Stuttering John Melendez from The Howard Stern & Jay Leno show fame talks life experience & his feelings on celebrity.

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Last show this week: We are the Melenders! Mark Cronin stories from the CH 9 days. “Im Thinking About You” meets “The Country Bear Jamboree” @FRANKIEBOCCA13 roommate stores his gun on the floor for the kids. Brought to you by @betonline_ag w/ @RoyceDorazio

Despite the show’s love of @JackieMartling we’ve been cut off. @artiequitter sings and it isn’t funny. PLUS @HowardStern and “The Getting Things Done” seminar Part 1 of 2. Enjoy the whole thing with us. Brought to you by our good friends @betonline_ag

Another jam-packed show. @kevinbrennan666 discusses his departure from Compound Media and @artiequitter PLUS @RoyceDorazio and @stutteringjohnm crank the @sternshow and @Siriusjay ALSO @JackieMartling still needs a swab!

On today’s show: Airplane stories from Nebraska. @HowardStern should retire. Who is crazier @StephMillerShow or @therealroseanne PLUS @JackieMartling audio book & WIN a signed copy of #EasyForYouToSay

On today’s show, John gets ready to head to Nebraska for standup. @kevinbrennan666 is added to the “good list.” We answer your tweets. Bobo sends us a horrible @BookCameo PLUS @tomgreenlive owes @RoyceDorazio $4,000 @HowardStern grooms cats and #Batman ’66 orgies.

On today’s show: Four hours roundtrip to do @Poorman1 morning show. Late night @sternshow trolling on @twitter PLUS @robertAbooey isn’t smart enough to get @normmacdonald sense of humor. Also, will @RealGilbert finally join us on air?

The Stuttering John Podcast is now THREE days a week! On Today’s show, John visited Disneyland but couldn’t get into @starwars Galaxy’s Edge. @RealGilbert was once paid 20k for a gig and got pelted with chicken wings. Your tweets and more!

This week my response to @HowardStern comments regarding myself @artiequitter & @JackieMartling. The war against the @sternshow trolls has begun and if you think we are kidding listen to @RoyceDorazio get @memetwalker on the phone. @starwars trivia and much more!

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