Funny females. Fantasy football. Relatable realities. And a splash of in-your-face fierce. It’s the First & 10s Podcast, the unique weekly show delivering hot women, cold-blooded competition and the spiciest of opinions on football, life and, especially, each other. First & 10s is the brainchild of media-savvy, long-time friends Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry. The podcast weaves through their fantasy football league of 12 outspoken and diverse women, who vary in sports IQ from newbie to prodigy. First & 10s will trash-talk league rivalries (complete with expletives), while also injecting pop culture, fashion and music into their daring dialogue. It’s the podcast that compels you to look and listen. It’s saucy, dramatic, edgy and, most of all, funny AF.

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(S2,E42)   Jasmine and Amy give their insight and hot sports opinions on the new Aaron Hernandez Netflix series – warning: spoiler alerts!  Antonio Brown continues his s-show antics. Sometimes All You Need Is The Headline includes cash couches, vagina candles, and a sex-crazed life saving tortoise.  Hells yeah gives us all the feels about Josh

(S2,E41)   We are breaking down the upcoming Superbowl featuring KC Chiefs vs. SF 49ers with twitter wars and record setting 3rd string running backs.  Jasmine is flying the Mahomes flag while Amy is leaning towards the 49ers with an interesting side by side comparison chart.  In OFFSIDES, apparently Joe Burrow is looking for real estate

(S2,E40)  Jasmine and Amy discuss their feelings on the outcome of the weekend playoff games, with audio from a winning quarterback’s screaming girlfriend, sage advice from a veteran player to young athletes, and hard hitting sports angles like the hair of Derrick Henry.  In Offsides, recap of the College Football Championship game tells us what

(S2,E39)  In NFL News, Jasmine & Amy find they have something in common with the new Dallas Cowboys head coach when it comes to landing a job. Our Sided debate results are in on who the better veteran head coach hire is between Ron Rivera & Mike McCarthy.  We discuss Tom Brady’s next move, Emmanuel

(S2,E38)   Jasmine and Amy lead off the NFL News with in depth discussions regarding the Cowboys, Panthers and Giants new head coaches, along with their takeaways from an exciting weekend of Wild Card matchups. In Offsides, we give our pick for the College Football Championship game, as well as hot sports opinions on Tua’s decision

(S2,E37)  Jasmine & Amy go through the hirings and firings of Black Monday, contemplate the fate of the Cowboys coaching staff, and discuss Jasmine’s experience at the Seahawks/49ers game.  In Offsides, the AB drama continues with the Saints, JuJu, and Derek Carr as he continues to troll anyone and everyone on twitter.  There’s some shocking

(S2,E36)   As they end 2019 with a bang, Jasmine & Amy start NFL News in beast mode with the return of old running backs to Seattle.  Jasmine’s beloved Cowboys lose too her arch nemesis and Amy suggests she switch fandoms. Ben Roethlisberger is being a Twitter titty baby, and we crown a new Queen of

(S2,E35)  In NFL News, the firing squad has hit Jacksonville, a future hall of famer is left out of this year’s Pro Bowl, and we look ahead to the biggest matchup of the week – the Cowboys and Eagles…which, oddly enough, is exactly the same matchup in our own fantasy league. In Offsides, a porn

(S2,E34)  In NFL News, Drew Brees is breaking records and taking names, the Cowboys somehow deliver a blow to the Rams with lots of Dak stats that both Amy & Jasmine hate, and we take a look at the NFC & AFC playoff picture.  Josh Gordon gets another suspension, and SpyGate 2.0 does not look

(S2,E33)  Jasmine & Amy bring the gavel back starting in NFL news with the case of the missing equipment, a new potential Dallas Cowboys head coach has Jasmine fired up, and Amy’s fantasy players are out bowling with the “flu”.  In Offsides, MLB has big payouts for big players,  the PGA has a prostitution ring

(S2,E32)  Jasmine & Amy go through the notable wins & losses in NFL News, along with another Patriots cheating scandal, more Cowboys head coach speculation, and the Ravens now have God on their side.  In Offsides, we’ve got Heisman candidates, Lane Kiffin takes over in style at Ole Miss, and we learn our personal bowl

TD GARDEN — The Boston Celtics are still undefeated this season at home after their 108-95 win over the Denver Nuggets on Friday night. Jayson Tatum led the way with 26 points with Jaylen Brown not far behind with 21. The Celtics were able to hold on to their significant second-half lead and didn’t let

(S2,E31). The firing squad has begun in the NFL, with a head coach down in Carolina.  Jasmine and Amy breakdown the differences between unemployed Ron Rivera and employed Jason Garrett.  Hot sports takes accompany our Sided debate results regarding Dak vs. Amari.  With our life coach head sets on, we let Tua know what he should do with his

(S2,E30)  Jasmine & Amy recap the bipolar week of football including, but not limited to, the Cowboys loss to the Bills, the rivalry rematch between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and the Bengals getting their first win of the season.  The playoff picture has started to develop in the fantasy football league of ladies, with Jasmine near the

(S2,E29)  Jasmine goes into an Amy-like fit of rage when discussing the Cowboys/Patriots game. The Steelers have a new quarterback, it isn’t Kaepernick, but he’s got a new Nike shoe coming out & we’re not sure it’s a good idea for his football future.  Sean Payton is proposing a committee for pass interference calls and

(S2,E28)  Jasmine and Amy throw the ‘targeting’ flag on the HGH testing plaguing LeVeon Bell, and temporarily lift the ban on Antonio Brown talk to discuss the latest in his sexual assault case.  Mason Rudolph continues to annoy Jasmine, and Jerry Jones rides the “what if” choo-choo train with Bill Belichick.  Offsides has everyone offended, including a

(S2,E27)  Jasmine and Amy discuss all the moving parts to the NFL Stories of the week: Kaepernick’s workout, and the Myles Garrett brawl.  Jasmine coins a new segment “Dak stats that Amy hates”, while Amy eye rolls her way through it.  In Offsides, it’s the college football injury heard round the world as we talk about Tua

(S2,E26) In NFL News, Jasmine and Amy ponder the fate of Cam Newton, attempt to help Baker (once again) see the error of his words, and decide that the NFL shouldn’t be in charge of holiday event planning with the latest Kaepernick workout.  In Offsides, OBJ vows that 2020 will be his best year yet..not sure what

(S2,E25) Coming off arguably the greatest MNF game of the season, Jasmine & Amy recap the surprising wins and losses of the week including their own fantasy football teams.  Hilarious audio from Amari Cooper gives insight into how football players feel about what’s expected of them in fantasy football.  The LSU/Bama game did not disappoint, including all

(S2,E24) In NFL News, Mitch Trubisky wants all tv’s turned off, Baker doesn’t deserve his handlebar stache, Washington looks terrible in this Trent Williams situation, and what would Teddy Bridgewater garner on the open market?  In Offsides, a Virginia Brewery seeks to make a profit off their losing team, and the college playoff rankings are a head

(S2,E23) Jasmine and Amy start off NFL News with the Monday night football game that was the cats meow for Cowboys fans-literally.  The Patriots FINALLY lose a game, which leaves the 49ers as the lone undefeated team with a quarterback that is finally throwing the ball down the field and making passes at…reporters.  In fantasy football news, Jasmine

(S2,E22) Jasmine is Cookie Monster and Amy is a member of the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own in this Halloween edition of the First & 10s.  In NFL news – Josh Gordon is released from the Patriots, Baker Mayfield is being Baker, the Giants don’t deserve Saquon, Philip Rivers is extremely volatile these days,

(S2,E21) Jasmine and Amy start NFL news equally surprised at the outspokenness of Joe Flacco, leading them to have a newfound respect for the quarterback. Both ladies, including Bruce Arians, continue to ponder the impossible referee situation and their preposterous penalty calling.  Jasmine has to rethink her love for OBJ, and Amy finds herself owing Zeke an

(S2,E20) Brad Sham, the voice of the Dallas Cowboys, joins Jasmine and Amy to talk all things Cowboys, Jason Garrett, Urban Meyer and how much he hates fantasy football.  The trade deadline is looming and teams are dumping dudes, which directly affects Jasmine’s fantasy matchup this week against her arch nemesis – the Eagles fan of the

(S2,E19) Jasmine and Amy are coming off their head to head matchup weekend, and a meltdown ensues for the loser.  In NFL News, we hear from a very sad Eagles fan after their loss to the Cowboys, Jasmine’s football crush is close to returning after a knee injury, and Gronk continues to give us audio gold during

(S2,E18) When friends become enemies, it’s because they play each other in fantasy football.  That’s what happens this week when Jasmine and Amy go head to head in their fantasy football league.  In NFL News, the trade that wasn’t ever going to happen, happened, and could potentially affect whether or not Amy beats Jasmine.  The head coach of Miami

(S2,E17) Jasmine and Amy start NFL news with the referee debacle that is taking over the NFL.  Both girls have deferring opinions regarding the Eagles coach and what he thinks about their matchup against Jasmine’s beloved Cowboys, and Gronk’s Thursday night football debut on the Fox Sports pre-game show doesn’t disappoint.  Our fantasy football league ladies continue