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Matt Ribaudo recently had the opportunity to gather content at Supply Side West where he was able to discuss some of the patented ingredients for some of the more well known products in the supplement industry. On this episode we sit down with Dr. Nigel Gericke to dive into his research and development of a

Dr. Shawn Watson is one of the leading researchers in cognitive decline. He is a Neuroscientist and Chief Executive Officer at Senescence Life Sciences located in Singapore. He was able to provide us some insight as to what causes cognitive decline and how an individual can be proactive in prevention.

Stadium Blitz is an interactive obstacle course which provides teams the opportunity to experience their favorite professional sporting arenas in a new and unique way. For this episode Matt Ribaudo attended the final stadium blitz event out of Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Buccaneers. This event was attended by Rob Gronkowski

Dr. Itay Shafat sits down with our host Matt Ribaudo in Sunny Las Vegas during the Supply Side West show to discuss his involvement with Phosphatidylserine (better known as PS) and it’s effects on the developing brain.

Matt Ribaudo sets us up for a season in the zone. Join us regularly for a look into the various perspectives from neuroscientists to professional athletes in regard to brain and overall health.

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