Red Sox Beat is a weekly podcast covering the Boston Red Sox on the CLNS Media Network. MLB Insider Chris Cotillo of Mass Live Hosts covers the week that was for the nine-time World Series Champions. Released every Tuesday, Red Sox Beat is available on wherever you get your podcasts and

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Michael Silverman was a baseball columnist for the Boston Herald Twitter: MikeSilvermanBB   1:21 Job change 7:38 How industry has changed 14:40 Some memorable players to cover 24:00 2019 Red Sox season

Chris Smith is a Red Sox reporter at Twitter:@SmittyOnMLB   2:07 Red Sox slim wild card hopes 6:48 What roster moves will be made? 13:52 Potential standout additions to roster 25:42 Red Sox bullpen turning things around

Chris Smith is a Red Sox reporter at Twitter: @SmittyOnMLB   4:02 Sale injury 9:16 Looking back on Sale’s season 15:55 Whats next for Red Sox rotation 27:14 Time to play the young guys  

Alex Speier is a sports reporter for the Boston Globe Twitter: @AlexSpeier 1:28 New Book Homegrown 6:06 Book writing process 13:45 Mookie Betts contract 26:27 Future of Red Sox front office

Rob Bradford is a writer and podcast host for Twitter: @bradfo   5:32 Red Sox make post season 14:00 David Price injury 23:45 future of Dave Dombrowski

Matt Vautour is a sports columnist for Twitter: @MattVautour424   2:36 Trade deadline reactions 10:08 Red Sox stay in house with bullpen 15:07 Dombrowski plan 21:30 Looking at the rest of the wild card teams  

Chris Smith is a Red Sox beat writer for Twitter @SmittyOnMLB   2:17 Red Sox wild card chances 11:03 Red Sox Yankees first series at Fenway 16:45 Trade scenarios 22:08 Should Red Sox buy or sell?  

Sean McAdam covers the Red Sox for the Boston Sports Journal Twitter: @Sean_McAdam   1:55 Roster moves 4:46 Bullpen gamble 11:55 Andrew Cashner 23:33 State of team 26:36 AL Wild Card race

Chris Cotillo is a Red Sox beat writer for Twitter: @ChrisCotillo 1. 2:20 Red Sox starting rotation disappointing 2. 4:00 Tough schedule 3. 6:03 Red Sox bullpen issues 4. 8:30 Devers, Bogaerts, and Vazquez emergence 5. 10:25 Urgency in making moves 6. 13:14 Mookie Betts drop-off 7. 16:21 Yankees success 8. 21:25 Nathan Eovaldi’s

Jason Mastrodonato is a Red Sox reporter for the Boston Herald Twitter: @JMastrodonato   1:20 London Series  9:40 Red Sox in deep hole in AL East 18:18 Eovaldi as a closer  25:50 Darwinzon Hernandez future role

Chris Smith is a Red Sox beat writer for Twitter: @SmittyOnMLB   4:16 Red Sox bullpen problems 8:18 Mets controversy 17:43 Eckersley and Stroman dispute 29:10 Red Sox biggest stretch of season coming

Dan Hayes covers the Minnesota Twins for the Athletic Twitter: @DanHayesMLB   1:27 Dan’s first impression of Red Sox 5:26 How surprising is the Twins success? 11:45 Were the Twins a good fit for Kimbrel? 15:20 impressive first season for Rocco Baldelli   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Jared Sandler is a broadcaster of the Texas Ranger Radio Network and 105.3 The Fan Twitter: @JaredSandler   1:30 David Ortiz heart and soul of Boston 6:37: Rangers surprising wild card push 14:05 Shawn Kelly and what could have been 20:41 Red Sox legend Chris Woodward   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get

Chris Smith is a Red Sox beat writer for Twitter: @SmittyOnMLB   2:13 Red Sox shooting selves in own foot 13:20 If you were Alex Cora what would you do? 21:21 How to fix the Red Sox bullpen from within 27:49 Is Jarren Duran the next Jacoby Ellsbury   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you

Ian Browne is a writer for Twitter: @IanMBrowne 9:25 Do the Red Sox have a good future in the infield? 12:00 What is Pedroia’s legacy? 21:17 Best of Pedroia 24:42 Does Pedroia as a manager make sense? Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Chandler Rome is an Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle Twitter: @Chandler_Rome   5:37 Red Sox Astros Rivalry Brewing 15:18 New Look Astros 21:10 Whats Next for Dallas Keuchel   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Chris Smith is a Red Sox beat writer for Twitter: @SmittyOnMLB   3:53 Is Devers the real deal? 8:12 Dustin Pedroia setback 18:10 Future of Red Sox infield 26:00 Is Thornburg good enough for majors?   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Matt Vautour is a columnist for Twitter:@MattVautour424   3:14 Is this the best year in Boston sports? 4:37 Is not being watched as much good for Red Sox? 7:13 Should champions visit the White House? 15:40 David Price vs. the media   Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Steve Perrault is a host/producer of the Section 10 Barstool podcast Twitter: @Steve_Perrault 5:10- Bad vibes in Boston 11:08- Business is not booming 17:30- Stay hot rocket 22:20- Started from the bottom now we here Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and

Anthony Fenech is a Tigers beat reporter for the Detroit Free Press  Twitter:@anthonyfenech 2:26 Did the Red Sox cut the wrong catcher? 8:25 Will the Red Sox regret the Eovaldi contract? 11:51 How good is this Tigers team? 20:41 Do the Tigers have the perfect trade piece for the Red Sox? 28:39 Does Detroit hate Dombrowski Subscribe

Brendan Kuty is a Yankees beat reporter for Twitter:@BrendanKutyNJ Chris Smith is a Boston Red Sox beat reporter at Twitter:@SmittyOnMLB   2:42 Kuty makes his Red Sox Yankees prediction 16:52 Kuty explains which Yankees injuries hurt the team most 31:50 Chris Sale contract coming back to bite Red Sox 34:00 The Red Sox

Evan Drellich is a Red Sox beat reporter. Twitter: @EvanDrellich 8:00 Why the Red Sox have gotten off to a slow start 13:36 How to solve potential pitching problem 14:53 Red Sox not planning for future 17:00 Craig Kimbrel situation Subscribe to Red Sox Beat wherever you get your podcasts and  

:58-5:01 – Manny Machado’s market and likelihood he goes to Yankees. 5:03 -7:40 –  Was fear of crossing over the luxury tax threshold overblown? 8:58 – 21:18 Chance Craig Kimbrel Returns to Red Sox & How Bad will Red Sox Bullpen be? 22:42 – 29:30 – How many cards does David Price actually hold? Subscribe

1:25 Alex Cora Snubbed Manager of Year? 7:08 Mookie Betts win MVP 13:55 Steve Pearce Coming Back to Boston 19:11 Nathan Eovaldi’s Future This Episode will be available on Monday, November 18 via iTunes, Stitcher and

3:28 Mookie Betts and JD win Sliver Slugger 8:00 Manager of year voting preview 16:34 Kimbrel denies qualifying offer 19:49 MLB Roy Awards This weeks episode will be available for download on Monday November 12 on the CLNS Media Network

2:23 Red Sox Parade 12:10 Alex Cora Manager of Year? 15:12 MVP Snub…NO JD?!? 27:05 Craig Kimbrel gets qualifying offer This episode of Red Sox Beat episode will be available on Monday November 5. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher and

5:00 David Price Boston Hero 11:26 Red Sox Bullpen Final Hoorah 21:22 Alex Cora Biggest Impact 28:57 Steve Pearce Instant legend This week’s episode will be available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Monday, October 29.

3:44 David Price vindicated? 10:04 JBJ ALCS MVP…deserved or not? 16:00 Steven Wright possible return 19:10 Kimbrel Struggles linger into World Series 25:21 World Series preview This episode will be available on Monday, October 22 on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Mobile Podcast app. Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100- Score a Pair of Celtics,

4:10 ALCS game 1 thoughts 9:19 Rick Porcello out of bullpen 13:00 Bullpen down to trusted arms 18:32 Alex Cora blame free? 22:57 Was Price good enough? This Episode will be available for download on Monday, October 15 via iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Mobile Podcast App Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100- Score a

3:33 Chris Sale answers the bell 7:21 Game 1 bullpen issues 14:28 David Price struggles again….what now? 22:25 Steven Wright injury significance This episode is available on Monday, October 8 on iTunes and Stitcher as well the CLNS Mobile Podcast App. Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100– Score a Pair of Celtics, Patriots Bruins or Red

2:18 Red Sox finish regular season 4:30 Cora resting players right decision? 8:46 Chris Sale concern going into playoffs 18:55 JD v Mookie MVP one final debate 25:48 Yanks v A’s Wild Card This episode will be available for download on Monday, October 1 on iTunes and Stitcher, as well as the CLNS Mobile Podcast

3:20 Celebrating with class? 16:55 The bullpen different come playoffs 22:55 When does playoff loss stop being a dissapointment? 34:35 Last week predictions This episode will be available on Monday September 24, on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Mobile Podcast App.

3:05 Yanks and A’s Wildcard Scenario 8:45 Chris Sale / David Price look poised for October 14:42 Mookie Betts Injury Scare 20:43 Steven Wright 8th Inning Guy?! 23:58 Who misses playoff roster? This show will be available for download on ITunes and Stitcher, as well as the CLNS Mobile App, on Monday, September 17.

1:05 Skip Desjardin Interview 17:16 What happens if no war in 2018? 23:30 Does the Houston Series actually matter? 30:58 Chris Sale to return Tuesday This episode will be available for download on Monday, September 10 on ITunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media mobile podcast app.

1:15 Cause for concern after White Sox series. 13:11 Xander Bogaerts massively undervalued 18:03 Dombrowski no move again for bullpen arm 25:24 Team getting healthy This episode will be available on ITunes and Stitcher come Monday, September 3.

2:40 Red Sox Losing Streak…Are you worried? 8:48 David Price is number 2 18:05 Concerned about Chris Sale? Interesting theory here! 27:08 JD Martinez Triple Crown chances This show will be available for download on ITunes and Stitcher starting Monday, August 27.

1:15 Chris Sale back to DL with shoulder inflammation 5:15 David Price dominant for last month and a half and what rotation will look like when Eduardo Rodriguez returns 24:50 Who is MVP? Mookie or JD? 33:45 A look around the league This show will be available on ITunes and Stitcher on Monday, August 20.

:57 Drew Pomeranz to Bullpen 4:53 Craig Kimbrel non-trustworthy? 14:44 Mookie v JD MVP Debate 20:17 Weekly predictions This show will be available on ITunes and Stitcher on Monday, August 13. This episode is powered by our good friends at Mack Weldon and Simple Contacts.

1:52 Rick Porcello and Nathan Eovaldi 8:30 Bullpen benefits from starters success 12:20 Craig Kimbrel issues 24:17 Cora v Boone This episode will be available for download on ITunes and Stitcher on Monday, August 6.

2:57 Red Sox are first to 70 wins 6:00 Chris Sale this year v Last 10:50 Drew Pomeranz and what he expects from himself 16:02 Red Sox and Zach Britton market Available for download on ITunes and Stitcher on Monday, July 23rd.

1:10 Sox Place at “Fake” halfway point 7:00 What Mookie’s grand slam impacted 9:30 ERod Injury Timetable 23:15 Jared sparks thought about media coverage of MLB 27:50 All-star talk and Home-Run Derby predictions Available for download on ITunes and Stitcher on Monday, July 16th. Also, listen on the CLNS Mobile Podcast app.

3:00: This team is talented despite flaws 14:54: Vazquez to DL…What next? 19:20: All-Star Starters. JD Has been amazing 28:35: David Price bad again Available for download on ITunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Mobile Podcast app on Monday, July 9.

Rob Bradford covers the Red Sox for WEEI. Twitter @Bradfo 1:25 David Price start v Yankees 9:20 JD Martinez leadership presence in clubhouse 17:27 The solution for Red Sox bullpen 21:08: Dustin Pedroia outlook from Bradford Available for download on ITunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Mobile Podcast app on Monday, July 2. Red Sox Beat is presented by Get

Chris Villani of WEEI joins Jared this week to talk everything from Hanley and this drug story to the back end of the bullpen. Does this team need help? Can they afford it? Listen to hear what Chris thinks this Red Sox team really is! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on Itunes!

This week Jared and Jess have a ton to talk about! Mookie Betts is back, so how much did they really miss him? In Betts’ absence, the pitching has proven to be the real strength to this team, rather than the offense. Can the offense get back on track? Finally, the Red Sox put Pomeranz

This week Chris Cotillo of joins us to talk the Red Sox! Does this team regret letting Hanley go with Pedroia being placed on the DL? How does the pitching feel like it’s working out? He answers those questions and more as this team is in this thick of their season turning into June!

This week we had Jen McCaffrey from the The Athletic join us to talk about the variety of topics surrounding your first place Boston Red Sox! Did the Hanley move catch the beat writers off guard? How’s Pedroia really going to do? The show wraps with Jared giving his quick thoughts on the Hanley move

This week the Red Sox are still tied atop the A.L. East. Blake Swihart’s agent demanded a trade this week and Red Sox Beat is new talking that request! Is Carson Smith done with the Red Sox?! That take and more on the new injury on this episode! Other topics: JD and Mookie are mashing,

Another week, another David Price situation! This week we are talking his carpal tunnel diagnosis and if it’s actually because he’s addicted to Fortnite. Another storyline this week is the benching of JBJ…We break that down and what this all means for his future in Boston.

It’s another week gone and that means a new RSB! The big news of the week is Mookie Betts just being an absolute STUD. All this guy does it hit home runs. On a polar opposite note David Price is apparently still having circulation issues and the team is looking into a hand warmer. Craig

This week the team was the first club to get to 20 wins and now have their sites set on May! Does David Price’s bad few starts concern you? Is Rick Porcello for real? Is Drew Pomeranz tipping his pitches? This all gets answered and more on an all new RSB!

Even after losing two games in a row, the Red Sox are still 17-4 behind dominant hitting and pitching. We have an all new RSB where Jess and Lauren discuss Rick Porcello’s 4-0 start, many offensive players driving in runs and even the Sox getting no-hit by Sean Manaea. You won’t want to miss hearing

The Red Sox have the best record in baseball. Fresh off the official rivalry renewing brawl vs the Yankees, this team continues its hot streak as it goes to the west coast. This week we talk none other than David Price. How concerning is the Price hand issue? It might be more than you think.

The Red Sox are 8-1 and have the best season start in franchise history! Xander Bogaerts has been a catalyst of what this team has done…does his injury plague the clubhouse? We also touch on JD Martinez and if he’s starting to come out of his funk, now hitting his first homer in a Sox

RSB is all new and opening week is here! We discuss the first three games of the season. Chris Sale, David Price and Rick Porcello dominate the first series and Xander Bogaerts makes Red Sox and baseball history are some topics Jess and Lauren break down. Our show is powered by our friends at DRAFT.COM!

It’s OPENING DAY WEEK! RSB is all new talking a plethora of Red Sox news the week leading up to the first pitch of 2018. Chris Sale was injured in his final start of the Spring, the team made a trade and the rotation coming together are just a few topics Jared, Jess and Lauren

Tim Neverett, one of the voices of the Boston Red Sox on WEEI Radio, joins RSB to talk what he’s seen out of this year’s spring training. Will J.D. help that much in 2018? What is Hanley’s role really going to be? Tim answers to the pressing questions about your 2018 Red Sox as opening

This week a new RSB means we are talking the smoking hot Blake Swihart! With the way he’s playing, would you be okay if Dave Dombrowski decided to ship off the rising star? Also, Drew Pomeranz left his Friday start, so do the Sox have to worry? The show rounds out talking other small storylines,

This week JD Martinez finally is to be announced as a member of the Boston Red Sox. What was the hold up? Are you concerned? Jared, Jess and Lauren talk the Sox new slugger. David Price talked to Dan Shaughnessy about what this season will entail…shocker we know. Finally, will Blake Swihart be on this

Red Sox Beat is new with Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston. Joining us live from Ft Myers, Evan breaks down the big, long awaited signing of J.D. Martinez. What does it mean for the rest of the roster? After Drellich bids his farewell for the night, the usual crew breaks down their thoughts on

There’s one week until pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers! Jared and Jess give you a new episode in which they talk about comments from David Price that might suggest he likes it in Boston…what?? Also, why isn’t Eduardo Nunez signed yet either? The Yanks and Rays are also in on that hunt. Does

This week Christopher Smith, Red Sox Beat writer for joined the show to talk all things Red Sox and this MLB offseason. What does he think about J.D. Martinez? Who is his impact player for 2018? Does he think JBJ will be traded? TOPICS: 2:20 – Smith on Scott Boras running the free agency

Red Sox Beat is all new and we’re talking the news that has trickled in from a slow offseason. Why hasn’t J.D. Martinez signed yet? Is the Red Sox current offer enough? Outside of Boston, ESPN made two hires to fill out their Sunday Night Baseball broadcast for 2018. With A-Rod being hired to sit

Whatever the paper wants to call him, MITCH Moreland is back! Was it a good decision? Does that mean JD Martinez is destined for Fenway Park? Does this have implications for the 2018-19 offseason? Jared, Jess and Lauren talks the signings and implications that come from the deal. Evan Longoria traded to the Giants, a

This week Jess and Jared are back and talking all things MLB Winter Meetings! Stanton to the Yanks?! Is JD going to be a Red Sox? All the rumors and reports are reacted to on an all new RSB!

NEW SHOW ALERT! This week we are back and talking the big news of the week…Alex Cora=David Price? Cora’s outburst at an Astros broadcaster and AJ Hinch is very Price-ish and the crew talks if this is something that should be worried about with the Sox new manager. Stanton is OUT. No Giancarlo Stanton for