Stuttering John Melendez from The Howard Stern & Jay Leno show fame talks life experience & his feelings on celebrity.

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Last show this week: We are the Melenders! Mark Cronin stories from the CH 9 days. “Im Thinking About You” meets “The Country Bear Jamboree” @FRANKIEBOCCA13 roommate stores his gun on the floor for the kids. Brought to you by @betonline_ag w/ @RoyceDorazio

Despite the show’s love of @JackieMartling we’ve been cut off. @artiequitter sings and it isn’t funny. PLUS @HowardStern and “The Getting Things Done” seminar Part 1 of 2. Enjoy the whole thing with us. Brought to you by our good friends @betonline_ag

Another jam-packed show. @kevinbrennan666 discusses his departure from Compound Media and @artiequitter PLUS @RoyceDorazio and @stutteringjohnm crank the @sternshow and @Siriusjay ALSO @JackieMartling still needs a swab!

On today’s show: Airplane stories from Nebraska. @HowardStern should retire. Who is crazier @StephMillerShow or @therealroseanne PLUS @JackieMartling audio book & WIN a signed copy of #EasyForYouToSay

On today’s show, John gets ready to head to Nebraska for standup. @kevinbrennan666 is added to the “good list.” We answer your tweets. Bobo sends us a horrible @BookCameo PLUS @tomgreenlive owes @RoyceDorazio $4,000 @HowardStern grooms cats and #Batman ’66 orgies.

On today’s show: Four hours roundtrip to do @Poorman1 morning show. Late night @sternshow trolling on @twitter PLUS @robertAbooey isn’t smart enough to get @normmacdonald sense of humor. Also, will @RealGilbert finally join us on air?

The Stuttering John Podcast is now THREE days a week! On Today’s show, John visited Disneyland but couldn’t get into @starwars Galaxy’s Edge. @RealGilbert was once paid 20k for a gig and got pelted with chicken wings. Your tweets and more!

This week my response to @HowardStern comments regarding myself @artiequitter & @JackieMartling. The war against the @sternshow trolls has begun and if you think we are kidding listen to @RoyceDorazio get @memetwalker on the phone. @starwars trivia and much more!

This week on a jam packed show… John’s standup in Arkansas, Howard’s Book, Gary cheats and the Pelican says so. Behind the scenes of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Fred the “Elephant Boy” reads “Howard Stern Comes Again” and explains why he tried going gay. PLUS why did Walt Disney make the BAD list?

This week on the show @SIRIUSXM host @DeanObeidallah Skypes with us. We play guess the book review. The reaction to the @HowardStern leaked audio. @bronk isn’t fired. Bill Buckner has passed away. The Good the Bad and the Booey, PLUS is the podcast going five days a week?

On today’s show we play audio of Howard asking his staff to make ten fake twitter accounts. Analyzing Artie’s new arrest. Putting Captain Janks on the shit list. @adamcarolla is a complete douche, PLUS Michelle Jewsbury promotes her new book “But I Love Him.”

Stuttering John interviews Monique from Radio Gunk about Howard’s new book, Benjy gets screwed, J.D. is still a creep as Monique has a new story about him, Royce joins us & much, much, more.

John & Adam talk about Howard Stern’s big cancer reveal, the state of censorship in stand-up comedy, Adam’s sweaty armpits.

Stuttering John addresses the Mehmet firing rumor’s, JD’s creepiness, defines, “Speculation.” Talks about Howard’s new book & what the new reveal is going to be.

John and Royce catch up on all things Stern Show related. Did we get Memet fired? KC is busy again. Jackie demands John delete a tweet. Plus, JD asked guests for their panties??? All this and more.

Hal Sparks joins us in the studio to discuss everything from Ashton Kutcher wearing only underwear on the set of “Dude Where’s My Car” to working with Stephanie Miller. Plus, the story of how it took five years before E! finally hired Hal on “Talk Soup.”

This week @ChaunceHayden Skypes in from Ireland to play us a 2am call from @realDonaldTrump begging him to bury a story about @VictoriaZdrok PLUS @HowardStern fixed “Win John’s Job.” The @sternshow SEC scandal & Hollywood Howie’s wig! w/ @roycedorazio

John discusses his appearance this morning on LA’s Frosty, Heidi and Frank” to promote TVREMIX.COM. The fans online react to “Jackie, Billy & John on Howard.” More Jackie the Joke Man stories PLUS special guest John Fugelsang.

John discusses Trump and the Mueller Report as well as Avenatti and Nike. A special first and last visit to the studio from the Marci Turk Puppet. Get the VIDEO HERE