Everything you need to know to get in, survive and thrive in media. From entertainment to broadcast journalism. Whether it's the facts or personal perspectives like dealing with rejection to standing out from the pack. Talkin Shop with Dan and Lau... or is it Lau and Dan? We'll meet you where you are and and help you get to the next level. Each podcast will lean on the rich history of these two industry veterans. Are you ready to learn and laugh? The journey begins now.

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This week, Lau and Dan break down what it is like for a child to go through the process of becoming a talent. Everything from meeting agents all the way to working a booked gig. This industry is hard, but for a child the process is really hard. But Lau and Dan guide you through

In the wake of the Super Bowl, Lau and Dan sit down and break down the Super Bowl from every angle… from the commercials, to the game itself and how each of them looked at it from their perspective in the industry… Dan as a broadcaster and Lau as a director. A different approach than

This week, Lau and Dan speak with Dan Thibeault, who has been working with podcasts for a while and sheds some light on best practices. Certainly worth to listen to this one if you are looking to start a podcast or have just started. He is a wealth of knowledge! Follow Lau and Dan on

This week, Lau & Dan speak with George Mitchell, one of Lau’s many wonderful clients at Connecticut School of Broadcasting. They discuss the world of Sports Media and how to approach it and best practices for up and comers. Take a listen! Follow the hosts on twitter, @LauLapides @DanLothianTV and join the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1950990974970321/

On this week’s podcast, Lau and Dan speak with local celebrity Chris Palermo. Chris talks about his history in this area and how he ended up with New Kids on The Block, plus other great stories with celebrities you know! Take a listen! Follow the hosts on twitter @LauLapides and @DanLothianTV and follow our guest

This week, Lau & Dan speak about self-auditing yourself. Being able to look at yourself objectively and being able to pin points where you can show improvement. That’s the start for making those improvements! Take a listen! Find the Hosts on Twitter at @LauLapides and @DanLothianTV

This week, we celebrate episode 100. Lau and Dan take a look back at the last 2 years of talks, interviews and fun that has been had. They reminisce about some of their favorite interviews and look forward towards the future. Even Brendan returns to help jog some memories. Take a listen! Find the hosts

On this weeks special Thanksgiving episode, Lau and Dan give their thanks to the people that have helped them get them to the positions they’re at now. In turn, you never know where your break is going to come from or when it happens, so always give thanks to those that look out for you.

On this week’s episode of Mic Camera Action, Lau and Dan speak with actor talent Pete Paton from Maine. Pete has years of experience not only as an actor, but in life and shares his stories of what he has learned along the way and how he has applied it to his craft. Take a

This week, Lau and Dan speak with Leslie Hallowell, a talent from the lau lapides company studio. Leslie had been studying theater and then took some time off to raise her family and has decided to step back into the game. Hear her stories about getting back into acting the hurdles she had to overcome

This week, Lau and Dan speak with Katharine Gilpin, an artist who has seen and done it all. Lau recently wrote an essay that was published in a publication that Katharine put together called “If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now.” Listen to Katharine tell her story and how it has helped shape