Two guys who are complete opposites in every way trying to find some middle ground on current events, sports, business and life in general. Collin is a California kid with a personal business and a family, Abdul is an Egyptian immigrant with unique and opposite views on just about everything. We manage to be acquaintances despite our differences and throughout the show we intend on finding common ground and getting to know each other further in front of an audience.

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In honor of Election Day, we set up a bunch of twitter polls and are discussing the results. We also talk about how Anna got permanently banned from twitter, Daylight Savings and plenty more.

Abdul and Collin catch up, talk about the BOSTON RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES, Red Dead Redemption and HALLOWEEEEEN. Thanks to our first ever sponsor (yay!) Butcher Box. Click here and don’t forget promo code COLLIN for $20 off and your first box of bacon.

A bit of a heavy episode, just a warning before you listen! The boys talk about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and some of the toxic reactions around everything that came with it. All that and plenty more on Episode 16 of Unrelatable!

After a week long hiatus, the boys are back with a twitter timeline rundown. They talk about: Milk Abdul and Anna found out a photo of them is being used as clickbait Rap beef Abdul almost dying in the desert (again)

Abdul and Collin talk about the Nike Colin Kaepernick ad, the reactions to it and why it’s absurd from top to bottom. They discuss the plans for the Unrelatable Fantasy League and give some preseason NFL predictions because FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY Tweets by UnrelatablePod

Collin is back from Collinsville and gives us a full behind-the-scenes report on Last Minute Trips Season 2, Episode 1. Abdul gets his DNA test results back and is proud to report that he’s 2.1% black and 15% Western Asian, basically making him Tiger Woods. Peaches thinks a Hot Dog is a sandwich and is

A little bit of follow up leads to the story about Richard Russell stealing a plane from SeaTac Airport, goofing around for 75 minutes and then crashing. Abdul and Collin also discuss Ninja refusing to stream with female gamers in an attempt to mitigate any rumors. Giveaway link is: Follow us at:

Abdul has never voted, Collin gets preachy and wants Kobe to get him pregnant. Lebron vs Trump, Elijah Daniel followup.   Camera giveaway link:

Elijah Daniel is an internet personality turned best-selling author turned rapper. It’s just as absurd as it sounds. He graced Unrelatable with his presence with a long form interview. We talk about his debut album (Out now!) “God Hates Lil Phag”, his YouTube career, where he came from and where he’s going next.    

Abdul, Peaches and Collin whine about how played Shark Week is and don’t think other water animals get the recognition they deserve. They discuss James Gunn getting fired, Tekashi 69 getting pistol-whipped (underrated move) and robbed. We all celebrate 8 Years of One Direction and Abdul opens up about his fandom and how he’s coping

The boys pound through the latest current events with this months edition of Pumped or Pissed. Is it fair to call Kylie Jenner ‘Self Made’? Is it okay that Hulk Hogan is reinstated to the wrestling Hall of Fame? Abdul and Collin get heated in discussing the latest news about Elon Musk, including the cave

Abdul and Collin talk about the Thai soccer team trapped in the cave. Let the record show that Abdul is very anti-cave in this particular instance. Collin goes on a tirade about Tanacon and those poor kids that got scammed. They talk about the Shane Dawson documentary and how the entire ordeal unfolded. Whose fault

We start off talking about watching Coco and crying in movies. Collin has a kind soul and cries a lot. Abdul on the other hand is a heartless sociopath. This episode is all over the place. We were riding the high of a great Episode 4 and went off the rails. This is a fun

Abdul and Collin discuss their relationship with technology, addiction to their cell-phones and how being in a fandom has affected their lives. Follow us at:

Abdul and Collin start a new segment called ‘Pumped or Pissed’. They talk about the vote to split California into 3 states, Kim Jong Un, their experiences in (and not in) college and much more. Abdul also goes on more anti-government rants and learns what a ‘Dink’ means. Follow us at:

Collin relives old childhood trauma of losing his favorite soundcloud rapper, Lil Ricky. Abdul and Collin discuss pet ownership, anxiety and depression as they continue to get to know each other. Next week we hope to tackle individual topics as the show ramps up. Follow Unrelatable here on twitter Our twitter accounts:

Abdul and Collin finally get to have a real conversation for the first time. This is a “feeling out” episode before we get into the good stuff. Think of it as a first date that you get to creepily eavesdrop into. They discuss things like their careers outside of the internet, where they came from

Welcome to Unrelatable, a podcast based in differences. Abdul and Collin are worlds apart in where they came from, the paths they took and where they are now. This podcast aims to explore those differences and how they relate to current events, pop culture, sports and life in general.