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In the wake of another round of Matt Lauer and Anthony Brown allegations, Max & Josue deep dive into the “#MeToo movement.”   As usual, a quarter of the way through the delicate and serious discussion, Max decided to throw ‘Sway another Cornbread curveball… we can stop there and you can hear for yourself.  

ORLANDO, FL — Max may be in Orlando but that’s not stopping him speaking his mind- what else is new? Today, Max and Josue intended to talk their “Influential People” in their lives. Josue lost control of Cedric and suddenly this turned into the Cedric Maxwell rant-cast.   Enjoy.

Recorded live from Boston, I caught up with 1981 NBA Finals MVP Cedric Maxwell and discussed the Celtics, dating life and much more. Wine: Apothic Red

Treating joint pain with CBD? That’s what Seth Ginsberg talks about in his interview with Curt Dalton and Jimmy Young from Weed Talk Live. The founder of Creaky Joints and Executive Director of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, Ginsberg just released a study “Patients’ Perceptions and Use of Medical Marijuana.”. He talks with us and Dan

The virtual lounge is open and you’re welcome inside to hear a discussion about the 2020 presidential campaign with long-time Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.  Shrum has spent more than 5 decades in politics.  He worked on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Al Gore, and Ted Kennedy. He provides incredible insight into Trump’s recent response

“What’s Wrong With Wrestling?” is powered by  Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% of your first sports book deposit added back. Best part is, it only takes minutes! Join our Patreon, Check out our Website, Follow us on Twitter, Like

“What’s Wrong With Wrestling?” is powered by  Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% of your first sports book deposit added back. Best part is, it only takes minutes! Join our Patreon, Check out our Website, Follow us on Twitter, Like

We experience media manipulation everyday, but how much do we really notice it? How do the things we read, think, & say impact our lives? Tune in to hear us discuss how words shape our world. Wine: Prayers of Sinners Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah

Mikey chats with his old co-worker John “Dino” Dennis about the start of his broadcasting career, his relationships with Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane, and his battle with alcoholism.

Thomas P O’Neill Has lived in the political trenches of Massachusetts both as a former lieutenant governor and in Washington D.C. now in the pr world, his name is associated with some of the biggest names, causes, and businesses in the Massachusetts area. As the cannabis business grows, so does his client base, and he

Why are so many Millennials struggling? What does it mean for the future of our generation? Do we really have to give up craft beer & avocado toast?? Tune in to hear us discuss the burdens & lifestyles that make us so different than those who’ve come before & after us. Wine: Jelly Jar Red

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Horford Happy Hour is powered by It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support my podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% cashback on first deposit! 10 years, 8 seasons, and the end of an era. This week, we’re discussing the near-masterpiece

We’re back – and this week, we’ve got a lot to talk about. We kick off the episode with our weeks in the arena. We then move swiftly through a few recent topics that happened in the game. Next, we bring back Boom it, or Moob it to discuss the recent balance changes. Then we

The NBA is down to it’s final four teams, and the Celtics are NOT one of them! Who should shoulder the blame in Boston, and what happens next for a team full of controversy. Plus, of the remaining four, can anybody catch the warriors? Plus, Alex Lebowitz’ Game Of Thrones Finale guesses, and thoughts on

Welcome back to an all-new edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! This week Dion Baia and J. Blake are covering a modern classic–a film they predict will one day be a ‘sleepover‘ staple for generations of future movie-loving kids. The guys are taking their sleepover time machine back to 2014 to tackle the Keanu Reeves

The guys talk Avengers: Endgame and give an update on the GOT Death Pool scores. They also get into depth on what the statute of limitations should be on spoilers.

Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon are back for episode 3 of The Cedric Maxwell Podcast. EPISODE TEASER: Ep3 of the Cedric Maxwell #Podcast is here. Today, Max is talking about @KingJames & his contributions to charity, social issues, etc. Max: “Anybody who would tarnish what #LeBron did defies logic to me…” FULL EP HERE:[email protected]

This week on CWTBG, Ryback is joined for the Wrestling Report by Matt Koon where they discuss Ryback’s thoughts on Wrestlemania, Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin, who Ryback is looking forward to watch and what he thinks of the build to Wrestlemania so far. Ryback is then joined by Asian Joe and JD for a

For years, we’ve been told that AI taking over would be the end of us all. It’s been the plot of a few movies, but apparently one article says that it’s not as scary as some might think. 0:00 Intro 1:30 Is Artificial Intelligence a good or bad thing? 4:15 A new study on automation

Raw 2/18/19 & SmackDown 2/19/19 recap! Join our Patreon, Check out our Website, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and Subscribe on YouTube!

The Super Bowl is in the rearview and The Bad Boys (who don’t smoke) have quit smoking once and for all. Also, a discussion about how good ‘Crashing’ S3 has been.

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Mr. Show, 24) 11:20 Where is Mary Lynn from? 28:22 Mary Lynn, Jenny and a homeless woman at The Improv 30:50 Mary Lynn thinks she’s going to quit acting 01:00:36 Mary Lynn breaks up the room 01:06:19 Patton Oswalt 01:19:00 The plugs Hey DC – go see Jenny live!! Follow us

The Bad Boys travel back in time to record an episode prior to its release. Also, have you heard about this James Corden guy?   WAGER ON THE SUPER BOWL WITH A 50% CASH BACK

2018 has proven itself to be a controversial & illuminating year. In this final episode of season 1, we discuss movements, music, movies, & what we most look forward to in 2019!

On this edition of Beats & Eats, host Ty Ray welcomes Craig Cohen from the Slycast podcast. The two examine the amazing career of Sylvester Stallone and give their takes on the box office hit Creed II. The sequel to the Academy Award-nominated Creed has now made over $100 million at the box office and

“Weird Al” Yankovic 04:30 Weird Al Soundcheck 31:05 UHF 38:32 How he came up with the name “Weird” Al. 39:59 Al gives an EXCLUSIVE! 47:53 Shooter Jennings stops by 51:19 Danny’s Syracuse Speech: Follow us all on twitter and Instagram @alyankovic @doinitpodcast @jennyjohnsonhi5 @dannyzuker @theguydf

Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci 03:52 Guest Introductions 07:23 Tory asks Danny about Comicon 10:30 Creepy fan gifts 17:50 Birdie stories 24:30 How many pushups can the Mythbusters do? 27:00 Kari’s book, Crash Test Girl. 32:50 Comedic heroes 33:29 Tory tells his “Clint Eastwood” story for the first time ever 38:59 Danny name drops

01:48 Observations on Guy 05:32 “Hi, I’m Carol!” Inside “Office Christmas Party” 09:35 Danny’s #1 Book – “He Started It” 11:15 Fortune is a singer 12:50 The Wizard of Oz 17:24 Fortune coming to Australia (and New Zealand?) and London 19:25 Darlene Witherspoon 23:50 What was her “holy fuck, I got this?!” moment?

02:12 He Started It is #1! 03:10 Guest Introduction – Fortune Feimster 05:32 Fortune comes out of the closet 09:15 Asia Argento 12:15 Fortune’s “origin story” 16:25 Parents and teachers 18:40 Why Fortune moved to LA 21:00 The Groundlings 24:00 The Mindy Project – Champions and what she’s working on now 26:12 Fortune’s tour dates

02:20 We finally find out who disappointed Sarah… sort of. 09:23 JJ Watt is a good guy 11:14 Alyssa Milano 13:00 Dewey comes home and spills a drink 15:33 The origin story 20:40 First open mic with Chelsea Handler 23:50 LA Comedy Crowds 27:05 28:25 @OhNoSheTwitnt 34:30 First full-time job in show biz 36:45

How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby 01:32 Born in Columbus- Went to an orthodox Jewish school but was raised conservative Jew. 04:25 Milk and meat 10:00 What did a young Josh want to do 13:41 Ohio people loving Ohio State 17:56 Robot writers 22:06 Turning in to a writer and getting fired from a

2:50 Guest introduction 4:42 We need another Eli Braden theme 7:58 Ted Cruz 11:10 Fake “Melanie”? 15:05 Thoughts on Louis C.K. surprise performance 25:00 Who has let you down? Jenny’s playing the Houston Improv 9/7 and 9/8 Sarah is playing Zanies Chicago September 13 – 15 Danny’s book: He started it! – BlueCure.Org –

4:00 Signed by Rutgers as a high school freshman 9:23 The injury that changed his life 11:20 He said he is proud of the hit, why? 12:20 Malcom Brown’s text to Eric 17:30 Walking on a treadmill 19:58 Winning the Jimmy V Award on ESPN 20:30 Tweeting Lolo Jones and the drama it caused 23:13

01:09 Josh’ origin story 02:20 Josh’s first jokes are about his parents 06:48 Fart walkers 12:56 Mee-Maw and Pee-Paw 15:47 John Mulaney – Kid Gorgeous 19:03 Some of Danny’s favorite comedians 20:48 Mitch Hedberg 24:16 Kathleen Martian 29:39 Danny’s Kids 31:38 Barstool Sports   Follow us all on twitter @JoshWolfComedy, @DoinitPodcast, @DannyZuker , @JennyJohnsonHi5 ,

This week, my sister and I fight through our weekend hangovers to discuss the intriguing and confusing world of dreams. We talk about what they mean and we also share some fun facts! Wine: Prophecy Pinot Grigio Photo: PhotographyByMiah

The Spy Who Dumped Me – In theaters August 3rd 02:02 Guy and David grew up in the same town 04:32 Theater Camp 09:30 Los Angeles isn’t intimidating 12:00 Coming out to LA without a job 15:25 The first writing, was it good or crap? 19:14 What is Failing at writing a script 22:45 Writing

00:02 No guest this week 01:04 Where Eden gets most cyberstalked 04:33 Eden’s unwanted “guests” 09:40 Talking failure 18:56 Dating worries – Are her parents alive? 23:10 It’s not about you… 24:20 Being taught how to flirt 30:06 Esther Perel 32:30 Instagram has a mute function 36:01 Cast your net wide 36:42 The chocolate cookie

Josh Mankiewicz Part II Josh Mankewicz 02:40 Dick joke 03:07 How Jenny watches Dateline 06:40 An attorney with a pony tail 09:43 Tex McIver 16:04 Everyone knew about Bill Cosby… 19:40 Josh starts at ABC 22:32 What happened to Stone Phillips? 31:07 Sue Simmons comes to Danny’s town 32:19 Project Smile Donate Here: 34:19

Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz talks true crime… 01:20 Guest Introduction 03:45 Josh’s only trip to Aruba 7:01 Bill Hader impressions 10:19 “Worst case scenario” 11:20 Does Josh get nightmares? 17:45 What “makes” the story? 21:09 Establishing a relationship 23:13 Not giving away the story 31:20 Lauren Sivan Follow us on twitter: @dannyzuker @jennyjohnsonhi5 @JoshMankiewicz @theguydf @doinitpodcast

Writer, Show Runner and Casting Director for Forrest Gump, Ben Wexler joins the Failing Up Podcast this week. 05:00 Casting for Forrest Gump? 12:26 The new thing that reads your thoughts 23:44 The Comedians/ Bill Crystal 41:00 Consulting producer – Arrested Development 45:37 Inside story about Arrested Development Season 4 47:29 What is he most

This week, I sit down with my sister, Maria and we discuss the best ways to stay in touch with friends, as well as our biggest pet peeves regarding friendships. Wine: Robert Mondavi

Do you pine for the days when Hall and Oates ,Juice Newton, Sheena Easton and Olivia-Newton John ruled the pop charts? You know, the year 1982. This week’s podcast celebrates six songs from 1982 that were huge hits – and yet we rarely hear them anymore. B-Rad, Jen with One N and Spearsy pick their

Are you still kicking yourself for a concert you missed in the ’80s? Maybe you have a bucket list of artists you want to see BUT you have a specific venue in mind. That’s the premise our “Dream Concerts of the ’80s” episode. B-Rad, Just Drew and Spearsy reveal their picks AND we share our

Is President Donald Trump’s role in negotiations with North Korea being underplayed by the media? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News are shaping the national view of President Trump’s international policy. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App.

Chris Gethard has some really good projects out right now. The comedian and author joined the Bad Boys to discuss being high on television and Brad Stevens being amazing. Also, Movie Pass is circling the drain and the new John Mayer song is REALLY good.

We check in on Pete’s mustache, celebrity robberies and the behavior of Charles Barkley. Also, why does DJ legitimately watch First Take?

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been calling out President Donald Trump for…breaking promises? Former CNN correspondent Dan Lothian and NECN anchor Jimmy Young discuss the ramifications of a supposedly unbiased news personality making this kind of statement, how the lines have blurred when it comes to bias at network news stations, and how the Trump

Clan Wars is here!! Supercell has hit us with what many are calling the biggest, and best update to hit the game since it was released over two years ago. It had everything we imagined – from quality of life improvements, to a potential new card, to balances changes – and of course – Clan

Which three ’80s celebrities would you invite to your dinner party? Spearsy, B-Rad and Jen With One N give you their picks. Plus, we honor our favorite picks from our listeners. Also this episode, the latest edition of Take This Job and Shove It. And Jen With One N has a new round of her

  Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen was caught lying this week about the role he played in the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss what would drive a reporter to lie about such a major story, and if its systemic of larger issues in Journalism. Don’t miss this episode

If feels like Big Brother is targeting journalists to track their every move. The Department of Homeland Security is seeking bids from companies to monitor what journalists of every language are saying and doing. Steam is coming out of the ears of veteran journalists Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young as they try to make sense

How did a Starbucks managers encounter with two African American men in Philadelphia become national news? Credit citizen journalists who captured compelling videos and uploaded them to Twitter and YouTube. It’s a new era, where stories that once happened away from the public eye are being brought into daylight. The result? Big headlines, a national

It’s a brand new SZN It’s Friday and the boys are not a fan of the phrase ‘Darty’ as in, Day Party. This is not to be confused with how the guys like the phrase SZN as in Season, they just don’t like the word Darty. And honestly who can blame them? It’s not clever

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined again by Dr. Jordan Tishler to continue to talk about the use of Cannabis. In this part of his interview, Jimmy and Dr. Tishler talk about the different ways to ingest Cannabis. Should you Vape? Smoke? Eat it? Drops? Even capsules? Surprisingly Dr. Tishler warns you about

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young is joined by Julia Wentworth the General Manager of Garden Remedies in Newton Mass. So what’s inside the Cannabis that is available in dispensaries, and what will happen on July 1, when adult use is open to the public. Garden Remedies checks and tests it’s product many times before releasing

Happy Birthday… to US!! It’s Year Two – and we can’t believe how fast the time has come and gone. On this episode, we welcome our very special guest, The Rum Ham! We discuss a hodgepodge of Clash Royale topics, including Draft Royale, eSports, and the history of meta decks! Oh, and also a *major*

So here’s a first in our 13-year history: Spearsy and B-Rad recorded a show in front of a live audience during @The80sCruise! It was pretty nerve-wracking at first, but we got the handle on things. We invited some special guests onto the stage to talk with us about what they love most about our crazy-fun

Ready Player One DJ issues a sort of apology about the last episode where DJ insults Pete’s choice of Jukebox song, and people took to social media to complain to DJ and say he was too mean. So DJ kind of apologizes about it. Well it gets better because they played the song Pete suggested

  Donald Trump is the master of the Twitterverse, but a ghost from his past is beating him at his own game. Stormy Daniels was her name, taking sexual care of Donald Trump was her game. She has played the victim, and reported on the dirty details on various media and she has accomplished something no

It’s Monday It’s Monday and DJ and Pete are pissed. Why are they so upset? Well, a guy edited himself into a scene in the movie ‘Love, Actually’, to propose to his girlfriend. The guys don’t like it one day. Can you blame them? Not really, because that’s a pretty bad proposal. But, the bright

We are mere hours away from the end of the 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise. We review some of the amazing shows and tell you what happened during our special trivia session with Katrina. As always, we give a shout-out to our friends at HelloFresh, official sponsors of the podcast for all of 2018.

Hey, remember us? We’re at sea today on The 80s Cruise. It’s Day 3 already and we’re just now logging in to give you the 411 of the trip so far, including reviews of Mike and the Mechanics, Loverboy and Katrina. (Hint: Katrina is AMAZING). We’ll be back later this week with more podcasts from

Will the data breach scandal bring down social media giant Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg fesses up in an exclusive CNN interview, but not everyone is buying it. We don’t have to walk you through all the details of the data breach…that’s old news, what we’re talking about is Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to save his company that continues

Welcome Back! DJ and Pete took the week off because Pete was traveling in New York but came back for today’s episode. What a hero. He deserves a cape. DJ and Pete discuss how important coffee is, because let’s be honest it’s the best thing ever. Pete has been in Curt Schilling’s house. Fun times.

Has Facebook peaked? Are they about to poop? With one former Facebook employee blowing the whistle on his former employer, and the head of NBC News ripping the social media giant Facebook by calling it FAKEBOOK, what is going on? Dan Lothian’s former boss Andy Lack says, Facebook has no value! Dan and co host

A special episode Today, the DJ and Pete have an entire episode all about Josh Gad. Now the guys don’t necessarily like him, but they also don’t dislike him. DJ has seen him in 11 different things. Do you know about March Madness? Well this is March Gadness! Pete recently saw Love and Other Things.

Former New York Knicks standout and current member of the San Antonio Front Office Landry Fields Joins Life Coach David Nurse on the Game of Life Podcast to Discuss the ‘Real’ Secret to NBA Success as an Underdog, His Path from Stanford to NBA Veteran to Now Serving the Spurs Front Office.  And Oh Yeah,

Death by alcohol is a fact, death with Cannabis has never happened also a fact. What is THC? What is CBD? Rob Durante and Beth Dost from the MedWell Clinics in Brockton, Brookline, Somerville join Jimmy Young in studio. Beth is a registered nurse and Chief Clinical officer explains how the cannabinoid system works inside

In the final podcast of the pilot series of 3 parts, Erik Williams from the Revolutionary Clinics and Will and Way consulting. joins  Jimmy Young to talk about the Opiod crisis in the US, and the role Cannabis can play, and has played in fighting the epidemic. Erik and Jimmy also talk about the struggle

This week, my sister Maria and I discuss the controversial debate of Marijuana Vs Alcohol. We dive into some statistics to find out which one is safer, which one is better for the economy, and more!

Former Barstool Sports intern Blind Mike (@BlindMike_) is best known for scoring a point against Dave Portnoy in ping pong. Tonight he joins his good pal Leddy to discuss their favorite topic: The OJ Simpson saga. He has found success at WEEI on his new podcast Trash Talk and his personal show Impaired. With FOX airing

Oh, 1981 – how could we ever forget you? You gave us infamous tunes by Rick Springfield, Kim Carnes and Sheena Easton. But you also gave us some tunes we haven’t heard in a while. We’re looking at you, Santana and Manhattan Transfer. In this week’s podcast, B-Rad, Spearsy and Jen with One N revisit

Did The Media Take Advantage Of Sam Nunberg? Was the former Trump aide’s mental breakdown OK for TV? Recapping one of the most bizarre news stories of Donald Trump’s presidency, in which former Trump confidant Sam Nunberg went on a media tour while seemingly having a mental breakdown over a subpoena from Robert Mueller. Should

The world is ending President Trump was invited to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Well that could go really good or horribly bad. DJ compares it how the house in Get Out, how it’s made to have good intentions but no one comes out. DJ and Pete talk about how these two

The intersection of politics and social media is more focused on now than at any other point in the digital age. First Lady Melania Trump gave a speech recently about staying positive on social media. The speech drew vast criticism given Donald Trump’s know history to use Twitter as a platform to bully opponents. Dan

We’re back to throw some love on more acoustic versions of classic ’80s songs. This week, Jen with One N, B-Rad and Spearsy honor acoustic tunes by Van Halen, John Waite and Tommy Tutone. Stuck in the ’80s is proud to support the partners that support us. For 2018, that includes HelloFresh. Save $30 when

It’s Oscar season! It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. The season that everyone loves so much; Oscar season! For those who don’t know, DJ and Pete review movies during Oscar season and today’s episode is about ‘The Post’. Did the guys enjoy it? Or did they hate it? Well, you’ll have to

Is the way we are defining mass shootings shaping the conversation in the media? On this edition of Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veteran journalists talk about the challenges of getting the facts right when the immediacy of the modern news cycle. The Washington Post featured an article on

We did something very unusual in this week’s podcast, which honors Dirty Dancing. Two new hosts put their unique spin on the movie. And we decide once and for all: Is Dirty Dancing charming or just cheesy? We’re happy to have HelloFresh as a returning sponsor for 2018. Save $30 when ordering your first box

Sex Sells! We all know it. Some are more comfortable talking about it than others. After all, it is a private intimate physical activity that is part of the human experience no matter what side of the fence you are on. Every year, after the Super Bowl and before baseball’s spring training, there is a

It’s movie review time! The guys set their sight on another movie, and this time they turn their attention to the second movie about the battle of Dunkirk, Darkest Hour. The guys but it through their infamous test to rate a movie and see if it’s any good. They like to say that Darkest Hour

The debate over gun control once again rages in America. How has the media shaped this discussion? In the wake of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the US political spectrum is once again at odds over gun control in America. Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how the media’s

John Williams composed the very soundtrack of the ’80s – and so many other decades. But during our beloved decade, he gave us 15 brilliant pieces of work. In this week’s podcast, B-Rad, Just Drew and Spearsy pick their top 5 John Williams scores of the ’80s – and a few that fell outside our

Snapchat stock soars while update disappoints, how many people REALLY watched the Super Bowl, and what happens when a veteran reporter doesn’t check his sources? On Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young… an old school sports journalist gets duped by a new school social media prank. In this episode, Dan and Jimmy

We lost John Mahoney to cancer this past weekend. The fatherly figure starred in ’80s classics such as Say Anything, Tin Men, Moonstruck and Eight Men Out. Spearsy and Brad talk about his legacy and revisit our Say Anything show, recorded in 2014 to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary.

What do someone’s social media posts say about their mental state? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young react to a recent survey that postings on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram can be early indicators of mental disorders such as depression. This also leads to the bigger discussion question of what people should

As we approached Super Bowl Sunday, we were greeted with the YouTuber Challenge! This week, we cover the challenge, the most recent balance changes, and discuss the changing meta as a result. We also triple checked that we had A LOT of chests to make for an exciting Chest Opening. If that wasn’t enough, we

The Director Of Programming for NBC Sports Boston on what it is like for a media outlet to cover the Super Bowl. Dan & Jimmy are joined on the phone by Morry Levine, who is the Director Of Programming at NBC Sports Boston. Morry talks about the enormous task of planning and executing coverage of

My sister Maria & I drink mimosas to cure my hangover while she reads me questions asked by my Twitter & Instagram followers! 

We’re not going to candy-coat it. Our stories about jobs we had in the ’80s as teenagers are pretty far out there. In this week’s show, Spearsy, B-Rad and Jen with One N share some amazing stories about how we made a living in our high school and college days. You’ll scream that some of

Why is drama from the 1994 Winter Olympics back in the spotlight in 2018? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss the recent success of I, Tonya [the Oscar-nominated movie based on figure skater Tonya Harding], and what is says about today’s media that she is seen as a hero in 2018. Jimmy also recalls covering

Does the media poorly portray student-teacher sex scandals? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young sit down and discuss how they are reported, and if and when the media crosses the line. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

This week, Mixed Martial Artist Lauren Murphy joins comedian Adam Hunter on another addition of MMA Roasted! Murphy currently fights in the bantamweight division of UFC and is a past Invicta FC Bantamweight Champion. Murphy, along with her husband Joe, goes into detail about how she invited hunter to go watch a sparring match, and

Sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs and my sister Maria join me over a glass of Menage a Trois Silk red wine to discuss sexology, online dating and the influence of social media within society.  Photo: photographybymiah Model: Olivia Gorman  

Eighties News Now returns with items on the Go-Go’s, Retro Futura Tour’s lineup for 2018, Rick Springfield’s latest news and the return of Michael J. Fox. Stuck in the 80s is sponsored by Hello Fresh, the perfect way for ’80s Nation to enjoy healthy, quick meals. Use the promo code RADICAL 30 for $30 off

Smart phones in the classroom? AE goes Underground to a high school for programming.  Good idea or bad? Dan says no! Jimmy says yes! Friday Afternoon Live with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young.   Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Kanye West through the fire of Marcella Arguello – Ep. 445

In this episode, we drink Apothic Red wine & I discuss NBA basketball with two of my favorite basketball people; John Karalis of & Mike Riina.   

2017 has come and gone, and we kick off 2018 with a…. BOOM! First, we discuss the new year, and how we are faring in the arena. Next, we cover all of the challenges in detail and move swiftly through our thoughts on the Royal Ghost. Then, we dive into an awesome Boom it or

It’s a new year. Time to strip down and focus on the basics. The songs, we mean! We begin a new series of shows today on Acoustic Takes on ’80s Classics. Today’s show features songs by Rick Springfield, The Cure and Asia. Send in your suggestions for acoustic songs to feature in future installments of

Does The Media Have The Munchies? California is going to pot and the whole media world is going along for the ride. Veteran Newsmen Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how the media has handled and will handle covering a topic that has been taboo for decades. As more and more states legalize Pot, people

Broadcast News and Moonstruck were both released on the exact same day: Dec. 16, 1987. Both were Oscar-nominated movies with stellar casts. But which was the better romantic comedy? Guest hosts Jen with One N and Gayle in DC join the show this week to render judgement. Plus full seggies and a special offer from

Jimmy & Dan discuss Pope Francis’ recent comments regarding journalism, Fake News, & the Fourth Estate. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Pee Wee Herman, Alf and even He-Man had holiday TV specials in the ’80s. But were they any good? (One is just downright bizarre. Okay, so all three were.) Here are the holiday TV specials we grew up with in our beloved decade – along with three other classics from previous decades. This episode of

How the FCC overturning Net Neutrality will impact the common Internet user, a discussion with professor Daniel Lyons of Boston College Law School. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss the media coverage of the Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones & Roy Moore. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Using Sports To Tell Stories | FAL Talks With Ken Shulman Of Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

While we wait for the new update to be released, which comes with it’s own balance changes, we review everything else that we were able to cover before the news dropped! On this episode, we take a hard look at the CCGS finals, and how that may impact the meta moving forward through a solid