Life is a journey that’s filled with ups and downs, but it is how we respond to our failures that truly define us. Conan O’Brien was on The Howard Stern Show and said, "Thirty-five things have to go wrong for the best thing to happen in your career". "Failing Up" is the podcast that takes its listeners through the failures in our guest’s lives that “had to happen” in order for them to find true success. Hosted by long-time podcasters Guy Opochinski and comedian Eden Dranger, Failing Up attempts to find that magical moment from our guest that educates and inspires the listeners. Every show also incorporates listener and the hosts own stories. At the end of every show. we donate money to our guest's favorite charity.

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01:03 Eden’s wallpaper 04:01 Eden has an update on her rejection letter from last week 05:58 Names getting pronounced wrong 10:32 Steve as a young man 14:12 Going to college 17:55 Eden breaks her hips 19:52 Steve gets an art scholarship 27:04 Steve discovers The Groundlings and experiences failure 31:22 Meeting Sarah Silverman 38:38 Steve

00:35 Eden reads a rejection letter 01:55 Is it better to hear back or not? 05:44 The Bay Area hates LA 08:43 Growing up in Oakland 11:25 Guy and a 7th grade bully 15:35 When did he figure out he wanted to be an artist? 22:33 What does he love about poetry? 26:12 Is he

How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby 01:32 Born in Columbus- Went to an orthodox Jewish school but was raised conservative Jew. 04:25 Milk and meat 10:00 What did a young Josh want to do 13:41 Ohio people loving Ohio State 17:56 Robot writers 22:06 Turning in to a writer and getting fired from a

4:00 Signed by Rutgers as a high school freshman 9:23 The injury that changed his life 11:20 He said he is proud of the hit, why? 12:20 Malcom Brown’s text to Eric 17:30 Walking on a treadmill 19:58 Winning the Jimmy V Award on ESPN 20:30 Tweeting Lolo Jones and the drama it caused 23:13

Erin Gibson 01:20 living in a construction zone 06:02 Heathers and other problematic movies 9:38 Risky Business 32:00 It’s hard to hate someone when you’re handicapped 34:35 S&M guy 44:50 How did she start podcasting 53:30 Erin’s book Feminasty 57:00 Favorite charity: Follow us on twitter: @gibblertron @theguydf @eden_eats @failinguppod

Author and writer Ben Blacker 02:26 Ben’s origin story 06:34 Where did he get the confidence to be a writer professionally? 11:47 Master classes 17:45 Thrilling Adventure Live 24:20 Star Wars and Supernatural canon 31:30 Does Ben care about reviews? 39:35 Are three fights with his writing partner Ben Acker? 41:34 Hex Wives comic book

The Spy Who Dumped Me – In theaters August 3rd 02:02 Guy and David grew up in the same town 04:32 Theater Camp 09:30 Los Angeles isn’t intimidating 12:00 Coming out to LA without a job 15:25 The first writing, was it good or crap? 19:14 What is Failing at writing a script 22:45 Writing

00:02 No guest this week 01:04 Where Eden gets most cyberstalked 04:33 Eden’s unwanted “guests” 09:40 Talking failure 18:56 Dating worries – Are her parents alive? 23:10 It’s not about you… 24:20 Being taught how to flirt 30:06 Esther Perel 32:30 Instagram has a mute function 36:01 Cast your net wide 36:42 The chocolate cookie

Jay Duplass director, author, and actor (Transparent) 2:52 Does everybody “bomb”? 15:51 The jump in to writing and making movies 20:10 No one’s first movie is great 23:58 Eden’s dad invented the Arm Waving Tube Man! 25:30 Jay’s belief in how success happens 25:50 Transparent 29:25 Inside Baseball of filmmaking 36:00 What people like to

Writer, Show Runner and Casting Director for Forrest Gump, Ben Wexler joins the Failing Up Podcast this week. 05:00 Casting for Forrest Gump? 12:26 The new thing that reads your thoughts 23:44 The Comedians/ Bill Crystal 41:00 Consulting producer – Arrested Development 45:37 Inside story about Arrested Development Season 4 47:29 What is he most

Ben Lee knew what he wanted to do for a living by the time he was 10 years old… be a rockstar. And although many of us dream of stardom at the age of 10, by 14 years old, Ben had his first successful band, Noise Addict. Since then, this composer and musician’s music has

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