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Tuomas Malinen, PhD (econ.) CEO of GnS Economics Limited and Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki, calls in to express his concerns with modern theory and practice. 2:00 Applying scientific principals to economics 6:24 Groupthink in action 13:10 Central banks and intellectual dissent 15:20 MMT: the endgame 17:32 Investment implications Subscribe to Grant’s

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, calls in to discuss the state of markets and central banking following Wednesday’s rate cut. @biancoresearch 2:25 Press conference post-mortem 8:01 Inverted yield curve: predictor of recession, or cause? 14:10 Negative rates on the way for the U.S.? 21:41 Jim’s interview at the Fed Subscribe to Grant’s Podcast

As Japan marks 20 years of ultra-low rates, Jim and Phil take a look at monetary policies around the world. Jim shares his current reading list. 1:47 How long’s secular? 3:50 Negative interest rates: a compendium 10:36 Grant’s book club 14:57 The Fed’s solvency, or lack thereof Subscribe to the Grant’s Current  Yield Podcast on

Simon Mikhailovich, lead manager of the Tocqueville Bullion Reserve, stops by Grant’s world headquarters to discuss doing business in the modern administrative state. 4:17 The “menacing” language of compliance 9:30 #Gold, negative-yielding bonds and safety 16:53 Jim’s reading list [email protected]_Mikhailovich Subscribe to the Grant’s Current  Yield Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Google Play

Russell Napier, independent strategist and co-founder of the Electronic Research Interchange, joins the program to discuss the state of financial markets and his thought-provoking recent essay in the Financial Times. 3:18 “There’s a global monetary system?” 6:06  Central bank credit and “the savings glut” 11:28 Treasury yields: The world’s most reflexive asset class 18:35 ”The

Wendy Battleson, co-founder and principal of Art Strategy Partners, shares her expertise on the state of the market and its connection with other asset prices 1:48 Banksy’s self-destruct button 6:10 Guaranteed bids – for a fee 11:21 Inflation in Warhol’s 17:16 The art market; an extension of Wall Street? Subscribe to the Grant’s Current  Yield

Francine McKenna, (@retheauditors)  transparency reporter at MarketWatch, joins the regular cast of characters to discuss auditing and accounting trends, and their crucial role for investors. 4:07 What do investors get wrong about #financial statements? 8:41 Auditors do not draft financials 13:49 Are certain #law firms more likely to push the envelope? 19:48 Do auditors have

Variant Perception’s Founder, Jonathan Tepper discusses the impact of corporate fraud and consolidation on Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Radio   On face value, all seems to be well (in relative terms) in the present day American economy.  Certainly for investors, and definitely for multi-national corporations and its board members and chief officers. Nonetheless, despite quarterly

Jonathan Tepper (@jtepper2), chief editor of Variant Perception, and @John_Hempton, chief investment officer of Bronte Capital Management, share their macro and micro expertise on corporate concentration and corporate fraud. 2:09 How do managers contend with increasing industry consolidation? 8:51 “A time of #disruption”, while barriers to entry rise 12:04 Summertime for corporate #fraud Subscribe to

Loss aversion has been a mental block for many in the game of risk in the market.   Why take a risk in the market? Is it really worth the dreaded feeling of when you, or any investor, suffers such a psychological blow when they lose as opposed to when they gain? Well, yes.  One

The markets and economy of the United States seems to be in a more unstable position than ever.  Many are worryingly, yet rightly asking: What’s next?   One of the most accurate assessors of the markets and economy, financial historian, and famed publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Jim Grant is painting a bleak picture.

BREAKING: Dow Jones down another 500 points and America is ‘broke’ according to former Ronald Reagan Budget Director.  A new poll from Emerson Polling shows Donald Trump favorability ratings sinking fast.   The nation is now seeing the after-effects of Donald Trump and his decision to lay trade tariffs on China.  Trump himself is now

Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan and three-term Congressman from Michigan, David Stockman sat down for an exclusive interview with Grant’s Interest Rate Observer publisher Jim Grant   In the famed words of Lisa Simpson, how can America be broke under President Donald Trump? “It can, and it

President of Bannerstone Capital Management LLC, Biff Rollibard believes we’re in a state of epic change, as in e-p-o-c-h.  Rising rates and inflation could be near and not all investors, let alone the American public are aware nor ready for it.  What should they do?   Throughout the course of world history, nothing has vice

Macroeconomics has been the economic norm for over a century in the Western Hemisphere.  But with many stagnant economies across the globe and a decaying middle class in the US, it may be time to question many methods. Finance expert and legendary publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Jim Grant does just that.  On the

China and its debt problem has largely gone under the radar in the minds of average Americans and other mainstream circles, however financial experts and analysts have been alarmed over China’s astronomical debt to GDP ratio.  How will this impact world markets and even the lives of everyday Americans? Famed expert on Chinese financial affairs

All eyes are on the central bank of the United States of America — the Federal Reserve.  Famed financial historian and publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Jim Grant discusses the Fed’s next move on Grant’s Podcast   PODCAST DESCRIPTION: Stephen Stanley, chief economist and Xavier Negroni, co-head of the finance desk at Amherst Pierpont

A new group is leading the charge against America’s gun policies. NRA vs. US Youth, who wins? Now that we’ve heard the young people’s voices that are outraged over the most recent gun violence, will they be able to make political change in Washington DC? It’s the power of the young person on social media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boston — One of the most esteemed polling agencies in the country, Emerson Polling, will poll all angles of the marijuana issue that has galvanized all spectrums of the political realm in 2018. For the entire month of March, Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball will appear exclusively on the Emerson College Polling

The Dow Jones is in free fall and the stock market has crashed after months of gloating from President Donald Trump.  How is this affecting U.S. families? The latest episode of Grant’s Podcast provides imperative analysis and advice during these turbulent times.  Jon Boyar, president of Boyar Research talks with Jim Grant & Evan Lorenz

Kai Stinchcombe, co-founder and CEO of True Link Financial, joins the team to discuss his recent article questioning the utility of the supposedly-groundbreaking software for digital assets. 2:07 The case against the #blockchain 4:14 A costless and decentralized form of exchange: #Cash 4:45 #Bitcoin conference doesn’t accept bitcoin 7:17 #Ripple and international payments 12:28 “Here’s your #libertarian paradise, have a

Much blame for the 2018 government shutdown has been put at the feet of President Donald Trump and the Republicans in the United States Congress and Senate.  Many now believe that this, in turn, will help enhance the possibility of the American public to vote for the Democrats in the coming November 2018 mid-term elections.

Investor, Mark B. Spiegel, Managing Member of Stanphyl Capital Joins Finance Expert & Historian Jim Grant and Evan Lorenz of the legendary Interest Rate Observer on Grant’s Podcast. PODCAST DESCRIPTION:  Mark B. Spiegel, managing member at Stanphyl Capital, joins the team to discuss his favorite ideas, long and short. 2:47 #Tesla, a love affair in

American Financial Publisher Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999.  He joins finance historian and expert Jim Grant on Grant’s Podcast to discuss the world economy in 1999 and how it compares to today. PODCAST DESCRIPTION: Porter Stansberry, founder and editor of Stansberry Research, joins Jim Grant for an enlivening conversation about the business and financial

Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer looks back on the year of 2017.  Will the United States and the world economy avoid another financial crisis? Jim purveys his word, and also a message for the holidays as he closes out his first full year of podcasting. PODCAST DESCRIPTION: Jim wraps up a most unusual