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Famed political consultant and current pollster and Professor from Emerson College on why Nevada may hold the key for Democrats plan to retake House   Don’t crown the Democrats as lords of the House just yet. Noted pollster and Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball is eyeballing a key battle site for the war for the

Pennsylvania was a key state in 2016.  What will be its impact in the 2018 mid-terms?   Nothing seems to be stopping the blue wave this November.  On face value, the Democrats are more determined, more motivated, and more unified behind a common purpose (and common enemy.) The Republican party, which has been fractured for

As many look ahead to the November mid-terms, recent primaries are showing an ideological shift in the Republican party   Another Tuesday is bringing forth yet another string of electoral primaries in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennsylvania here in our cherished American republic. And while many astute political observers are looking forward to this November’s

Republicans & President Trump vehemently oppose Don Blankenship bid in West Virginia in an effort to prevent a redux of Roy Moore.  Emerson College professor Spencer Kimball recaps the May 8th primaries and previews the May 15 races in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly oniTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network

The only relevant polling agency to venture into #AZ08 — Emerson Polling nails another Special Election   Debbie Lesko and the Republicans have held off Hiral Tipirneni and the Democratic blue wave in Arizona.  But that’s not the story. Emerson Polling — the nation’s most accurate poll — has perfectly pinpointed yet another Congressional Special

Emerson Polling has more bad news for Donald Trump. New poll shows Democrats ahead in Arizona.   A stunning new poll has been released by one of the most reputable polling agencies in the nation.  And it definitely won’t make President Donald Trump too happy: Emerson Polling has the all-important congressional seat in the 8th district of

Spearsy and Jen with One N decide to take a break from the ’80s and honor the nostalgia of two years outside our beloved decade. It’s our “Spring Fling” episode. Steve honors 1976 while Jen reps 1991. Stuck in the ’80s has partnered with HelloFresh to help you make better meals in 2018. Save $30

The question many Americans, including President Donald Trump himself seemingly ask every day is: Will China eventually surpass America as the global hegemon? They may have already.  And of all things, video games, may be leading the way. A new survey provided by Emerson Polling has full details on the public opinion of citizens both

BREAKING: Dow Jones down another 500 points and America is ‘broke’ according to former Ronald Reagan Budget Director.  A new poll from Emerson Polling shows Donald Trump favorability ratings sinking fast.   The nation is now seeing the after-effects of Donald Trump and his decision to lay trade tariffs on China.  Trump himself is now

Jimmy Young’s former NECN cohost Mikey Adams joins the show. Jimmy & Mikey reminisce about NECN & WEEI, and discuss how the media’s portrayal of Marijuana has changed from when they broke into the industry to now. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the

President Donald Trump has called NAFTA the worst trade agreement in the history of the world.   A new poll from Emerson Polling pertains public sentiment from both citizens of the United States of America and Canada on free trade and NAFTA. President Donald Trump, a longtime critic of NAFTA, who on numerous occasions has

Emerson Polling has a new marijuana legalization data conducted by Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball on the latest Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast   Marijuana legalization is seemingly taking the United States of America and Canada by storm.  And new data via Emerson Polling further suggest a seemingly overwhelming majority for some form of marijuana

Trends, data and public opinion polls show that age discrepancies, not party affiliation, determine support for marijuana legalization.  If the President Donald Trump rabid base supports marijuana legalization in America, despite Jeff Sessions comments, what does Trump do this summer?   Marijuana legalization is at the forefront of debate not just in the United States

Marijuana reform in not just the United States of American, but other NAFTA countries like Mexico and Canada is very well on the cusp of outright legalization.  Emerson College Professor and Emerson Polling pollster Spencer Kimball provides full analysis on the latest Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast as apart of Emerson Polling’s Marijuana March campaign.  What

A new poll from Emerson Polling has Democrat Conor Lamb with a stunning three point lead against Republican Rick Saccone.  In a district which Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016 — how shocking would this defeat for the GOP be and what are the implications for President Trump and the GOP? PODCAST

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