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Many New England Patriots players have expressed their excitement about the team’s signing of quarterback Cam Newton. Offensive players, especially the running backs and receivers, will now get the ball distributed by a nine-year NFL vet and former league MVP. But which Patriots gain the most from the Newton signing? Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar

After Cam Newton signed with the New England Patriots, the assumption was that he’s now the starting quarterback for the 2020 season. When compared to Jarrett Stidham, he’s got eight more years of NFL experience (nine more of starting experience), a former NFL MVP and competed in a Super Bowl. However, the Patriots have always

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding New England’s wide receivers for the 2020 season, but signing Cam Newton could allow for some serious growth. N’Keal Harry is expected to make major strides in his sophomore season and with Newton’s arm strength, now has the chance to stretch the field and become a major deep threat.

It can be expected that when Cam Newton enters the New England Patriots’ locker room he will command respect, and most likely the starting quarterback role. The 31-year-old former NFL MVP has nine years of starting experience, which clearly gives him an edge over sophomore Jarrett Stidham. Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar discuss whether or

Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed concerns about the upcoming football season, saying the NFL would need a “bubble” format similar to the NBA and NHL in order to play in 2020. As of now, the NFL is planning to keep it’s normal schedule, but with increased health and safety protocols for the players and members of

JJ Watt and Baker Mayfield clapped back at fans that excepted them to stand during the National Anthem. They tweeted in solidarity with their teammates, stating that they don’t care what anyone thinks and that they will be kneeling this season. But why all of a sudden now? Back in 2016 the peaceful protest was

Just a few weeks ago the COVID-19 numbers were falling, to the delight of many Americans. But many states tried to reopen too fast and were met with heavy repercussions. Dallas Cowboy, Ezekiel Elliot, recently tested positive for the disease. Now this isn’t some nobody, we’re talking about one of the NFL’s biggest superstars here.

FOXBORO — There were high expectations placed on rookie N’Keal Harry in his first season with the Patriots considering he was the first wide receiver Bill Belichick ever drafted in the first round. After spending the first eight weeks of the season on injured reserve, Harry finally made his debut in Week 9. He showed

FOXBORO — It was quite an entertaining divisional round of the NFL playoffs with high-flying offenses on full display. Between the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and even the Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots’ offense didn’t have nearly as much firepower as those teams this season. But with the Baltimore Ravens being eliminated

FOXBORO — It looks like Josh McDaniels will be back as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots in 2020, as he was not offered the head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns. So what does this mean for Tom Brady and his impending decision? Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar discuss why they think

FOXBORO — The New England Patriots’ left tackle, Isaiah Wynn, found himself on injured reserve for a large portion of the season again in 2019. However, when he returned in Week 11 to replace Marshall Newhouse, the offensive line started to play considerably better. Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar discuss what makes Wynn so good

FOXBORO — The Patriots showed up to clean out their lockers as the 2019 season came to a close. Alex Barth has a recap of the day’s events, plus a look at what’s ahead for the Patriots this off-season. For more Patriots coverage, follow @PatriotsCLNS on Twitter

FOXBORO — Did Mike Vrabel and the Titans start a rivalry with the Patriots in last night’s wild card game? Mike Petraglia, Evan Lazar, and Alex Barth discuss the fallout of the Titans win over the Patriots, and how Mike Vrabel handled himself in his return to New England. Is he now no longer a

FOXBORO — Bill Belichick held his season-ending press conference on Sunday morning, just hours after the Patriots lost to the Titans at Gillette Stadium. Belichick was complimentary of his captains and the work-ethic of the 2019 Patriots, but completely shut down any questions about his future or Tom Brady’s future. Sierra Goodwill, Evan Lazar and

FOXBORO — Recapping the Patriots lone playoff game and final loss of the 2019 season. What happened on Saturday night that sent the Patriots home early? And what’s next for Tom Brady. Alex Barth has that and more from Gillette Stadium For more Patriots coverage, follow @PatriotsCLNS on Twitter

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