Cannabis has replaced a historically racist term called marijuana. Whether you call it weed, pot and grass, mary jane, or herb, Cannabis is a natural plant that is made up of thousands of chemicals that science has now proven interacts with the human body in many beneficial ways. For years outlawed internationally and in the US, it is now legal in 8 states, and 29 states have some kind of medical program for patients. Recently the World Health Organization has agreed to review it's status in a hearing in June in Geneva and the FDA of the US is seeking information from the public.   In The Weeds talks about all the things that are driving the growth of one of the hottest industries on the planet.  Massachusetts is the first east coast state to legalize the controversial substance, and a member of that state's medical program is broadcast veteran Jimmy Young who hosts In The Weeds. Jimmy is a card carrying member of the medical program in his home state of and he gains knowledge by interviewing some of the most respected experts in the field...and in the fields of Cannabis.

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Lance Kreck has served his country for over a decade in the US Army’s Green Berets. After a training accident ended his military career, he has turned to cannabis for his next venture. Recently his Hemp CBD company Hippie Hemp company had to close because of the coronavirus. Now Lance is telling his story on

He’s a filmmaker, producer, activist, creator, director…he’s M. Omari Jackson and he calls himself the “Ganjactivist!” What is that? Jamaica and cannabis are forever related, now with international markets opening is that island nation ready to become the center of the cannabis business universe? Check out his story on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young.

Weed in baggies used to be the only way marijuana was supplied and shared. Now legalization has spurred regulations for child proof containers. That’s opened the door for many companies in the proper packaging industry. Calyx containers is one of the leaders in this space, and it’s not just about recycling that drives its delivery. It’s making

Imagine you’ve proccurred a location and a cherished host community agreement for a dispensary of cannabis in Massachusetts, now, you’ve applied for your license and they need a certificate of Insurance, but no one wants to insure your company, where do you go? More and more insurers are finding their way into the cannabis business, and Charles River Insurance

So you want to get into the cannabis business? You think you are going to invest your hard earned cash, and then get an immediate 100 times the return on your investment? Think again Crazy Kush guy! This is not an easy time to be an investor in any sector of business, and cannabis is

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