Cannabis has replaced a historically racist term called marijuana. Whether you call it weed, pot and grass, mary jane, or herb, Cannabis is a natural plant that is made up of thousands of chemicals that science has now proven interacts with the human body in many beneficial ways. For years outlawed internationally and in the US, it is now legal in 8 states, and 29 states have some kind of medical program for patients. Recently the World Health Organization has agreed to review it's status in a hearing in June in Geneva and the FDA of the US is seeking information from the public.   In The Weeds talks about all the things that are driving the growth of one of the hottest industries on the planet.  Massachusetts is the first east coast state to legalize the controversial substance, and a member of that state's medical program is broadcast veteran Jimmy Young who hosts In The Weeds. Jimmy is a card carrying member of the medical program in his home state of and he gains knowledge by interviewing some of the most respected experts in the field...and in the fields of Cannabis.

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So you’ve received your medicinal cannabis card, and got some advice from a patient advocate, now hear from an expert, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan. She is one of 43 certified medical experts on cannabis in the country where she is a sought after speaker at conventions and in front of legislatures. Now in part 3 of

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan is one of 43 certified cannabis experts in the US. She lectures and speaks in front of political bodies, different countries, and hundreds of cannabis conventions. Now she’s on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young. The 2nd of 4 episodes/podcasts.

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan is one of just 43 certified medical experts on cannabis. She has been treating thousands of patients with alternative medicines and with cannabis for years. She educates, gives anecdotal scientific evidence, and basically knows this weed inside and out. This is part 1 of 4 of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young

Why does one person get wasted from an edible, and another person gets no effect? It’s called the entourage effect and it explains why one person can handle their weed and there are others who can’t. Chris Liska is a scientist and the manufacturing manager for ACS a medical marijuana dispensary in Bridgewater MA and

Chris Liska is the manufacturing manager at Alternative Compassion Services in Bridgewater. He turns cannabis into whatever he wants too. The entourage effect, why does one person handle their cannabis better than the other? Chris attempts to explain the chemistry behind the plant on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young from ACS in Bridgewater.

Leafly’s Adam Cavanaugh continues his conversation with Jimmy Young. There are so many different aspects that will develop once adult use of cannabis begins for everyone in the Bay State. Adam gives some insight into it’s growth and projections.

Leafly is the number one cannabis information source on the planet, and that includes Planet California! Plenty of eyes are on Massachusetts, as the Bay State continues to handle a flurry of activity in preparation to become the first East Coast state to legalize cannabis. Joining Jimmy Young on In The Weeds is, Adam Cavanaugh.

27 year old Eric Martin is retired from pro football after 3 concussions. The outside linebacker went to Nebraska as an under grad and played in the CFL and NFL. He earned a Super Bowl 49 ring with the NE Patriots in 2015. Now advocating for cannabis reform, he says the plant saved his life

Massachusetts may not have an adult use shop open yet, but all the biggest names in the industry will be here when it happens. The #1 brand in cannabis is Leafly. It too has set up shop in the Bay State with a GM named Adam Cavanaugh. He joins In The Weeds with Jimmy Young

Sensi Magazine’s Richard Guerra has been to ten Freedom Rally’s or Hempfest, in Boston, first as a BU student, and now an Associate Publisher for Sensi Magazine,. So what did he think of the annual celebration of the cannabis culture in the Bay State?  Based in Denver Colorado now, how long did it take that

How many times has In The Weeds with Jimmy Young heard a guest talk about how cannabis has changed their life? PTSD, epileptic seizures, nausea from cancer, anxiety, and chronic pain are all symptoms that cannabis can improve now that there are medicinal programs in 41 states in the US. Sherri Tutkus tells her story

As cannabis becomes a political issue, more and more candidates have to clarify their stance on the new legalization efforts and actions in the Bay State of Massachusetts. Donna Patalano is a democratic candidate for the Middlesex DA position and she explains her stance on cannabis as a candidate and as a parent.

Bob Carp wrote the book on how to get into the cannabis industry. What are the challenges in the latest state to go legal, Massachusetts? Part of the Bay State’s law is to give second chances to those who have been jailed for past cannabis offenses. Bob Carp calls that “window dressing.”

In this episode of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, author and attorney Robert Carp, calls out the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission for “dropping the ball”as they miss their self imposed deadline for adult use or recreational sale of cannabis in the state He also calls the “social action” elements of the new law “window

On this episode of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is Robert Carp, one of the foremost legal authorities on the legalization of cannabis in the United States. He has written the industry bible called the Marijuana Operations Guide that guides you through the financing, licensing, and taxation issues you will face in opening your

Robert Carp is a local attorney in the Boston, MA area who is nationally respected author who wrote the #1 cannabis business book on Amazon called “The Marijuana Operations Guide”. He joins In The Weeds with Jimmy Young on this episode to discuss his background, how he got into the, and how you can get

In Episode 28 and the final part of the podcast In The Weeds with Jimmy Young & Kamani Jefferson, the conversation turns to the concept of the cannabis social club. The Cannabis Commission put their licensing duties on hold for another 6 months, but that didn’t stop one from opening, privately in Worcester Massachusetts.

In Part 3 of #27 podcast of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, cannabis lobbyist Komani Jefferson of the MA Recreational Consumer Council talks with Jimmy about the challenge the industry is having with banking and credit unions in the Bay State. Komani plugs his 7-10 event in Boston on July 10th that you can

In Part 2 of the 26th podcast of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, the conversation with Kamani Jefferson, the President of the Massa chusetts Recreational Consumer Council turns to the simple fact that weed is here to stay. Can this state make it work? When will people accept the culture of cannabis and move

Episode 1 of 4 of this podcast of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Kamani Jefferson is the President of the Massachusetts Recreational consumer council. He is passionate about spreading the gospel about the benefits of cannabis in the Bay State. He is a lobbyist for this new industry and he travels the state talking

In this podcast, host Jimmy Young learns about hemp, topicals, and many other uses of the cannabis plant that is all the rage in wellness and pain management. Alex Brandon from Ralph’s Organic Garden in Cambridge explains how the anti inflammatory component in cannabis (CBD) can be infused into an organic balm that can help

In Podcast 7 Episode 23 of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is Maggie Kinsella, the press secretary for, the Massachusetts affiliate for NORML. Just one of the topics talked about in this episode is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis, and which is the better choice for Massachusetts’ farmers. What about the future

On In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is Maggie Kinsella, the press secretary of MASS CANN, the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Maggie talks about the next steps in the bay state’s adult use of cannabis laws. How active is the agrarian community of Massachusetts in cannabis

In Podcast 7 Episode 21 In the latest edition of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Maggie Kinsella from the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is in studio to talk about the next steps in the bay state’s adult use of cannabis laws. Maggie is the press

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined again by Dr. Jordan Tishler to continue to talk about the use of Cannabis. In this part of his interview, Jimmy and Dr. Tishler talk about the different ways to ingest Cannabis. Should you Vape? Smoke? Eat it? Drops? Even capsules? Surprisingly Dr. Tishler warns you about

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined by Julia Wentworth the General Manager of Garden Remedies in Newton Mass. So what’s inside the Cannabis that is available in dispensaries, and what will happen on July 1, when adult use is open to the public. Garden Remedies checks and tests it’s product many times before releasing

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined by Julia Wentworth the General Manager of Garden Remedies in Newton Mass. So what’s it like to visit a dispensary for the first time? Julia takes you through the process and explains how your own personal history with Cannabis doesn’t change the treatment you get when you

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined by Julia Wentworth the General Manager of Garden Remedies a medical marijuana dispensary in Newton, Mass. Julia talks about how her dispensary differentiates itself from others with product and services also based on patient advocacy.  Dr. Karen Munkacy the principal at the dispensary is a cancer survivor who

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young and Dr. Jordan Tishler of continues. What is the endocannabinoid system and how does it work with the active chemicals in the Cannabis plant, THC and CBD?  Science and research continues on this amazing plant and Dr. Tishler explains how these chemicals work and which one is the psycho-active component and

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young continues to talk with Dr. Jordan Tishler of  In this podcast, they look at the role of the patient advocate or “Bud Tender”. He compares their training to a “Starbucks barista”. Pharmacists, Nurses, Doctors all go through years of training before they practice medicine. He talks about how the Cannabis

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young sits down with one of the featured speakers at the New England Cannabis Convention, Dr. Jordan Tishler. Dr. Tishler is a graduate of Harvard College, and Harvard Medical School and has set up a practice in Brookline Mass called There Dr. Tishler will sit down with patients and work

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young takes you to the floor of the New England Cannabis Convention that took place in March in Boston, MA at the Hynes Auditorium. There Jimmy ran into an old friend’s brother named Stuart Zakim from the MJBA, a business association out of New York that specializes in the Cannabis

In the second part of Jimmy Young’s interview with Keith Cooper CEO of Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville, Keith reacts to the Massachusetts Cannabis Commissions regulations regarding the adult use of Cannabis starting on July 1. He talks about the battle some towns and cities have with the acceptance of available Cannabis for the public in each

In this episode of In the Weeks with Jimmy Young, he talks with Keith Cooper, CEO of Revolutionary clinics in Somervile, Massachusetts. Massachusetts is one of 29 states in the US that has a medical marijuana program, but one of only 8 that have legalized Cannabis for adult use.  The State Cannabis Control Commission has worked

In the final episode of In the Weeds with Jimmy Young, he talks with Rob Durante and Beth Dost, they continue to explain how Cannabis works, and how the medical field has accepted the use of the Cannabis plant. Beth explains how the Department of Public Health is violating patients rights by identifying who has

Eat it, smoke it, dab it under your tongue, there are so many ways to ingest Cannabis, and In the Weeds talks about the dangers of self dosing, and the use of edibles. What to do if you find yourself too high? Find out when Beth Dost and Rob Durante of MedWell clinics explain the

Death by alcohol is a fact, death with Cannabis has never happened also a fact. What is THC? What is CBD? Rob Durante and Beth Dost from the MedWell Clinics in Brockton, Brookline, Somerville join Jimmy Young in studio. Beth is a registered nurse and Chief Clinical officer explains how the cannabinoid system works inside

In the final podcast of the pilot series of 3 parts, Erik Williams from the Revolutionary Clinics and Will and Way consulting. joins  Jimmy Young to talk about the Opiod crisis in the US, and the role Cannabis can play, and has played in fighting the epidemic. Erik and Jimmy also talk about the struggle

Driving under the influence, just one of the subjects discussed with Erik Williams who continues his interview with host Jimmy Young. Erik explains the entourage effect and how the body reacts to using Cannabis.  Erik talks about the differences from one dispensary to the next, and what differentiates the Revolutionary Clinics from other medical dispensaries

Premier pilot episode, in studio guest is Erik Williams of the Will and Way Consulting group out of Connecticut. Erik travels the country to add his Cannabis business consulting and expertise. In Massachusetts he is involved with the Revolutionary Clinics as a communications liaison. Erik Williams is one of the most respected, and knowledgeable consultants