Executive Producer of Modern Family, Danny Zuker and best friend comedian Jenny Johnson invite their celebrity friends to join them for an hour of talking, drinking , laughing and general mayhem. Danny and Jenny provide a true insider view into a side of Hollywood that's rarely discussed publicly. As a team, Danny and Jenny entertain with stories, jokes, and personal anecdotes that will leave you in stitches!

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Danny and Jenny do their first show back from hiatus via Zoom 1:35 Harland Coben mention 03:39 Karens 04:30 Wearing Masks 06:00 How to figure out what kind of neighborhood you live in 8:30 Fireworks 10:14 Update on Danny’s cat, Louie and animal talk 15:40 Danny’s quarantine look and masks 27:21 “Being Woke” and injustice

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Mr. Show, 24) 11:20 Where is Mary Lynn from? 28:22 Mary Lynn, Jenny and a homeless woman at The Improv 30:50 Mary Lynn thinks she’s going to quit acting 01:00:36 Mary Lynn breaks up the room 01:06:19 Patton Oswalt 01:19:00 The plugs Hey DC – go see Jenny live!! https://dcimprov-com.seatengine.com/events/28389 Follow us

“Weird Al” Yankovic 04:30 Weird Al Soundcheck 31:05 UHF 38:32 How he came up with the name “Weird” Al. 39:59 Al gives an EXCLUSIVE! 47:53 Shooter Jennings stops by 51:19 Danny’s Syracuse Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iqZIPZt5_4 Follow us all on twitter and Instagram @alyankovic @doinitpodcast @jennyjohnsonhi5 @dannyzuker @theguydf

Nancy Wilson – Heart 05:20 Nancy’s first band’s names 14:11 Their “That Thing You Do” moment 41:18 Jenny ruin’s Nancy’s guitar solo :  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp0xvs_gyjG/ 46:58 Is there a Heart Tour coming? 59:02 “Young Girl” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr56-wLBEZA Follow us all on twitter and Instagram @nancywilson @doinitpodcast @jennyjohnsonhi5 @dannyzuker @theguydf

Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci 03:52 Guest Introductions 07:23 Tory asks Danny about Comicon 10:30 Creepy fan gifts 17:50 Birdie stories 24:30 How many pushups can the Mythbusters do? 27:00 Kari’s book, Crash Test Girl. 32:50 Comedic heroes 33:29 Tory tells his “Clint Eastwood” story for the first time ever 38:59 Danny name drops

01:48 Observations on Guy 05:32 “Hi, I’m Carol!” Inside “Office Christmas Party” 09:35 Danny’s #1 Book – “He Started It” HeStartedIt.com 11:15 Fortune is a singer 12:50 The Wizard of Oz 17:24 Fortune coming to Australia (and New Zealand?) and London 19:25 Darlene Witherspoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS8fitqIgSc 23:50 What was her “holy fuck, I got this?!” moment?

02:12 He Started It is #1! 03:10 Guest Introduction – Fortune Feimster 05:32 Fortune comes out of the closet 09:15 Asia Argento 12:15 Fortune’s “origin story” 16:25 Parents and teachers 18:40 Why Fortune moved to LA 21:00 The Groundlings 24:00 The Mindy Project – Champions and what she’s working on now 26:12 Fortune’s tour dates

02:20 We finally find out who disappointed Sarah… sort of. 09:23 JJ Watt is a good guy 11:14 Alyssa Milano 13:00 Dewey comes home and spills a drink 15:33 The origin story 20:40 First open mic with Chelsea Handler 23:50 LA Comedy Crowds 27:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsn7lgFN4oE 28:25 @OhNoSheTwitnt 34:30 First full-time job in show biz 36:45

2:50 Guest introduction 4:42 We need another Eli Braden theme 7:58 Ted Cruz 11:10 Fake “Melanie”? 15:05 Thoughts on Louis C.K. surprise performance 25:00 Who has let you down? Jenny’s playing the Houston Improv 9/7 and 9/8 Sarah is playing Zanies Chicago September 13 – 15 Danny’s book: He started it! – hestartedit.com BlueCure.Org –

01:09 Josh’ origin story 02:20 Josh’s first jokes are about his parents 06:48 Fart walkers 12:56 Mee-Maw and Pee-Paw 15:47 John Mulaney – Kid Gorgeous 19:03 Some of Danny’s favorite comedians 20:48 Mitch Hedberg 24:16 Kathleen Martian 29:39 Danny’s Kids 31:38 Barstool Sports   Follow us all on twitter @JoshWolfComedy, @DoinitPodcast, @DannyZuker , @JennyJohnsonHi5 ,

Josh Mankiewicz Part II Josh Mankewicz 02:40 Dick joke 03:07 How Jenny watches Dateline 06:40 An attorney with a pony tail 09:43 Tex McIver 16:04 Everyone knew about Bill Cosby… 19:40 Josh starts at ABC 22:32 What happened to Stone Phillips? 31:07 Sue Simmons comes to Danny’s town 32:19 Project Smile Donate Here: http://www.projectsmile.org/ 34:19

Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz talks true crime… 01:20 Guest Introduction 03:45 Josh’s only trip to Aruba 7:01 Bill Hader impressions 10:19 “Worst case scenario” 11:20 Does Josh get nightmares? 17:45 What “makes” the story? 21:09 Establishing a relationship 23:13 Not giving away the story 31:20 Lauren Sivan Follow us on twitter: @dannyzuker @jennyjohnsonhi5 @JoshMankiewicz @theguydf @doinitpodcast

01:39 Get the plugs out of the way early 03:00 Danny’s summer 11:01 Roseanne, twitter and Amanda Bynes 17:30 Jenny’s Dodger game story 21:40 Danny’s experience working on Roseanne 25:25 Roseanne fired 28:00 Advice for Roseanne 33:11 Twitter 45:22 what’s funny that Danny and Jenny are watching? 47:30 The Staircase 51:30 Catching up with Guy

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