Steak, Bourbon & Sports w/ Ari Temkin of Sirius XM and bourbon expert Jeremy Mandel --> Eat Steak! Drink Bourbon! ...all while hawking on everything that's going on in the world of sports and engaging in its endless debates of who's better and who's best. But forget Jordan vs LeBron or Brady vs Montana for a second. What are the best ways to cook a steak? What are best cuts of steak? And what should one look for in a bourbon? Join Ari and Jeremy every week on Steak, Bourbon & Sports.

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Steak Bourbon & Sports is bringing the fun back to sports talk. Join Ari Temkin from SiriusXM Radio and bourbon expert Jeremy Mandel as they eat fantastic steak, drink the best bourbons and talk about sports. Get insights into what makes a great bourbon and get help at the liquor store when trying to find

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