstool Sports on iTunes. We start off the show today talking Brandin Cooks being traded away to the Rams, The start to the Red Sox season, and the issues with Marchand’s

Yeah, this post is up a little late but you guys have been listening anyway so, sup? We got ANOTHER week of Lauren’s DMs. Maybe my favorite segment where we read the creepiest and clingiest DMs Lauren gets every single week. Sometimes she’ll get a guy coming in hot just asking for sex… Other times

NEW podcast dropped on Thursday and we had no guest… But it was still fire. -The weekly dump that included some major Patriots signings. -Nick recaps his St. Paddy’s Day night which included some girl trucking him at a bar. -ESPN dropped an article listing the top 20 most dominant athletes of the past 20

ANOTHER week of the Loose Change Podcast and this time we were joined by Rich Keefe of WEEI 93.7FM’s, “Dale & Keefe”. With Rich we got to talk about how trash of an airline United is after killing a puppy, talked about the Patriots wild moves to allow four notable players to just walk out

First of all, isn’t our new website sick? I love it and the new logo. Episode 50 was fire. The show leads off with Bruins writer, Ty Anderson, of WEEI. We talked the David Backes suspension, Claude Julien vs Bruce Cassidy, and the team’s chances during the playoffs plus a little more. And after we…

Easily one of the best shows out of the 49 so far. Mostly everything Boston sports this time and it was fire. Joe Murray Interview: Literally talking everything in Boston sports with Joe. We got his thoughts on Gronk’s “retirement” situation, JD Martinez’s reworked deal… Worried? And Rick Nash’s move to the Bruins and whether

Baseball season’s here which means we had to get a baseball guy. And we got one of THE baseball guys of Boston, Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports. Carrabis gave us a wicked good interview like expected talkin’ a little JD Martinez and some Red Sox preseason. We grabbed some predictions and his thoughts on the

It’s the first week without football but believe me, there’s plenty to talk about. We lead it off with the “Weekly Dump” going over the headlines of the week that we don’t talk about too much but they’re worth noting. Johnny Manziel made his way back into the news for… the right reasons. Is Johnny Football going to

Another week, another episode. We got the whole crew to talk about the HUGE upset during Super Bowl 52. What happened? How did the Eagles pull it off? And of course we needed to talk about Malcolm Butler. Are we placing the blame on Bill Belichick for the loss? Plus Josh McDaniels absolutely murders the

Super Bowl week is here, baby and God damn are we excited for it. The show kicks off with a guest we were wicked excited to get, Julie Stewart-Binks of Barstool Sports & ESPN. We talked everything from Barstool to the Super Bowl with her in one of my favorite interviews we’ve had. After that

Nick, Lauren and Jared are back with Producer Pat. Guest fell through this week… But we’ll get him on. HUGE guest on next week and we’re jacked up for it. Keep an eye on our Twitter for the announcement. They lead off the show with changing the “Other News” segment to the “Weekly Dump” and

Another week, another new show! No guests this week but don’t worry, we have some big ones lined up for the next couple of episodes. This week the gang is back together… And a little sick (Don’t mind the sniffling). Nick, Lauren and Jared talk JD Martinez and the recent news about his offer… And

Episode 42 is an absolute banger with recurring special guest Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports. We discuss the Patriots and all the upcoming NFL playoff games, and we get a jaw-dropping take from Jerry. We have another segment of Lauren’s DM’s and go over the other news of the week.