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Hoppy Easter Quarantiners! We decided to revisit a time when friends could be closer than 6ft, in this never-before-heard episode from before the show was–a show? Yeah. Thats right. It’s an EXCLUSIVE. We also follow up on our 6Pack Fitness challenge. Stay Safe Friends! Cheers <3

Quarantine got you crazy? Us too. Luckily we have our health AND a few tips on how to help out your local breweries during these trying times. Whats the weirdest thing you’ve been doing in your house? Let us know on social media. Take our “6Pack Fitness Challenge.” Live Call W/Producah BrettyD TWO MUSICAL PERFORMANCES!!

SURPRISE EPISODE!! (cuz we got sponsors!) Corona got you quarantined? Yes or No? Instructions: Yes? Here’s an episode for you! Woohoo!! No? Wtf are you DOING!? Get quarantined…then see instructions for “Yes” option. We make an unreal comeback during the apocalypse of the century…and hopefully the decade. 2020 is weird. WEIRD.

Owwwwwwww!!! *Authentic movie-quality wolf sound* Barewolf Brewing sure is a lot to…HOWL about..haha (I hate me too) We may have found Emmas favorite place in the world, besides the “home” section in target. Ryan hates people in the gym with pencils. YOU have to settle a disagreement about a beer name pun.

Yes M’Lord! Thank You M’Lord! That’s what you’ll be saying after visiting the juxtaposition that is Lord Hobo Brewing Co. We sampled their delicious offerings and sacrificed our waistlines to make sure you know exactly how much of their food is too much.. PLUS Find out why Ryan’s wearing eyeliner, Emma is transforming into a

It’s Oktoberfest!! Grab your Lederhosen, squeeze into that ol’ Dirndl and get ready to party like were snorting zinc off of each others schwänze!  (it’s a thing apparently idk–you’ll see.) This week we get to experience a trip to Oktoberfest! A magical place, that everyone has drunkenly talked about visiting  while standing in their garage

SEASON 2 IS HERE BABY!! Damn it’s good to be back! (Shoutout to for giving our show some life!) We take a trip to Raleigh NC. to experience the most draft taps in a single restaurant IN THE WORLD. Yeah, we went there. Maybe even peaked a little early but we had to do it–for

You’ve heard of Instagram Obv. You know, the photo sharing app that’s ruining everybody’s lives? Well this isn’t that at all. This is Graham Rissel. Our hysterical, foul mouthed, Ed-Sheeran-lookin, Beer-slangin-ass, friend. We try some beers from Graham’s home state of CT. As well as take our friend out for the night at a local

How’s you hangover?? Yeah. Same.   Anyways! We reviewed Guinness this week and dive a little into the history of Ryan’s self proclaimed Favorite Beer!! Do we Have our first 5 star beer here on IDYD!? You’ll have to find out. PLUS Ryan and Emma celebrate 2 years of dating with a little questionnaire.

Quick lil something to take the edge off, you know what we’re saying? Of course you do. You get us.   This is the morning after edition of our Sights-on-Flights episode in which, our guest, JO recaps some of his proudest moments on the pod and gives us some sober (hungover) insight as to who

Oh..God this was a bad idea. We let our good friend, the supremely talented, Jordan Aucella aka: “JO” turn 21 on our show! We play a casino-style game. Sample a flight of potential future features And explore ASMR. (again) This isn’t our usual cup a tea, we know. But then again–we don’t drink tea on

BONE UP BREWING CO. IN DA HOUSE!!! Jared and Liz Kiraly, Owners and Head Brewers of Bone Up Brewing Company, Join the show to share with us what it’s like to run a brewery together. -We talk Hidden Hippos. -Niche trivia. -Play CRAFT or FICTION -Reveal some Exclusive NEW BEERS -Laugh. -Share stories…and drink a lot.

Featured Brewing Co. “From The Barrel,” is our BEER OF THE WEEK. Reviewer of ALL things @Bostonboro joins the show to play a new game called: “TRUTH or BEER” Information on how to get your FREE Official “I’ll Drink You Drive,” stickers!! Cheers!

TreeHouse Brewing Co. Beers are featured as this weeks, “BEER OF THE WEEK.” and they get us..pretty hammered honestly. This ones a doozy. My brother Jake (the Seaman) Bartlett joins the show to play a new game called, “Craft or Fiction.” -Find out why Emma has a bizarre obsession with TBS television star.. Adrian Monk?

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