Everything you need to know to get in, survive and thrive in media. From entertainment to broadcast journalism. Whether it's the facts or personal perspectives like dealing with rejection to standing out from the pack. Talkin Shop with Dan and Lau... or is it Lau and Dan? We'll meet you where you are and and help you get to the next level. Each podcast will lean on the rich history of these two industry veterans. Are you ready to learn and laugh? The journey begins now.

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From 11/15/16: Lau and Dan sit down with former Magic 106.7 DJ and founder of Boston Women in Media and Entertainment, Candy O’Terry.  Listen to Candy’s story of growing in the radio industry as a talent and her vision of her career going forward.

Originally released February 2017: Be sure to catch this weeks interview with the amazing voice talent, Chicago’s own, Harlan Hogan.  Harlan has years of experience in the industry and has done it all (even modeling).  Learn from one of the best as Harlan has a nice chat with Lau and Dan.

This week, the ending of the holiday season kept Lau & Dan from recording an episode this week – HOWEVER, we wanted to showcase a previous episode “from the vault!” Here is the original description of the episode. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ————– This week, Lau & Dan interview Liz Brunner, one of the nation’s most

Happy Holidays from Mic Camera Action!! This week, we have Aria Lapides in studio! Aria one of our amazing talent and has spent all of 2019 auditioning and working! Lau & Dan peak into her mind on how she has handled all of this and she gives some tips and tricks for upcoming actors! Take

This week, Lau & Dan speak with a long time friend and colleague Drita Proptopva. Drita works as an interpreter and a multi-lingual voice over talent and tells stories about how she is able to connect with her clients and how that has been able to transition into the Voice Over world. Take a listen!

This week, Lau & Dan wanted to hit the way back machine and bring back this blast from the past interview with one of our favorite animation Voice Over artists, Debi Derryberry! Debi can be heard all over the place, most notably as Jimmy Neutron, but has also been the voice of Speedy the Alka-seltzer.

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, we bring back Coach Carole Alpert. Carole updates us all on her success in the industry while providing insight on the tips and tricks she had picked up along the way. Take a listen!

This week, Lau & Dan chat with a long time colleague of Dan, Jim Lumley. Jim is a pilot and is a huge US President buff… so much so that he has created content that he puts up on Youtube so show off his knowledge! Jim tells stories about his time as a pilot as

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Mike Daniels, a colleague of Dan. Mike talks about his background in theater and tells interesting stories being on the stage and how it’s affected him both as an actor and as a person. Take a listne!

This week, Lau and Dan sit down and chat about mistakes people make while searching for jobs. This is for people just starting off as well this vets in the industry. What are the minute things that you could possibly be doing that keeps you from landing the job? Take a listen!

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Stephanie Keefer, a long time colleague of Lau, back from their days at University of California – Irvine; where they first met! Stephanie recently took part of a Film Festival and talks with Lau & Dan about working with different schedules and playing different roles in getting films

This week, Lau & Dan speak with the CEO of CLNS Media, Nick Gelso. Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop is a proud member of the CLNS network and we’re excited to have Nick as a guest to talk about the podcasting world. He got into podcasting well before it became the tool it is now

This week, Lau & Dan speak with one of Dan’s friends for over 20 years, Douglas Folsom. Doug is an actor, writer AND an ordained pastor. Doug’s travels has led him across the country speaking with all sorts of people and being able to bring spirituality and the entertainment industry together has been his goal.

This week Lau & Dan chat with Nick Pedini, a Camera Man and video editor. Nick talks about his story about how he had made it into the business with his heart set on it since college. Nick tells stories about how he was able to learn and offers advice to up and coming camera

This week, Lau & Dan chat with with Patty Grout, agent from Maggie, Inc, a prominent modeling agency. Patty has been in the industry for a long time and has a wealth of knowledge and shares some stories as well as some tips and tricks for aspiring models. Take a listen!

This week, Lau & Dan discuss a topic they are both very familiar with. How to manage being a parent to a star. Dan has a son that is moving up the ranks as a racer and Lau’s daughter is an actor talent! They both discuss how they have had to manage their lives in

This week we have a special surprise for you! We are giving you Chapters 1 thru 5 of the Audio Book version of 50 Ways to Mega Crush Your Media Career! The hard copy can be found on amazon.com and there is also a kindle version available. The audio book is soon as its way

Returning to the podcast is Elaine Lapides to speak with Lau and Dan about her career as a therapist and how that sort strength pertains to actors and voice over talent and how they can learn to overcome fears, etc… Take a listen!

We’re back! This week, Lau & Dan speak with a long time friend and colleague, Cyndi Geller. Cyndi has been involved with theater/film for years and is expanding out into the Voice Over world. She shares stories and experiences during these times. Take a listen!

Hi listeners, due to severely busy schedules, Lau & Dan weren’t able to sit down and record an episode this week, so I decided to put together a best of episode with some of the top stories & tips/tricks that have been told here on Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop. Enjoy!

This week, we are bringing you something a bit different! Dan is on vacation as the saying goes, “The Show Must Go On!” so with that being said, have a listen to our ImprovMania special as our talent that attend our weekly Improv class speak a little bit about how Improv has helped them in

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Perry Persoff, a VO talent and a long time radio personality. Perry discusses the life of a DJ and shares some stories, as well as some tips and tricks of the radio industry. Take a listen!

On this week’s podcast, Lau & Dan chat with Valeri Bates, Broadcast Specialist for Hoffman International Model & Talent, who has partnered with Lau for many years. Valeri dives right into her story as a signed talent and eventually working for Hoffman. She also provides some great tips that people looking to get into the

Joann Yarrow returns to the podcast, this time to speak with Lau & Dan in studio (Check out her other episode: https://laulapidescompany.com/podcasts/episode-78-mic-camera-action-talkin-shop-with-lau-dan-joann-yarrow/ ) Now, Joann currently works with Syracuse University to help with their theater program. She tells plenty of stories and shares some secrets she has discovered along the way. Take a listen!

This week Lau and Dan chat with Brad Beckman, a Playwright. Brad discusses his experiences on both sides of the country (LA & NY) writing plays. Brad tells plenty of stories and goes over the differences between a Playwright, a Script Writer and a Novelist. Take a listen!

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Pat Rullo, owner of Speak Up Talk Radio, a broadcasting platform that hosts Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop! Pat discusses her work as an author, radio/podcast host as well as working for charity. Take a listen!

This week, Lau and Dan had a great chat with Jerry Bisantz, co-founder of the Image Theater in Lowell, MA. Jerry fell into the world of acting and tells his stories of past & present experiences he has seen along the way. Plenty to learn from in this one. Take a listen!

On this week’s MCA podcast, Lau & Dan speak with a long time client of Lau’s, Bill Weimar. Bill discusses his family background as salespeople and how his father was an actor which led him down the path of entertainment! Take a listen!

This week, Lau and Dan speak with one of Dan’s long time colleagues, Deborah Zara Kobylt. Deborah talks about her journalistic career path which includes her current podcast, Deborah Kobylt Live. Take a listen!

This week, Lau, Dan & Carole sit down and discuss proper etiquette during an audition. There’s a lot of people out there that are able to go to lots of auditions, but don’t book the gig and it could be something outside of their performance holding them back. Take a listen!