Terrific Talk is a weekly podcast hosted by Tom Anderson giving listeners an exclusive look into the world of sports broadcasting. Anderson interviews professional broadcasters, writers and athletes.

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0:55 How to do 7 hours of live television without going to the bathroom 2:15 Funny story with Roger Goodell 3:44 Bringing it every single Sunday 5:37 How Redzone is changing how people watch football 7:36 Mission statement for NFL Redzone 9:22 Interesting feedback from Jim Nantz, Peter King, and Tom Brady 12:15 Jobs before

Tom “Terrific” and Steve Hallinan on who wins seven-game series between this year’s Warriors and peak MJ Bulls. Plus, can’t miss NFL picks for week 9.

Tom “Terrific” and Steve Hallinan discuss their favorite new shows and give out their famous can’t lose NFL picks for this weekend.

Tom “Terrific” and his boys breakdown all 30 NBA teams.

Steve Hallinan in the dog house? Be careful what you say on this podcast…

Tom “Terrific” and Steve Hallinan gush over Tiger’s legendary win, apologize to Bills fans, and make their NFL Week 4 Picks!

Steve Hallinan makes his long-awaited debut on Terrific Talk.

Jonathan Tjarks talks about his career and time at The Ringer.

Tim Duncan ever teach you at age 14 how to cover the NBA? Didn’t think so. But he did help Alex Kennedy.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater draws on lessons from her career, and looks back at the ups and downs of her journey in sports reporting.

The “Voice of the Boston Celtics” Sean Grande talks about how Celtics fans should approach Kyrie Irving’s looming free agency.

New York Post’s Marc Berman talks about Kevin Knox’s impressive Summer League performance, David Fizdale’s coaching philosophy, the Knicks future, and his career.

NFL Network’s Dan Hellie on the future of broadcasting, where to look for your first job in TV.

What’s it like working alongside NBA Hall of Famers? How do you stay confident in a profession that’s constantly telling you you’re no good? NBA TV’s Chris Miles explains.

Mike Hill hosts a variety of shows for Fox Sports and Fox Sports 1. He spent 9 years at ESPN. He’s one of the top broadcasters out there. But now, he’s got a new goal. He wants to be an actor.

Never give up. Three words ESPN Radio star Don La Greca lives by. Listen here to Don’s inspiring story and learn more about his career.

David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News breaks down the red hot Sixers, Ben Simmons’ rising stock, Markelle Fultz’ wild up and down rookie season, and more!

Sam Ravech wants to be a big-time broadcaster like his dad, ESPN legend Karl Ravech. We talk about the pressures that come with that dream and what it’s like literally growing up on the ESPN set.

Bill Reiter talks about his new show on the CBS Sports HQ Network. He talks about his career in journalism, and why moving around a lot as a young adult helped him grow as a person.

WWE Network’s Scott Stanford shares stories from his career in broadcasting, and describes why Vince McMahon is bringing back the XFL.

Tom Anderson is joined by legendary Sports Illustrated writer Jack McCallum. Jack talks about his passion for writing (2:47), his love of teaching (4:00), what really went down in that famous Dream Team scrimmage (7:30), and where he thinks LeBron plays next season (13:00).

Tom Anderson is joined by Yahoo Sports’ NBA senior writer Michael Lee. Michael talks about his decision to become a sports writer (3:00), he shares his favorite feature story about former NBA player Caron Butler (5:45), breaks down the Cavs recent struggles (8:30), talks about Giannis Antetokounmpo’s emergence (10:40), and dishes on what’s really happening in

Tom Anderson is joined by the YES Network’s Michael Grady. Michael talks about growing up an Indiana Pacers fan in the 90’s (2:15), he looks back on his first media job producing a TV show about training pets (3:40), he shares how he got the PA announcer job for the Pacers (4:30), gives his best

Tom Anderson is joined by WFAN’s talk show host John Jastremski. John talks about his biggest influences growing up (2:20), his admiration for Mike Francesa (3:50), winning a contest to get his foot in the door at WFAN (5:30), working overnights (10:00), and he gives his latest take on the Giancarlo Stanton trade to Yankees

Tom Anderson is joined by ESPN’s NBA writer Kevin Arnovitz to discuss how ESPN discovered him (2:31), his take on Philadelphia 76ers rookie sensation Ben Simmons (10:10), conversations with DeMarcus Cousins (12:25), and who he thinks is biggest threat to Golden State Warriors in the West (15:00).

Dave McMenamin on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ slow start to the season, LeBron James’ future in The Land, and how he got his big break at ESPN.

Fox News’ Tom Anderson is back with his popular interview series on CLNS. Today, he interviews New York native, Casey Stern. Stern and Anderson look back on Casey’s career and talks about what drives him. They also breakdown LeBron getting bullied in NY, and explains why Kyrie Irving is the front runner for MVP two