airs every Wednesday on CelticsBlog and CLNS Media covering the Boston Celtics. Bobby Manning hosts with a rotating series of the writers at CelticsBlog joining him to provide video and audio laughs and knowledge. The first segment revolves around rapid-fire topics for the three-man team inspired by the biggest stories at CelticsBlog. They then move on to a roundtable topic debate like those featured often on the site. Finally, to round out the community spirit of CelticsBlog, reader/listener voicemails are aired and hit on to close the show. Join us and get involved to make the show flash.

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Jeff Goodman joins Chris Grenham and Nick Gelso on the latest episode of the Banners Broadcast to talk about the Celtics 4-game winning streak, Jaylen Brown’s current situation, and the team’s new rotations. Jeff also talks about his recent discussion with Danny Ainge on the current structure of Boston’s roster. Available for download on iTunes

With a flash on Thursday afternoon, the Isaiah Thomas-Paul Pierce controversy disintegrated into thin air. George Hill, Rodney Hood, Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson filled the Cavaliers’ back court and Thomas/Crowder shipped off to the Lakers and Jazz. As Cleveland turned its roster upside down with under 30 games remaining, a new cloud of uncertainty

Kyrie Irving set the table, but Steph Curry alone finished the meal. The CelticsBlog writers review Golden State’s 109-105 win over Boston. In Irving’s definitive classic performance as a Celtic, and a Curry showcase reminiscent of his unstoppable 2014-16 run, the two teams showcased the potential to be a wildly entertaining NBA Finals series. But