Mike Meltser is a long-time sports radio personality with experience at ESPN Radio, Sirius-XM Radio, and SportsRadio 610 in Houston. His podcast focuses on the latest topics in the world of sports law, with bonus episodes on Houston sports.

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The NFL season is back! Mike gives his thoughts on a disappointing 34-20 loss for the Texans at the hands of the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. (1:52) Why this was basically a “non-performance” by Houston (5:16) Why Mike believes the schedule is a major problem for this Texans team (10:04) The Texans matched

This is a 2-part episode of the Mike Meltser podcast, which explores the insurance aspect of the massive losses the sports industry has sustained due to COVID-19 and the Ravens attempting to terminate Earl Thomas’s contract for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Mike’s guest is Vince Morgan, who is one of the nation’s most prominent

This episode is a preview of Texans training camp, which is underway in Houston in advance of the 2020 season opener on September against the Kansas City Chiefs. Mike’s guest is his former co-worker Cody Stoots, who has worked as a sports radio host at SportsRadio 610 in Houston and SB Nation Radio.  Follow Cody

This episode is unlike any so far on The Mike Meltser Podcast. Mike focuses on the doctrine of qualified immunity for police officers, which has become a major topic over the last month in the United States.  Mike’s guest is Erika McDonald, recent University of Houston Law Center graduate and Law Clerk at the Kallinen

This episode is about the impact of employment laws on the NBA’s decisions about older head coaches if (and when) the league resumes play in Orlando. There has been some discussion over the last few weeks about the NBA possibly banning coaches like Mike D’Antonio and Gregg Popovich from the bench, based on the way

This episode of the podcast is about the litigation involving NBA star Zion Williamson. Is Zion facing any liability to his former marketing agent, Gina Ford?  (0:50) How Zion’s legal troubles with Ford began. (3:11) Where does the North Carolina Uniform Athlete Agents Act come in? (5:18) How Ford’s attorneys brought up salacious allegations against

This episode of the podcast focuses on the NCAA’s announcement last week that the Board of Governors has adopted guidelines for college athletes to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. Soon, these athletes will be able to do endorsement deals and earn possibly significant revenue from third party companies.  Mike’s guest for

In this episode, Mike explores the recent ruling against the US Women’s National Soccer Team in their lawsuit against US Soccer. The USWNT, among other claims, has argued that they are paid less than the USMNT, in violation of the law.  Mike’s guest to explain the surprising ruling is Steven Bank, Professor of Business Law

This is a two part episode, with Mike discussing the Houston Texans 2020 Draft and MLB’s report into the Red Sox sign-stealing scandal. (1:00) Mike gives his grade on the Texans Draft (3:03) Analyzing the Ross Blacklock selection (11:00) What actually happened right before the Jonathan Greenard pick?  (13:24) Mike’s least favorite pick (17:05) Should

This is a 2-part episode where Mike discusses the Texans trading for Brandin Cooks and explains why Lamar Jackson is suing Amazon. (1:28) Why Mike would have stood pat with the 2nd round picks instead of trading for Cooks, (7:28) taking a look at the upside of this trade offensively, (9:35) discussing the national opinions

In this episode, Mike focuses on the biggest story in sports: when will sports actually return from the COVID-19-imposed absence? Mike’s guest is sports attorney Dan Lust, who works at the law firm Goldberg Segalla.  (6:30) Is MLB’s “Arizona Plan” realistic? (11:06) Why all sports must be prepared for an athlete testing positive for coronavirus. 

This is a three-part episode of the Mike Meltser Podcast The first part of the podcast (2:01) is Mike’s discussion about the ESPN.com report that if no MLB season is played, the suspensions of AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow will be deemed to be fulfilled. Mike explains why this is absolutely right call by MLB.

The topic of the 44th episode of the Mike Meltser Podcast is about the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The biggest headline from the new CBA is that the NFL regular season will soon be moving from 16 games to 17 games.  Mike’s guest on the podcast is Dan Kaplan, senior writer of sports

Mike discusses the legal impact of the coronavirus on the sports world. The episode focuses on the question of how contracts in sports will consider a pandemic like COVID-19. Among the topics covered in this episode: Do teams and leagues account for a pandemic when they sign contracts? (1:12) Legally, how do we know a

Mike reacts to a stunning Monday, where the Texans somehow traded DeAndre Hopkins for essentially a 2nd round pick and RB David Johnson. (0:53) why the idea of Houston trading Hopkins didn’t actually shock Mike, (2:27) why the compensation is so terrible as to be essentially inexplicable, (7:02) the first two questions that need to

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