An archetypal exploration of the myths and legends of Northern Europe.

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In this episode we cover Rígsþula, or the Lay of Rig, from the Poetic Edda of Norse Mythology. We hear how Heimdall, going by Rig, visits 3 couples representing the classes of slaves, free men, and lords, and helps them to reproduce. Their divine children illustrate how the classes of men in the viking age

We are joined by Lee Accomando, host of the Viking Age Podcast! His show is one of the longest running Norse/Viking themed shows, and he certainly paved the way for us in a lot of ways so we’re excited to have him on! We had a great discussion, talking about how his podcast has developed

In this episode we return to the Kalevala with Kalevala Runo 9 – The Origin of Iron. Väinämöinen is being healed by the old man he met at the end of the last Runo, and they discuss the mythological origin of iron. This poem deals with the development of technology, both through the development of

In this episode we interview the hosts of the Saga Thing podcast, one of the longest running shows in the Norse/Viking space and a show that we personally enjoy very much. We had an entertaining talk, and a few times where they really made us think about the nature of the literature we all enjoy.

We return to the story of the Death of Baldr through the famous poem Baldrs Draumar, or Baldr’s Dreams, where Odin rides down into the underworld to find out why his son Baldr is having bad dreams about his death. We dive into the symbolism behind Baldr and what he and his death represent, and

We continue our series on the Kalevala with Runo 8 – Väinämöinen’s Wound. Väinämöinen gets distracted on his way home from Pohjola when he sees a maiden of Pohja. She makes him complete seemingly impossible challenges in order to win her hand in marriage, and Väinämöinen makes a potentially grave mistake!

Our good friend Noah Tetzner from the History of Vikings podcast joins us for the second time on the anniversary of his podcast! We talk about some of his favorite experiences from his first year of podcasting, including visiting the Jorvik Viking Festival in York, UK.

In this episode we read Alvissmal, or the Words of All-Wise, from the Poetic Edda. The dwarf Alvis (or All-Wise) visits Thor’s hall to bring back Thor’s daughter as his bride, and Thor acts very un-Thor-like as he deals with this unwelcome guest!

Väinämöinen has been shot down into the sea by Joukahainen. Where he goes from there and who he meets will set the biggest story of the Kalevala in motion. Join us as we find out what happens with Väinämöinen and when he meets Louhi, the mistress of Pohjola.

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