Cannabis has replaced a historically racist term called marijuana. Whether you call it weed, pot and grass, mary jane, or herb, Cannabis is a natural plant that is made up of thousands of chemicals that science has now proven interacts with the human body in many beneficial ways. For years outlawed internationally and in the US, it is now legal in 8 states, and 29 states have some kind of medical program for patients. Recently the World Health Organization has agreed to review it's status in a hearing in June in Geneva and the FDA of the US is seeking information from the public.   In The Weeds talks about all the things that are driving the growth of one of the hottest industries on the planet.  Massachusetts is the first east coast state to legalize the controversial substance, and a member of that state's medical program is broadcast veteran Jimmy Young who hosts In The Weeds. Jimmy is a card carrying member of the medical program in his home state of and he gains knowledge by interviewing some of the most respected experts in the field...and in the fields of Cannabis.

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In Las Vegas on location for MJBIZCON. The biggest cannabis convention in the world. PCM will be reporting and conducting interviews with the movers and shakers in the business. More Vaping issues in Massachusetts as 2 more commence operation licenses get released. Jimmy Young reports all week from Nevada.

Cold weather, wind, rain and snow didn’t stop hundreds of people lining up for Michigan’s first day of Adult Use cannabis sales in Ann Arbor. Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts backs off his 4 month ban, but cannabis vaping is still in the hands of the Cannabis Control Commission. Plus this week’s In The Weeds with

In News Dabs with Jimmy Young  this week, the house judiciary committee holds a historic hearing and vote in DC, and cannabis’s schedule one classification is on fumes. One year into adult use sales of cannabis has ended in the Bay State and while many projections were not met, the industry is delivering one million

Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts may have gone about his 4 month vaping ban the wrong way according to the courts, in reality, the ban continues and small business owners like Carolines of Uxbridge are hurting.

On this week’s News Dabs with JImmy Young, he introduces the Green Nurse, Sherri Tutkus as a guest co-anchor. Massachusetts is now in its 2 second month of a vaping ban, and it’s back to court for medicinal patients, or up to Maine to get their cartridges. Plus, coverage from two events in Worcester. The

All over the U.S. Women have carved out a significant space in the Cannabis Industry. Maine’s Patricia Rosi is one of its most respected leaders, and according to some, she is one of the most powerful. . CEO of Wellness Connection in Maine, Rosi leads a staff of 80, as Maine transitions from Medical to Recreational

On News Dabs with Jimmy Young this week, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker isn’t making any friends in the vaping industry, and now hemp farmers are really upset that the state has changed it’s regulations regarding hemp and CBD. It may just be the first year of legal adult use of cannabis in the bay state

Boston Massachusetts was the place for the 2019 Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo at the Hynes Auditorium. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors ventured into the city to hear from Cannabis advocates and leaders in the emerging Cannabis Industry. One of the most anticipated keynote speakers featured was Attorney James Smith of, Smith,

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker wins another court battle to keep his vaping ban alive, Rev Clinics sues the City of Cambridge, Weedmaps lays hoss 25% of their workforce, and Burns and Levinson’s Frank Segall previews their 3rd annual State of Cannabis event those are the stories of the week on News Dabs in Massachusetts.

A month ago you probably hadn’t heard of CBD Medic, but when you sign on one of the most recognized NFL players in the past 20 years, Rob Gronkowski, your public profile changes fast! Perry Antelman is the CEO of Abacus and CBD Medic, and he explains how getting Gronk on board as an endorser

A woman in her 60’s has died from lung disease associated with vaping, but the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is with holding information about cause of death. Rudy Giuliani who is a member of the Presidents’ legal team, watched two of his associates from the Ukraine get arrested for allegedly donating money to influence

California’s Steve DeAngelo has led the battle to overturn cannabis prohibition in that state, now Chairman Emeritus of Harborside, a vertically integrated California cannabis company, he is taking on his next challenge, purging the US Prison system of all those people who have been incarcerated for cannabis crimes. It’s called The Last Prisoner Project, and he

Governor Baker’s Vaping ban wins in court, and the Vaping community is stunned by the first reported death in the Bay State. This story broke after we had recorded this week’s News Dabs. The 60 something woman from Hampton County was among the 121 suspected cases reported to Massachusetts health officials since early September. PCM

Bruce Linton is one man who needs no introduction in the cannabis business world. The canadian entrepreneur helped build Canopy Growth into the biggest publicly traded cannabis company in the world. He’s cut many million dollar deals, and earlier this year, he was relieved of his CEO duties for Canopy, but now he’s on his

Getting the banks open to the cannabis industry takes a major step, or is it? The City of Cambridge may be a hero in the social equity world, but they have no friends in among the medical dispensaries, and Jamaica claims the best place to grown cannabis, but can regulations and the Rastafarians work together

We took the show on the road to Can Ex in Jamaica, where everyone is talking Cannabis. We sat down with Dr Uma Dhanabalan, a previous guest of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, and learn what Can Ex is all about. Stay tuned for more episodes from Jamaica with Jimmy and Curt as they

A host agreement in MA without a location? It happened and could be a precedent for Social Equity applicants in the Bay State.  Two more dispensaries open in Massachusetts, as sales hit another milestone, and the 30th annual Freedom Rally hits the common. On News Dabs this week those stories plus the first Boston Cannabis

Outspoken, passionate, and opinionated, that describes former Sensi Magazine editor Dan McCarthy, now the Director of Communication for What is a cannapreneur partner? Ask Dan, and listen to Curt Dalton and Jimmy Young in another excerpt from Weed Talk Live, a monthly live talk show on Pro Cannabis Media.

Updates from Boston Cannabis Week, Vaping challenges explained, The US House of Representatives gets close to opening the banks and more from this week’s News Dabs. Featuring New Orleans Correspondent Elizabeth Damron.

The co-founder of Boston Cannabis Week Scott Bettano in studio for this week’s In The Weeds with Jimmy Young. 6 days of events all around the Boston area including the next Weed Talk Live with Curt and Jimmy on Thursday Sept. 19th – 8-10PM. It all culminates with the 30th annual Freedom Rally on Boston

Fall river Mayor gets his hand slapped in the weed jar! CDC says stop Vaping! A preview of Boston Cannabis week all in this week’s News Dabs.

Investing in cannabis is always a high risk/reward proposition and before you put out one dollar, you have to listen to David Rabinovitz, an experienced financial consultant for the cannabis industry. What part of the cannabis business is the most stable area to put your hard earned money. Another excerpt from Weed Talk Live with

Treating joint pain with CBD? That’s what Seth Ginsberg talks about in his interview with Curt Dalton and Jimmy Young from Weed Talk Live. The founder of Creaky Joints and Executive Director of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, Ginsberg just released a study “Patients’ Perceptions and Use of Medical Marijuana.”. He talks with us and Dan

Known for his years of fighting for legalization of cannabis, Steve DeAngelo sits down with us to talk about his experiences on the front lines of the cannabis movement with Jimmy and Curt on this edition of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young!

In this week’s special “crossover” podcast of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young and The Canna Mom Show with Joyce Gerber, we welcome Louisiana’s PCM correspondent, Elizabeth Damron, to discuss the history made down in the Bayou. Liz was there to not just cover the opening of the first medical dispensary, but she was personally

Jimmy interviews a mover and shaker in the world of weed from Pistil & Stigma, a consulting firm working with organizations in public, private, and nonprofit sectors on groundbreaking policy issues nationwide. Shoshanna Silverberg and Jimmy discuss the leadership roles of women in the emerging cannabis industry, banking reforms, social equity, and the difference between

Financial analyst David Rabinovitz joins In The Weeds host Jimmy Young to launch a new podcast on the birth of the Pro Cannabis Media network. The history of cannabis, the margins of profits available, the challenges of regulation a live plant, and the future trading in the commodity universe in this edition of In The

Finishing our In The Weeds LIVE! series, we continue our discussion with Curt Dalton to see where the field of cannabis might be heading in the future, and discuss one future tech invention that is already taking the field by storm.

Continuing our coverage of the In The Weeds LIVE! event, we shift our focus to how cannabis has changed the world around us in various ways. From the government passing new legislation to dispensaries popping up across the country in an ever growing legalization turn. We sit down with Curt Dalton of to take

Aja Atwood is a revolutionary inventor, who alongside Trella Technologies, have created a device that grows plants horizontally. Revolutionizing the growing industry, this device can grow everything from tomatoes to lettuce and even cannabis! We sit down with Aja to discuss this breakthrough for not only the cannabis industry, but for the farming industry as