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Don Coxe, chairman at Coxe Advisors LLP and commodity investor par excellence, calls in to discuss the latest in agriculture and its implications. 1:31 A contrarian look at the climate 8:38 An opportunity in natural gas? 14:07 The Maunder Minimum 17:20 A new commodity boom:  Wither inflation? Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and Google Play

Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg stop by the office to discuss opportunities in natural resources. 1:10 #Apple worth more than the entire energy sector 4:19 What’s happening with shale? 12:21 Tier-one wells on the wane 18:43 Bargains abound in energy

In October 2017, Marc Cohodes unveiled a new idea to the Grant’s conference crowd. @AlderLaneeggs His remarks follow. 3:20 Free speech – for the bulls 18:58 Taking things personally 28:45 A common theme 35:12 “This is not a game” Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and Google Play Music. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer is available at

Jim, Evan and Phil recap highlights from the Grant’s 2019 fall conference and discuss a recent sea change in the business environment. 1:49 #Uber, #Grubhub and business model limitations 6:20 Private equity’s smooth marks 10:45 Fair and foul, and foul fair 14:12 World Series postmortem 18:50 Balance sheet ignition Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and Google

Twitter user @Donutshorts calls in to discuss his investment process, assess the world at large and identify some companies which may offer compelling opportunities on the long and short side. 0:55 Positioning in an “everything bubble” 6:15 WeWork and trouble in tier-one real estate 11:30 Low rates in the U.S., negative rates elsewhere.  Convergence coming?

Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S.A. Holdings, Inc., calls in to discuss the outlook for precious metals and offer suggestions on the best ways to invest. @RealRickRule 1:26 A word from Lord Liverpool 5:30 Rick’s view of cryptocurrencies 10:57 How to buy gold? 14:30 The outlook for mining shares 20:48 “I just

George Selgin, director of the #Cato Institute’s center for monetary and financial alternatives, calls in to discuss remarkable recent events in the banking system and the potential implications. @GeorgeSelgin 1:21 A money market which fails to clear 5:45 Interest on excess reserves: Unintended consequences 11:24 Too much collateral = too much debt? 15:50 More QE

Bianco Research president and eponym Jim Bianco calls in to help us make sense of last week’s chaos in short term lending rates. Jonathan Tepper, founding partner at Variant Perception, assesses the commercial landscape and identifies potentially attractive opportunities. @biancoresearch @jtepper2 @VrntPerception 8:15 Why didn’t the banks arbitrage those high rates? 13:50 Excess reserves and

Marty Fridson,  chief investment officer Lehmann, Livian, Fridson Advisors LLC and “One of Wall Street’s most thoughtful and perceptive analysts” according to the New York Times, stops by to discuss all things credit. 2:54 What’s new in high-yield and leveraged loans 7:30 Marty’s preferred income-generating assets 13:00 A garden-variety recession:  Enough to spur widespread defaults? 19:24 Price

Tuomas Malinen, PhD (econ.) CEO of GnS Economics Limited and Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki, calls in to express his concerns with modern theory and practice. 2:00 Applying scientific principals to economics 6:24 Groupthink in action 13:10 Central banks and intellectual dissent 15:20 MMT: the endgame 17:32 Investment implications Subscribe to Grant’s

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, calls in to discuss the state of markets and central banking following Wednesday’s rate cut. @biancoresearch 2:25 Press conference post-mortem 8:01 Inverted yield curve: predictor of recession, or cause? 14:10 Negative rates on the way for the U.S.? 21:41 Jim’s interview at the Fed Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast

Jay Van Sciver, head of industrials at Hedgeye Risk Management, comes by to discuss opportunities in cyclicals, the state of the economy and some of our favorite profitless unicorns. @hedgeyeindstris 2:10 Decelerating growth and replacement demand 5:13 Jay’s preferred metrics 11:07 Why don’t Uber and Lyft make money? 15:38 Down on the farm 18:26

Carl E. Walter, longtime bank executive and coauthor of “Red Capitalism,” joins the program to discuss important recent happenings in China. 2:55 Reading the tea-leaves 8:12 Baoshang Bank: A small fish causing big problems 14:12 Hong Kong and the mainland 19:56 More stimulus on the way? 24:38 Swapping loans for bonds Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast

Dan Fuss, vice chairman of Loomis, Sayles & Company and fixed income investor extraordinaire, calls in to discuss the state of markets in 2019. @LoomisSayles 1:36 A rate-hike shock collar 8:12 Negative rates and the nature of safety 17:07 The 1984 bear market retest: Symmetry? 22:44 The “flow of funds phenomenon” 27:00

Rob Arnott, founder and chairman of the board of Research Affiliates, LLC, calls in to assess conditions and opportunities around the world. 3:47 “There’s no such thing as a bargain  in the absence of fear” 8:53 Shiller P/E and central banks 13:06 Bubbles in a negative-rate era 20:13 Deficit spending: Does it matter? 24:36 The

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