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The virtual lounge is open and you’re welcome inside to hear a discussion about the 2020 presidential campaign with long-time Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.  Shrum has spent more than 5 decades in politics.  He worked on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Al Gore, and Ted Kennedy. He provides incredible insight into Trump’s recent response

Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon are back for episode 3 of The Cedric Maxwell Podcast. EPISODE TEASER: Ep3 of the Cedric Maxwell #Podcast is here. Today, Max is talking about @KingJames & his contributions to charity, social issues, etc. Max: “Anybody who would tarnish what #LeBron did defies logic to me…” FULL EP HERE:[email protected]

Rewarding friends and punishing rivals, is Facebook using its user data as a carrot and a stick? Dan and Jimmy take a look at what might be the next controversy for Social Media giant Facebook. 0:00 Intro 1:45 The site is the destination 3:45 Its a game of favorites 6:45 Cutting off competitors and rewarding

It was a shocking moment with thousands watching as the famous Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down. A bastion of the Parisian city, it took 200 years to built and had withstood countless wars and conflicts. The city of lights has lost one of its brightest bulbs, and the world was covering it in kind. 0:00

Want a good story but don’t have the time? Then listen to our short stories in this weeks’s edition of Bytes Behind the Media. 0:00 Intro 0:55 A Black Hole, seen clearly for the first time. 2:30  What is a Black Hole? 4:00 Jenna Bush Hager is now the fourth hour of Today. 5:20 Allison

Interviews, they can be nerve-racking, frightening, and even downright biased in some cases, but what if we take the human element out of the picture? An AI or a Robot can take over, and conduct the interview. Does it sound interesting, or more of a nightmare? 0:00 Intro 1:15 All the little details, gone from

What happens when you take a comedian and give him a “Miracle” story? You get reporters that believe the story, only to find out that it was fake all along! 0:00 Intro 1:45 The story and the punchline 3:45 A scam or a scientific breakthrough? 5:00 Used tissues is the answer… what? 7:15 The reporter

Julian Assange has been formally arrested in the UK. Following his removal from the Ecuadorian Embassy, talks of extradition and trial were in the air. Is he a criminal, or justified for his actions? 0:00 Intro 1:30 7 Years in an Embassy 4:30 Fact finding or dirt digging? 7:00 It’s a case by case basis.

Bringing you a short story that you can share around the water cooler, it’s time for our weekly edition of Bytes Behind the Media. 0:00 Intro 0:50 Bite sized books 2:30 Good Reads challenge 4:55 Joe Biden parody meme 6:45 Dan’s experience with Joe Biden 9:20 City news sites: Your local news. Available to download

What’s the best way to reach young people with news? Dan and Jimmy take a look at how stories get to the eyes of today’s youth. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Podcasting seems to be one way 3:30 A short story in a short video, with reactions and sharing 5:15 Interaction with the audience is the way

Would you want to look at the complete work of a journalist? One lawmaker is proposing that there should be a way to check in on the entire work process from start to finish. Dan and Jimmy take a look at why this isn’t as good an idea as many would think. 0:00 Intro 1:15

Seems that we are building a wall between us all through social media, and we don’t mind it. Is there an easy way around it, or are we just going to be divided forever? 0:00 Intro 1:00 The word Media creates feelings of anger 3:30 The comments we leave behind 5:15 We seem to be

Need a good story but don’t have the time? Then listen to our short Bytes Behind the Media to catch up on some short stories to share with the folks at the water cooler. 0:00 Intro 0:50 Google bringing news to underserved communities. 4:40 McDonald’s Breakfast hard as a rock. 7:15 Limiting the hate on

With mass shootings and murder becoming a regular feature in the news, how can we stop the fallout of those that are committing suicide from these depressing stories? 0:00 Intro 1:00 A conversation that still continues 2:45 It use to be that you didn’t report on it 4:50 Sensitivity is the key in these stories

From the Gas station to the comfort of your couch, the news is consumed on a daily basis in numerous locations. Dan and Jimmy discuss a recent survey that asks what is the most visited place that news is observed. 0:00 Intro 2:30 Watching the News in many forms 4:00 Local News has it all

1 Year, 10 Months and 7 long days of coverage of the special report from special council Robert Mueller, and we finally get to read it. And now news organizations will be reading over 300 pages looking for anything of interest to report. Dana and Jimmy take a look at this reporting and ask if

In this week’s edition of Bytes Behind the Media, we tackle some short stories that we thought were too good to pass up for the week. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Filming while driving at 105MPH 3:10 Jeff Bezos takes on the National Inquirer 5:00 Talk about sending a package 7:00 Three Billboards in real life. 9:00

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel from the past Description: Digging up an old clip from a segment from the 1990s might show more than you think. We were different people back then, from our hairstyles to what we wore, and how we acted while on camera. Dan and Jimmy take a look at a clip

Is elitism ruining Journalism? Is it a special club that only a few can join if they make the right choices? Dan and Jimmy take a look back at the way it all starts, and tries to answer the question. 0:00 Intro 1:15 Are Journalists elitist? 3:10 Are there certain schools to go to if

Reporting on a disaster is never easy, and when it comes to a mass shooting it gets even harder. You want to let the public know the details, but what information is acceptable to share? In this special episode of Behind the Media, Dan talks about the the efforts of reporters in New Zealand and

Want a short story? Then you’re in luck! It’s time for our weekly edition of Bytes Behind the Media! 0:00 Intro 0:40 PBS is heading out west 3:20 How far someone is willing to go to get the money shot. 4:45 Jimmy broadens his horizons on R Kelly. 8:00 Interviews: The good and The bad.

With so many channels on cable tv, some are still debating cutting it so they can pay less. Is there a way to do it all in one go, or should you keep certain parts? 0:00 A lackluster Intro 1:15 Reverend Jimmy takes over the show. 3:30 Over the air tv with an antenna is

As Millennials are cutting the cord or not even plugging it in, the NBA is trying to gain their viewership. How are they trying, well Dan and Jimmy will give you a look behind the media of the NBA. 0:00 Intro 1:15 The behavior of players and owners play a lot in the situation. 3:30

Following the recent leanings of Fox News, the Democratic National Convention has barred them from hosting a debate. Has it finally gotten to the point where News media and Politics are one? 0:00 Intro 1:15 Should a News organization be banned from a debate? 4:00 Are we in the middle of a civil war between

Want an interesting story but don’t have the time? Then listen to our Bytes Behind the Media to pick up on a short story that you can share around the water cooler. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Bitcoin has been going down, but some say it’s still valuable. 3:15 Comments on Youtube Videos of minors have been

Young journalist Hilde Lysiak has been following in her father’s footsteps, publishing her own paper for several years now. But when investigating a story in a small town in Arizona, the local sheriff threatened to arrest her. Now the town is apologizing for the actions of the sheriff. 0:00 Intro 1:45 People let their guards

How far have we fallen in the public’s eye? Media is now the highest mistrust service in the US. How far will we fall, and will we ever gain back the trust of the people? 0:00 Intro 1:15 60% of people say that we pay for our sources. 2:40 Do you know the difference between

Michael Cohen has taken the stand, and millions were glued to the testimonies. Was what he said true, or just more lies? Will we ever see the outcome of these hearings soon, or is this just another episode of the worlds wackiest series. 0:00 Intro 1:50 The way things are said can impact how you

Time for your weekly dose of small stories that happened in the week, in this week’s edition of Bytes Behind the Media! 0:00 Intro 1:00 Robert Kraft get’s caught. 2:50 How will this impact Kraft? 6:00 There are cameras everywhere, EVERYWHERE! 6:50 A Coast Guard employee with a laundry list of targets. 7:40 Dan’s training

That home assistant has always been listening, and now it’s giving away the info to political campaigns. Who would have thought that Alexa would be getting political any time soon? 0:00 Intro 1:20 Are we living in 1984? 3:00 An electronic fence that collects your data. 4:30 A Church Lady reference 6:30 Technology can do

The accusation being made on a daily basis is that the news industry is too liberal, being labeled as much as you would think. But is it actually? Would anyone admit it if it was true? 0:00 Intro 1:30 Always do your homework when doing a story. 3:00 Is it the organization or the employees?

At first it was a story of a hate crime against him, not things are turned against Jussie Smollett, as we now know that he orchestrated the entire event. We first talked about this story a few weeks ago when it first broke, but now we are at it again, and taking you Behind the

Many of us drop what we are doing when Kim Kardashian does anything, how does someone get to that level of famous? She’s at it again with a new message and a new photo, that has the focus of hundreds of thousands. 0:00 Intro 1:00 You put her name in the tagline and it’s an

Today, we teach our kids a lot of things, from being a good person in life and how to do the best they can, but are we teaching them media literacy as well? Or is it going the way of cursive and becoming something we never teach again? 0:00 Intro 1:10 So much media, but

Last year, a tragedy struck Parkland in the form of a school shooting. Today, we wonder what we could do differently, and ask if AI can play a role in stopping these tragedies from happening in the first place. 0:00 Intro 1:40 Are there signs that we are missing that AI can pick up? 4:15

It’s a new format for one of Hollywoods oldest awards shows, an Oscars without a Host. Following Kevin Hart’s removal as this years host, it seems they’re going to do away with a host. Does this spell a new age of award shows without a host, or is this just a one time situation? 0:00

The New England Patriots and the LA Rams went head to head in Super Bowl LIII and… well it happened. We could go on and on about the entire event, but today we’re talking about commercials in-between the action and the ratings of the overall event. 0:00 Intro 1:55 Jimmy is sick of Nielsen, is

How do you combat Fake News? Some say that what’s being done is not enough. Dan and Jimmy take a look to see how the efforts have been going. 0:00 Intro 1:55 Has the content been curated? 4:00 It’s easier to get around a wall than it is to build one. 6:00 What does URL

Electronic doorbells let us see who’s at the door even if we aren’t there to greet them, but are they seeing too much? Dan and Jimmy take a look to see if the doorbell is seeing too much. 0:00 Intro 1:15 A doorbell with a camera to watch your packages 3:20 Some of these package

Empire actor Jussie Smollett was recently attacked, but details on what happened are a bit peculiar. Dan and Jimmy take a finer look at the details of this story. 0:00 Intro 1:30 A story under intense investigation, but does not feel right. 4:00 There are a lot of things in this story. 6:10 The initial

Want some stories for your Super Bowl party? Then listen to this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for some short stories that range from the Super Bowl to the latest news. 0:00 Intro 0:55 Reporters are freezing to bring you the story, realism or recklessness? 3:00 Is the current weather entertainment or real news? 5:20

This short special story is all focused on our thoughts on the Super Bowl coming up this weekend. Tune into this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for more short stories to share at your big Super Bowl party. This podcast is available to download and listen to now on iTunes, CLNSMedia and now on iHeartRadio.

Want a story but don’t have the time? Then listen to our Bytes Behind the Media to have a short story that will impress everyone at the water cooler. 0:00 Intro 0:55 A new drive on Sports Illustrated magazine’s cover. 3:30 Newspapers around the world cut several jobs, is it a declining market? 5:10 Ratings

A professional singer was told by her friends and family not to do a performance, but she thought she could help bridge the gap between Trump and the people. Years later it turns out it didn’t work, and all her friends and family have turned against her. 0:00 Intro 1:10 Another rush to judgement story

When you’re watching Morning Joe you typically see them with the capitol building in the background, but are they really there? Turns out they filmed a few off stage in Florida but kept the background. 0:00 Intro 1:30 What is in the background might not be where they are. 2:20 Dan’s own experience. 3:20 This

A kid with a Make America Great Again hat, and a Native American Elder stand off against each other. Or did they? Sides were formed faster than anyone knew what really happened, details were lost in the hate, and everything with this situation went to the extreme. The blame goes around, and Dan and Jimmy

Need some quick stories for the water cooler at work? Then listen to our short news stories in this week’s Bytes Behind the Media. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Youtube is asking it’s users to be safe 2:15 The viral ice disk from Maine 3:45 A speaker that has someone listening to what you search for 6:30

In airports around the country, it seems that many of the private lounges are dropping CNN and Fox from their televisions. Have airports finally had it with those two news outlets? Or is this just a personal preference of those that work there? Dan and Jimmy take a look at what is going on. 0:00

A journalist was investigating FIFA for corruption and was writing a story about it, and now he is dead. This marks yet another journalist killed for the story they were writing, bringing up the question again of why does this keep happening? 0:00 Intro 1:20 Another death for a profession that didn’t warrant it. 3:00

The Decade challenge is having people post photos of them ten years ago and them now, and is becoming a fast growing trend. The question Dan and Jimmy ask is how did journalism change in the past decade? 0:00 Intro 1:00 How do these things start? 2:15 It’s a completely different landscape 4:00 Is it

Want some stories for the water cooler? Then tune into this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for some short stories that you can share with anyone you want. 0:00 Intro 0:55 The cost of a 30 second ad in the Super Bowl 3:10 One photographers obsession 5:20 Instagram is a new product market 6:15 Jeff

As the days go by, we watch as employees go without pay, monuments are closed, and hundreds of thousands ask the question “Why?” The Government Shutdown, now the longest on record, has many questioning the politics of our country, but coverage of this shutdown has been one issue that Dan and Jimmy have kept a

A lot has been speculated about R Kelly, the hit R&B star, but a recent documentary takes the cake as it strings together every theory about him. Now some are saying that this might actually be the truth, and Dan and Jimmy take a look at the facts of this new story. 0:00 Intro 1:00

CBS announced that Susan Zirinsky, a long time veteran of CBS News and numerous programs, will now be taking over as President of CBS News. Is this a long awaited promotion, or just another step towards correcting a wrong of the MeToo Era? Dan and Jimmy take a look at this new head of news,

Want a story that you can share around the fire? Then tune into our Bytes Behind the Media to listen to some quick stories that we have for you. 0:00 Intro 1:25 Dolphins Love to watch TV 4:00 WWE Interviewer Mean Gene is dead 6:00 A Small Western Massachusetts town refuses Comcast 8:15 Netflix pulls

When you fly a drone around, you can get some very good shots, but one person was able to get a different type of shot than they thought of. Well developed golf courses next to sprawling slums, high rise buildings next to completely destroyed buildings, and even more dividing lines between the rich and the

Recently, a lot of stories on Tennis matches seem to be more negative than positive. Is this a new trend with the sport, or are journalists getting things wrong somehow? 0:00 Intro 1:30 Dan and Jimmy play a guessing game 3:55 Is it just the media, or the game itself? 4:30 Examples of recent Tennis

Of all the articles and stories that the New York Times does, do they seem to be Anti-Trump? One new book says yes, and Dan and Jimmy ask the question of if it’s true. Do you think it’s true? 0:00 Intro 1:25 Some truth to the story? 3:20 How business drives the business 4:15 Is

One user of the Amazon Echo asked Alexa to bring up some of their files so they could read them. Alexa complied, and also gave 1,000 other files of complete strangers as well. Is this just a simple glitch or a sign of a serious problem? 0:00 Intro 2:10 A tale from Germany 3:30 Private

Two giants in the news industry are battling it out as they try to grow their audience. The Washington Post and The New York Times are both long time newspapers that have been competing against each others for year on numerous stories, from print media to online subscriptions. 0:00 Intro 1:15 The two giants of

You better watch out, you better not cry. We made a list and checked it twice. This year we saw a lot of stories, some good and others bad. So for this edition of Bytes Behind the Media, we took a look back at some of those moments and talked about what we liked and

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is starting to feel some backlash after he made a bad comment on his show. Advertisers are starting to pull out, so is this a sign that Carlson will be out of the door soon too? Dan and Jimmy take a look to see what the outcome might be. 0:00

Social Media is a wonderful tool in everyday life, but sometimes we use it too much and abuse it. Instagram faces this with famous locations being only used for people’s pages for some quick likes and prompting others to go where the photo was taken, so called Instagram Tourism. 0:00 Intro 2:00 A cave in

We all love a nice story that we can share with our friends at work, but sometimes we don’t have the time. Luckily for you, we have some short Bytes that you can share without having to wait too long. 0:00 Intro 0:55 Issues against journalists across the globe 3:20 Why is the media obsessed

Radio stations across the country have pulled a well known holiday song for good reasons. Dan and Jimmy take a look at the lyrics behind the song and start singing another tune. 0:00 Intro 2:15 Lyrics of a past we want to forget 4:30 A lot of singers have done this song 6:00 You don’t

President Donald Trump has cancelled the press invite to this years holiday party at the White House, where the press get a day to relax and enjoy the festive times. The press have commented back, saying “We weren’t going to go anyways”. Is this an end to a White House tradition that has gone on

Here’s this week’s short stories that you can use to start a conversation at the water cooler. 0:00 Intro 0:50 Kevin Hart is out of the Oscars. 5:30 Schindler’s List is being re-released. 9:50 Twitter is favored amongst advertisers. 10:45 Where do most people get their news from? 14:30 Jimmy rants against PBS Available to

We’re not making this up, Tocophobia is a serious phobia that affects women, and is on the rise as of late due to social media. What is tocophobia though, and how does it affect someone? Dan and Jimmy break it down and take about this serious problem that women are facing. 0:00 Intro 1:15 What

This past week, the nation grieved the loss of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States. The funeral was covered by everyone across the media spectrum, but some opponents of Bush’s past are now changing their tune, giving support to the late President. Dan and Jimmy take a look at why

Former CBS head honcho Leslie Moonves is now under the microscope as allegations are rising against him, prompting Dan and Jimmy to wonder how such a man was able to run the network with so many things against him. 0:00 Intro 1:15 A media mogul or a simple pig? 4:10 It’s all about money and

Interested in listening for a cool story to share with your friends at the water cooler? Then listen to our Bytes Behind the Media for a quick pick of some short stories that happened. 0:00 Intro 0:45 What happened to MIC? 4:50 A startup at the World Trade Center? 5:45 The Corespondent is going up,

Recently a new trend has been hitting Youtube, the content stars are taking a break! After daily videos and constant content, some are taking some time off to help themselves recover from the constant stress of content creation. 0:00 Intro 2:30 NPR is now following Youtuber’s, or their stats anyways. 4:45 It’s all about following

A small group calls for press attention at a protest they are holding in Arkansas, the press says no. But the thing is, the group was a Nazi group, and the press had more than one reason to say no beyond that. 0:00 Intro 2:00 “Here’s something you can cover on a slow day!” 5:00

Social Media is outraged at Yahoo for launching a new portion of their news service with a few questionable features. Dan and Jimmy take a look at the damage done, and what was so controversial about the new features. 0:00 Intro 1:30 A very touchy subject 3:00 Two walls, one story, different sides 4:55 There

Want a whole story but don’t have the time? Then listen to this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for some quick stories for the water cooler. 0:00 Intro 1:20 Airline complaint department is on Twitter 5:20 Cleaning up Instagram 6:40 “The Match” Mickelson vs Woods 9:00 $20 to watch “The Match” would you pay for

Raising a child is a hard job, but if you’re parenting focuses on your child’s social media likeness…. Then there’s more that needs to be questioned. One mother decided to promote her child instead, raising more than a few questions. 0:00 Intro 2:00 The pleas on a Social Media Mother 4:00 Are you admired for

Recreational Cannabis is now being sold in Massachusetts, and the story of it was covered all throughout the day. Dan and Jimmy talk about what this coverage means moving forward. 0:00 Intro 1:45 A historic day in Massachusetts 3:30 Reporters were all over the two stores 6:00 This is a great conversation to have 10:00

Ratings are in, and viewership is down on Cable TV. Who do we have to blame? Millennials. Dan and Jimmy take a look to see if this current trend does have a cause to blame, or if it’s just another thing we’re pinning on the youth. 0:00 Intro 1:40 Who’s watching TV? 3:30 Millennials are

A recent story of a homeless man giving away some money to a desperate couple is now found to be false. Turns out that they were all in on it, and it was a scam to make a quick buck. 0:00 Intro 1:30 When was the last time you saw a homeless guy with $20

This week’s Bytes were just so hot that we couldn’t wait for them to cool down. Listen to some of the top stories that were talked about this week, and have something to share at the dinner table for Thanksgiving. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Jim Acosta is out, but now he’s back 3:54 Caravan Coverage gone

Listen to this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for some short and sweet stories that you can share around the water cooler at work. 0:00 Intro 0:55 Dan Kennedy on newspaper synergy. 2:45 What’s next for Megyn Kelly? 5:40 Gate recognition in China 6:46 Google home speakers for Free? 8:00 Jimmy on Icarus documentary Available

The World Wide Web is broken, but one person says they have a way to fix it. Is it a quick fix, or a scam to get attention? Dan and Jimmy take a look. 0:00 Intro 1:30 It’s broken, and faded hope in Humanity is to blame! 3:50 Half the world is not connected, nearly

What happens when you take the owner of Amazon and give him a newspaper? Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, but Dan and Jimmy say that there’s more to it than that. 0:00 Intro 1:20 Recent Post journalist found dead, but the story isn’t covered 3:00 The Saudis are saying “Boycott Amazon!” 4:50 Can’t go

Tuesday November 6th was the Midterm elections across the USA, but before then America was hit with a controversial last minute political ad. Is this warranted, or deserved? Dan and Jimmy take a look at what decision was made to air the ad at the end of the election. 0:00 Intro 0:55 One last political

Dan and Jimmy take a look at some smaller stories that have popped up this week and give their perspective on the matters. 0:00 Intro 1:00 A Trump supporter apologizes to Jim Acosta. 3:30 The Obamas on Netflix? 4:45 HBO now not on Dish Network. 5:55 Facebook’s new transition. 7:45 Instagram’s “I Voted” filter. 8:50

The New York Times recently released two commercials that talk about what goes into their journalism, and trying to boost their viewership. Dan and Jimmy take a look and see if their strategy is working. 0:00 Intro 2:00 How many people are reading newspapers? How many are reading tabloids? 4:30 Those that are dedicated to

5 battleground polls & Prof. Kimball 2018 midterm predictions Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. IG/Twitter: @EmersonPolling

One host thinks it’s ok to just do whatever Trump says when it comes to reporting. Unfortunately that’s not how journalism works, but Dan and Jimmy take a shot at the thought. 0:00 Intro 1:45 I cannot believe this is happening in America 4:00 Axios, a new information website 7:30 Why not change F-O-X to

Dan and Jimmy take a look at the recent walkouts at Google and why support for it is coming from even the higher-ups at Google. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Bosses encouraging the walkouts. 3:00 Is there ever a limit to what someone will want? 5:30 Is money a bigger factor than someone’s security and well being?

With the Midterm Elections less than a week away, Emerson College Polling is monitoring 12 states this week. Kansas USC 2nd district: Steve Watkins (R) 48%, Paul Davis (D) 41%, 8% undecided 3rd district: Sharice Davids (D) 55%, Kevin Yoder (R-inc) 43%, 1% undecided Governor Kris Kobach (R) 44%, Laura Kelly (D) 43%, Greg Orman

Dan and Jimmy bring you some tiny tidbits from stories this week that you can pass around the water cooler at work. 0:00 Intro 0:45 Trump beats up on CNN… again. With Twitter. 3:12 Cannabiswire: A new newsletter focusing on public health and issues facing the cannabis industry. 6:44 Homeless media? Hobo TV? 8:48 World

Swedish citizens are embedding microchips into their fingers and carrying their personal information at the tips of their fingers. Dan and Jimmy take a look at this bizarre trend that’s on the rise. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Microchips in a dog, but now in a person? 3:00 With a swipe of the hand, your credit card

Gary Johnson and the Libertarian miracle: Is it on the brink in New Mexico? Good news for Democrats across the board in Emerson Polling’s New Jersey, Michigan and New Mexico polls.  IG/Twitter: @EmersonPolling Sign up for a FREE MONTH at:

The new Law Enforcement Museum in Washington D.C. is facing criticism with its recent controversial exhibit. Dan and Jimmy examine one of the hardest jobs in the world, and why this controversy is facing so much attention. 0:00 Intro 1:20 Less about guns and more about the museum in general. 3:00 All the good cops

Megyn Kelly is at odds with her audience and her bosses for her recent actions. Dan and Jimmy decide to look at these actions, and give their opinions on the factor. 0:00 Intro 0:45 The brightest career, the darkest fall. 2:15 Thinking before you speak always helps. 4:30 There’s a deep context that not many

Voters in New Jersey, Michigan and New Mexico are being called this week. New Mexico and Michigan each have two statewide races, and New Jersey only has one statewide election. Voters in Michigan are also being asked their thoughts on marijuana, Flint and redistricting. NJ Senate: Bob Menendez (D-inc.) | Bob Hugin (R) MI Governor:

Want to hear a story but don’t have the time? Then tune into this week’s Bytes Behind the Media for little short stories going on in the world. 0:00 Intro 0:55 Facts on Broadway with Daniel Radcliffe. 2:40 Half of College Students can’t tell what is really Fake News. 5:27 Spotify parody scares more than amuses.

Sinclair Broadcasting is taking over, but how do they take your station, and what do they do to get to you. Dan and Jimmy bring up Sinclair’s motives, and what it means for your viewing pleasure. 0:00 Intro 0:55 The story of Sinclair: The New Yorker. 2:30 Sinclair controls several battleground states. 5:00 They have

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Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is feared to be dead, but the story on how is still a little bit sketchy. Dan and Jimmy wonder how far that we need to go to defend journalists, and even protect basic human rights in the world. 0:00 Intro 1:23 Khashoggi: Who he was and what he did. 3:34 This

In this era of #MeToo, one of the few area’s we seem to hear about is from the Sports World. Dan and Jimmy take a look at why this is so, and of the recent ones that have happened. 0:00 Intro 0:55 #MeToo in the world today and where it isn’t. 2:10 A Man that

The Senate race in California gives Republicans an opportunity to cast a protest vote for a Bernie-supported Democrat against the incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein (D). Feinstein, who was first elected in 1992, faces State Senate Majority Leader Kevin de León, who has been pushing the race to the left. The Republicans have a hold on

Want to hear a story but don’t have a lot of time? Then take a byte or two from this week’s bytes behind the media. 0:00 Intro 0:50 The Iffy Quotient 2:20 NFL ratings are down, NBA ratings are up. 7:05 Boston’s local teams are pretty good this season. 8:22 Civil Media, trying to change

Social Media overwhelming you? Take a break and leave it behind like these Mormon women in Utah. 0:00 Intro 1:20 10 day fast from social media. 3:00 Why only the Women? 5:10 You can control the Wifi in your house, use it to stop social media use. 7:20 It’s something we all need to think

Democrats seem to be losing a grip on being able to take back the United States Senate.  Latest Emerson College e-Poll has data on #NVSen between Dean Heller & Jacky Rosen.  Also: #NVGov, #NHGov & US Congressional races in all districts in New Hampshire & Nevada. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly oniTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS

Is Trump engaging in some Fake News of his own? Perhaps he’s just falling for his own fake story? 0:00 Intro 3:00 OpEd opinion v.s. Fact Checking. 4:10 Quote from the OpEd. 5:30 Trump feeds the media then attacks it. 6:10 Quote from the Chicago Tribune. 8:00 Adding onto the facts. 10:30 Personality of the

Little Media Bytes in the 4th Quarter include new emojis for the world to use, courtesy from Apple. Want to go to jail for a hoax disaster? And we all got a text from POTUS, who paid attention? 0:00 Intro to the Bytes 0:45 The President’s Emergency Text 6:05 New Emojis for the world 8:45

The Senate Race in Nevada is the only Republican-held Senate seat up for election in a state that Hillary Clinton won. The first district of New Hampshire is history in the making with either the first openly gay representative from that district, Chris Pappas (D), or the first black representative, Eddie Edwards (R). TX Senate:

Meeting with the White House press used to be a daily event that Dan Lothian was at for five years when he worked for CNN. Now, that’s a thing of the past under the present Trump Administration. Another thing to worry about? 0:00 Intro to episode. 0:50 Daily briefings use to be daily. 1:58 Politico

Ted Cruz is on the move in Texas in the latest Emerson College e-Poll.  Prof. Spencer Kimball breaks down how Cruz was able to make this charge and if O’Rourke has peaked. BONUS: National poll on a universal basic income and whether US tax dollars should pay for tuition free college. Subscribe to Emerson College

A local tech entrepreneur is creating a way for your entire browsing experience to become disguised, utilizing AI to hide your digital footprint through Diluvian. 0:00 Intro to podcast 0:57 It’s high tech stuff with AI, and possibly advertiser’s worse nightmare 4:30 I’m searching for something, and then I get an advertisement on the next

Journalist Connie Chung has opened up about her past sexual assault from a family doctor, and relives a harrowing moment of her life. Dan and Jimmy talk about this new development in the #MeToo world. Intro to episode 0:46 Intro to Connie Chung 2:15 Quote from Connie Chung’s letter 4:00 Second Quote from Chung letter

Emerson poll finds that the Kansas second and third congressional districts are competitive with potential Democratic upsets. Paul Davis (D) from the second district and Sharice Davids (D) from the third are both in the lead but within the margin of error. Kansas Gov: Kris Kobach (R)-37%, Laura Kelly (D)-36%, Greg Orman-9%, Undecided-15% Kansas 2nd:

Dan and Jimmy talk about a number of items for the 4th quarter episode of Behind the Media. Former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens recently was job-shamed from working at Trader Joe’s, and Nikki Minaj decided to help him out by donating $25,000 to the fund that supports actors who are down and out. Speaking

We all know that when we go about our lives in public, there is a camera somewhere that is documenting what we are doing. It’s the realities of life in 2018 with a 1984 Big Brother caveat. In one case of a video that was used for shock by the Cameroonian government, BBC investigators were

#KSGov a DEAD heat: Kris Kobach (R) v Laura Kelly (D) v Greg Orman (I) #KS01: Roger Marshall (R-inc) 44%, Alan LaPolice (D) 17%, 35% undecided #KS02: Paul Davis (D) 35%, Steve Watkins (R) 31%, 28% undecided #KS03: Sharice Davids (D) 47%, Kevin Yoder (R-inc) 41%, 10% undecided #KS04: Incumbent Ron Estes (R-inc) 50%, James

Does WhatsApp have a dark purpose? What is this dark social web that is out there and it being misused?  Dan and Jimmy question the uses of WhatsApp in today’s world of Fake News and AI bots, with the possibility of dark social activity. For 200 million users across the world, 22 different languages, and

Does being on camera freak you out? Or do you thrive on it like POTUS? Some question if Donald Trump knows that if he’s in front of a camera, that he is as our President not the star of a reality TV show!  Perhaps that’s why he keeps firing his staff?, Dan and Jimmy take

Donald Trump endorsement power – will it be on display in Kansas? Emerson pollster Spencer Kimball previews Monday’s Emerson e-Poll and discusses the possibility of Kansas slipping away from the Republicans. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.  Twitter/IG: EmersonPolling. SPONSOR: Get a FREE month of The

Senator Jeff Flake may be the decisive vote on confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  Arizona e-Poll on how citizens believe Senator Jeff Flake should vote. Arizona Senate: Martha McSally (R) v Kyrsten Sinema (D) Arizona Gov: Doug Ducey (R-inc) v David Garcia (D) Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the

Football and media have grown up and exploded together in this country and former Patriots GM and media personality Upton Bell was Present at the Creation. That’s also the title of Upton Bell’s book. It is a compelling read outlining the early days of the NFL, AFL.World League, and the man responsible for the Boston

Football and media have grown up and exploded together in this country and former Patriots GM and media personality Upton Bell was Present at the Creation. That’s also the title of Upton Bell’s book. It is a compelling read outlining the early days of the NFL, AFL.World League, and the man responsible for the Boston

Democrats look to be competitive in states Trump won with ease, like Kansas. How successful can they be? Subscribe to the Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. IG/Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Football and media have grown up and exploded together in this country and former Patriots GM and media personality Upton Bell was Present at the Creation. That’s also the title of Upton Bell’s book. It is a compelling read outlining the early days of the NFL, AFL.World League, and the man responsible for the Boston

Patrick Morrisey challenges Senator Joe Manchin for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Can popularity of Donald Trump save the GOP in WV? e-Polls in all three congressional distrcits Subscribe to the Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. IG/Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Kelley and Cole recap and review the 2018 primary season and take a look at the Democrats chances of taking the Senate. Is there an overarching narrative behind this years primaries? Even with a daunting map, can Democrats make gains in the Senate? Subscribe to the Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and

When has women’s final of the US Open get more attention than the mens? When Serena Williams implodes and loses to a 20 year old named Naomi Osaka. It was her first Grand Slam championship and the first for someone from Japan. It was Serena Williams on court behavior that drew the ire of umpire

CBS CEO Les Moonves is ousted when a pattern of sexually abusive behavior tales are told to the New Yorker magazine. Is this another example of men behaving badly and close encounters of the powerful kind? On Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veterans recap a thunderous week in media.

Rep. Steve King in a close race w/ challenger J.D. Shelton as Emerson Polling has e-Polls on all four Iowa congressional districts and the Governor race btwn Kim Reynolds & Fred Hubbell. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. IG & Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Nike uses NFL expatriate Colin Kapernick to introduce a powerful advertising campaign and you know who doesn’t like it! President Trump or “POTUS” rips one of the biggest companies in his own country, while further alienating himself from the people of the US. On Behind the Media with Dan Lothian, the host and his sidekick

Media vs. POTUS round 6, an anonymous staffer in the Trump White House unveils a strategy of managing the manager in the NY Times! The POTUS would love to fire the “gutless” person, but he doesn’t know who it is! On this edition of Behind the Media, former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian explains

A huge Democratic primary upset has occurred in Massachusetts. 10-term incumbent Mike Capuano has been beaten by Boston’s City Councilwoman Ayanna Pressley. Meanwhile, Democrats hope to make gains in Iowa, even after Trump won the state handily in 2016. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.  IG

For 40 years, Bob Costas has been the number 1 sportscaster at NBC. He’s hosted Olympics, done baseball play by play, interviewed champions and crooks. Now he might be moving on once his contract is up. Did his criticism of the game of football and the NFL contribute to this decision, and who’s decision was

One school shooting is too many. Did you think there were 254 school shootings last year?  Well that’s the number the US Department of Education comes up with after polling their member schools. NPR production assistants check on their numbers by calling schools directly and talking to the administrators. Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young discuss

Labor Day National e-Poll with new surveys on: 0:07 The Donald Trump economy 3:03 Generic Ballot 2018 mid-terms & 2020 President 4:01 America’s favorite sport BONUS: President Trump approval ratings fall Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling. Get 500 business cards for $9.99 by

Once again our fearless POTUS, Donald Trump thinks the whole world is against him. Is that so far from the truth? Who will we get the truth from? In this edition of Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veteran broadcasters talk about the differences between reality and fiction in the real

Does the Florida Gubernatorial Primary results show that President Trump has complete control of his party? Can Progressive Democrats win general elections in swing states like Arizona and Florida against Trump style conservatives? Plus, a sneak peak of our upcoming national poll. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media

In this episode of Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veterans talk about why it’s so important to put reporters in harms way during a weather event. From Dan Rather, to Shelby Scott to Dan’s experiences during Katrina, there are plenty of anecdotes from the world of TV news when

Virtual tie in latest Emerson College US Senate Texas e-Poll: Beto O’Rourke (D) v Ted Cruz (R-inc) BONUS: Lupe Valdez (D) Gov. Greg Abbott (R-inc) #TXGov Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

In this episode of Behind the Media with Dan Lothian, the former news correspondent for NBC and CNN is joined by Jimmy Young, another long time broadcast veteran from New England. Both veterans talk about the importance of trust that is developed by a journalist with their audience. The Poynter Institute released the results of

What impact will Donald Trump’s immigration policy have on 2018 midterms? Plus, previewing Emerson’s new Texas e-Poll set to release on Monday. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.

So who’s running the White House now? Another Trump supporter is out hawking a book Omarosa Manigault Newman has tapes of conversations with POTUS. On Behind the Media Dan Lothian is joined by CEO Nick Gelso to talk about what is going on Behind the Media!

NM Governor: Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) v Steve Pearce (R) NM: US Senate: Martin Heinrich (D) v Mick Rich (R) v Gary Johnson (L) Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

On Behind the Media Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young talk about the censorship of major social media sites like Facebook towards Alex Jones’ Info Wars. The conspiracy theorist babble had been polluting the social media channels for awhile until recently being pulled down for “content violations.” How free is free speech now?

What happened to the polling in Minnesota? Donald Trump is dominating thus far in the GOP primaries in 2018 Previewing Emerson Polling’s North Dakota e-Poll Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Recent college graduate Nicole Spiller (@niicoleamber on instagram) is emerging as a powerful social media maven and now sits in on Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young to talk about best ways to take advantage of the lucrative side of social media.

Dem MN Gov Primary: Lori Swanson v Tim Walz v Erin Murphy GOP MN Gov Primary: Tim Pawlenty v Jeff Johnson US Senate: Amy Klobuchar (D) v Jim Newberger (R) US Senate: Tina Smith (D) v Karin Housley (R) Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.

The Republicans salvaged #OH12 on Tuesday, yet was the biggest winner Donald Trump? Also, a preview of the next Emerson College e-Poll in Minnesota Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.

Danny O’Connor: 47% Troy Balderson: 46% Undecided: 7% Margin of error: 5% Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Democrats continue their winning streak in recent Emerson College e-Polls in Wisconsin 0:22 Wisconsin issues: education funding & raising minimum wage 1:36 Republican Primary US Senate: Leah Vukmir v Kevin Nicholson 2:21 US Senate Ballot Question — Tammy Baldwin (D) 3:36 Tony Evers (D) v Scott Walker (R) Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on

e-Poll in Michigan on Debbie Stabenow (D) v John James & Sandy Pensler representing the GOP [0:17] 1:09 Governor: Democratic primary led by Gretchen Whitmer and potential head-to-heads v Republicans led by Bill Schuette. 3:15 ***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.  Twitter: @EmersonPolling

UPSET ALERT: Democrats with another opportunity to zero in on US Senate seat. Phil Bredesen (D) 43% Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) 37% …also new polls on Republican & Democratic primaries for Governor of Tennessee as well as Trump statewide approval ratings and other misc. issues such as education and marijuana. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling

🚨🚨 NATIONAL POLL on President Donald Trump approval ratings and: Democrats v Republicans 2018 Mid-Term Generic Ballot Economy: Better or Worse under Donald Trump ? America’s biggest foreign adversary …ant (a lot!) more. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

In the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump trailed in the polls and then pulled off an upset for the ages. You would think the media might have learned it’s lesson, but once again not! In New York’s 14th congressional district democratic primary a Socialist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beats out the incumbent Joe Crowley for the

Emerson College Pollster & Professor Spencer Kimball gives five takeaways from the 2018 mid-term primaries thus far. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network Mobile App.

Is it safe to be a journalist anymore? From death threats to shootings, journalists now have to consider the dangers of reporting the news. Former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian and co-host Jimmy Young react to the senseless shooting in Annapolis, MD when a man targeted newsroom employees killing five. It still didn’t stop

NEW POLL from Emerson Polling on: *Arizona US Senate *Arizona Governor *Statewide Congressional & generic ballot PLUS: How the Democrats can pick-up not one, but BOTH Senate seats in the desert. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

One viral photo can change public policy fast! How fast? How about 4 hours from release! A Getty Images photo by John Moore was released to the media, and within half a day had changed President Trump’s controversial border policy of separating families. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media

Professor Spencer Kimball provides analysis halfway through the primary season for the 2018 mid-term elections.  Plus: What is the huge issue in Virginia that’s infuriating many Republicans? Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app

What goes on behind the scenes when two major conglomerates merge, and how will it affect you? Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young take you behind the scenes of one of the biggest media takeovers of all time, and what may lay in its wake. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS

June 12 primary analysis in Nevada, Virginia, South Carolina, North Dakota, Maine.  Recapping June 5 primary and California Governor & Senate poll. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

After the tragic deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week, mental health is back in the spotlight of American media. Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young on how the media frames the mental health conversation through the news, especially in high profile instances like the ones this week. Behind The Media is available on

Analysis for Tuesday, June 5 primaries in California, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, Alabama, New Jersey, Iowa, Mississippi Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Poor social media ‘habits’ strike again. This week, following a racist tweet about a fellow Obama advisor, Roseanne Barr had her #1 sitcom canceled by ABC. Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young discuss how in this modern era of the internet, some people still can’t grasp basic manners on social media. Behind The Media is available

Under the Trump Administration, few government agencies have been more scrutinized than the Environmental Protection Agency. This trend continued last week, when the EPA barred media members from attending a public event on contaminants. Reporters were even physically removed from the building by guards. Behinds The Media looks at the event from a media point

Earlier this week the National Football League announced that it will be implementing new rules for the 2018 season in regards to how players should act during the national anthem. As this ongoing saga approaches a year in the headlines, Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young look at the new rules from a media point of

10% of the way through the primaries for the 2018 mid-term elections. Emerson Prof. Spencer Kimball provides analysis of the races thus far and previews Emerson Polling’s poll for Georgia and California primaries. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network Mobile App.  Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Parenting expert, and father of a former NFL quarterback, Mac Bledsoe joins Behind The Media. Mac talks about his Parenting With Dignity initiative, Kick An Elephant theory, what is was like raising a top NFL draft pick and about the Bledsoe family’s relationship with the city of Boston. Behind The Media is available on iTunes,

Republicans & President Trump vehemently oppose Don Blankenship bid in West Virginia in an effort to prevent a redux of Roy Moore.  Emerson College professor Spencer Kimball recaps the May 8th primaries and previews the May 15 races in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly oniTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network

Is President Donald Trump’s role in negotiations with North Korea being underplayed by the media? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News are shaping the national view of President Trump’s international policy. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App.

State primary previews on Emerson College Polling Weekly with US Senate races in West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio as well as Dennis Kucinich getting back in the game running for Governor of Ohio. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes,Stitcherand the CLNS Media Network Mobile App.

They call it the “Nerd Prom”, but the White House Correspondents Dinner is always one of the hottest tickets in our nation’s capital. Dan Lothian, the host of Behind the Media, has been to quite a few of them, hanging out with Ashley Judd and other entertainment and news celebrities. This week, the featured comedienne

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been calling out President Donald Trump for…breaking promises? Former CNN correspondent Dan Lothian and NECN anchor Jimmy Young discuss the ramifications of a supposedly unbiased news personality making this kind of statement, how the lines have blurred when it comes to bias at network news stations, and how the Trump

New poll shows the GOP have a great chance to win Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat in Missouri. Plus final reaction on Emerson’s pinpoint analysis in #AZ08. Subscribe to Emerson College Polling Weekly on iTunes, Stitcherand the CLNS Media Network Mobile App. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

  Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen was caught lying this week about the role he played in the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss what would drive a reporter to lie about such a major story, and if its systemic of larger issues in Journalism. Don’t miss this episode

If feels like Big Brother is targeting journalists to track their every move. The Department of Homeland Security is seeking bids from companies to monitor what journalists of every language are saying and doing. Steam is coming out of the ears of veteran journalists Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young as they try to make sense

“The momentum is with the Republicans,” says pollster.   After a shocking poll last week showed Hiral Tipirneni in a virtual tie with Debbie Lesko in a Special Election in Arizona for Trent Franks’ seat, many Republicans began to fret over possibly losing yet another seat in the US Congress.  This time in a district

How did a Starbucks managers encounter with two African American men in Philadelphia become national news? Credit citizen journalists who captured compelling videos and uploaded them to Twitter and YouTube. It’s a new era, where stories that once happened away from the public eye are being brought into daylight. The result? Big headlines, a national

Emerson Polling has more bad news for Donald Trump. New poll shows Democrats ahead in Arizona.   A stunning new poll has been released by one of the most reputable polling agencies in the nation.  And it definitely won’t make President Donald Trump too happy: Emerson Polling has the all-important congressional seat in the 8th district of

One man in Maine is cooking up fake news in the kitchen and politics is a big ingredient. He’s a big liar…pumping out fake news and cashing in with advertisers. His name is Christopher Blair and he is the master of fake news. -Why does he do it? -Hard core democrats-liberal trying to undercut the

Advertisers pulling from Laura Ingraham are “gutless,” says Dan Lothian   Former CNN White House Correspondent to President Barack Obama, Dan Lothian, criticized advertisers who are pulling their spots from FOX News’ Laura Ingraham. On the Behind the Media podcast, Lothian lambasted advertisers who are giving into phony public pressure in the name of justice.

Boycott Fox. Boycott Laura Ingraham. Boycott Facebook. Advertising boycotts are in. They’re kind of cool…but do they work? The internet continues to butt heads with Corporate America, but the question is if either side is gaining any ground in their cause. On the latest Behind the Media podcast, White House correspondent Dan Lothian & Jimmy

The question many Americans, including President Donald Trump himself seemingly ask every day is: Will China eventually surpass America as the global hegemon? They may have already.  And of all things, video games, may be leading the way. A new survey provided by Emerson Polling has full details on the public opinion of citizens both

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” One line that has entered the delivery of local news shows on stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting all over the country. Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young have been talking about Sinclair media’s practice of forcing their political agenda into local news casts all over the country since last

BREAKING: Dow Jones down another 500 points and America is ‘broke’ according to former Ronald Reagan Budget Director.  A new poll from Emerson Polling shows Donald Trump favorability ratings sinking fast.   The nation is now seeing the after-effects of Donald Trump and his decision to lay trade tariffs on China.  Trump himself is now

Jimmy Young’s former NECN cohost Mikey Adams joins the show. Jimmy & Mikey reminisce about NECN & WEEI, and discuss how the media’s portrayal of Marijuana has changed from when they broke into the industry to now. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the

President Donald Trump has called NAFTA the worst trade agreement in the history of the world.   A new poll from Emerson Polling pertains public sentiment from both citizens of the United States of America and Canada on free trade and NAFTA. President Donald Trump, a longtime critic of NAFTA, who on numerous occasions has

  Donald Trump is the master of the Twitterverse, but a ghost from his past is beating him at his own game. Stormy Daniels was her name, taking sexual care of Donald Trump was her game. She has played the victim, and reported on the dirty details on various media and she has accomplished something no

Emerson Polling has a new marijuana legalization data conducted by Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball on the latest Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast   Marijuana legalization is seemingly taking the United States of America and Canada by storm.  And new data via Emerson Polling further suggest a seemingly overwhelming majority for some form of marijuana

Will the data breach scandal bring down social media giant Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg fesses up in an exclusive CNN interview, but not everyone is buying it. We don’t have to walk you through all the details of the data breach…that’s old news, what we’re talking about is Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to save his company that continues

Has Facebook peaked? Are they about to poop? With one former Facebook employee blowing the whistle on his former employer, and the head of NBC News ripping the social media giant Facebook by calling it FAKEBOOK, what is going on? Dan Lothian’s former boss Andy Lack says, Facebook has no value! Dan and co host

Trends, data and public opinion polls show that age discrepancies, not party affiliation, determine support for marijuana legalization.  If the President Donald Trump rabid base supports marijuana legalization in America, despite Jeff Sessions comments, what does Trump do this summer?   Marijuana legalization is at the forefront of debate not just in the United States

Marijuana reform in not just the United States of American, but other NAFTA countries like Mexico and Canada is very well on the cusp of outright legalization.  Emerson College Professor and Emerson Polling pollster Spencer Kimball provides full analysis on the latest Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast as apart of Emerson Polling’s Marijuana March campaign.  What

Most of you know how fast sound and light travel, but what about fake news?  After researchers analyzed millions of tweets between 2006 and 2017, the journal Science reveals fake news travels faster, farther and deeper than real news.”The problem was particularly evident for political news.” Behind the Media fires up up the lie detector

Did The Media Take Advantage Of Sam Nunberg? Was the former Trump aide’s mental breakdown OK for TV? Recapping one of the most bizarre news stories of Donald Trump’s presidency, in which former Trump confidant Sam Nunberg went on a media tour while seemingly having a mental breakdown over a subpoena from Robert Mueller. Should

The intersection of politics and social media is more focused on now than at any other point in the digital age. First Lady Melania Trump gave a speech recently about staying positive on social media. The speech drew vast criticism given Donald Trump’s know history to use Twitter as a platform to bully opponents. Dan

A so called street vigilante on Facebook Live calls out neighborhood drug dealers and other criminals. What happens next is horrific and it all played out streaming live. This week on behind the media Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young talk about the dangers of DIY reporting. Behind The Media is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and

A new poll from Emerson Polling has Democrat Conor Lamb with a stunning three point lead against Republican Rick Saccone.  In a district which Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016 — how shocking would this defeat for the GOP be and what are the implications for President Trump and the GOP? PODCAST

A new group is leading the charge against America’s gun policies. NRA vs. US Youth, who wins? Now that we’ve heard the young people’s voices that are outraged over the most recent gun violence, will they be able to make political change in Washington DC? It’s the power of the young person on social media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boston — One of the most esteemed polling agencies in the country, Emerson Polling, will poll all angles of the marijuana issue that has galvanized all spectrums of the political realm in 2018. For the entire month of March, Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball will appear exclusively on the Emerson College Polling

Is the way we are defining mass shootings shaping the conversation in the media? On this edition of Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veteran journalists talk about the challenges of getting the facts right when the immediacy of the modern news cycle. The Washington Post featured an article on

Sex Sells! We all know it. Some are more comfortable talking about it than others. After all, it is a private intimate physical activity that is part of the human experience no matter what side of the fence you are on. Every year, after the Super Bowl and before baseball’s spring training, there is a

On the latest Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast, Emerson pollster Spencer Kimball discusses the crucial special election in the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania.  In a district in which Donald Trump carried by 20 points in 2016, Republican Rick Saccone is in big trouble against Democratic upstart Conor Lamb.  How can Lamb pull off the

The debate over gun control once again rages in America. How has the media shaped this discussion? In the wake of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the US political spectrum is once again at odds over gun control in America. Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how the media’s

The more things change, the more they stay the same for a long time Boston sports radio institution. In the last two decades, WEEI, the sports radio station that had blazed the trail for the sports talk format in the radio industry, has undergone “sensitivity” training for some of its on air hosts after racially

Ayanna Pressley is primarying Mike Capuano.  Will Massachusetts elect its first African-American congresswoman? Emerson College Polling Weekly is available on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Twitter: @EmersonPolling

Competitive video gaming has taken off, but how do you separate the hobby from the competition? The Egaming industry is exploding, and on Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young, the two veteran broadcasters and parents talk about this phenomenon and when is the right age to allow your kid to be absorbed by

Snapchat stock soars while update disappoints, how many people REALLY watched the Super Bowl, and what happens when a veteran reporter doesn’t check his sources? On Behind the Media with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young… an old school sports journalist gets duped by a new school social media prank. In this episode, Dan and Jimmy

What do someone’s social media posts say about their mental state? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young react to a recent survey that postings on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram can be early indicators of mental disorders such as depression. This also leads to the bigger discussion question of what people should

The Director Of Programming for NBC Sports Boston on what it is like for a media outlet to cover the Super Bowl. Dan & Jimmy are joined on the phone by Morry Levine, who is the Director Of Programming at NBC Sports Boston. Morry talks about the enormous task of planning and executing coverage of

A new poll provided by Emerson Polling bears two questions: What is the likelihood of California, or any state, seceding from the United States of America under the Presidency of Donald Trump? And most importantly, is it even legal?   Professor Spencer Kimball from Emerson College is live from Spain in the midst of the

Why is drama from the 1994 Winter Olympics back in the spotlight in 2018? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss the recent success of I, Tonya [the Oscar-nominated movie based on figure skater Tonya Harding], and what is says about today’s media that she is seen as a hero in 2018. Jimmy also recalls covering

Does the media poorly portray student-teacher sex scandals? Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young sit down and discuss how they are reported, and if and when the media crosses the line. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Is the dream of MLK still not yet a reality? A New Emerson College Poll has released the latest results looking at race relations in the United States of America under the leadership of President Donald Trump.  Do Americans believe they have improved or gotten worse?   As we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin

Smart phones in the classroom? AE goes Underground to a high school for programming.  Good idea or bad? Dan says no! Jimmy says yes! Friday Afternoon Live with Dan Lothian and Jimmy Young.   Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

All eyes are already looking well ahead to November.  With an unpopular President Donald Trump occupying the White House, a landslide in the mid-term elections for seats in Congress and the Senate for the Democrats over the Republicans seem like a foregone conclusion.  Or is it?   In recent times, generally, an unpopular sitting President

Does The Media Have The Munchies? California is going to pot and the whole media world is going along for the ride. Veteran Newsmen Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss how the media has handled and will handle covering a topic that has been taboo for decades. As more and more states legalize Pot, people

All trends and public opinion point towards Marijuana being legalized in the very near future in the United States.  Where did this momentum come from? What were the causes of it? And what kind of impact will this have on the 2018 mid-term elections?  Will not supporting marijuana legalization prove fatal for politicians? The latest

In a Christmas edition Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast, Professor Spencer Kimball uses past results from the 2016 and 2017 US Elections to analyze and determine which were the best and most efficient methods for producing the best polls to gauge future elections.  With the 2018 mid-terms now upon us with the start of the

Jimmy & Dan discuss Pope Francis’ recent comments regarding journalism, Fake News, & the Fourth Estate. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

The Republicans have surrendered a crucial US Senate seat in stunning fashion in Alabama following Doug Jones upset win over Roy Moore. What are the lessons to learn and how will this impact the all-important 2018 mid-terms ? PODCAST DESCRIPTION:  What Happened in Alabama ? | Republican Roy Moore Loses US Senate Seat to Democrat

How the FCC overturning Net Neutrality will impact the common Internet user, a discussion with professor Daniel Lyons of Boston College Law School. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young discuss the media coverage of the Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones & Roy Moore. Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

FINAL POLL: Alabama US Senate Special Election | Doug Jones (D) v Roy Moore (R) | Donald Trump Endorsement TODAY: The special election for a seat in the United States senate.  Emerson Polling results on Judge Roy Moore v Doug Jones 0:49 RESULTS 1:41 Power of Donald Trump Endorsement 3:33 Previewing 2018 mid-terms Emerson College

Using Sports To Tell Stories | FAL Talks With Ken Shulman Of Friday Afternoon Live is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Mobile App. You can follow the show on Twitter @FALfromLPM

Dan Lothian & Jimmy Young’s weekly look at media and technology takes a local turn this week. They are joined by Kyle Gross, the General Manager of BostInno, a digital media and events company covering business and technological innovation in the city of Boston.