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Lonzo Ball has covered his Big Ball Brand tattoo! Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Kobe Bryant finally speaks about the Lakers trade rumors and future! Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Is LeBron James the real problem for the Lakers lackluster season? Hosted: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly contemplated trading away LeBron James after just one season with team! Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Now that the Lakers season is essentially over what is next for the Los Angeles Lakers? Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

After the latest loss to the Phoenix Suns we discuss if LeBron James should still be considered the best player in the NBA or not. Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Comparing the career’s of both Tom Brady and LeBron James to determine who is the G.O.A.T of this generation! Hosted by: Devon Lloyd – @DLloydTV

There are currently a lot of speculation about just who the Lakers can get to help LeBron James this summer but will it actually happen? Hosted by: Devon Lloyd – @DLloydTV

With Anthony Davis officially requesting a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans should the Los Angeles Lakers go all out in trying to trade for him? Hosted by: Devon Lloyd – @DLloydTV

Kobe Bryant has now officially been passed by LeBron James in the most all star votes received in NBA History! Hosted by: @DLloydTV

LeBron James has resumed shooting and could be closer to returning the the court. Hosted by: DLloydTV

LeBron James speaks on his groin injury! Hosted by: @DLloydTV

LeBron James wants to play with both Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers Hosted by: @DLloydTV

ESPN has reported Kawhi Leonard still “has his sights” on Los Angeles but is it with the Lakers? Hosted by: @DLloydTV

LeBron James talks about the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope trade rumors. Hosted by: @DLloydTV

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