Get The Ledd Out will cover sports and current affairs in a thought-provoking manner. No topic is too hot for host Colin Leddy, a former football player at THE Plymouth State University. This podcast will take the sports media world by storm one episode at a time from various college dorm rooms and parent's basements. You can hear it iTunes, or the CLNS Media website.

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For some reason Alex Barth (@RealAlexBarth) decided to accept another invitation to come on GTLO. If you have been living under a rock for the past 19 years, you may not know that Boston has captured 12 championships. Names like Brady, Ortiz, Pierce, and Chara come to mind right away. But what about Curtis Leskanic,

CLNS Patriots reporter (@RealAlexBarth) joins Get The Lead Out following the Patriots’ OT thriller over Kansas City in the AFC Championship. *National reaction to the Patriots going to their 9th Super Bowl in 19 years. *Brady and Belichick relationship *Did Josh Gordon’s leaving actually help the offense? *Why #LaserGate is not being discussed *D3 Football

Remember when everyone thought the dynasty was over? The Patriots will look to have the last laugh against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. Henry McKenna (@McKennAnalysis) of USA TODAY – Patriots Wire (@Patriots_Wire) joins me to preview this game.

Guest chair: @BHallUFA #NoSleepTilGillette *Greatness of HS sports *The Fitchburg State basketball controversy *Baker Mayfield vs. Hue Jackson *Rex Burkhead off IR *How the #Patriots will fare down the stretch (and so much more)

Casting couch: @JayTKenney *The ridiculousness of the Condoleezza Rice to the Browns story *Is Jimmy Garoppolo the worst tipper in the NFL? *MIAA field hockey controversy *Mark Sanchez back in the NFL! The Get The Ledd Out podcast covers sports and current affairs in our own style. No topic is too hot for host Colin Leddy (@Ledds12), a former

Get The Ledd Out will be in regular rotation from here on out, and that is a Leddy guarantee. @Steve_Perrault of Bleacher Report and co-host of Barstool Sports’ “Section 10 Podcast” joins the show on the heels of the most dominant season in Red Sox history.  Also Perrault reacts to my surefire way to save baseball’s popularity.

My summer hiatus is finally over. Get the Ledd Out will be back in full swing, and we get back to business with our guest: WEEI’s Alex Reimer (@AlexReimer1.)

Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) USA TODAY Sports Major League Baseball columnist joins Get The Ledd Out to discuss multiple facets of the MLB season. Subscribe here The Get The Ledd Out podcast covers sports and current affairs in a thought-provoking manner. No topic is too hot for host Colin Leddy (@Ledds12), a former football player at THE Plymouth State University.

WEEI’s Patrick Gilroy (@GilroyonHoops) joins the show to discuss the drama that is the NBA offseason and some Patriots talk. It’s fair to say that Alex Guerrero does not have a fan in Patrick Gilroy. Later on, we dive into the possibility of LeBron coming to Celtics. If not Boston, where will the superstar end

ESPN’s Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) joined Get The Ledd Out to discuss the New England Patriots unconventional offseason. My co-host for this episode is the host of the After Further Review Podcast: Dan Watkins (@dwatty93). 0:50 Gronk’s offseason 2:00 Kurkjian’s tweet regarding Gronk trade: Did that meeting take place? 6:50 Alex Guerrero vs. Belichick 9:35 Julian Edelman’s situation

Everybody remembers the 2008 Boston Celtics team. That was a team for the ages and will go down as one of the most exciting seasons in basketball. Well I had the pleasure to speak with a member of that squad, #13 Gabe Pruitt (@trulyblessed13.) We discussed his time in Boston, the state of the NBA, and

Lenny Clarke is a Boston comedy legend. I was fortunate to sit down with Lenny (@ItsLennyClarke) at Giggles Comedy Club in Saugus, MA. We get into race relations in Boston, Whitey Bulger, who he thinks is to blame for the Patriots Super Bowl loss, and so much more. Many laughs were had along the way! The Get

The Eagle Tribune’s Red Sox beat writer Chris Mason (@ByChrisMason) talks with Leddy (@Ledds12) about the state of the Red Sox. The Get The Ledd Out podcast covers sports and current affairs in a thought-provoking manner. No topic is too hot for host Colin Leddy, a former football player at THE Plymouth State University. You can

NBA All-Star Andre Drummond and artist Tailz on Get The Ledd Out 0:00 Intro w/ Andre Drummond and Tailz 2:30 Drummond’s rap career 3:33 Who is the best center in the NBA? 4:05 The Blake Griffin acquisition 6:30 Twitter and the NBA 7:20 Would you play for the Celtics/Brad Stevens 7:50 Joel Embiid Beef 8:40

Blind Mike is back on the casting couch for episode 14 of Get The Ledd Out. If you didn’t know, Blind Mike (@BlindMike_) was Dave Portnoy’s right hand man at Barstool. Now he’s the host of the WEEI podcast #TrashTalk. We took a break from straight sports talk as we swapped some stories. Mike weighs

Dan Greenberg (@StoolGreenie) is THE guy for Celtics content. AKA Barstool Greenie, this Worcester native joined the show for our 13th episode. Even though this Celtics season seems to have gone down the toilet, there was still much to discuss. Unfortunately the Celtics will have a tough time getting out of the 2nd round but

This has been a very peculiar offseason for the New England Patriots. I was very fortunate to have Phil Perry (@PhilAPerry) of NBC Sports Boston on the show. They lost 5 key players from last year and went through the Josh McDaniels saga. However, it’s business as usual: In Bill We Trust. Phil and I weighed

Former Barstool Sports intern Blind Mike (@BlindMike_) is best known for scoring a point against Dave Portnoy in ping pong. Tonight he joins his good pal Leddy to discuss their favorite topic: The OJ Simpson saga. He has found success at WEEI on his new podcast Trash Talk and his personal show Impaired. With FOX airing

Rich Keefe (@Keefe21) of WEEI’s “Dale and Keefe” was thrilled to be on Leddy’s TENTH episode of Get The Ledd Out. These D3 football heroes discussed Gronk’s tweets, the Malcolm Butler situation, and Al Horford. Plus, was is appropriate for Kobe Bryant to receive an Oscar in the midst of the #MeToo movement? We’re not quite sure.

Long time Boston Herald columnist and NBC Boston contributor Steve Buckley (@BuckinBoston) joined Leddy. Leddy’s and Buckley go way back as he was my father’s and uncle’s baseball coach in Cambridge in the 70s. While I never got those baseball talents, it was interesting to hear about the Cambridge of old. We also discussed the Oldtime

WEEI’s controversial host Alex Reimer ( @AlexReimer1) joined Leddy on our 8th episode. The elephant in the room obviously was Alex’s comments regarding Tom Brady’s daughter a few days before the Super Bowl. However it is time to move on, because if TB12 can forgive him so should we. Maybe if he wasn’t a Natick guy

Fellow Plymouth State Panther Mike Grinnell joins Leddy on the 7th edition of Get The Ledd Out. Grinnell (@MikeGrinnell_) is a producer/host for the Barstool Sports podcast “Spittin’ Chiclets” while also blogging on college hockey. We didn’t talk much hockey, it was still a great time. Us big brained Plymouth guys are very pliable in’s CUT4 reporter/writer Jessica Kleinschmidt joins Get The Ledd Out on their 5th episode! Kleinshmidt joins Leddy and guest host Weston to talk about the Hall of Fame and the Yankees/Red Sox off seasons. Plus, we talk about the Marlins rebuild and the Cleveland Indians logo controversy. The MLB season needs to start… like soon.

Rolling Stone once said D2 football hero Ike Igbinosun had the 8th most unpronounceable name in the NFL. @IkeIgbinosun improbable journey to the NFL started at Southern Connecticut State University. Now he joins the show to talk some football and various topics around the NFL.  Plus, Leddy WAS able to get his name right by the end

Super Bowl Champion Antoine McClain joined Leddy and Amac to talk about his career at Clemson, the NFL, current life. He also gave us his thoughts on the College Football Playoff Championship game and Super Bowl prediction. Later on we discussed the Isaiah Thomas vs Paul Pierce controversy, the NFL playoff picture, and how Oprah

The debut episode of Get The Ledd out with hosts Colin Leddy and Amac. These Natick legends (self-proclaimed) discuss various topics around the NFL, especially the horrid Cleveland Browns. To say the least, Leddy is not their biggest fans. Also Lavar Ball’s new basketball league is discussed. Full details available on this edition of Get The

OJ Simpson is one of the most controversial figures in American history. Leddy was able to converse with the man who currently represents him, Malcolm Lavergne. The much anticipated interview with OJ Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm Lavergne (@SinCityAttorney) is finally here. He had some harsh words for the Goldman family, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Judge

Oakland Raiders OL Ian Silberman (UF/BC Alum) joins Leddy (@Ledds12) and guest co-host Jack Howarth. Mark Davis’ horrible hair is introduced and Jon Gruden’s impact is discussed. Plus, the evil Roger Goodell and his contract demands were brought into play. Fair to say Ian is not his biggest fan. In addition, the interesting comments made