Red Sox Beat is a weekly podcast covering the Boston Red Sox on the CLNS Media Network. Veteran play-by-play voice Josh Lewin covers the week that was for the nine-time World Series Champions. Released every Tuesday, Red Sox Beat is available on wherever you get your podcasts and

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On this episode of the Red Sox Beat podcast the Boston Sports Journal’s Sean McAdam talks about the Red Sox managerial search and some ‘sensible’ free agent options for the Sox.

6:45 Erod injury  9:00 Issues with COVID-19 16:27 Slow start to the season  17:37 Life without Mookie Betts  21:00 Red Sox long-term plan 

2:45 Red Sox infield and outfield  14:41 Red Sox Rotation  19:47 Bullpen arms   

2:45 baseball is back 7:30 players to look out for  15:58 Castiglione interview  18:38 New rules and changes  23:00 Broadcast changes 27:00 trivia 

Bob Nightengale is an MLB columnist for USA Today Twitter: BNightengale  5:10 state of baseball 11:49 Bob Nightengale interview 15:00 what negotiations have been like 20:00 outlook for free agents  25:18 season start prediction  

Jon Heyman is an insider for MLB Network  Twitter: @JonHeyman   7:15 Red Sox draft recap 11:33 Heyman interview  13:14 Negotiations discussion 27:30 Baseball Black Live Matters response 33:26 What’s next?

Chris Smith is a Red Sox beat reporter for  Twitter: SmittyOnMLB 6:25 Josh Lewin’s first MLB assignment  14:00 Chris Smith interview 16:16 possibility of a season  17:52 Red Sox pay cut  29:36 Chris Smith’s first MLB assignment 

5:10 Interivew 10:23 risk of injuries for players  14:08 Red Sox pitching outlook 20:25 Mitch Moreland story 26:30 Throwback League podcast 

Evan Drellich is a baseball writer for the athletic Twitter: @EvanDrellich 7:11 Evan Drellich Interview  8:30 potential of playing baseball 13:00 MLB/MLBPA negotiations   18:57 politics of restarting the league   

Dr. Charles Steinberg is the president of the Worcester Red Sox Twitter: @CSteinberg2004  4:00 Baseball resumption update  8:36 Charles Steinberg Interview  15:00 The rise of the Boston Red Sox  19:25 Wally the Green Monster story  24:00 Relocation of PawSox  28:00 What to expect in Worcester 

Chad Jennings is a staff writer for The Athletic covering the Red Sox  Twitter: chadjennings22 9:25 Jennings interview  17:20 What if the Red Sox kept Jon Lester  22:00 Best Red Sox moves past decade  24:00 Worst Red Sox moves past decade  28: Next big move Red Sox will make and championship outlook  

Steve Buckley is a senior writer for The Athletic.  Twitter: @BuckinBoston 2:41 Red Sox cheating investigation  8:20 cloudiness of technology era of sports  14:25 Boston’s greatest players to wear each uniform number  25:40 Roger Clemens 20 strikeout game story 

Steve Buckley is a senior writer for The Athletic. Twitter: @BuckinBoston 2:41 Red Sox cheating investigation 8:20 cloudiness of technology era of sports 14:25 Boston’s greatest players to wear each uniform number 25:40 Roger Clemens 20 strikeout game story

1:05 Baseball collectible auction 5:25 Alex Cora/celebrity support 15:15 Potential start of baseball 23:30 Steve Pearce retiring

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