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This week Branden and Maurice link up for the first time in a few weeks to catch up on what’s going on in the world. Among the things they discuss are if Black people care that Tiger Woods won the Masters and who they think are going far in the NBA playoffs. They also chop

This week, the women of “basketball Twitter” unite as we try to break down barriers & discuss sexism in sports, specifically on social media. Wine: Smith & Hook Red Blend  

On today’s podcast we discuss the following topics: Thunder get demolished Russ is to blame We talk about some other stuff too And so much more Thanks for listening and subscribe on iTunes! Support the people that support Down to Dunk, Price Edwards and Company and BetOnline.AG!

Cindy Caponera (@cccap and @cindycaponera on IG) is SO FUNNY. And she has memorized because she was MESMERIZED by so many scenes in cop TV shows. Then just movie scenes. She must return. You will love. Donate to The Dork Forest if you like the show. There’s paypal links and venmo my email address. Links

Interviews, they can be nerve-racking, frightening, and even downright biased in some cases, but what if we take the human element out of the picture? An AI or a Robot can take over, and conduct the interview. Does it sound interesting, or more of a nightmare? 0:00 Intro 1:15 All the little details, gone from

Decontamination of loaner and consignment instrument trays is one of the most complex processes in a Sterile Processing department, and yet many facilities simply treat every vendor tray the same way — regardless of the manufacturer’s specific instructions for use. On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring on Bob Marrs, the

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a new class of artists enshrined in their museum, but some of their songs sound awfully familiar. Yes, even rock gods recorded cover songs in the ’80s. Spearsy and Jen with One N share three of their favorites, including tunes by The Cure, Roxy Music and Janet

The Los Angeles Lakers were stunned by the abrupt departure of Magic Johnson from his role as the team’s President of Basketball Operations earlier this week. Now, with the season over and a critical offseason upon them, it will fall on the shoulders of Jeanie Buss to pick up the pieces and get the team

Welcome back to another brand-spanking new episode of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! This week J. Blake and Dion Baia are heading back to high school and chatting about a genre classic (though it seems like it was out only yesterday), reliving senior year as they dissect the Wes Craven horror film Scream, from 1996! The