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There is one theme that shows up in nearly EVERY surgical instrument quality breakdown headline to come out in recent years. That reoccurring theme is a lack of point-of-use cleaning in the OR and the many implications this oversight has on a Sterile Processing team’s ability to #FightDirty with any success. For the first episode

If someone told you there is a way to process a total knee set in 1 hour 23 minutes vs. 4 hours and 7 minutes, would you hesitate? The tune of the conversation in healthcare has changed to that of resuming elective surgeries post-COVID and finding efficiencies is the only way to keep up with the increasing

How do you get your Sterile Processing department’s successes, updates, and requests in front of your hospital CEO, CNO, CFO, surgeons, Operating Room leadership, nurses, surgical technicians, and SPD staff? On this episode of Fighting Dirty, Hank talks about how to leverage the power of a department newsletter to shine a much needed spotlight on

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for encouragement and recommendations on your hunt for Sterile Processing all-stars at your hospital: “Not only is the physical location of the Sterile Processing department in the basement of the hospital, but it is often in the basement of the broader healthcare consciousness. Society knows about doctors

Often times the most obvious ways to improve are the hardest to see. That’s why teams of all sizes, in all industries, can benefit from an outside perspective. On this week’s episode, Hank and Justin speak with longtime perioperative consultant, Paul Wafer, about the importance of efficiency and communication within a surgical service team. Paul’s

On this week’s episode, Bob continues his series on the sterilization process and talks specifically about unloading the sterilizer. What are the critical things to consider to ensure sterility from the moment you crack that sterilizer door? Tune in for more clinical education and training around #SuccessfulSterilizationCycles. Have a question for Bob? Email him at:

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for tips on becoming the Chick-fil-A of your surgical team by focusing on service excellence in SPD: “You know your customers better than anyone else, so be intentional about hiring SPD techs according to your overarching department emphasis on customer service. Include questions in your interview process

As Sterile Processing professionals, something that we will always need is an advocate. We need people throughout our healthcare facilities to back us, to support us, and to help make the case for improvements throughout surgical services–especially Sterile Processing. On this episode, we talk with Melissa Morgan about the importance of Infection Prevention understanding the

Do you have questions about N95 mask reprocessing in your Sterile Processing department? Things like, “Why is cellulose such a big deal when seeking to reprocess certain masks in certain ways?” “Is there such a thing as “cleaning” a mask prior to reprocessing?” Well, we’ve got answers. On this bonus episode of Beyond Clean, we

In this episode, Lindsay talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you, support you and help you grow as a professional. Join her for today’s #GrowthSpurt on curating meaningful connections. Have a question or comment for Linds? Email her at:  #GrowthSpurt #LindsayBrown #SterileProcessing #BeyondClean #WeFightDirty™ Click To Subscribe on

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for insight into preparing your department’s Sterile Processing technicians for growth opportunities right where they are: “As you interview for entry level SPD tech positions, always be thinking about what inherent qualities this person has for future leadership opportunities — and, if you can, try to hire

The Emergency Department has a unique set of needs when it comes to instrumentation. The quality of instruments in kits used in the ER can vary greatly — a common pain point for physicians working in this department at many hospitals. On this week’s episode we talk with Dr. Patrick O’Malley who has focused much

On this release of the Beyond Clean “COVID-19 Impact Series”, we speak with Kate Lee, a director of Surgical Services in Florida and active Navy Reservist who was deployed to the frontline of COVID-19 in New York City. As the global voice of Sterile Processing we want to provide an outlet and conduit for frontline

If you want to light a fuse under a Sterile Processing technician, call them a “glorified dishwasher.” Few things seem to get under our skin quicker than this one phrase that has been weaponized by frustrated healthcare workers who don’t value how CRITICAL we actually are to patient care, and how complex our jobs really

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for tips on how to create a competitive Sterile Processing resume: “This resume you are working on could be the road map for all kinds of future career growth. Although you may be thinking it’s just for an entry level Sterile Processing position, if you were to

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