Baseball is back.  Hall of Famers, your favorites and players you haven't thought of for years come to life in a simulated March Madness-style tournament announced by renowned play-by-play voice Josh Lewin.  The AL and NL pennant winners from 1974-2005 square off in a March Madness-style round of 48 to decide the Throwback League championship.  An advanced computer algorithm produces the results; Josh brings them to life with a lively and descriptive play-by-play, and Legendary Sunday Night Baseball announcer Jon Miller provides pre-game set-up with players from the teams are interviewed.  New games drop every Monday from February 17, 2020 till January 11, 2021.

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Legendary speedster Vince Coleman is regenerated and reborn with no injury issues from a rolled-up tarpaulin. That means WhiteyBall is alive and well in South Florida where it’s the 11-seed ’85 Cards against the ’03 World Series champion Marlins.  Josh Beckett has plenty of thump in the lineup behind him; Willie McGee and Ozzie Smith

Canseco and McGwire lead the 9-seed A’s into Yankee Stadium for a showdown with the 8-seed Pinstripes. Dave Stewart gets the ball for Oakland; Andy Pettite for New York. Jon Miller provides pre-game analysis; Dennis Eckersley weighs in on why those ’90 A’s should have won it all.  Open up a pack of reanimated baseball

The ’86 Red Sox get their shot at redemption. Bill Buckner, Rich Gedman, Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens are up against the ’93 Blue Jays of Robby Alomar, Joe Carter and Paul Molitor. A 5 vs 12 seed matchup from Fenway awaits in the magical world of make believe. Josh Lewin narrates, Jon Miller previous and

Bank One Ballpark is the setting for this showcase pitching matchup between the ’75 Red Sox and ’01 Diamondbacks. Yaz and Rice and Lynn didn’t beat Don Gullett in Game 7 of ’75 but how will they fare against the Big Unit in a one-game winner take-all?  Mark Grace and Luis Gonzalez lead the 5-seed Snakes

Bobby Cox’s ’96 Braves host Tony LaRussa’s ’06 Cardinals in the final season of Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium.  David Eckstein, Scott Rolen and Albert Pujols square off against the likes of Marquis Grissom, Javy Lopez and Jermaine Dye in what turns into a good old-fashioned slugfest at the Launching Pad. It’s an 8-seed against a 9-seed

Familiar World Series rivals meet in brand new dimension.  Andy Pettite faces future-Yankee Tommy John in a battle of lefty stars; it’s the ’96 Yankees visiting the ’77 Dodgers.  Former Dodger Darryl Strawberry is part of a Yankee lineup that has Rookie of the Year Derek Jeter and Hall of Famer Wade Boggs atop the order; LA

It all begins in the upper-left corner of the field-of-48 bracket.  Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando and Catfish Hunter lead the ’74 Oakland A’s against Tom Glavine, David Justice, Deion Sanders and the ’92 Braves.  Josh Lewin has the call of the simulated game; Jon Miller provides pre-game analysis and A’s catcher Ray Fosse stops by for an

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