Here you will learn all about your kiddo's development, get recommendations for educational toys/products, and learn fun and easy activities to try at home to foster your child's growth and development! I also offer a mini-course called "Weaning Essentials" for new parents looking for ALL the pertinent info regarding transitioning your baby from milk to solid foods in a way that fosters a healthy and efficient eater!

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To all of my first-time parents, these are three important soul lessons that I learned “the hard way”, and that I want to help you avoid. This will help you on your path to conscious parenting, or intentional parenting while providing positive parenting tips.  ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ Subscribe to the

In this episode, I’m helping parents discover social-emotional learning in children and how your relationship directly impacts your child’s social-emotional development. I’ll also share how you can help your little one thrive! ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ Subscribe to the Kids OT Help YouTube Channel: ▶▶▶▶ :::::::::Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶ ▶▶▶ Join the

In this episode, I am discussing some really huge social-emotional developmental milestones that are emerging between 4 and 5 years old. These major milestones can help you navigate more complex conversations with your kiddo, and foster emotional intelligence development. #socialemotionallearning #emotionalintelligenceforkids #socialemotionaldevelopment ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ ▶▶SUBSCRIBE To The Kids OT

It’s time to get very real, and have a talk that is long overdue. I hope you will join me in hearing what I believe will create the change so many of us are desperately seeking. How much do black lives matter to you? ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ ▶▶SUBSCRIBE To The

Does your baby hate tummy time? Learn 4 common reasons why and what you can do to help your baby enjoy this critical developmental activity. Learn how to help your baby LOVE tummy time with my Transforming Tummy Time course ▶ ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ ▶▶▶▶:::::::::Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶ Subscribe to the

Learn how to successfully implement a self-care routine, with some excellent self-care tips from Dr. K, a Naturopathic Physician that specializes in everyday mental health. This episode provides practical tips on how to improve your mental health while also exploring why self-care is so important. ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ or email

Have you heard the term conscious parenting? Not sure what conscious parenting is and want to learn more about the concept? In today’s video, I am explaining what this means to me and how the term intentional parenting (conscious parenting) has changed me forever. #intentionalparenting #mindfulparenting #consciousparenting ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶

In this episode, I want to share a few important lessons I have learned over the past few months, being pregnant during this pandemic. It has really helped to shift my thoughts and how I perceive our current reality.    ▶▶ Want to work with me?? ▶▶ ▶▶SUBSCRIBE To The Kids OT Help YouTube

Does your child have sensory processing disorder? In this episode, we dive into sensory processing disorder in the vestibular sensory system. For More Tips, Check Out The Rest of The Sensory System Series HERE:  ▶▶▶▶:::::::::Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶ ▶▶▶ Join the Kids OT Help Facebook Group for more FREE resources- ▶▶▶Insta – ▶▶▶Follow Rachel

In today’s episode, we explore 3 commonly believed myths about breastfeeding that could be hindering you! I’m breaking down the truth behind and what you need to know to experience success in your breastfeeding journey. Looking for CREDIBLE info on Breastfeeding, Increasing Your Supply & How to Be Successful? Check Out These Tips vs Commonly

In this episode, we share effective strategies to help you protect your mental health, and keep your family unit strong during the Covid-19 pandemic. Maintaining mental health is equally as important as maintaining your physical health. I’m joined by a Marriage and Family Therapist to discuss tools you can implement to help you through these

Looking for tips on how to deal with tantrums in toddlers? This interview will give you effective tips to deal with tantrums and big emotions that align with conscious parenting. Setting boundaries in parenting while also validating feelings can certainly foster positive child development in our little ones. View today’s episode here: ▶▶▶▶:::::::::Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶

Starting Baby Led Weaning? These are my 3 tips for any parent before beginning. As a pediatric feeding specialist I believe these are key to a solid start! Did you miss the masterclass? I’ve got another helpful resource for you! Learn the Major Feeding Milestones your little one will master on their way to becoming

Wondering when to start tummy time? In this video, I am breaking down when you should really start tummy time and how to get started! Learn how to help your baby LOVE tummy time with my Transforming Tummy Time course ▶ Today’s episode can be watched here: ▶▶▶▶::::::::: Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶ ▶▶▶Insta –

In this episode, we are diving into Baby Led Weaning. You will learn what exactly it is, and the developmental benefits it offers so you can make an informed decision as to whether it is a good fit for your baby. To see this episode’s video, click here:   ▶▶▶▶:::::::::Follow Me::::::::::::::::::::▶▶▶▶ ▶▶▶ Subscribe to

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