Frogman's Recovery Show is centered around addiction and mental health issues going on in the world today. Frogman is a recovering heroin addict himself trying to convey the message of this horrible disease out to the people that either don’t know about it or know someone that might need help but just doesn’t know how to ask for it. Or maybe you struggle with addiction yourself, and are afraid to ask for help. Frogman works for WBZ radio and creator of Frogman's Recovery Show, Mike works for clean slate, and K9- Kevin runs his own K9 unit. Gets hired to go into schools and businesses. Our hope is, that someone hears this podcast and gets the help they need or the help a loved one needs. Clean Slate Addiction Treatment Center is the sponsor of Frogman's Recovery Show. Go to for more info about the facility.

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A gym dedicated to helping people in recovery. Listen as we talk about this new resource that is popping up all around the country. A gym for people in recovery run by people in recovery. No stigma allowed!

Join us as we welcome musical guest Lost Spirits to tell their story of recovery. 

We talk to Tom Goris as he talks about his personal and professional journey in recovery.

Jerry came on to tell his story with addiction and how he now works in a treatment facility. Discussed how people can get the help they want/need and the importance of it. How going onto further treatment helps as well. We talked about staying clean/sober during the holidays. Especially New Years Eve! 

Senator. Diana Dizoglio, comes in studio. To discuss the growing issues with the opiod epidemic. Senator talks about the Bills she’s passed and has yet passed in Washington. Also answers question’s from our viewers! 

This is part 2 of our overdose memorial show. Where we dedicated time for people to write in or call in and tell us their loved ones names to read on air. This episode starts where part 1 ended. Please contact us on Facebook, cause we will be doing a 2nd annual overdose memorial show

We dedicated this show to the one’s we’ve all lost and loved. People sent us emails, left comments on Facebook and Twitter, they called into the show. To tell us about those they’ve lost to drug use. We also interviewed Nancy from Clean Slate treatment facility, who sponsor the Frogman’s Recovery Show. Here’s part 1

Chief Taylor calls into the show to talk about the recent drug overdoses that had happened over the span of a week. Also talks about what we can do as a community to help in the fight against addiction

Trenni’s brother is a recovering heroin addict and she took some time out of her day to call and do a phone interview. I wanted to get the perspective of a family member of an addict.

Ted Johnson comes on in studio to tell his story with drug addiction and concussions. Now in recovery and working on sports hub and patriots pre and post game. What a story he has.

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