Day 1 Radio is an urban culture podcast hosted by veteran journalists Branden LSK and Maurice Garland. Telling stories that haven’t been told before or haven’t been told the right way, we bring our listeners honest, knowledgeable and edgy content that they won’t hear anywhere else. Released every Thursday on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network Mobile App, listeners can hear from legends like Master P, DJ Quik and the late great comedian and activist Dick Gregory. New and noteworthy guests include Lil Bibby, Nick Grant and Thundercat.

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With everything going on in the world right now, self-defense and preservation is a top priority. So this week, we brought on security and protection expert Mike Smith. With more than 30 years experience in security and executive protection, Smith has a wealth of knowledge to share on how to maneuver. Listen, study and share.

Sha Money XL has one of those names that everyone knows, but now everyone knows what he’s accomplished. For this week’s episode, we sat down with the producer, label exec and dot connector to not only talk about his latest project Chain on the Bike Vol. 1, but also his history in the music business

This week Branden and Reese host a no-guest show and catch up on current events and unpack some of the things in the news and the streets that have many of us upset. Here they discuss the potential aftermath of the George Floyd police murder, Joe Biden’s “Black agenda,” the remaining NBA season and a

Legendary producer Just Blaze joins Day 1 Radio for the second time to talk about what he’s been up to during quarantine. Always known as an innovator, Just has been using the downtime to tie up some loose ends as well as create some new opportunities for himself. Listen as he tells BP and Maurice

Singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger has put out 27 projects since 2010, on top of writing hit songs for Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Usher, and Trey Songz. Now he is accomplishing a new personal and professional milestone by hooking up with his best friend and business partner Nieman Johnson to put out their new album Optimal Music.

This week’s guests on Day 1 Radio are Benny the Butcher, Rick Hyde and Heem collectively known as Black Soprano Family aka B.S.F.. Fresh off the heels of signing a new deal with eONE and releasing their first single “Da Mob,” the trio checked in with us to give us a bit of their backstory and

One of the bright spots of being on quarantine is that Day 1 Radio gets to catch up with people who don’t always come to Atlanta. So for this week’s episode, we are checking in with West Coast and Oakland OG Richie Rich. On the heels of releasing his new album The Grow Room, Rich

This week’s guest is veteran NBA reporter Sekou Smith. In this episode, he offers his perspective on the state of the NBA during the COVID-19 quarantine and how he’s never seen anything like this before. This is coming from a guy who covered the NBA during 9/11 and a lockout. He also offers his expert opinion

This week’s episode of Day 1 Radio serves up a little bit of nostalgia as we reconnect with one of the guests on our first ever show back in late 2013, Problem. A lot has changed over the last seven years in his career and he talks about those changes with us. He also talks

This week’s guest on Day 1 Radio is a walking talking Hip-Hop history book. Alonzo Williams is known to many as perhaps the first antagonist in the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, but his story extends before and after that, which is why they call him the Godfather of West Coast Hip-Hop. Sit back and

Just like everyone else in the world, the Day 1 Radio cast is having to adjust to the COVID-19 shutdowns, so we’re trying something new. Shoutout to our producer Herb for getting us connected to bring you another episode, virtually. Of course we’re talking about the elephant in the room but we’re also talking about

With all of the Covid-19 issues going on, we weren’t able to make it into the studio this week. With nearly everyone stuck in the house, we couldn’t leave you hanging though.  Instead, we dug in the archives and pulled out a classic episode for you. If you’re new to the pod, you probably never

This week we’re joined by journalist and “urbanist” King Williams. Born and raised in Atlanta, Williams has spent the better part of the last decade reporting and producing content about gentrification in his hometown. This spring he has two documentaries dropping. First, he is credited as an associate producer on the Ken Burns/PBS documentary East

What if we told you the same guy who helped put together R&B group 112 was also the same guy who played a role in putting together fellow Atlanta quartet Jagged Edge? What if we told you the same guy discovered Justin Bieber’s songwriter, Poo Bear, and that he co-owns Crip-A-Cola with Killer Mike? Well,

Atlanta-based journalist and author A.R. Shaw is this week’s guest on Day 1 Radio. Shaw has spent the last five years researching and collecting interviews for his upcoming book, Trap History. In it, he tells a holistic story of the music genre that emerged from crime and poverty to produce chart-topping pop stars. In this interview

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