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085: Can Dak do Anything to Change Perception? Brought to you by BetOnline.AG Sign up for account today and use promo code: CLNS50 to get a 100% bonus! Tweet us your Dallas Cowboys! @TheCowboysBeat @arisports and @patsportsguy Subscribe to Ari Temkin’s YouTube Page: 2:24 Could the Cowboys play all their games outdoors in 2020?

(S2,E82) In NFL news, it’s all fun and games until one of our most coveted players puts his cleat in his mouth, Pete Carroll puts down his chewing gum for real talk, and there’s Dak news that Amy does NOT hate. In Offsides, MLB still can’t get their sh$t together, and the NBA is returning

Alex Barth covers the Patriots for 98.5 The Sports Hub. Twitter: @RealAlexBarth   1:00 – Alex Barth of 98.5 The Sports Hub 2:00 – Addressing the social unrest in America brought on by the killing of George Floyd 11:00 – How do we move forward as a more unified country? 19:00 – How are the

(S2,E81) We start with heavy hearts from a sad and devastating weekend. In NFL news, we’re making history as we side with a Philadelphia Eagle, and Jasmine has found her latest QB crush. In Offsides, Amy’s crush has landed the top spot on Forbes, and more Coronavirus insanity headlines!

(S2,E80) NFL News has Jadeveon Clowney still not on a team, stupid Dak news that Jasmine insists on annoying Amy with, Stadium openings on both coasts, and Antonio Brown is back and working out with an interesting outfit. Offsides gives you Field Day with Amy, and a Coronavirus Insanity headline that includes a Mike Drop…yes,

084: Now or Never for Dak’s Long Term Contract? Brought to you by BetOnline.AG Sign up for account today and use promo code: CLNS50 to get a 100% bonus! Tweet us your Dallas Cowboys! @TheCowboysBeat @arisports and @patsportsguy Subscribe to Ari Temkin’s YouTube Page: 1:10 What Charles Robinson of Yahoo! said and is it

(S2,E79) In NFL News, conflicting reports on minicamps, crowds, start of season has us all kinds of annoyed, Tre Flowers gets quite the response from his workout partner request, and the Jets are contemplating their future without Jamal Adams. In Offsides, we recap our thoughts on The Match, New Orleans has an interesting high bidder

(S2,E78) In NFL News, Tom Brady is a shady salesman, Aldon Smith is back in action, and we’ve got another docuseries to look forward to. In Offsides, an NFL player is allegedly sexually assaulted, Aunt Becky is changing her tune, and more Coronavirus insanity headlines!

(S2,E77) In NFL news, potential modifications to NFL uniforms to combat the “vid”, Big Ben gets a trim, and Michael Thomas and Devante Parker find themselves in IG drama. In Offsides, backlash from The Last Dance, LeBron has multiple sports talents, and Coronavirus insanity headlines!

(S2,E76) In NFL News, team facilities are starting to open, the NFL police scanner is going off, we’re not exactly sure Chicago will have an actual QB competition, AND we have a message for Aaron Rodgers. In Offsides, we’ve got takeaways from the final episodes of The Last Dance and Coronavirus insanity headlines!

(S2,E75) In NFL News, Joe Buck gives us a bunch of mother fakers, James Harrison needs to get his story straight, Emmitt Smith needs to stop running his hypocritical mouth, and we like TY Hilton’s future plans. In Offsides, apparently partying with a Seahawk and a Giant leads to crime, Dennis Rodman has a very

(S2,E74) In NFL News, we have opinions on Tua’s rookie contract, all the crazy that Sammy Watkins is spewing, and an interesting list of the most sought after jerseys. In Offsides, Big Ben gets butt hurt, major hot sports opinions on the 7th & 8th episodes of The Last Dance, and coronavirus insanity headlnes!

(S2,E73) In NFL News, Philip Rivers & Tom Brady will make history in the 2020 season, Rivers has a post-retirement gig all lined up, & July 15th is a big day for all Dakheads. In Offsides, we’ve got Last Dance fun facts, an ‘All you need is the headline’ featuring Future, and who wants to

(S2,E72) The NFL continues to give us hope as the 2020 schedule is released and more info comes to light regarding the reopening of team facilities. Andy Dalton continues to be the standup guy he is, however, Earl Thomas does not. Plus more coronavirus insanity headlines.

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